Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tag Time

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1. Special about 2009? It was a life changing year. A year of self discovery. A year of blessings and great things in general. Loved last year.
2. Special New comer to your life?  Mickie, my lovely little baby sister. She's such an awesome bubbly girl. She's the best gift.
3. Unforgettable moment of the year? There were many great unforgettable moments. Like the top ten night, the prize day, business festival, HFM stuff, blah blah.
4. Happiest moment of 2009? When I got my first job. And the second. (=
5. Saddest moment of 2009? A few moments of truth. Too personal to share.
6. The biggest change happen to you during 2009? I finished high school, and got a job. =D
7. Fav month during 2009? February
8. New thing you did in 2009? Went to a job interview alone. Twice. (=
9.How was the year 2009? It was the best year I had yet.
10. Funniest moment? Loads of moments. At school, at HFM. (=
11. Who did you call the most in 2009? Zai, Hasyb and Ty.
12. 3 Resolutions for 2010? Will post very soon. (=
13. TAGG 3: Iththi, Muawwaz and Faziie.


  1. I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^


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