Saturday, July 25, 2009

Independence Spirit

Happy Independence Day..


Its a day I would most likely remember my whole life.. specially last year’s independence day.. I was a participant of the independence day dance, along with loads of friends.. It was my first independence day dance, also the last.. And I was at the dance, when someone stole my bag.. my wallet, camera, and phone.. and of course, the result pin too. xP

But then, I had fun!! And the independence Spirit.. xD

Not the best way to remember, eh..

Anyways, Happy Independence Day..


PS Happy Birthday Nanna

PSS Check out my Independence Fashions.. xD


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Falling Over A Rainbow!


Muuthi tagged me.. She’s super AWESOME.. xD

So here goes, 20 random facts about me!!

1. Im a clean freak and a very organized person..

2. I tend to take sides when watching movies.. Like in Harry Potter, I absolutely loathe Harry, and Cedric, and love Ron, and Hermione.. xD

3. I am a big believer in dreams, and fairytales, and magic..

4. When I get obsessed with something or someone, I just cant stop talking about it..

5. Im a pretty talkative..

6. My favourite designers are Oscar De Le Renta, and Valentino..

7. This year is a year of self discovery for me.. xD

8. I always wish to fall head over heels for someone.. xP

9. I used to sing back in 8th grade.. I even got Selected for VOM competition, but I moved back to Ahmadhiyya.. End of my singing career..

10. I have a fashion blog.. xD

11. Im afraid of all animals, insects, and birds!!!

12. I love marshmallows..

13. Im a bookworm..

14. Im also a shopaholic!

15. I have a place in my heart which I call “Treasure Packs” where I keep secrets.. mostly friends secrets, and things people tell me, asking me to keep it to myself.. xD

16. I also have a little box called “Box of Good Things” in which I keep memories, and gifts, and little souvenirs..

17. I love imagining things.. Its like living in another world..

18. I love painting my nails..

19. You probably would never see me without mascara!!

20. I love doing little things, like writing thankyou notes, etc.. xD

So, Im tagging Shweet, Muawwaz, Shaayan, Aryj, Ne3( Sorry I forgot) and Bchy.. xD

BTW, the pics from Model Mayhem..



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

17 Movie Mayhem: Hannah Montana Movie

I hope you guys do remember my 17 things list.. I have yet done only one thing in the list.. That is meeting with the bloggers, Thanks to Shweet.. I’ll write about that in another post, hopefully!

Well, I have been watching loads of movies and so I thought of writing reviews about them.. Click Here for my Movie list at Listal…


I have always been a big fan of Hannah Montana, and has been watching the series like, forever.. So, when the movie came out, I was waiting to see it.. It reached Maldives only this month, as far as I know.. (Duh!)

So the story follows Hannah into her home Tennessee, and She is faced with her Miley life, and has to make choices, and choose one.. And it has so many cute songs, like the hoe down throw down (you should try that dance!), The Climb, etc.. The outfits were super cute, and so was Travis.. I think I now has a celeb crush on Lucas Till.. haha..

Anyways, I’ll recommend this movie to all of u, it’s a feel good movie, cute dances, cute kids, and ofcourse, did I mention it was Disney?


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Half the year post!

image credits
It’s July, half the year.. and I feel its going so soon.. I still remember the first day I went to CHSE, two years back.. it still seems like yesterday! About the phone, thanks all of u guys, I decided to use nokia one.. Made a deal with dad, that I’ll get a job, so that he can buy me a sidekick =D
Oh, And I have decided that I’ll join college next year, probably July.. Business Management, specially Marketing would be my field, and I’ll work my way towards opening up my very own fashion line, I've already thought of a name, etc.. I know, it’s too early to make huge plans, but I believe that If I want to achieve big, I need to dream big! It sounds so good to say, eh?
Oh, and I have another blog, dedicated to the half of me, which had always had an interest in fashion designing!  
Nuff of that, I remember promising to show some photos of Mickie, which I forgot to upload, so here goes.. She is no longer a baby, but a cute little toddler, and she even has two cute rabbit teeth, we call it Sparkles, a tribute to our good old rabbit!

PS, Dad’s family calls her Mikko, Others Mikoo, and Muntha calls her MickiPoo.. haha..
BTW, Happy Half year! =]