Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Playlist: Twenty Dollars in my Pocket

This week has been very light and so far, very productive. The worst thing though is that the only music I hear is when Scott plays his share of songs and when a song is played on either NCIS or 30 Rock, two series that I'm currently watching. Gibbs and Lemon never cease to amuse me, neither does murder and comedy. Songs I'm loving right now are;

Thrift Shop by Macklemore ft Ryan Lewis
Seriously, so hilarious. A song about anti-consumerism which is so catchy you'll be caught singing I'm gonna pop some tags all day long and make you wanna wear your grandmother's clothes. Listen to this whenever you wanna buy something and it may or may not stop you. Also watch when they performed this in Ellen and Ryan was skating wearing a Poncho and gifted Ellen a jean jacket with her face. It was awesomesauce.

Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia
Love it, so much. So mellow, inspiring and beautiful lyrics. I often imagine this being the background song to some of the moments in my life lately. I've never had a heartbreak but this song speaks to me, like how it speaks to a million others.

Scream and Shout by Britney ft Will.I.Am
This is a weird song. The only part I like is when they say "You're Now Rocking With Will.I.Am and Britney Bitch". But somehow it makes sense. The video is weird too. I donno, just watch maybe? Maybe I'm just infatuated with club songs I find it weirdly interesting.

Beauty and a Beat by Justin Biebs ft Nicki Minaj
OK, I admit. I like a Bieber song. Yes, you can hate me on this. This song was actually nice. The lyrics, not so much, the video OH YES. I love the concept. I am still not a Belieber (I hope never) but is it wrong to like one song? OH GOD WHY AM I EVEN ASKING? YES it is, and also considering Nicki's in this. Whatever.

Gone Gone Gone by Phillip Phillips
OK, he might be my new favourite. First Home and now this. I loved it from the moment I heard him perform it on Ellen and since then this song has been my go-to song mostly cos Scott keeps it playing over and over. I am bound to hate it soon, but today's not that day. Listen to it, before it's Gone Gone Gone too mainstream.

Ready or Not by Bridgit Mendler
I saw this just last night when my friend Abe recommended it on our Book and Music club. I liked he girl and her voice and the concept of the song and some of the lyrics. I think it's a bit shallow though, but kinds sweet at the same time. Oh well. Just listen, or more watch. You might like it. 

What is in your playlist? 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Movie Reviews: ABC

One of the things in my very long life list is to watch 26 movies, each starting from one letter of the alphabet  I made up a list of the movies I am going to watch to include several genres. Here's the complete list.

A - Australia
B  - Bluberella
C - Crazy Stupid Love
D - Did You Hear About the Morgans?
E - Everybody's Fine
F - Finding Nemo
G - Gnomeo & Juliet
H - Harriet The Spy - Blog Wars
I - I Don't Know How She Does That
J - Journey to the Centre of the Earth
K - Knocked Up
L - Love and Other Drugs
M - My Sassy Girl
N - Nothing is Private
O - Our Idiot Brother
P - Pitch Perfect
Q - Quincineara
R - Red Riding Hood
S - Shutter Island
T - Ted
U - Under the Same Moon
V - Vampires Suck
W - What Women Want
X - X-Men: First Class
Y - Year One
Z - Zombie Apocalypse

image credits
Australia was exceptionally nice. I loved Natalie and Hugh and the little guy. The movie was sad, heartwarming, beautiful. The romance was nice, simple and the kind you like, and everything about it was rather nice. Noe exceptional, but nice. I liked the story and the character build. 

Rating: 3/5

image credits
Blueberella was the worst movie I have ever watched. EVER. I don't even want to say anything else about it.

Rating:  1/5

image credits
Crazy Stupid Love is amazing. I loved it so so much. Steve, Emma and Ryan were so much fun. I loved the scene where everyone comes together and then you're like, OH MY GOD. It was hilarious. I thought it was so much fun. This is one movie you must watch. 

Rating: 4/5

Have you watched any of them?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

On why I love Symphony Solo

Yes, this deserves a post of it's own because I love the place. Very much.
Honestly, If I had a small restaurent/cafe' I would do it in a very similar way (except of course I'd have Karoke and a dessert/candy bar).
Let me list down all the reasons (the ones I can think of right now at least) why I think Solo rocks;

1. The place is very nice and comfortable. The tables are not too near, but also not too far and it feels less crowded (but of course there are other much more spacious places so this point only deserves half the marks)
2. The waiters. Seriously. The nicest bunch of people. They smile, they always treat customers nicely and they have such nice mannerisms. I love how it takes very less time to call a waiter. (Kings Corner will win an award for the most on the look waiters. You don't even have to call them, they will magically appear when you finish food)
3. The place-mats and napkins and coasters. Maybe cos I have to be all proper, I feel that all restaurants (at least the ones without self service) should provide them and Solo does this so well. 
4. The strawberry tea there is awesome.
5. Did I mention the waiters? They are seriously the nicest people ever!
6. DYM was sort of born there. Yes, the "bath house of Dhi Youth". 

Well, that is mainly why I think Solo is one of the best places in town (close second is Sea House and Kings Corner). But then again, I hardly eat out so I am not the best judge of these things.

Also I did not get paid/anything for writing this post. I wanted to tell you of the place and why you should go there (at least once. Not too often though cos we want the place for ourselves. ;) 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Book Review: Emotional Affairs and Page Turners

I am so glad I've gone back to my old self who loves reading and actually reads. In the past few weeks, I've read more books than in the last 6 months. It wasn't like I grew out of it (I hope I never would) but I was just I donno, very not me, very unbalanced and messy.

But now, I'm getting my act back together. People might not notice since nothing much changes in me, but I know. I've started keeping daily routines and sticking to it, getting my to-do list done and limiting screen time. So far, it is working.

So, here are two of my most recent reads. Both of them are very very different and I was reading it at the same time, one e-book and one paperback.

image credits
This was my first ever e-book read. I used to think e-books were only meant to read via e-readers but the laptop is mighty fine as well. The title was rather nice and I thought it was about love in a period of a natural disaster. It turned out to be completely different and very thought provoking.

It completely changed my mindset about how I see affairs and men and marriages. I was so into the story, I felt like the whole world was just filled with such distress and sadness, but don't worry I was not depressed nor melancholy, I was just thinking very deeply about everything around me. I was questioning everything, every relationship, every person I knew and all my life. 

I loved the book very much. The writing style was rather different but very easy to grasp. It was written in a very one sided empathetic way or maybe cos I am a girl, I found it very easy to click with Eve. The character build up was good and overall I found the style of the book nice.

Short Summary: Eve is pregnant to their second child, happily married to Jon when she finds out her husband is having an affair, except there is no physical element. She then goes through the journey of rethinking her whole life and trying to find out where it went wrong. She gets away from Jon, starts dating, gives birth and finds herself. Her brother Charlie, friend Tamara and Lil are also a big part of the whole thing. In the end, Eve has to decide what she wants to do and how to overcome it all. 

Fav Character: Definitely Eve, because well, it was in her perspective and I could see myself being Eve and thinking what I'd do if it ever happened to me. I loved how brave she was, but I hated her for trying to defend everything she did and not giving Jon the chance to apologize while expecting Jon to understand everything. 

Verdict: a must-read. Seriously. You'll begin to question every person around you.
Rating: 3/5
image credits
This is my first ever read by Sidney Sheldon. I know. I tend to read rather non-mainstream books and old classics. It was so so freaking amazing. I mean, at first I was in love with Noelle and then I was in love with Catherine. AHH. The characters were so well written, and had so much depth in them, and when you think you know everything, everything is changed and you are like JSHFKHDF because you don't even know how to contemplate that level of awesomeness. The writing style is really good and of course I get why everyone loves Sheldon. I had book denial for nearly two days. Thanks to Abe (you know who you are) for lending me the book. 

Short Summary: Noelle, a poor girl falls in love with a handsome man named Larry but is betrayed and she plans her whole life to get revenge on him. She meets with the most influential people around Paris, and Greece, becomes a famous actress and the mistress of the most powerful Greek tycoon. Meanwhile, Catherine, a very intelligent young girl has her share of love and troubles in America. In the midst of the World War II, four lives cross and things get complicated and bloody. 

Fav Character: Noelle. I thought hard on this one. I loved Catherine and in many ways, we share similar characteristics but Noelle was amazing. She was the master of the macabre. She was what every woman envisioned to be and despite what happened to her, she was inspiring in the most different way. 

Verdict: You are going to love it. Along with the whole lot of emotions you will feel for everyone in the story. It's a page turner.
Rating: 4/5 

Have you read any of it? Did you like it? If you'd like the e-book, write your mail id in the comments section and I'll mail it to you. :) I'm currently reading THE HUNGER GAMES!! (again, thanks to Abe) and Looks to Die For.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just know you're not alone

cos I'm gonna make this your home.

Amazing things and sad things have happened in the past few days. I did lots of shopping with Thutha, had amazing food and reminisced about the past. I finally found out who that guy from work is (long story short: I wasn't sure whether this guy at work was from my dad's island or mom's island or him name) and he happened to be a neighbor of mine. (small world!) 

image credits
The weekend was so terrible for me, I spent most of my time on bed trying to feel better. I was gonna have an all-nighter Caste marathon on Friday night but fell asleep around 4 30. Even Rick and Kate could not cheer me up, and shopping didn't help either. Usually shoes would just cheer me up, but it did not work. I even painted my nails in bright red but it was no help either. 

Anyhow, life seems to be going very well despite minor setbacks. I finally finished my RCT at the dentist the other day (you see no nightmare post because it wasn't a nightmare. It was actually nice. The receptionist there and I are now the greatest of friends because I go there too often) and I still have several more visits to do, but for now everything is fine.

image credits
Things are great at work. I'm busy and I'm finally getting into a routine. I might have some exciting news soon and I'm happy. If this is not nice, I don't know what it is.

In my head I've been singing Home by Phillip Phillips and it makes me feel just a little better. I hope you guys are doing great. How was your weekend?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Playlist: Things That Shine

Yes, I've been busy. At this point, you should just be rolling your eyes. I know. I need to learn to manage time. I was doing pretty well till I messed it up. I recently found myself listening to some random songs. Here are a few.

Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars
I remember listening to this once and not being too excited, and then when I started working, my co-worker Scott (to keep his identity safe. From now on, I'll use blog names for real life people) would play this over and over again, and at first I loved it and then I started getting annoyed. Anyhow, not a working day passes where I don't hear this song. It's starting to grow on me.

Home by Phillip Phillips
Not considering his name (WHO NAMES THEIR KID PHILLIP PHILLIPS, unless it's an iron?), this is such a wonderful heartwarming song that I absolutely love. I again heard this some time ago and wasn't very interested in it, but then in LTLT, we saw a video where this song was used and after that this song has been defining my life. Well, not really. But you get the idea. Love it.

Me Without You by Toby Mac
I love this song. I think it goes very well with my life right now. This is dedicated to Gigs. Let's build some castles? 

Catch a Falling Star by Perry Como
I first heard this when I was watching this very beautiful movie called Everybody's Fine (it's a must watch) and instantly fell in love with it. It's so magical and whimsical and makes you wanna just get lost in the song. Definitely an uplifting song.

Ours by Tay
I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG. I WOULD MARRY THIS SONG IF I COULD. Not really. But I still remember listening to this song (actually watching the video on Channel V) and I had this amazing feeling of complete and utter bliss. I think that is what love feels like. Maybe. Anyways, there's this line in the song where it goes like "So don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine: which is just fantastic  It gives me hope. It's like sunshine, no, like ice cream, no, I don't even know how to describe it. It's just happy. It's that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you feel a Cashmere sweater on your face. That is one of my favourite feelings ever. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Guest Post: Tale of a Mix CD

Hey these surroundings are a bit unfamiliar, ah yeah must be because I am on someone else’s blog. Hmm it smells like Harry Potter in here (not the guy, the story). =P

Speaking of smell, World Smell Day is 16th June. Speaking of days, my birthday is in January. Speaking of January reminds me of my previous birthday and the gift I got from Shaha. A mix CD (in it were songs galore!) along with a hand written letter (an eloquent reminder of our friendship), a birthday card, a DVD related to my career – Bad Teacher (very thoughtful there!) and some cool London merchandise. All these were packed in a box of chocolate and I though she got me chocolate hehe. Chocolate she owes me! (I won a bet!)

That would be enough digress and allow me to get to the point, the point is the mix CD which was packed with songs of different genres, artists, voices, lyrics and bands. A total of 151 songs! 151 songs that she thought I would like and she already liked. That’s not all, with the CD came a txt file. In it were written what she thought of each and every song! Thanks to her OCD status the songs were neatly placed in alphabetical order, so it was in the txt file. It was the complete opposite of a mayhem!

image credits

“Here's a little back info about each song. Kinda like a commentary. hehe.” Her words. And I was like, how am I going to top this on her birthday?! :D

I mean ahh that was pretty sweet and amicable! I was elated upon receiving it. I would listen to the CD everyday after coming home from college, while listening I would read what she wrote about the song. It took a few days to listen the whole of it, which made me realize how much time it would require to write about 151 songs. You da best! =P

The bottom line is thank you very much! I love you and stuff.

P. S. Only one item on this year’s wish list for my birthday - latest edition of the Dhivehi Radheef. I bet it will smell great!

Post by: My absolutely best-est guy friend; Mh

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Catch a falling star an' put it in your pocket

Hello everyone, it's a wonderful day. Here's a quick update before I rush to my next appointment.

Life has been good, Masha Allah. I've had slower days at office, but today was really busy which I loved. I love having lots of things to do. 

DYM got registered (sort of) and we celebrated it by carrying out random acts of kindness. I'll be writing a post on DYM blog, so I can tell you guys all about it. In short, it was really fun and I felt really happy.
Yesterday was slow after all that fun. I watched a few movies, did some thinking, and a lot of sleeping. 

I have really cool stuff lined up for the blog. So far, I haven't been able to make m routine stable this year. Haven't even written my resolutions yet, oh well. I hope you're having a better time. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Favourites

Happy new year wonderful readers. Yes you! I don't usually have big new year celebrations, but this year was most low. I spent the tick of the clock reading local news, which is very very depressing these days. We live in such dark times. Moving over, here are some materialistic things that I wish was in my life right now, adding a bit of colour and spark into it.

Jan favs

1. Chevron Monogram Mouse-pad from studioelle - I love anything monogram. In my heart, I am a little preppy. Seriously, what is not to love about this adorable chevron mouse-pad in pink and yellow. Would be perfect for when I also decide to buy a mouse. 

2. Crazy Let's Get Loud Necklace from C&Co - These people make the most crazy things that are also not so crazy. I think this will go wonderful with a plain top or a shift-dress. Also, I am digging geometric patterns these days.

3. YouCube Ring from Fredflare - How unusual is this dainty simple ring? Definitely a conversation starter. Also Fredflare has some of the quirkiest little pieces. 

4. Personalized Wedding App from OurPhotoOpp - This is one app that all weddings need. It's a camera, a slideshow, a guest book and a photo gallery all in one and lets you get pictures that guests take. The perfect technological investment for your big day, on your fingertips. (Don't I sound like a proper marketer? :P)

5. Deathly Hallows Clock made by Patty O - Can you believe that someone actually made this using a random clock? haha, only Potterheads can create magic from ordinary items.

6. Chuck Bass Tote from invisiblecrown - Now that Gossip Girl has ended, this can be the perfect bag to remind ourselves of the awesome people that Blair and Chuck were, and of the love they had. CHAIR FOREVER! (That is such an unfortunate shipper name)

7. Lilly Pulitzer Monthly Planner from Lifeguard Press - I am a Lilly girl. I love the green and pink ensembles, the preppy designs and the whole southern charm. I would personally choose Filofax over any day planner/organizer any day, but having this wouldn't hurt. Nope, not even a bit.

How did you spend the new year? And what are your favourite things right now?