Monday, May 24, 2010

Life As I Know

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Crappy heading. I don't know what I’m doing. I’ve been the laziest person I know, and hey, I am lazy. OK, I think everyone knows that by now, including my teachers. FML!
Anyhow, the last week, all I did was get up, go to college, come back, watch desperate housewives/gossip girl and back to bed. I only ate once. Hello! I’m on a diet. That’s right. I’m already less than a size zero, and yet I’m on a diet. Its not that I’m gonna be a model or anything, but I love being skinny. And don't give me crap about health benefits, my dads a doctor. I’m super emo right now. Also I have an assignment to finish by Thursday, and even though I think Apple is a great company, its too much geeky for me. hmph
The only good thing that happened was that I got a 95% in before final exams in accounting, which means I’m the top of the class. I feel OK. My parents doesn't. But then again, I don't call them mom and dad for nothing.
My computer broke, and I cant go online, since I’ve already maxed up my WModem. FML, and now I’m exceeding it, and the bill is probably gonna be like thousand times higher, and then Id have broken a promise. FML 
Also I have been spending way too much money on useless stuff, including paying for juice bills for my friends everyday. I just don't like asking people for money, but then again, I don't want to only buy juice for myself, that would be too selfish. I’m not sure what people in FMC already think about me. I don't want them to think I’m a snob who only has a good sense of fashion. FML

Also yesterday someone came to me and told me that some guy wearing a yellow T shirt (don’t get too excited. Guys I know dont even like yellow) came and asked for me, and told that my boyfriend was in an accident. I donno but I suddenly felt sad, only later did I realize that I dont have a boyfriend. My life is practically over. Thank god for my sense of humor and Ok-ish acting skills I was able to get out un-embarrassed. FML
And I so want to go to my island on sem break, but I’m broke, and I don't want to ask my parents for money. Whenever I thought, back when I was 13 till now, I thought that when I’m eighteen, I’d not be asking my parents for money, and would be studying with my own money. I also thought I’d be at Princeton, but some dreams take a long time to come true. And now her I am, eighteen years old, no job, and living off my parents. FML
Also thanks to the freaking stupid timetables here, I cant even get a good job, and then I’d be stuck to babysitting. FML
I dont even remember the last time I went shopping, cos that was so long ago, and now I just wear the same things over and over again. FML
Good thing is, I cleaned up my room, and it’s beautiful, I had all this makeup a stuff everywhere like in magazines, and today found out someone broke my favorite Lakme’ nail polish. FML
I hate when people come and meddle with my stuff. I’m just too nice. My parents are to blame, they taught me manners.
I’m sure you’ll be feeling emo too after reading this, and also I’d like to say to my mail buddy, sorry If I dont reply to any mail. I’ll ASAP. Promise.
This post should’ve been named FML, but I’m lazy to rename it. FML!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Debate

I am in no means of actually making a political debate, but since this is my blog, and I can write whatever I can as long as it doesn't violate any religious rights I am going to say something about what's going on.
I may be the last one to hear about this, but I don't really care. I somehow am ashamed that I know so much about British Parliament, and yet I don't even care about our own. I agree, I’m not a very patriotic person, but I’m only 18, so you cant blame me. I am yet to learn. Right now I have more than important mathematical formulas to learn than by heart the gaanoonu asaasee,>.<
So, my point being that I think it’s really really unfair and very irrelevant that they are making Islam and Dhivehi optional for A level. I’d be over cloud 9 if they did that last year, but then again, I’d study it, not because I somehow always seem to think my parents would disown me if I didn't. But they wont. They'd get a heart attack if they even knew its what I think. I just like thinking negative at times. It helps me getting. Also, by now you may have notices that I like drama.
So, the big deal is not that the subjects are not important. Hell, they are. I mean I learned so much in Islam, about vaarutha mudhaa and all, and I can proudly say that I now know 16.5 more percent about my religion than I did before A levels. And I also like to think Dhivehi is also very important. Of course Harvard or Princeton or even Open University Malaysia wouldn't check whether you got an A in A level Dhivehi or not, but as a Maldivian who’s proud of who I am, I think having studied A level Dhivehi makes me more self confident, and hey, I can kick butt of those who didn't study A level Dhivehi. haha
Anyhow I also think it’s kind of setting a lower standard. 5 subjects are so less, and yet making 2 of them optional just lowers the standard lower than the dead sea. I wasn't happy with the 5 subjects. I thought I had more potential, so I studied 7 subjects. And I can honestly say my high school years were a challenge. I has fun, and I studied all subjects that a student is allowed to. It didn't matter than I had more homework, more class time, or more exams than the rest, it made me confident. It helped me become more organized, manage time, and be more alert. (Please excuse my current habit of procrastination. It’s not cause I’m lousy at time management, its’ cause I'm a Maldivian, We all know Maldivians are like that. Just kidding!)
And by making it optional, do they think students will go and take them? Having been a typical high school myself I can honestly say we studied it only because it was mandatory. It was what made our grades low, what made us not get 1st place at top ten. I myself got B’s in both subjects. I didn't try my best, and I wont lie. So, basically are we going one step back, after already taking 3 steps forward? I thought there was no looking back! Guess I was wrong!
I personally think they shouldn't make it optional, at least Islam should be kept mandatory. If you wont study Islam in high school they you wont study it after that.
Ps sorry about no picture. I’m at PC, and I’m too lazy to get to lap to get a picture.

Monday, May 17, 2010


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Simplicity is one thing I loathe. I don't like simple. I’ve always had problem with simple. I am complicated. And I like things to be complicated. But that doesn't mean I don't try simple once in a while. One thing that I absolutely hate to hear from anyone is to say that I’m simple. I donno how people try to judge me
Some people think I am a nerd. I’d like to think myself so, but no. I’m only good at studies because I try at the last minute, and I never give up. Some people call me a geek. I don't even know why they would, since I am no good at computers either. I love computers though, but I cant even connect a keyboard wire to the system unit, even if my life depended on it. That's how a lame geek I am. No, I’m not a geek actually, so stop calling me one.Some people call me drama queen, now that is one thing I am. I love drama, I love the emotions, the fights, rivalry, jealousy, anything to do with too much drama. But mostly, I am just the one watching it, and not creating it, unless I think the world around me is too boring, only a creation of a drama will work.
Most of my “type”s have been related to what people think about me. Uptight, “Foni”, selfish, proud, crazy, good, friendly, talkative, kind, are also a few. I think its quite true. Of course I am foni, and I think people should have a bit of selfishness in them. This is life, not a reality TV series, and people who are not selfish are rather rare. I’ve been not selfish till I was 12. That's when I decided I have to think about myself, and put my best foot forward, and I am proud for what I have turned to be.
I know I am boring you with my selfish self talk. Sometimes I just have way too many words.
Anyhow, Life have been pretty well, average, and SIMPLE. of all things simple, and so, I plan to make it complicated. Tangle.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dream Crushers

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When I was 5 year old, and in grade 1 (I was given early admission since I was a born nerd), my teacher asked my class to write what we wanted to be when we grow up. I’ve never wanted to grow up, because I always see grown ups serious, and sad, and miserable. I didn't want to grow up to be a miserable old person. As usual preschoolers, my classmates wrote different professions. Some wanted to be doctors, some teachers, some nurses, and a few pilots, and even one principal. I however wrote that I wanted to be “Happy”. My teacher asked me why I wrote that, and that it’s not a profession. I knew it wasn't. I said that I don't want to be a miserable pilot, an angry doctor, or even a rude and stupid teacher, and that I’d rather be a happy housewife. My teacher said that I’d get a zero, and If I wanted my marks, I should change it.
Few years ago, I found the same book at my house (my parents are such sweet people they kept all my school books) and I found that I didn't change it. I felt proud. I felt like I was such a special person even when I was a kid. I kept my dream,and my teacher kept her marks.
And Insha Allah, I grew up to be a happy kid. I try my best to cheer people, to live life to its fullest, and be like a ray of pure sunshine spreading happiness. And in future too. I want my future to be happy, and bright, not dark, and miserable. Some of my classmates back then, now live life in very unhappy conditions, and I don't regret getting a zero at all. .
On a different note, my younger sister Muntha had another experience like this. When she was in kindergarten, her teacher too asked her to write what she wanted to be. She always wanted to be a nurse, so she wrote nurse, and the teacher told her that nurses can make mistakes that may lead to people dying. she was so sad she cried the whole day. We tried telling her it was wrong, but she believes that teacher could never lie. I couldn't change her. But she’s a smart kid, so I’m positive she will later realize this.
Here is a notice to all teachers, grownups, and people who play with kids: Don’t be a dream crusher. Don’t try to play with little kids imagination. Let them imagine, let them breathe free. Don't destroy our tomorrow. Just because you are a miserable old person, don’t let them suffer. It’s not their problem you’re not happy

Monday, May 3, 2010

American Pie and Submarines

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Everyone talks about how I should watch American pie, so I watched the first part, and slept halfway through it. Boring. And last week, I was so bored I watched the rest, and when i got to part 4, Band Camp, I instantly fell in love with it. And since then, I’ve watched it 6 times in the last two days. and I’m intending to watch it again next week. Too much homework right now plus I don't want to make it boring by watching too many times.
I’ve been quite busy the last few days, with yesterday having to spend almost more than 10 hours in college. OMG.
I so wanted to skip class, but went to find it cancelled. And yet Ainth, and I stayed, and went to library and looked through catering books, and college survival guides which gave me an idea to write my own FMC survival guide and hide it in library. LOL And then I came back home, and watched Band Camp one again. haha. Had to go back to college again for a Muggle studies lecture, and had to see muggle underwear sneak peek. Sheesh! At least she was wearing one. so, it wasnt half bad. I tried my best to well, fit in and answer the questions, but either the teacher never heard me (I was almost shouting) or she completely ignored me. Anyhow after that, Nash, Ainth and I went to Dinemore and had submarine. We called people, had fun and walked back to FMC. I asked my room mate to bring my lap, and he only bought the lap, and no charger. FML. and so, I had to carry a dead blitzy all around the place. Then I had account class, where I was almost dozing off, and then came Econ lecture where the teacher showed us our mid sem marks, and I got a B. )= I haven't felt this sad in a long long time. I couldn't even be happy for my classmates who got better marks than me. wtf! Also nash is now Nashfit, Ainth is Made in China, and I’m Sem. haha. Sem ftw!
So, that was the highlight of the day. And today was well, better. But I am too sleepy, so I need to doze off.

Hey May

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I am having the laziest days ever, so even the goals are lazy. It’s just the same as last month. gee.
1. Pray regularly
Keeping faith is what I need at this time, and always.
2. Write on diary regularly
For the last few days, I used to write in diary regularly, and now I’m lost yet again. gee
3. Study according to the study schedule
My study schedule looks promising, but only if I ever decide to follow it.
4. Do more chores at home
Being a Cinderella = someday I’ll get my prince.
5. Do All Assignments
I have like 4 assignments, and I’ve only started one. gee
6. Blog regularly
And bore you till death.mwahaha
Hey, I’m lazy, and sleepy and I just finished two classes on a row.