Friday, August 28, 2009

Life List


I'm the biggest dreamer I know.. And yes, If you haven't guessed by now, I am also a believer in fairytales, and happy endings.. Life’s an adventure for me.. Well, I’ve heard of John Goddard only last year.. He since then, has been my role model.. He wrote up his life list of 127 incredible things to do, and he’s accomplished most of his dreams.. I also keep a scrapbook (somewhat like Blair kept in Gossip Girl, but no I didn't draw Nate Archibald), and wish lists and stuff like that.. So, here’s the list till now.. I’ll keep adding stuff though..

  1. Bait a hook and catch my own fish, then let it go
  2. Learn to Kayak
  3. Learn to speak Spanish
  4. Learn to speak Italian
  5. Learn to speak Arabic
  6. Join a book club
  7. Write an article for a magazine that I like
  8. Work in a bookstore
  9. Take a dance class
  10. Visit every country in the world       
  11. Dive in a submarine       
  12. Play Guitar
  13. Write a book       
  14. Go to a scrapbook convention
  15. Buy a nice camera
  16. Paint a self portrait
  17. Have a column (online, magazine, newspaper, whatever)
  18. Submit an article for publication
  19. Take an art class
  20. Make some pottery
  21. Start an Etsy shop.
  22. Take a cooking class
  23. Go on a cruise
  24. Take a cake decorating class
  25. Eat in a underwater restaurant
  26. Buy an ipod
  27. Buy a lap top
  28. Get Edexel prize
  29. Get 1st in National top ten
  30. Get 1st in school top ten
  31. Visit new 7 wonders
  32. Collect postcards from every country
  33. Make a friend from every country
  34. Publish a book
  35. Visit all inhabited islands in Maldives
  36. Visit all resorts in Maldives
  37. Buy a bumper sticker from Tommy
  38. Visit Naples and eat the best pizza in the whole world
  39. Visit all heritage sites in Asia and Australia
  40. Fall in Love

PS, the awesome picture I'm in love with right now is by silentspring


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where’s the Necklace?


Ramazan Mubarik everyone.. A little post to let you know Im still alive, and ready for the month of blessings..

I remember a childhood memory when for the first time Mom called me for haarukaan, and I asked her where the necklace was.. And I told that Id eat nothing but a necklace.. Lol

Well, I also got my “You Know Whats” and Thank god, the edexcel ones were great.. Im so happy.. But still scared about Islam and Dhivehi.. Wish me all the luck..

PS, The girl in the pic by Timeless Images is actually eating a candy necklace.. Now I would like to eat that for haaru.. Lol


and Happy Ramazan.. (=

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom



Its mom’s birthday.. Well, I kinda forgot last night.. And did I mention It’s also doomsday today> Yep.. Its when we get our “You Know Whats” and that’s even scarier than Lord Voledemort.. Lol

Hmm, So, here’s wishing mom all the best..

Thanks for being the best mom in the whole world.. for supporting me in all what I did, and for making me who I am today.. Also for being absolutely fabulous and such a darling.. I couldn't thank you enough..

Happy Birthday!

PS I call my mother Mom, and Father Daddykins.. It’s just a random fact.. Lol

PS Those cute flowers are from The Red Girl


Monday, August 17, 2009

Thanks for being the Best!

This post is a tribute to Thuttha, my fav relative..


She is a second cousin of mine, with whom I’ve lived only since two years ago.. We were pretty close back in our childhood..

She’s the sweetest person ever.. We have so much things in common.. Like Movies, (she would prefer English over Hindi any day), eating out (whenever we go out shopping, we eat out), shopping, coke, and dresses..We both love Shahid Kapoor, Chicken Mushroom Pizza, Beef Submarine, Disney Movies, Lavender and Vanilla Ice Cream..

At home we have teams, and me n thuttha are in one team.. Its more like since we both are what our parents call spoiled brats.. lol

We have had so many funny moments together..

She just finished her graduation, and got a job back in Island.. I'm so gonna miss her..

We also have differences like she hates bananas, and I love them.. And she hates Kareena and I love her..

PS I also met this really cool blogger, so here’s a shout out to him.. (=

PS2, and the picture’s for thuttha, since she also loves lilacs.. Its by Assica, On DeviantArt


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love Is On Air

image credits
I know, catchy title, eh?
So, I'm quite busy these days with office and all.. Yesterday I had my first experience on air.. It was fun..
And tomorrow I'm going to kuda bandos.. And no, I didn't know the youth day things were going to be held there.. I'm not a youth yet, so donno and don't care much.. I always thought youth day was march 1.. How the hell it changed to yesterday’s still a mystery to me.. So, Anyone who wants to explain it to me, is most welcome..
YES, I don't really listen to news.. But I do read the paper.. Only last two days the paper guy didn't come..
My fav part in Haveerupapers are the comics.. (=
Well, I've been thinking about updating my blog for long time, but now since I have two more blogs, I need to update them too.. Plus I'm designing a fashion line, so its quite busy these days.. Oh, and I'm thinking of calling my line “DiaryGirl” hehe.. Any feedback is most welcome.. Id really appreciate if you keep the negative comments to yourself..
BTW, If you wanna hear me on air, tune in to HFM 92.6 every Sunday  to Thursday at ten in the morning.. I know I don't have the best voice ever.. If I had, Id have sold 20 million albums by now.. =P
PS Happy belated youth day to all bodethi youth kudin.. I still have one more year.. (=
PS2 our cable TV thing has Disney Channel.. I just found out yesterday.. I'm so freaking happy..
PS3 I know my writing style has changed.. I used to be all sweet sweet, and now I'm more like cursing all the time, and being totally sarcastic.. hehe.. Im just trying new writing styles..But don't worry, I'm still the same sweet girl.. (=
PS4 Ok, no more PS’s.. I swear, this is the last one.. =P

Sunday, August 9, 2009

An Update

As someone has noted, I'm such a lazy blogger.. haha.. Well, lazy enough that I actually was on this list of bloggers who update regularly.. lol..

Life’s going pretty well.. I just got a job at HFM.. So, now you’ve got another excuse to tune your radio's to 92.6.. xD

Well, the only thing I'm worried about right now is my results..

And thanks Muawwaz, for making this cute website for me.. its so me-ish.. i know.. Muntha says so too.. so it must be.. xD

Well, I'm now officially and earlie birdie.. Cant be more merrier..

PS Happy belated  birthday Xef..


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Friendship Day


Its International Friendship Day.. So many people get it confused.. If you don't believe me, check this!

Today I want to give a bunch of thanks to all my friends.. Rich and Poor, Close and Far, New and Old, Black and White, for being with me.. For being the sweetest and the best.. For being yourself.. I can never thank you enough.. Friends till the end!

And thanks to all blogger friends whom I have met and not.. Thanks for being here, and being so supportive and sweet..

Here is a little virtual box of delights for you.. With loads of love and best of wishes..


PS This might be my shortest post yet, but I hope I made my point clear that I love you.. xD

PS2 The pics are from here and here.. xD