Monday, January 31, 2011

Conflicting Self

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I am always trying to open up myself for new experiences, have an open mind and be what I always wanted to be. An independent, happy go lucky, romantic, brave, fun and kind girl who lives in her world. But of course, these are all storybook attributes, and in real life you can’t be all. What is a girl to do?
I mean, I love music, and I love listening to different kinds of music, discovering new bands, new artists, etc. but then the people around me, they are more into a certain artist and somehow I get sucked up in peer pressure and stop being me. I do that a lot. I tell people to be themselves, and yet when I am with people, sometimes I act and play dumb to fit in. I guess that there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to be a social outcast or to be left alone.
Then there’s the whole conflict issue. I mean, the things I believe are complete opposites. Mostly. I love fashion, style and dressing up. The whole designing something, looking good, having many shoes and loving the material goodness of clothes and bags. But I also am a Muslim and I love my religion. So, When being fashionable, I have to choose a balance so that I don’t go over my limit. I am an environmental  friendly person. I want to help. I do. Whenever I get a chance, I do volunteer work, and I always put rubbish in the bin and keep places clean. But I also love coffee and jugo, and usually carry around coffee cups with me. Whenever I throw the used cups, I feel guilty for wasting paper, so I usually only take coffee to college only once or twice a week.
I know, the whole point is to have a balance. That’s what we are all striving for. I wish I could say I have just this one passion, but I don’t. And yes, I do have contrasting passions, but that doesn’t make me a hypocrite, does it? Even if it does, I don’t really care. Because I just don’t want to change myself for the society to accept me.
On an unrelated note, I am turning 19 next month. I feel pretty sad about growing up. I mean, I don’t have a wish to be older soon, I never had. I’m one of those people who enjoyed their childhood. Maybe a little too much. But I am ready. Ready for the big scary world. Ready to experience new things. Ready for love, and it’s side effects. Ready for my future. Maybe, a little too ready.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Survey Saturday Part III


Image from pintrest

-.B l o g s.-
Own a blog?:: Yeah
If so, what kind?:: Blogger
What color is it?:: Kinda pink and white 
Font style:: Whatever it came with
Theme:: I made my own 
Any music that plays:: Nope
What you write most about:: Random stuff, and almost anything that strikes me as interesting.  
Number of friends:: A lot of followers and readers and friends. 
Number of comments on your last entry:: Who’s counting? 
Any videos in your blog:: Nope
Favorite picture in it:: Many
Most powerful entry:: Typical Maldivians, ha! 
Age of blog:: Nearly 4 years. =D
Have any other ones?:: Yeah, 3 more blogger ones, an Lj and a tumblr. LOL 
Entry you wish you never wrote:: None actually. 
Saddest entry:: The “Wrong Start” one, and a few others. 
Most memorable entry:: Most ones that talk about my life and stuff. 
Favorite post:: Letter to my mom and dad. 
Most pointless post:: Most of the posts are just random babble. 
Pay for your blog?:: Nope

-.T h i s. .O r. .T h a t.-
Fantasy or sci fi:: Fantasy. 
Pizza or Steak:: Pizza all the way. 
Italian or Chinese:: Italian
Food or drink:: Drink
Old and wise or young and naive:: Young and Naive. LOL 
Movie or TV series:: TV Series 
Silent film or modern film:: Modern
Cook or eat:: Eat
Clean the house or run three miles:: Clean the house
Classical or rap:: Classical
Sleep walk or snore:: Sleep Walk 
Red or Blue:: Red
Heart or Diamond:: Heart
Boy or Girl:: Boy
Camel or Giraffe:: Giraffe
Hotdog or Hamburger:: Hotdog
Squid or Chicken:: Chicken
Novel or Magazine:: Magazine
Yahoo or AIM:: Yahoo
Supper at 4 or Supper at 9:: 4
Elves or Dwarves:: Elves
Mars or Jupiter:: Jupiter
Deep space or Deep sea:: Deep Sea 
Paris or Rome:: BOTH!
Short film or long movie:: Short Film 
Techno or pop:: Pop
Soccer or football:: NONE.
Curly or straight:: Straight
Yellow or black:: Yellow
Psychologist or Psychiatrist:: Psychologist
Old mansion or modern shack:: Old mansion
Ipod or mp3 player:: An iPod is an mp3 player, duh! 
Chemistry or physics:: NONE.
Art or math:: Both.
Learn or daydream:: BOTH.
City or small town:: Small Town.
High school or college:: College.
Tree or flower:: BOTH.
Tragedy or comedy:: Comedy.
Dance or sing:: BOTH.
Run or Walk:: Walk.
Quality or Quantity:: DEPENDS.
Partner dance or solo dance:: BOTH.
Reality TV or educational TV:: I like reality shows that are also educational, like Project Runway, Top Chef, America's Next Top Model.
Typing or handwriting:: Both.
Party of 300 or Party of 3:: 3.
Trees for breathing or trees for furniture:: So, basically trees, eh.  
Left or right:: Right
NYC or LA:: NYC.

-.F e a r s.-
Put a X for those you don't fear and O for those you do
Spiders:: O
Sharks:: O
Heights:: X
Bees:: O
Bugs:: O
Birds:: O
Cars:: O
Getting peanut butter stuck on the roof of your mouth:: X
Long words:: X
The other gender:: X
The dentist:: O
Gaining weight:: X
Change:: X
Loud noises:: X
Reptiles:: O
Aliens:: X
Ghosts:: O
Swallowing a bug:: O
Taking medications:: X
Germs:: X
Plants:: O
People:: O
Whales:: O
Water:: X
Technology:: X 
Getting hurt:: O
Rollercoasters:: X
Sea Creatures:: O
Eating meat:: X
Tapeworms:: O
Being alone:: X
The dark:: O
Balloons:: X
Violence:: O
Rejection:: X
Storms:: O
Dreaming:: X
The future:: x
Foreign Countries:: X
Money:: X
Love:: X
Talking in front of a group of people:: X
Death:: O
Fire:: O
School:: X
Failure:: X
Arguments:: X
Trying something new:: x
Other (list):: Many, Many fears  

-.S c h o o l.-
Years of school completed:: 13 including the college year. 
Best subject:: Accounting, and Math
Worst subject:: Islam
Favorite subject:: Accounting, Marketing. 
Favorite teacher:: Shujau S, Shaheer S, Shimau S. 
Teacher you were better off without:: That Indian guy in BS, and the weirdo in CPE 
Tough teacher who really helped:: Siney S 
Funniest class:: Econ
Favorite subject with the least favorite teacher:: Account
Class you wish you could take:: Literature, Dance, Italian Language
Number of schools attended:: Four
GPA:: 4
Extra curricular activities:: Many Many 
Clubs joined:: Too Many to list 
Group you were/are in:: Many 
Funniest teacher:: Ganesh S 
Bell sound:: Don’t remember
Best book read in school:: Othello
Longest book read in school:: I don't remember
Worst book read in school:: None 
Number of Shakespeare plays read:: Five. I love Shakespeare 
Good teacher but not so good friend::Most of them.
Most useful class:: Almost all. 
Least useful class:: CPT

-.R a n d o m.-
The time:: 1:22 PM 
Current location in the home:: My room
Song you're listening to:: Still in Love with you, Jonas Brothers. 
Last person to talk to you on the phone:: Nash 
Last book you read:: Currently reading. Something Wonderful, Judith McNaught 
A TV show that's on now:: None
First thing you see when looking left::My phone, Trinka. 
What you're wearing now:: Yellow oversized tee and skinnies. 
Name any object on Earth:: Leaning Tower of Pisa
Your mood now:: Happy
A random animal that isn't your favorite:: Zebra
Song number 2 on your ipod:: I don’t own an iPod.
Closest body of water to you:: The Ocean 
Least likely place you'd be found:: In Naifaru 
Last thing you touched:: Other than Blitz, Mickie’s toy piano. 
Best caffeinated drink:: Coke =D and Cappuccino. 
Tallest building you've been in:: KL tower 
The hottest it's been where you live:: VERY HOT. I don’t know. 
Coldest it's been where you live:: This IS the equator, it’s ALWAYS hot. 
Best color name for a crayon:: Marshmallow
Coloring's best done with:: Crayons 
Last phone call you made:: None in the last 24 hours.  
Color of the sky now:: Blue
Last thing you ate:: Lime and Rihaakuru 
Mashed potatoes or fries?:: Both
Your life's motto:: Keep Hope Alive 
Most vivid childhood memory:: The day I was roped to the sewing machine by a tiny thread and I stayed all day long. LOL. Height of obedience.  
Something you're excited about:: going to college tomorrow!
Animal that scares you:: All animals except cockroaches (technically, they are insects). 
Best candle scent:: Lavender
What you'd buy with a million dollars:: A Hajj tour for parents. 
Worst sounding name ever:: Sharaf
Room temperature:: No idea
An inside joke you have:: So Melody, Bieber jokes, Forever Alone, and many more! 
Something that annoys you:: Too many questions and when people take so long to understand something even when told in the simplest form. 
Best room color:: Green, I think 
Worst time in history:: All the wars. 
The weather right now:: kinda too hot for a Saturday. 
What your mother's doing now:: Sitting.
Creepiest place on Earth:: I wouldn't know
Person you look up to:: Many.  
Something unique about you:: My personality, and the things I believe.  
Best quote:: Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway - Coco 
Worst thing about modern times:: We depend on technology too much and increased crime rates and lack of manners. 
How you feel now that this is the last question:: Glad

So, that was one LONG survey eh!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Reads


Image from amelie, WHI

Friday again, eh. This week went too fast. I remember going back to college on Sunday, and now it’s the weekend. What happened to the days? When you have fun, time seems to pass so fast.

Last week, I was a little low on updating. You can however read about what I wore one fine day, and another fine day or take my advice on what to wear, read about my criticism on a runway show, or just take a peek at some items I’m loving this week.

Or you can read more interesting stuff that Aali, xef, Maeed, Haiko, Fazie, Fish and ne3 wrote. Visit their blogs and make their day!

If you still need more stuff to read, check out Diana’s awesome blog, Shea’s new business venture, or Kendi’s funny commentary. For some serious eye candy, don’t forget Katie!

That’s it folks. Have a happy weekend. I am sick, so I’ll be sleeping in all of Friday, taking part in a workshop on Saturday.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

In Sickness and In Health

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I am usually a cheerful crazy person, most people would agree. But what only very few people knows is that I am at my worst when I am sick.
People doesn’t usually notice that cos I act like I’m doing fine. Yes, I can act. pretty well actually. I woke up yesterday having a bad cold. Vomited the hell out in the wee hours of dawn. When I am sick, I tend to be very whiny/lazier than my usual self. I would randomly cry at unnecessary times,be in a bad mood all day, be all like “I just had a heartbreak”,  sleep all day (which is pretty normal for me even when I am not sick).
The worst thing is, I would just be there, like a dead person. Doing nothing, and then after some time I would be all like “I am gonna fight this sickness” and then go take a shower and pamper myself. Wear my best clothes, blah blah, but after sometime the whiny self comes back.
Yesterday I did go to college though, cos I didn’t wanna miss my first tutorial. It was better than I expected. No one even had a hint that I was sick, cos I was being my usual “studious crazy person who talks way too fast” self and answering the dude’s questions. But one hour into the class, I has this urge to vomit. I didn’t want to go out, so I borrowed two packets of supari from China which made my vomiting urge stop but gave me a red face. That’s why I don’t eat supari. I am kinda allergic to it, which is a good thing.
Today, I am feeling better, but I woke up just now (1:10) and had scrambled eggs. So, that’s an unknown fact about me. ha!
How are you guys?

Monday, January 24, 2011

College Days


Image from justjared.

Today’s my second day this semester. Classes are actually going pretty well. I am so glad to be back with my classmates. They are so fun. It makes up for all the trouble we had in our previous grades.

I have hardly seen the new students, but the old people are great. College is so fun, that I hardly have time to tweet. I am also becoming better at making coffee. =D

The only problem is how long the registrations take, which is a pain in the bum. I only wish it takes lesser days.

I also have to study law, which is pretty interesting, but of course me being me, I hardly take notice of anything to do with politics, so this is kinda new to me.

Lets hope that it continues to be a good semester.

How’s life in general, lovely readers?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Survey Saturday Part II


Image from darkigxi, DA.

-.D o. .Y o u.-
Smoke:: Nope
Drink:: Water? YES! 
Speed date:: Never tried that, not intending either. 
Online date:: Nope
Clean obsessively:: YES, YES! 
Diet:: Tried a few times, even though I CLEARLY don’t need to. 
Sing in the shower:: Yes, quite a lot. =) 
Exercise daily:: Nope
Dress up just for fun:: All the time. ha 
Shower/bathe more than once a day:: Yes, around two to four times. 
Buy dirty magazines:: Nope
Forget to flush:: Nope
Wash behind your ears:: Yepp, always. 
Collect something strange:: Yeah, sugar packets, and other people’s love notes. ha 
Buy your own things:: Usually.
have kids:: Not yet. 
Camp:: I went on a few camps. 
Spend more time with friends or family:: Kinda in the middle now. 
Eat too little:: yeah. most of the time. 
Study for fun:: Yes, proving once and for all, that I am a NERD. 
Know karate:: Nope
Go to school:: Not anymore. 
Drive:: Nope
Have a job:: Sadly, no. 
sky dive:: Nope
Go to church:: Nope
Count your blessings:: Always, not literally. 
Believe in ghosts:: yes
Walk in your underwear around the house:: Nope
Wear a wig:: Nope

-.R e l a t i o n s h i p s.-
Status:: Single
Crush (if no significant other):: Austin 
Your first date:: Somewhere in a very deserted beach. 
Number of people you've dated:: A little over one.
Do you want to be married?:: Yes, in like another 5 years or so. 
If so, what's the dream wedding like?:: Somewhere romantic. 
Significant other/dream guy/girl's hair color:: Black, or brown, or even red. Doesn’t really matter 
Significant other/dream guy/girl's eye color:: I am not a very eye color conscious person. 
Significant other/dream guy/girl's skin tone:: Pale, little dark maybe.  
Significant other/dream guy/girl's height:: 5'2" – 5'10" 
Significant other/dream guy/girl's weight:: 100 pounds and more 
Significant other/dream guy/girl's personality:: Confident, outgoing, funny, smart, romantic.
Best thing someone of the opposite gender has done for you:: love me unconditionally. Thanks daddykins.
Is there such a thing as love?:: Of course, there is!  
Have you got a date while drunk?:: I don’t drink 
Dated anyone foreign?:: Nope
What makes the perfect partner:: Love, and smarts, I guess.

-.F o r / A g a i n s t.-
Abortion:: Against 
Iraq war:: Against
Fossil Fuels:: For
Politics:: Neutral
Government:: For
Seatbelt law:: For
Cell phone while driving law:: Neutral
Pre-marriage sex:: For myself, Against. 
Hunting:: Against
Marriage:: For
Downloading music:: For 
Gun laws:: Against
Online dating:: For myself, against. But for, if it makes you happy 
Evolution:: You can't really be "against" science, hah.

-.C e l l p h o n e.-
Plan:: wMix  
Phone color:: Black
Phone style:: Touch screen and Side slide. 
Number of contacts on the phone:: Around 240.
Picture phone?:: Yeah, but I rarely use it to take pictures. That’s what camera’s are for. 
Background picture:: Keep calm and spells gif, Mickey and I, Spongebob characters. My phone has multiple wallpaper feature. =D 
Ringtone:: Cho Chang from AVPM 
Texting?:: Yeah, 500 plan. 
Extras for phone:: Apps plus the music I downloaded.

-.F r i e n d s.-
List all friends:: huh, no. 
Friend(s) you've dated:: Two.
Friend you can tell anything to:: Ty, Harv, Mh, Zai 
Friend you've known the longest:: A lot. 
Oldest friend:: I don’t really know 
Youngest friend:: Mickie, yes she’s a friend. 
Friend you wish was more than just a friend:: No one now. 
Strangest friend:: We’re all strange!
Artistic friend:: Nonno
Mathematical friend:: Boils? I guess. 
Friend who's like family:: Zai, and Harv 
Friend with the biggest family:: Nemo, who is actually my cousin. 
Internet friend(s):: Maishan, Naina, Mh, and most bloggers and twitter friends. 
Most forgetful friend:: Me, ofcourse. 
Friend you envy the most:: Melody
Most curious friend:: Mushrif. tsk tsk 
Friend most likely to dance in the rain:: Munshi, I think 
Friend who spends all the time on the phone:: Shafa and Vick 
Friend who watches the most movies:: Muawwaz, Mh, Mushrif, That dude in Macro class, and Harvie.
Best cook:: Murupie
Geekiest friend:: Mushrif,Azaan and Muawwaz. =P 
Your unofficial twin:: ZAI =D 
Scientific friend:: “The Scientist”. He will know. =P 
Friend who most resembles a hippie:: That dude in Macro class. (I know his name. That dude is just a pseudonym) 
Friend with the best hygiene:: haha. ME!! and of course Zai.  
Scariest friend when angry:: Mushrif, and Fareesh 
Emotionless friend:: The Zilch guy, who is also very annoying.  
Your pity friend:: Gosh!
Preppiest friend:: Nash
Smartest friend:: Malik and Boils, and Gigs and most of my CHSE classmates, and ZAI. (She’s super awesome) 
Friend who has been to the most places:: Melody, I think. 
Friend with the strangest taste in music:: Naina. =D (we both have similar tastes. haha) 
Most reliable friend:: Zai, Mh, Nash, China and Harv.  
Riskiest friend:: Fiedler (LOL)
Friend who's most likely to go to jail:: Vicki
Friend most likely to become a multi-billionare:: Harvie
Most fashionable friend:: Shums, Zai, Melody, and Nonno 
OCD friend:: Me, Gosh! I haven't found anyone with OCD yet. 
Friend most likely to get married at 18:: Most of my friends are past 18
Perverted friend:: Vick
Friend you have the most inside jokes with:: Zai, Harv and “The Gang”
Athletic friend:: Gigs, and Jocky

-.F a m i l y.-
Place your mom grew up in:: King’s Island 
Place your dad grew up in:: Naifaru 
Siblings (if any):: Mickie, and Myra (Muntha’s Internet alias)
Mom and dad still together?:: Yep.
Number of cousins on mom's side:: Eighteen, WHOA! 
Number of cousins on dad's side:: Three. =D 
Relative who lives the farthest away:: Ikaa and Prince Aidan 
Relative who lives the closest:: Naanu and Dhontha 
Relative who always makes you laugh:: Kudadhatta B 
Relative you hardly ever see:: Layana 
Oldest relative:: Uncle Adam 
Youngest relative:: Prince Aidan 
Smartest relative:: Mom and Dad. ha 
Last relative to go to the hospital:: Thitha, she just came back. 
Last relative to have had a birthday:: Mickie. The princess turned two! 
Relative with the oddest job:: A. Beybe 
Step-parents (if any):: Kinda have both. Long story. 
Richest relative:: A. Beybe
Relative you can tell anything to:: No one actually other than Dad and Mom.
The oddball of the family:: Shahil and I, probably. And the adopted twins. 
Least patient relative:: Myra
Any adopted relatives:: Yepp. Twins Ammu and Ninni 
Strangest nickname for a relative:: Sorry (A.B), Isn’t (H. Sham) and Chika (M.B) 
Relative closest to your age:: Shah, we’re the same age. =D
Cleanest relative:: Me, and Dad. 
Relative in college:: Dhonbe.
Relative you can relate most with:: No one actually. I’m the oddball. *sigh* a little to Myra of course. 
Last relative to die:: Grandpa
Last relative to get married:: Dhonbeybe
Relative who fought in a war:: None
Relative you love but can't stand to be around:: Twins.
Relative you wish you saw more often:: Nanna, Thutha.

-.C o m p u t e r.-
Computer type:: Laptop, Blitzy 
Background picture:: Harry Potter Theme. Right now it’s voldy! 
Number of icons:: 13. Even my laptop is very organized and clean. >.< 
Most used icon:: Mozilla, and Picasa. 
Games installed:: None. Gosh, I haven’t installed ANY games. gah! 
Internet provider:: Wataniya Modem 
Security program:: None actually. gosh! 
Latest computer flaw:: Some windows bug. >.< 
Most visited website:: Twitter, blogger, Blogloving, fb, lj, and tumblr.  
Number of computer users:: Two
Age of computer:: Almost one year. 
E-mail provider:: Hotmail, AOL, Gmail and Yahoo. Yes, I have four mail accounts. 
Most used messenger:: MSN
Work computer or pleasure computer?:: Kinda both.
Last thing installed:: Java
Screensaver:: None
Computer color:: Black
Keyboard color:: Black
Mouse color:: Black
Mousepad design/color:: I don’t have one
Hours spent on the computer daily:: Too many. Just too many.

-.B o o k s.-
Best book:: Harry Potter books and Nancy Drew books.  
Best genre:: Fiction, mostly love stories, and real life crime ones. 
Worst book:: Horror stories
Longest book you've read:: HP and the Deathly Hallows 
Number of pages:: I don't remember
Shortest book you've read:: Not counting children's books? Probably Words that Taste Good 
Book with the best ending:: The Kite Runner 
Book with the best beginning:: It Girl, I think 
Last book you've read:: Intrigue, Mills and Boon 
Best non-fiction book:: Words that Taste Good 
Best movie based on a book:: None, yet. 
Most descriptive book:: The Bed by the Window, ah! 
Your first book:: I don’t remember.
The most perverted book:: Most Mills and Boons, I think. 
Saddest book:: The Kite Runner 
Weirdest book:: The Twelfth Night
Best author:: Enid Blyton, JK, and a few more. 
Your reading level:: Quite high, I would say.
Book you still don't understand:: None, really
Number of books you can read at once:: Depends
Best way for a book to begin:: Kinda weirdly interesting 
Book you can relate most to:: It Girl 
Book you carry with you everywhere:: Journal and Planner. LOL 
Character you can relate to:: Hermione Granger 
Book with the best scenery:: Many.
Best event in a book:: Full Speed’s camp scene. 
Book with the most surprising ending:: I don’t remember 
Book that was the biggest disappointment:: A few. 
Book that drags on:: A lot
Book that makes you sick:: None yet.
Book you'd like to rewrite yourself:: The It Girl 
Character that disturbs you the most:: Archie Andrews. ha
Favorite character:: Hermione Granger 
Best age for a character:: 10 to 17 
Event from a book that reminded you of your life:: most books children’s events and stuff
Book with the worst message:: Don’t know
Weirdest character:: Jughead 
Best non-human character:: Dobby
Number of books published:: None 
Best classic:: Othello, Jane Eyre.

-.S h u f f l e.-
Birth:: Wake up – Hilary 
First day of school:: True Friend - Miley
First kiss::You’re Still The One - Shania  
Getting a license:: Crush - Selena 
College:: Still in Love with You - JB 
Graduating:: Missing You - Taylor 
Proposal:: Stay - Miley
Wedding:: Thriller - MJ 
Wedding night:: Gotta Go My Own Way - HSM
Taking surveys:: Change - Taylor
First kid:: The Best Day 
First real job:: Airplanes - BoB
Car crash:: We Got The Party - JB
Retirement:: Iris - GGD 
Getting grandkids:: Masquerade - Ashley
Entering a nursing home:: I Learned from You - Miley
Spouse dying:: Who Owns My Heart - Miley
Eating nursing home food:: You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home - HM
Death:: Start All Over - Miley

-.H o b b i e s.-
Place a X by those things you dislike an a :) by those you like
Writing:: :)
Soccer:: x
Poetry:: :)
Volleyball:: x
Horseback riding:: x
Listening to music:: :)
Making music:: :)
Singing:: :)
Football:: X
Hockey:: X
Drawing:: :)
Watching TV:: :) 
Fixing computers:: X
Sudoku:: :)
Karate:: X
Word problems:: :)
Video games:: :) mostly 
Skateboarding:: X
Shopping:: :)
Cleaning:: :D LOVE 
Driving:: x
Traveling:: :)
Baseball:: X
IMing:: :)
Picking flowers:: :)
Cooking:: :)
Working with animals:: x
Taking pictures:: :)
Dancing:: :)
Painting:: :)
Acting:: :)
Watching movies:: :)
Building things:: :)
Working on cars:: X
Reading:: :)
Doing laundry:: X
Texting:: :)
Camping:: :)
Giving advice:: :)
Bird watching:: X
Stargazing:: :)
Window shopping:: :)
Cave exploring:: x
Number problems:: :)
Eating:: :)
Catching lightning bugs:: X
Going out on dates:: :)
Daydreaming:: :)

-.T r a v e l i n g.-
Countries you've been to:: India, Malay, Lanka
States you've been to:: None
Major cities you've been to:: N. Delhi, KL, Colombo 
Color of your suitcase:: Black
Best souvenir:: A Bhutanise woven thing. 
Favorite city visited:: KL, Agra 
Worst city visited:: Trivandrum
Dirtiest city visited:: Trivandrum
Cleanest city visited:: KL
Average weight of luggage:: Almost to full limit. 
The most you've spent on souvenirs:: 100 bucks 
A souvenir you got from someone else:: That woven thing, earrings, a bear, and a Buddha.
Place you want to visit:: Italy, Rome 
Place you'd love to visit again:: KL, Taj Mahal
Best place for a honeymoon:: I have no idea. 
Place with the nicest people:: KL
Coldest place visited:: N. Delhi actually. I’m bad with colds. 
Driest place visited:: Malay?
Place you got the worst sunburn at:: Home, ha! 
Fantasy world you wish you could visit:: Harry Potter’s world, ANY of Enid Blyton’s places, Neverland and Wonderland. 
Place with the best food:: KL
How many oceans you've seen:: One, I think. 
Farthest you've been from home:: KL
Place you've been with the oddest animals:: Delhi. Dogs ARE odd. 
Weirdest food you've eaten:: some kinda green soup in Guide Camp, Malay. 
Most memorable place:: Taj Mahal, Agra. 
Place you'd love to live:: NYC
Best beach you've been to:: This beach in Vavvaru and some inhabited island near RR 
Most photogenic place you've been:: KL, and of course Taj Mahal. 
Worst trip:: Colombo
Best amusement park you've been to:: None
Best hotel to stay at:: Don’t know. 
Strangest restaurant in a country:: Don't know

-.F o o d.-
Best cook you know:: My mom
Favorite dish:: Anything Italian, and PIZZA (which is Italian, LOL) 
Best meat:: I’m a beef person.
Worst meat:: Don’t know. 
Favorite vegetables:: Carrots
Most romantic meal:: I wouldn't know
Best meal to eat while listening to rock:: I haven’t yet tried any.
Easiest meal to make:: Burgers!!! 
Dish you never get but always want:: Seafood!
Best dessert:: Chocolate Mousse
Best comfort food:: Ice cream, and milk chocolate. 
Best snack:: Chips, and donuts 
Your guilty pleasure:: Anything sugary, specially cupcakes. 
If you diet, what don't you eat:: Any good food. 
Dish you wish you knew how to make:: Fancy stuff like Quesadilla or Cheese cake. 
Best dinner music:: Mellow songs, and Beethoven. 
Is "dinner" lunch or supper?:: Umm, don’t know.
If you're a vegetarian, why?:: I am hoping to become one, one day.
Best ice cream flavor:: Hazelnut, Chocolate chip, Vanilla, and Oreo Cookie. 
Best movie snack:: Chips and pop corn
Best restaurant:: Most ones here are pretty lame.  
Best fast food:: Burgers
Favorite pizza place:: Wood Apple 
Dinner at the table or the TV?:: Table
Best meal of the day:: Lunch
Favorite breakfast dish:: Toast or Pancakes. I don’t like Maldivian breakfast. 
Best atmosphere for eating:: Restaurants, and HOME. =D

-.Y o u r. .S t y l e.-
Any piercings:: Nope
Any tattoos:: Nope
Any glasses/contacts:: Glasses
Color that looks best on you:: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple and kinda bright colors and pastels. 
Favorite shirt you own:: lavender Shirt mom made.
Best place to clothes shop:: None actually here.  
What you like to do with your hair most:: wear a hair band. 
Any make up:: YES, intense eye make up and simple lippies 
Favorite bottom:: Skinny jeans
(if a girl) Favorite dress:: The dress I made. =D 
Your stereotype (based on attire):: Girly, Preppy, Fashion Whore. LOL 
Favorite pair of shoes:: My gray heels
Amount of time you spend on your looks a day:: Like 30 minutes
Any jewelry:: Depending on what style I’m going for. Mostly bracelets/bangles, a few rings and a necklace. 
What you'd wear to a party:: Dresses.  
Low cut or turtle neck?:: Turtle neck. 
Tennis shoes or dress shoes?:: I love any type of shoes. 
Any tights/pantyhose:: Nope 
Number of times you colored your hair:: Once. I blacked it.  
Color you own most of in clothes:: Yellow.  
Tank or tee?:: Tees.
How many pairs of shoes you own:: Only 10. 
Nail color:: Right now it’s natural. I color it depending on mood. 
Hair color:: Very very Black
Any body art:: Nope
What inspires your wardrobe:: Trends, Fashion, Movies, Books, Bloggers, Icons and stuff.         
What clothes you'd buy if you had $5,000:: I’d buy fabric and make ones plus buy louboutins.Maybe a Chanel won’t hurt too. =D 
Pluck or wax your eyebrows?:: I don’t do eye brows. 
Era with the best style:: Sixties, and the 90’s. 
What you'd wear to an amusement park:: Jeans and a cute top
Your best feature:: I don’t really know. Smile? 
Clothes you wish you could afford:: Oscar DR, Prada and Chanel 
How important fashion is to you:: Quite Very.  
Most uncomfortable article of clothing:: Tiny tops and Oversized stuff. 
Your comfort clothing:: PJ’s
What you wear when you shop for more clothes:: Regular clothes

-.A c c o m p l i s h m e n t s.-
Got a job:: Had one. Now I’m unemployed. )= 
Got a driver's license:: Nope
Had a sweet 16:: YES, it was fab. 
Graduated high school:: Yep
Dated:: Yep
Applied for college:: Yep
Got straight A's:: Yep
Pay for your own things:: Yeah sometimes.
Have your own place:: Nope
Gone to college:: Currently in college. 
Graduated college with 4+ years:: Nope
Got married:: Not yet
Had children:: Not Yet 
Had grandchildren:: Not Yet. >.< 
Donated to charity:: Yeah
Donated blood:: Nope. Apparently I need to be overweight to give blood. Need around 22 pounds more. gah! 
Operated your own business:: Not yet 
Bought a nice car:: Nope, not even a crap one. ha
Quit smoking:: I don’t Smoke. 
Quit drinking:: Don’t drink either. 
Followed through on your dreams:: A few. A lot more to go.

-.Y o u r. .H o m e.-
Type of home:: House
How many other people occupy the house:: 4
Size of the yard:: Pretty good. 
Floor type in your kitchen:: It’s cement. 
Bedroom wall color:: White
Most valuable piece of equipment in your house:: PC and Refrigerator. 
Number of rooms:: Two
Have air conditioning?:: Nope
Carpet color in your home:: None
Any hardwood floors:: Nope
Light fixture in your bedroom:: White
Bathroom color:: Dark green
Contents of the first cabinet in your kitchen:: Flour, and Rice 
Eat in the dining room or kitchen?:: Kitchen
Sofa color:: Beige
Biggest room in the house:: Living room. 
Smallest room in the house:: Mine
Cleanest room in the house:: Mine
Room you could spend weeks cleaning:: Mine
Most unique room in the house:: Mine
Number of bathrooms:: One
Any pets:: The rabbit dude. *goes on to check if s/he’s still alive* 
Most comfortable room:: Mine
Best room to dance in:: Living room
Have a garage?:: Nope. There’s one in the house though, not ours. 
Best thing about the house:: It’s comfortable and very homey. 
Number of steps:: Around 12 steps to my room. 
Any front porch?:: Nope
House color:: White
Room with the most memories:: Mine, and front porch/yard 
Favorite thing in the house:: Blitzy
Number of windows in the house:: Two 
Number of phones in the house:: One
Number of TVs:: One
Best picture hanging on a wall:: Myra’s Pics collage 
Oldest thing in your house:: TV
Clothes in the dresser or closet?:: Both
Like your kitchen?:: Eh, yeah. 
Room you spend the most time in:: Mine
Room your computer(s) are/is in:: Living room and my room.
Room that smells the best:: Mine. I have scented candles. =D 
Room with the most books in it:: Mine. All my and half of Myra’s collection. 
Room you'd save if you had to pick one:: Mom and Dad’s

Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Reads


Image from Al, WHI.

Happy Weekend people. This is one weekend I am hoping would go fast, mostly because college starts on Sunday, and I can’t wait to go back. =D

This week, I wore this, this and this and talked about this, this and this. Too much?

Ieccco had a sad experience in a transportation service, while Dhona talked about her family and life. Meanwhile Xef came up with a very late new year post, ha. Also, did you know Darkie can do magic? cool, eh!

Katie and her cat never fails to amaze me. Mrs. O is definitely the fashion's First Lady. Luinae’s post makes me want to get a filofax.

What are you doing this weekend? Me? I am gonna spend some quality time sleeping, eating (not really) and on tumblr.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Problem With Male’

image credits
or in generally with Maldivians. Note that this is from my perspective, so you may not see what I see.
  • Crowded roads. I guess this is a problem in all the capital cities, so I can’t really complain, but is it necessary for EVERY single person to drive a motor vehicle to even go to the nearest shop?
  • Judgy People. Honestly. I usually walk alone a lot, my route is mostly all the way from one end of Majeedhee Magu to the other. Not a day passes when someone doesn’t say something at me, or they’ll look with those elevator eyes and just stare which is very rude if you ask me. I hardly make eye contact with people because of that. But when I do, I tend to smile, which BTW is no longer a good manner so I have found out. You give people a smile, for no reason, but just because you think they deserve smiles and not angry faces and what do they do in return? They look at you like they are about to eat you, or say something like “Haada hevifa” in the rudest way possible. I get sarcasm, but seriously. Is it necessary?
  • More Judgy people who thinks it’s necessary to criticize about the way you dress, the way you walk, or the kind of shoes you wear. It’s none of their business, but of course people are meddle-y.
  • Zero Social Life. Maybe it’s just me. But there are no places to actually go and have a good time. There’s a cinema, but they usually show Dhivehi movies, and thus starts the judgy people and their comments. There are way too many Jugo places that sell crappy coffee and the people who make them are very very rude. In most places, not in every one.
  • The librarians at the National Library are very rude, and they would rather eat their burger than answer your question. There is no routine, one day they ask you to keep the bag on the counter, the other day when you start to do it, they look you with those “malaamaiy kuraa eyes” and laugh at you. How am I supposed to know what to do if you can’t keep the same routine for two straight days.
  • People who have a very limited mindset that doesn’t appreciate nature, colors or anything really, other than politics. Yellow is not “only” applicable to MDP, you know. I’m pretty sure the Hufflepuffs, Sunflowers, Thaajuddin School, dandelions and every other thing that is yellow would disagree. Your argument is invalid.
That’s some of the things I have noticed in the past six years that I’ve lived in male’. Maybe the people have really become much ruder that they were. Such sadness. I sympathize the coming generations.

Monday, January 17, 2011

On Why I Love Twitter

image credits
So, you know twitter, eh? (You don’t? OMG, then we are no longer friends. JK. No, Seriously.) I’ve been a twitterer since like two years back, and it’s been one of the the best things that I got myself into. why?
  • Because it allows me to be creative and to come up with shorter ways to say what I want in less than 140 characters
  • It’s like a personalized search engine. Ask anything, you get answers within one minute.
  • The people there are friendly, and not crazy weirdo's like in facebook.
  • You can stalk celebrities without getting a restraining order.
  • You can pour you heart out, curse people, and they’ll still love you.
  • It’s a lifesaver for so many people
  • Fictional characters come to life, and you can talk to them.
  • You can follow your dreams. Literally.
  • Unlike face book, the people in twitter are more educated and knows proper grammar.
  • You can retweet! =D
  • Twitsal, hell yes!
  • Maldivian Twitterers. They are the best.
  • You get amazing loyal friends. the kind that would stay for life.
  • It’s a bird. Aren’t we all birds?
  • It’s better than facebook.
I probably have forgotten a few things, so lemme know what else to add.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Survey Saturday Part I


Image from EvonT, DA.

-.N a m e s.-
Your Name:: Shaha.
Your Middle Name:: I don’t have any.
Your Dream Name:: Elle (I love this name)
Your favorite girl's name:: Elle, Shanaya.
Your favorite boy's name:: Ruham, Austin.
Why your name is what it is:: Cos mom and dad went for a bold and a religious name. I love it.
What your name means:: Certificate.
What's most important in a name?:: How easily a cute nick name can be made. haha.
Friend with the best name:: Shure.
Parent's name:: Ahmed and Maryam.
Sibling's (if any) name: Mickie and Muntha 

-.Y o u r.-
Age: 18.
Birthday: Ferbruary 18
Color:: Pink and Yellow
Stereotype:: Some people call me a nerd, others bookwork, others a fashion victim. LOL. Personally I think I am a perfectionist.
Personality:: Confident, outgoing, friendly, straight forward, happy!
Body Type:: Slim
Height:: 5'0
Weight:: 75 pounds 
Hair color:: Naturally, black with somewhat brown tints.
Eye color:: Black
First language:: Dhivehi
Birth country:: Maldives
Current living situation:: Home with mom, dad and siblings.
Obsession(s):: Movies, books, internet, blogging, fashion, shoes, order.
Star Sign:: Aquarius.
Hobbies:: Reading, Writing, Blogging, Dress up, Cleaning, Having fun!
Dream job:: Fashion Designer
Current job:: none.
Best memory:: Many.

-.F a v o r i t e s.-
Flower:: Sunflower
Mythical Creature:: Unicorns and pixies
Book:: All Harry Potter and Nancy Drew books
Movie:: The Perfect Man, Golmaal Returns, Aisha, etc. 
City:: New York, Rome
Sport:: Board Games, ha!
Article of clothing you own:: a simple top mom made.
Food:: Pizza
Holiday:: Eid Hols
Month:: February
Season:: Spring
Class in school:: Marketing
Teacher:: Shaheer Sir, and Shimau from B Com.
Shoes you own:: Black Wedges
Thing about yourself:: My personality
Form of art:: Shoes and fashion as art.
Musical/Play:: Mamma Mia
Point in life:: Back in Grade 7, Ahmadhiyya days, and the start of CHSE. *sigh* 
Store:: Old Blossom Box ( I so wanna go there someday!)
Building:: Maldives National Museum and Library!

-.M o v i e s.-
Favorite movie genre:: Comedy, Teen
Worst movie::The Hottie and The Nottie, and Bitch Slap
Favorite classic:: Breakfast in Tiffany’s
Favorite movie as a child:: The Cinderella Story 
Best animated movie:: Up
Movie with the best ending:: Enchanted
Best Disney movie:: Beauty and the Beast
Most predictable movie:: All romantic-comedies and Teen flicks
Strangest movie:: American High school
Best actor:: Jhonny Depp
Best actress:: Helena Bonham Carter
Actor with the most diverse set of characters:: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter
Actor that plays the most convincing villain:: Alan Rickman, Ralph Fiennes
Best movie soundtrack:: HSM and Mamma Mia
Funniest movie:: Golmaal Returns
Best documentary:: The September Issue
Movie with the most creative credits:: Bitch Slap

-.T V.-
Favorite station::Disney Channel and Fashion TV
Favorite show:: 100 Questions
Best commercial that's on now:: Pepsi  
Best commercial from the past:: Disney Parks
Best reality show:: ANTM and Project Runway
Show you wish would come back:: 100 Questions
Best person on TV:: Tyra Banks
Worst person on TV:: That dude in the Hindi crappy twilight series
Worst station:: Zee TV
Show you'd spend all Saturday watching reruns of:: 100 Questions, Kyle XY, Moonlight, HIMYM.
Best show as a child:: Lizzie McGuire
TV character you relate most with:: Bianca from 10 things I hate about you , also Blaire from Gossip Girl, and a bit of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.
Show you learn the most from:: Criminal Minds, Warehouse 13, Chuck, Kyle XY, Big Bang Theory and Project Runway.
Best TV actor:: Matt Dallas, Ian Somerhaulder
Best TV actress:: April Matson, Leighton Meester. 
Age of your TV:: Kinda 10 years. 
How many channels you get:: Only around 15. 
Best time to watch TV:: I don’t really watch TV.

-.M u s i c.-
Best genre:: Teen Pop 
Favorite band:: Selena Gomez and the Scene 
Best radio station:: HFM, duh! (OK, so I don’t listen to radio, which is kinda weird. So, I am BIASED)
Genre you secretly like:: a bit of mellow and rock. 
Best music to dance to:: Lady Gaga, and Bollywood music. 
Song that never gets old:: Crush by D. Archie 
Song that makes you want to go deaf:: Most of Akon’s songs. 
Favorite song without words:: I haven’t listened to any yet. 
Favorite lyrics:: Many. Current fav is “Love Bug”. 
Best quality about music:: Rhythm
Worst song:: Akon anything, and some of J. Bieber songs. 
Song that touches you the most:: Climb, You Belong With Me, Cheater Cheater and a few more.
Saddest song:: Haven’t heard anything yet that made me cry. 
Funniest song:: Fashionista
Strangest song:: I’m my Own Grandpa 
Song that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand:: None yet. 
Best instrument:: Guitars, I think. 
Most annoying instruments:: Cymbals.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Being Me


image from escapedemotions, DA.

The story of how I started blogging, is most like the story of how I do most things. I like trying new things. I do. Whenever I get something new, I would spend hours, days, weeks, analyzing it, finding out new ways to use it, etc. I am a very experimental person.

Just like that, in the very beginning of 2007, I saw Lilly’s blog then, and a part of me wanted so bad to have my own little pretty blog too. So, I started one. Back then, I blogged as hansikagirl, this pseudonym that I called myself because I was obsessed with her , I still am a fan of her. I used to exactly copy how others blogged then, but soon I realized that it wasn’t me. I couldn’t me myself and be a copy of someone else. So, I started differentiating the blog, adding things that defined me, and making it more like me. Somehow, it wasn't working. I was getting tired of Hansikagirl, so I decided it was time for a new change. A change that I would let define me, not as someone obsessed over a Hindi movie star, which was a phase of my life. I wanted to be known as something that I would be comfortable with at all stages of my life, so I chose diarygirl. It’s a cheesy name, I agree but I love it. I don’t care what people think about the name, and I am glad to be known as it.

I wanted to keep my old blog, but keeping it was making it hard to adapt to the new blog, so I saved all the blog posts, comments, everything into a folder, and deleted the blog. Sometimes I still go to that folder, and read what I wrote back then, it’s good to do so. It is like looking back at my past, my regrets, my fears and knowing that I’m stronger now, better now and myself now.

I have been blogging since then, and I am very much addicted to it, but there are some things that I don’t talk about, like religion and some of politics. Even though this is my blog, people read it, and judge me based on it. So, I don’t want other people to come between my faith, and the relationship with Allah. I am proud of my religion, and thankful to my parents and to where I was born, because I am free to be a Muslim. I know where I stand. I don’t use Islam as an excuse, and no matter what people say or do, is gonna change anything. I am true to myself, to Allah, and to my religion. That’s what matters to me.

Then soon after I started a fashion blog. That was after I researched and thought really hard for days and months about what career I want to choose. It took me lots of thinking about the choices and about my life, but in the end I decided I want to have my own fashion line. This blog is something that would help me, to reach that dream. It took a lot of strength to take daily outfit pictures and post it to where everyone can see and judge me, but I am glad I did. It makes me feel strong to know that I can handle what people say, and still not let that get to me.

I am also someone who is so much into order and routine and organization, so I knew I had to have craft blog because it was another part of me. I am a creative person, and I make stuff. I wanted it to be somewhere I can post what I create, because I’m proud of what I do, and also talk about making things for people, gifts with love and thought in it, rather than buying stuff. I support handmade goods, and I would rather receive something handmade than some expensive store bought thing.

Soon, I got a job that I have always wanted to do, be a show host, and it led me to have a movie blog. I watch a lot of movies, good bad, ugly blah blah. So, it started as my own place where I can keep a record of the movies I watched and what I thought about it, so that I can check back later and think about what I was feeling then.

These four blogs have now become part of me, how I define myself. My personal blog is me, where I am fully me, and I write about my daily life, like a virtual diary. I look back into my old posts and see how I have adapted as a person, and cherish back those memories. My fashion blog is my passion, what I want to be. It’s a huge part of my life, as it’s what I want my future to be. Then is my craft blog, which is also another little part to me, that I’m glad I have. Even though I started the movie blog as part of the need due to my job, through it I still feel being in the job, and it’s been a guilty pleasure of mine. I am thinking of having two more blogs, but that’s just a plan.

So, that’s the story about blogging, and about me. I know no matter what I say or do, some people won’t like me with or without a reason, and I won’t try to please everyone. I respect everyone who reads the blog, and have an opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own, but there is a fine line between criticizing or giving feedback and being plain rude. I am who I am, and this is my blog.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Things I Badly Want In My Life

image credits
It would make me such a better/less lazy person. It would fill up the whole that Jeremy made in my heart when he married that-wait. Who’s Jeremy? Never mind. On to the list!
  • Takeaway cups – so I hardly have to go to jugo places and drink what the crap they sell in the name of coffee. I know darling coffee, what they do to you! Also I can master various other beverage recipes and all that jazz.
  • Cookie Cutters –I have always known that somewhere in me, there is an avid baker waiting to be given a mold and an oven. I can’t wait to make different shaped cookies, and put on icings and throw baking parties, or just giving random people on the street a cookies. I’ve always wanted to do that.
  • Muffin Trays/Cupcake Trays – I always loved cupcakes, and it’s probably the aforementioned baker in me, wanting this too.
  • China – not the country. I was a tea drinker before but somehow got infected with the tea-is-crap disease, but thank god, I rediscovered the art of drinking tea and got over the sickness. I’ve always wanted to throw tea parties to celebrate unbirthdays since I read Alice in Wonderland. Every girl’s dream, eh!
  • Tangled on DVD – I tried finding it a few weeks ago, but couldn’t get it. *sigh* Don’t worry Flynn, I will do ANYTHING o watch your smolder.
  • Also ANYTHING HARRY POTTER – My life lacks anything Harry Potter with a materialistic value.
  • SEVENTEEN – I have called several bookshops, and most of them don’t even know what seventeen is. I am ashamed of the people they put to work in bookshops.

I am not trying to be selfish here (Who am I Kidding, eh) so, that’s pretty much it for now. I needed to update my blog and this shall be used as a potential “thingstobuy” list. See what I did there? haha
No, really. How was your weekend/weekend plus Sunday?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Post of 2011

image credits
The last few days has been a mess. My sleep cycle is all wrong, I fell sick, and had fever, and also remembered it’s not 2010 anymore.
Today is Mickie’s Birthday, still can't believe it’s been two years since she’s been here. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and her reply was “Naanu”. Sadly, I can’t give her Naanu cos he is in India. Gah!
Have I told you that I also don’t know when college starts, or what I have to study this sem. Talk about being a student. I have lots of work to do, eh!
How was your new years? I’m sure it was so much better than mine.