Wednesday, January 4, 2023

5 New Shows to Watch This January

This month, I only have one Kdrama recommendation for you, which is only there for one reason (you'll find out) but there are a few other exciting dramas to keep you entertained. 


The main reason this Kdrama caught my eye was because it's set in an Ad agency, very Mad Men vibes. I work in marketing so I'm already intrigued, and there are a few notable faces, Lee Bo Young (of Mine) takes the lead as the female head of the agency in a cut throat industry, along with Son Na Eun (Ghost Doctor). 

Premiere Date: 7 January

No. of Episodes: 16, twice a week

Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches

With Alexandra Daddario at the helm, I'm so excited for this. The thing with me is that I love anything witchy, but I'm also very averse to horror, but it looks like something I can handle. She plays a neurosurgeon who discovers that she is the unlikely heir to a family of witches, and must deal with things that has been haunting her family for years. 

Premiere Date: 8 January

No. of Episodes: 8, once a week

Koala Man

This animated show from the creators of Rick and Morty, is sure to bring a lot of laughs. I'm not a particular fan of this animation style but I do love the humor! Aussie humor is something I'm getting used to, and this show is going to defo help. It follows a family father who lives a not-so-secret identity as the titular hero who possesses a burning passion to snuff out petty crime. There's a lot at stake here, and Koala Man is here to save the day!

Premiere Date: 9 January

No. of Episodes: 8, all binge-ready


This is giving me Law & Order meets Lie to Me vibes and I enjoy episodic shows a lot. I know it's going to make me feel emotional. The show revolves around ordinary people getting caught up in extraordinary situations, where one wrong turn leads to another, until it's too late to turn back. The cast lineup is very promising including Abigail Breslin, Rachel Bilson, and Molly Parker to name a few. 

Premiere Date: 22 January

No. of Episodes: 15, 2 episodes a week


Harrison Ford stars as Dr. Phil Rhodes, a grieving therapist who starts to tell his clients exactly what he thinks. Ignoring his training and ethics, he finds himself making huge changes to people's lives - including his own. There's not a lot more information about this but with a cast including Ford, Jason Segel, and Christa Miller, I think we have a show that will make us root for the characters and find a little breakthrough of our own!

Premiere Date: 27 January

No. of Episodes: 10, once a week

What shows are you excited for this month?

Monday, January 2, 2023

2022 Highlights

I love doing the year end highlights, looking back and reflecting on a year lived. I've been doing it since 2017. (Missed 2018, ugh) but you can check out my older years here. 201720192020, and 2021

2022 was a year of the big change, which led to so many new things that I'm grateful for, but it also feels like I've hit a little slump on living life somehow. 

The one constant I've managed to keep is doing the daily crossword. In fact, I managed to start a streak and keep it going for more than a month, which is a big deal. It still takes me a really long time to finish one, but I enjoy the process so much and it feels like a hobby that's just solely mine (mostly because none of my friends do the actual crossword) and makes it all the more of a solitary activity that I love. 

During the first three months (prior to my move to Aussie) and a few weeks after, I had some classes, definitely felt like my last classes. I miss teaching so much, I miss being inside the classroom, I miss the conversations, the quizzes, the games, the inside jokes, there's just something so fun about teaching. 

We did see a few movies in theatre here (including watching Avatar twice, once in a bed in a movie theatre, which is such a surreal experience), and we love going to see movies, it's one of our fav things to do. Movie theatre magnums and popcorn just hits different. 

I've always been big on kdramas, but 2022 was when I took that obsession a bit more by going into #kdramatwt and I made a few friends there which is fun. It's always crazy watching an ongoing drama, all the theories, all the fanfare. I just love that. I also managed to watch the same amount of non kdrama? Now that is kind of sus, I thought I was a kdrama girlie through and through but looks like I do tend to deviate away, ahaha. 

Leaving also meant a lot of celebrations (and missing even more!). We had multiple farewells despite the circumstances we had to leave in, and I cherish every single second of them. I miss celebrations the most because I'm a party girl at heart and my family and friends know me as the heart of every celebration. 

Last year I found myself (for the first time in years!) having a lot of free time because I wasn't doing 4 jobs at the same time. So, I got into plants, and managed to keep a lot of plants alive (12 died but that's a lesson learnt) despite me falling sick for months, and in between moving apartments. I'm taking that as a big win!

Coming here meant finding everything new. Between two moves, learning the neighborhoods and trying to cook more, we didn't go out to eat that much (finding halal food is still a hassle!) but I do enjoy cooking, and have a few signature dishes that I can do really well. Plus, I'm now an overnight oats kinda person. I do love finding little coffee shops and trying new desserts, definitely a plus to moving to a big city is there's an abundance of both. 

I really slacked off on content creation last year. In total, my content didn't even reach 10 posts over the four main platforms I use, which is newsletters, this blog, my youtube and podcast (which was at a staggering zero, whoop), but this year I plan to post more. I have missed writing and putting content out there a lot, it definitely gave me a purpose to keep documenting my life (because I love reading back on it). 

Mostly, last year was about rediscovering myself as me, because who am I without my family, my friends, my home? I'm finding that out. Moving was so hard but it has also brought so much new things into my life and for that I'm grateful. I'm grateful for a new home, just for the both of us. For sunlight in the mornings, for the vastness of this city and for the beauty it adds to my life everyday. 2022 was tough, but it brought me a lot of joy and love. 

I hope 2023 brings lots of light to your life. What was the thing that brought you the most joy last year?

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Women's Day 2022 - The Local Brands Leading Conversations to #BreakTheBias

Women's Day is always such a difficult time for brands to manouver, as it should be, because for far too long has it been commercialized as a way to both sell stuff for women and make women an accessory to drive up sales, neither of which makes us feel appreciated on a day where conversation should be about empowering women, not getting our money!

It's also one of my favourite times for brands because there is just so much we can do, to bring women's stories forward, to create conversations on what brands are doing (and can do) to make workplaces and products more inclusive and safe for us. 

Here are a few posts and campaigns that caught my eye, reeling the conversation into the right direction. 

Zero Waste Maldives Cupverts Video

Zero Waste Maldives is doing a great job on awareness on sustainable living, and their Cupverts programs are fantastic in converting more people towards more sustainable period choices. What a brilliant way to talk about periods on Women's Day. 

Mihaaru's Profiles on Women

I do love seeing profiles on women doing their thing. This collection of different women in areas is a great addition in bringing stories of everyday women. 

Sosal's List of Best Women's Day Gifts

This is such a brilliant post, I love everything about it. Yes, this is esactly what women want, and I love how simple yet meaningful this series of posts are. It brings in the conversation about gifts and the celebratory nature of women's day but reels the focus back into breaking the biases. Way to go with the theme. 

The Story of Anbalange

This beautiful video shows how five women became friends and started their own jewelry business, bringing an old form of crafty women's spaces into a modern world. What a gorgeous and heartwarming beginning.  

Bank of Maldives' Video on Stories of Women & Sea

This video makes you so happy watching because we are the daughters of the Maldivian seas and to see the women in diving brings such joy to my heart. Here's how to be a part of the story in bringing the voices forward! 

Monday, January 10, 2022

2021 Highlights

I love doing a year wrapped (like spotify, ahaha). I've been doing it since 2017. (Missed 2018, ugh) but you can check out my older years here. 2017, 2019, 2020

2021 was truly a rollercoaster of a year because there were SO SO MANY bad moments but there were equally (if not in number, then in magnitude) of happy exciting moments and I am so beyond grateful for the year. Here are my highlights of the year!

I probably taught more students this year than the previous two years. Teaching always brings me so much joy, and my calling in life definitely is academics because I enjoy everything about it (minus the bureacracy and elitism). I taught at 3 different colleges, all online and met so many students all of whom I hope I was able to make their academic lives better through the online classes we had. 

This year I finally really got into crossword. It has always been a lingering thing and as a self described puzzle girl, it is high time. When I go into something, I just make it my entire personality and for half a year AL and I did the crosswords everyday (well almost every day) and it was such a blast. There were so many moments that sparked joy and ones that sparked anger at how ridiculous NYtimes was! 
This record has been broken by my husband, ugh.

As usual, I did my fair share of watching TV shows but like 90% of my shows were Kdramas. It's hard to watch English shows now, give me the visuals, the cinematography and the ahjussis of Kdramas, I'll choose that everyday. Last year did prove to be so busy that I did not have enough time to enjoy as much of mindless TV as I would have liked. 

Reading wise, it was a very interesting year for me, because for half the year I was in a reading slump reading maybe 3 books in total and then last half of the year I was reading like a thirty books back to back, it was such a craze. I will hopefully do a separate post about my best books of the year. 

Mom started making book sleeves this month, and I love them.

Gift giving is truly my love language and lats year, more than every, I embraced every little aspect of it, from choosing a gift, to the packing and the polish. I love to spoil the people I love and showing my creativity through the gift wrap. 

Giving "blind dates" as books have become my new fav thing!

Jannat went through a kafka-esque metamorphosis during her journey through Faerun as she battled more dragons and giants and made friends far and stayed true to her kind heart and fighting spirit. I really enjoyed DnD sessions, it became a place of hope and happiness last year. 

DND is always a fun time, especially because of pretty dice

I did try to get back into blogging but life truly took so so many turns last year and I managed to get a few blog posts off (including making two new blogs, hello my Dhivehi blog and card blog!) and I like that this blog will always be a place I can come and write my heart out. 

Due to the restrictions and safety measures, lots of birthdays were celebrated virtually but we had so much fun, playing new games and reading more community cards and having a blast. I love birthdays so much!
My very perry the platypus themed birthday party by my friends!
BTS cakesicles I ordered for Lam, made by Faathy

A very hearty ramadan roadhaveelun with my book club members. 

Absolutely love this spread made by my cousins, love the cake by Celebakeshions

Not a lot of food adventures last year either (blame the pandemic and also my obsession with a few places so going back there again and again) but there were a few notable places that became favs and some recurring ones. 

For a while I was obsessed with Cheese Tea from Nosh.

Honestly, I'm more of a TV show girl than movies. I'd be like, that movie is 1.5 hours long? and then watch 2 kdrama episodes that are 2 hours long, I make no sense sometimes ahaha. We did watch a few movies, but nothing noteworthy enough it was just a good time. 

There were 3 main trips last year (and one of them was my "honeymoon"? during a lockdown when we were literally stuck in our hotel room overlooking a sea we couldn't even go to, sigh) and it's very less but ah these are trying times we are living in. During the last few months, there was a friend trip which was so fun, finally some moodhu, and Al and I spend a cozy weekend in Huraa that was so lovely. I do hope we get to travel more this year. 

Huraa's kulhi is so gorgeous!

In the middle of such a chaotic year, I had a big job change in my day job which is going very well, I love the people and the place so muc  h. I'm going to miss it when I have to leave. I also got offered a new teaching job at a new college which came out of nowhere but it was a ncie experience, getting to expand my evergrowing cv and adding another job to it, ahaha. 

The highlight of my year ofcourse, was that Al and I tied the knot! It was so bittersweet because we had to get it done rushes during a lockdown so we had a proper zoom wedding so we couldn't have all our friends and family with us, which sucked but on the bright side it was such a lovely day and I am so so grateful and humbled to start a new chapter of this life with someone I care so much about. 

The gorgeous amethyst ring that is mine!

In home wedding shoot that's bookish.

My favourite photo of the wedding, shot by Shuu. 

The year had so many bad news and uncertainity but it also had a lot of love and happy moments so I am grateful to be able to live another year, and look forward to more. 

Monday, November 8, 2021

5 New KDramas to Catch Up On - Nov 2021

 I did a similar post last May, and this month is very very heavy on so many new kdramas so let's get started! 


The much awaited Cliffhanger just started a few weeks ago and it is as bone chilling and star studded as expected. Our queen Jun Ji Hyun (Legend of the Blue Sea, My Love From the Star) is back in a role unlike any other she has played before as a star mountain ranger for the Mount Jirisan. A rookie joins their troop in search of missing hikers, dead bodies, lottery tickets (?) and more in this fantasy take on a thrilling ride. 

Plus, if you're a BTS fan, you will love Jin's song in the soundtrack called Yours which is hauntingly beautiful!

The King's Affection

To be honest, I'm not much into sagueks but Rowoon is in it, and I love him so I started and he's such a loving himbo in this. I'm mostly in love with the way Park EunBin carries herself as the crown prince in disguise. Plus, there is a big second lead syndrome as I love the second lead in this, perhaps as much as I love Rowoon's character. The first two episodes set the storyline perfectly putting a little childhood love story between the leads. Our crown prince must not let anyone find out she's a girl and should navigate the politics and royal affairs while trying to stay true to herself, a big task. 

The cinematography is so wonderful too, I just want to live in countryside Joseon. 

Work Later, Drink Now

In a sea of thrillers and deception, we have a short funny show about three ladies in their 30s who love drinking and living their life. I am in it mostly for Siwon but I can't help but love the three ladies and their friendship and mishaps so much. It's such a no nonsense show because there isn't much to keep track of and puts a smile on your face. 

Inspector Koo

This show is hailed as being loosely based on Killing Eve (I can't tell ebcause I haven't watched the show) and what I love most about it is the three ladies and their sidekick men. We have a mysterious serial killer K who is being hunted by our lead Inspector Koo. In a cat and mouse game, there's much to see and so much more at play for our main characters, who are all morally gray. I do love the crazy characters and how the storyline is progressing so fast while we get to know each of them. 

Plus, Santa, the sidekick of our main character is none othe than Baek Sugn Chul who was in How to be Thirty! I wanna know more about his story!


TBH, I'm not that much into zombie shows but I needed to see this because of HyungShik (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon) and I'm still on the fence because I do love the main leads but I'm not that engaged in the zombie storyline yet. Set in a post COVID world, this show shows a new deadly infection that turns humans into flesh eating zombies unable to control themselves. Our main characters work in the police and get into a marriage of convenience for an apartment unit where upperclass and lowerclass lives are as seperate as day and night but when the virus spreads, what will happen? It's definitely exciting but I need more romance between the leads ahaha. Only two episodes in, so we can't say much yet. 

Are you watching any of these new shows?

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Bing Bong goes Dhivehi

Earlier this month Microsoft Translator added a few new languages to their Bing Translator tool and Dhivehi (spelled Divehi, ugh) was one of it! This is such a big milestone considering how niche Dhivehi is. The tool went viral on MvTwitter the past few days and is so much fun to just check what the AI does to whatever phrases you input. You can also play around with the tool HERE. 

Ofcourse, I had to start off with some much loved TayTay song names and it was quite funny. Some of the source material seems to be religious books (perhaps a translation of the Quran, as a tweep mentioned) so it doesn't quite come as natural as it should. 

Here are some of my favourites from across MvTwitter. 

This is lowkey inspirational, plastics!

Thrifting is indeed the new normal 

Even Raashi Behen can't deny that this is good.  

Mom and dad can both agree that this is truly dumb 

You can indeed have your cake and eat it too 

Bing owes an apology to every Fathun 

No secret is privy from the all knowing Bing eyes

You'll hear me asking everyone Mi Akhulaagakee Kobaa after this 

Ofcourse, machine learning gets better as more data is fed and hopefully the tool would be quite useful and at this stage there might be a few hiccups here are there which are unfortunate. I'm particuarly invested because this will make #FearlessInDhivehi pretty easy for me!  

Monday, October 11, 2021

Amina Publishing House Book Launching Event

Last week, Amina Publishing reached out to me with an invite to the release of their two new books and I was really looking forward to the event. I've never been to a book release party and tho I didn't know who else was going, I wasn't going to miss the chance to support them. I had previously purchased their first ever release A Medium Rare Heart by Shirneen (who is the author of one of the books being released as well) and tho I haven't fnished reading it, I have enjoyed several snippits of her poetry from the book. 

Yesterday's event was for the release of two very different, yet important books by women. First up, is This Journey Called Motherhood by Aileen Abdulla Latheef. When she talked about her book, it made me grateful for my mother. She has a lovely way with words which were inspiring and I am excited to read about her journey in motherhood so far. 

The second book by Shirneen called The One With The Blue Pages captured my heart, I ended up buying it right at the event (and got it signed by the author herself who was super lovely!). I really adore Shirneen's style of simplicity in writing. Her poems capture the raw emotion of surviving through the chaos. First look into the book shows the juxtraposition of the words with the black and white photos that accompany the pages which really sets the mood for reading. 

The event was very lovely, with Justice Shujoon as the cheif guest who gave a great speech about importance of publishing women's work. Each othe writers shared a bit of inspiration where their writing came from and it ended with Ms Amaal's very emotional speech that truly encompassed why we were all there. I had a lovely time and can't wait to properly dive into the books and experience it all. 

Monday, September 27, 2021

Monday Playlist: Jubin Nautiyal

I haven't done a Monday playlist since 2016? That seems highly ridiculous. This Monday, let's look at a few songs from Jubin Nautiyal. His story of underdog wins is so heartwarming to see. He went up to 25th position in X Factor and was eliminated and today he's singing songs that are in hit movies and becoming most viewed songs. I truly adore his voice. Another thing that is truly Jubin is the way he takes old songs and remixes them in the most beautiful way where you don't lose the original song and it's appreciaiton of the original. It's very hard to choose which songs to include in this playlist but these are my absolute favourites. 

Meri Aashiqui 

Starting with the song that really put Jubin in my radar. Even before this I had loved so many of his song but I never saw him and then this song happened. I saw him first in this song and I didn't realize it was him until much later but this is where my love for Jubin truly started. This song has such a special place in my heart. I also love the original with Karisma Kapoor. 

Raatan Lambiyan

Everyone's current favourite beat from Shershaah is this gorgeous romantic ballad that is noteworthy not just for the vocals of Jubin but for its shayari as well. How lovely is it to fall in love and be overjoyed by the delights of the little things? This song makes my heart flutter. 

Lut Gaye

If a song can be said to encompass a year, this song is the song for this year. It took everything by storm and everyone was obsessed with this for MONTHS, me included. Jubin's mesmerizing voice and the visuals by none other than Emraan Hashimi had the entire South Asia singing Lut gaye hum toh pehle mulaaqaat mein! 

Bewafa Tera Masoon Chehra

This was my favourite song of last year. It took the spot so sudden with the way Jubin sang this absolutely gorgeous old song of betrayal. I also really love the video it goes so perfectly well with everything. My favourite line has got to be "khoobsurat bohot hai tu lekin, dil lagaane ke qaabil nahin hai" (loose translation: you are beyond gorgeous but not worth giving my heart to). That in my books is the harshest thing someone can tell someone. Also instead of saying I'm crying, he sings the rain is within my eyes (in Urdu it sounds so poetic truly) and I just can't stop praising this song in its entirety. 

Taaron Ke Sheher

Another super duper gorgeous song alongside Neha Kakkar. Their voices meld together for this lovely song that's a love confession so earnest. It has veyr sad undertones which are truly perfect to get lost to, especially on a cold rainy evening. I always smile whenever I hear this, the slow melody and the build up to the chorus remains close to my heartstrings. 

Dil Chahte Ho

This is probably the song that I truly knew I was going to know his voice anywhere. It's such a sad sad song (he does shine the brightest when he's singing sad songs) and his gorgeous voice has so much emotion, you can truly feel the seperation and the hurt in the voice, how does he do it? I will pretend I'm heartbroken and sing this on long taxi rides. 

Khushi Jab Bhi

This song is for when you're in LOVE LOVE. Like it's so cheerful and momentous, perfectly encapsualting the feelings of warmth you feel when your heart flutters for a person and you want to be where they are, you want to breathe the air they do and everything reminds you of them. You cannot listen to this song without having a big smile plastered on your face!

I could go on and on about his songs but these are select few that always makes me smile and make my day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Currently: September

This month isn't that big on entertainment because I've been so busy for the past few months and really haven't had time dedicated towards entertainment. Life, eh. Even with the things going on, I managed to keep myself entertained whenever and wherever I can. 

Hometown Cha Cha Cha S1 | This is my current obsession. You know I've been talking about it non stop here and also on twitter and instagram. It's truly such a healing show that is so warm and perfect for the right now. I love Kim SeonHo and Shin MinAh's Chemistry and all the residents of Gongjin. A must-watch for your soul indeed. 

The Uncanny Countrer S1 | This is another Kdrama I started when it was airing but could not keep up so I'm trying to finish it now. It's an absolute gem because it's a family show about a group of misfit counters who fight off evil spirits. I love that the main charcters are so different and it brings so much emotion. SoMun is an amazing protagonist and I definitely love the underdog wins storyline here. It does get a bit dark but the light always shines through. 

Mimi | This is the latest film I watched and I cried through it. Kriti Sanon's performance was stellar but the person who shined the most was Pankaj Tripathi! He truly brought comedy into this otherwise emotional movie. The side characters are so lovely and I really enjoyed the soundtrack as well. An overall entertaining movie! 

The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams | I picked this just because of the title. A book about books and reading? Sign Me Up! So far, this is turning out to be a lovely read with a wide array of characters all of whom are connected through a mysterious reading list. As the characters read these books on the list and their lives get intertwined, we see how the books shape their lives. So truly lovely and it's so easy to read too! I'm alreadt halfway through and have been thoroughly enjoying the breezy read. 

Of Curses and Kisses by Sandhya Menon | Anything Ms Menon writes, I will read. I love the South Asian rep she brings into the book industry with YA heroines we can see ourselves in. I've started this book a few times and finally got around to reading a bit more than just the first few pages. It's a Beauty and the Beast Retelling set in a boarding school with an Indian Princess and a British Prince so it's got the kind of Princess Diaries vibes going too. So far, I really love Princess Jaya, she is fierce and as eldest daughter I relate to her so much. 

Shershaah Soundtrack | I love almost all of the songs in this movie. If I had to pick a fav, it definitely will be Raatan Lambiyan. You guys already know I am soft for Jubin's vibrant voice and this song is such a lovely celebration of first love. Ranjhha and Kabhi Tumhe are also so special with B. Praak and Darshan's melodic voices. Watch me put this on repeat-peat. 

What's keeping you entertained?

Monday, September 13, 2021

August Favourites

Last month was definitely one of buying a lot of new things because my friends and I went out shopping one night and I also managed to order quite a lot of things online (whoops!). 

Image credits: clarissa website

Clarissa Bageecha Shawl | I had my calender set up for the launch day because I fell in love with the design and I knew I needed it! Shamma and Niu (who are both friends and absolutely amazing ladies) created this shawl inspired by the florals you see in Maldivian gardens. With a local artist, they brought their creations to life. It's gorgeous smooth material is so soft and provides great coverage. 

Butter Casette Tape | I got this as a gift from Lam. She's the bigger Army but even I, with my limited time to fangirl still manage to listen to the boys. Of all the English songs they have put up, Butter remains a favourite with its upbeat sounds and the fun lyrics. It's still in its original packing because I don't have a casette player yet and I am in the process of finding it. 

Simple Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm | I've really been loving Simple products. They make up most of my skincare now. This is such a lovely product that makes the under eye area less puffy. I use it at night before bed daily and I definitely see a difference in the morning. They're available at Deseo.

Simple Chacoal Cleansing Stick | This is new to me, but as a Simple enthusiast, I didn't need a lot of convincing to buy it. It's supposed to be used before your face wash as a way to double cleanse and I love the refreshing sensation of the charcoal stick on my face. It removes any dirt and make up residue so my face is absolutley clean after the double cleanse!

Pastel Glow Liquid Eyeshadow | I've always wanted to try liquid eye shadow but never found any until now and this I picked from Deseo, in Rose Gold and have been obsessed with it. The color is so vibrant and gorgeous (I even wear it during the day) and it glides on so smoothly, plus it's not messy at all. I pair it on top of my eye shadow or add it to inner corners to brighten up my look. A must-have!

Sunfeast Farmlite Oat Biscuits | I've been trying to add more fiber to my diet and have been trying multiple oat biscuits with this one being a favourite because it's so yummy with the added chocolate chunks and it's perfect size to carry around in my purse for when I need a snack! Each pack consists of two biscuits so it's great size. 

Custom Bee and Flower Crochet Earrings | My friend Leau at Quaintessential makes the loveliest little pieces out of resin and also crochets. I asked her to make a pair of earrings for me, giving her the freedom to surprise me and boy was I surpirsed. What a tiny gorgeous piece this is. She knows I love yellow, sunflowers and irreular earrings and this is just the perfect combination of it all! This baby sits in the hall of fame of my favourite earrings of all time and I love wearing it. 

Dainty Japanese Inspired Earrings | My lovely friend Summer gave me two earrings and while I love both of them, this one is extra special. It's the daintiest earrings I own and I feel so special everytime I wear them! Again, irregular earrings that truly are so gorgeous!

Hand Sanitizer Bottle with Silicone Cover | This lovely bottle was a gift from my cousin, she knows I love yellow and it is just the perfect accessory to have outside of my bag. I've always been big on hand sanitizer (even pre-pandemic) so having it around outside my bag is perfect for just when I need it.

Book and Kindle Sleeve by Joyfully | I designed these sleeves and mom made them! They are perfect to carry my book around all safe inside my bag and I love the monstera design of it too. This is so special to me because I've been wanting to make one for years and this year, mom and I finally did it. One of my proudest moments, tbh. 

These are my favourites from August! What have you been loving recently?