Monday, February 15, 2021

2020 Kdramas I watched as Maldivian Food

I got the idea for this post from this Dramabeans post that I love so much. When I saw it, I knew I needed to make one myself using ofcourse, food I'm the most familiar with. So, here's the 2020 kdramas I've watched as Maldivian food! If you're not familiar with Maldivian food, it is quite delicious and absolutely flavourful, plus we have some amazing food combos that are totally unique to us. 

Backstreet Rookie - Muguriha

I personally have a love/hate relationshop with muguriha (dhaal curry). Sometimes I really like it, if there's a lot of things I can add to it like masmirus or fihunumas, and this show was something like it. It had a lot of good things, including Chanwook but there were also a lot of questionable things that in order to enjoy it you sort of had to gloss over the casual racism and such. 

Crash Landing on You - Fihunu Mas

image credits: the maldives expert

Everyone's favourite drama of the year! Seeing Hyunbin play Captain Ri was heartwarming and I really enjoyed the series. At times it was so emotional and upsetting but it was so well done, like a good fihunumas (grilled reef fish), sometimes you get a kashi or two but if you're not like me it's worth it ahaha. 

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol - Soojy

Now this was a major disappointment and also extremely problematic. I'm not going to spoil anything but ust say that the idea of Soojy is comforting and nice but when you're halfway into drinking it you realize that it's kind of bad and question why you even started drinking it in the first place. This drama was exactly that. 

Flower of Evil - Kashikeyo Kandhi

I love anything kashikeyo. Kashikeyo kandhi is extremely tasty especially right after a spicy meal and you need to have a good tolerance for the . Flower of Evil is intense from start to end and I feel like it kept me feeling on my toes but gave me a wonderful feeling at the end. 

Into the Ring - Banbukeyo Baiy

Banbukeyo baiy is my comfort food and so is this show. I did not expect it to be much since political shows are not my cup of tea but this show, just like how banbukeyo takes baiy to a whole new level, the romance in this show is what makes it stand out. I absoluely love the pairing. 

It's Okay to Not be Okay - Fihi/Majaa

In the north, we call it Fihi, well a specific type of majaa, fihi is made mainly of kihah and its so so good but you can't eat too much or it would upset your stomach. This drama is hot and cold like it, it's an absolute guilty pleasure, what a show that will make you laugh and cry a lot, just like how majaa does. 

Itaewon Class - Jadu

More commonly known as Masroshi, this hedhikaa is an absolute delight. It is just the right amount of spicy tuna stuffed in baked flour, it makes any teatime something special. This drama had everything going on for it, and I thoroughly enjoyed Seojoon's performance. What a fantastic show that deserves to be compared to something as great!

Lonely Enough to Love - Handulu Bondibaiy

Now I don't necessarily hate it, but it's not exactly my favourite either but it's always nice, especially if you're having it with some meat, usually as a celebration of birth! This show is like that, it's nice enough to make you feel happy while you watch it and think about it fondly and you won't be left with a bad taste in your mouth. 

Missing: The Other Side - Fathu Mashuni

If you know me, you know I am such a big fan of kullhafilaafaiy and this is one of my favourite breakfast foods. Nothing beats fresh, hot roshi with fathu mashuni. This show was so good, it kept me on my toes all the time. It had so much emotion, thrilling twists and turns and I loved the interactions between the characters, it blended so well, just like how the ingredients go well together making fathu mashuni a top tier breakfast food!

My Holo Love - Kulhiroshi

Kulhiroshi is often an Eid hadhiyaa food, which is something you eat during a particular time but it has recently become quite popular year round and is a great snack any time of the day. This show was something like that, it's nice enough to warrant a watch and there are some great moments, the chemistry between the main leads are really wonderful, and you would definitely fall in love with an AI, I'm warning you ahead of time. 

Mystic Pop Up Bar - Garudhiya aa Bathaa Fathaa 

This show, oh man this show. It's a classic Maldivian meal. It had humour, emotion and such a lovely trio of charcaters, a little family. It was so comforting too. If you want a true taste of Maldives, this is a meal I would suggest. 

Record of Youth - Roshi and Garudhiya

Oh boy. I love garudhiya and I love roshi seperately but when mixed together it really makes me irk. The sight of the food iteself makes me wanna puke. This drama, I was so excited for it because of Park Bogum and Park Dosam but it really did disappoint a lot and left a bad taste in my mouth. 

SF8 - Bajiyaa

Bajiyaa, especially fihunu bajiyaa is a favourite of mine. This show is so versatile. Every episode was really so well done and I enjoyed it so much. There's so many ways you can do a bajiyaa, there's one for everybody! 

Start-Up - Bis Keemiya

This show was pretty nice, I enjoyed it thoroughly, especially since I am a bit of a business nerd so I do love the start-up culture. Bis keemiya is underrated but always a good option. Other hedhikaa may take over and be bigger and better but bis keemiya stays warm and welcoming, much like this show. It's stuffed with so many things you won't expect but mixes so well together. 

Tale of the Nine Tailed - Zileybi

I tried so hard to think of a food that would describe this show but this is the best I could come up with. Zileybi is extremely sweet and it's great in small doses which I feel like this show is also like. Binging it is probably not a great idea, at least not for me but I did enjoy slowly watching it. It has so many sweet moments but also moments that make you reel back in your seat, like a sugar rush. 

The King: Eternal Monarch - Gulha

Gulha is something that is so so classic, like Lee Minho and kdramas ahaha. Personally, I'm not a fan of gulha in general but once in a while, you get a good gulha. I felt like this show was really nice but also now that it has ended I realize I mostly loved the side characters, it reminds me of how my sister eats gulha, by taking off the entire outer flour coating and just eating the filling. 

The School Nurse Files - Maafuh

Maafuh is such a bizarre food that you usually associate it with Maldivian folk tales and this show was just so bizarre. I wasn't sure what to expect and I wasn't sure what I was watching while I was watching it. It was delightful tho, as confused as I was ahaha. 

To All the Guys Who Loved Me - Saagu Bondibaiy

Saagu is so underrated and I enjoy a good saagu bondibaiy every now and then. This show had it's problematic moments but it also had some really good romance and I loved the chemistry of the main characters. Saagu bondibaiy makes me feel like same way.

Twenty-Twenty - Handooma

Handooma is such a pleasant food. Like, you know it's so good and it's so easy to make but we don't usually make it but when we have it, we're always so appreciative of it. This show was such a nice, fresh change and really made me nostalgic for my college days. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some new kdramas and food to enjoy!

Monday, February 8, 2021

January 2021 in a Nutshell

Last month was exciting with lots of fun adventures but at the same time, had its downs. There were some bad days but there were more good days that definitely made up for the sad. 


I have such an unhealthy relationship with food, so I'm trying to appreciate it more by diving into different types of food and trying to enjoy every last bite. I tried a few dishes for the first time, like bibimbap from Blood Orange, Soba noodles from Secret Recipe, and this specific churros from a random churro place that I can't seem to remember now but it was really good. 


Mick's birthday came during the month and we threw her a small party with just four of her friends. After a whole year of not meeting anyone besides the family, I think she had a good time with her friends and mom made this sweet dessert table set up inspired by her favourite anime of the moment. 


I love making stuff, which should be no surprise at this point considering I make and sell jewelry and cards! My cousin Noor won Top Model Maldives 2020 which was so big for her! I'm so proud of how far she's come and all her hard work! So I made her a lil gift for her congratulatory party. 

I also made these cherry earrings that I'm very proud of. I love creating, it's such a soothing process and if I'm not being creative, I don't feel myself. I also made new year gifts for my friends and there was a lot of creative energy last month!
I also created a DND Journal. My previous set up was not working and I knew I needed to change the system that works for me, so inspired by multiple tiktoks and youtube videos, I made a journal that acts both as a note taking system that also has all details of my character that I would need! So far, it's working really well. 

Making new friends

I'm scared of all living things so befreinding a cat is a big deal. This lil guy Butters, is my friend's newest cat and he's so adorable and friendly but his other cat Fieval is still my main cat friendo!


I did a full on Evermore listen during January and it was everything. I think I love this album just as much as Folklore, perhaps maybe even more? There is not a single skip and every single song is so beautiful, lyrically and musically. I also finally got my album so the sisters are now chilling in my favourites shelf. 

We read This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay for our book club and discussed it (we all really loved it). The sisters and I played so many fun games on my phone, we really love song related games and 5 second games, and we even made some carfts together. Work and classes are as usual, so hectic but I'm looking forward to new students and to taking a small break soon!

Overall, I think January was a nice month and I had lots of great memories, hopefully this year is going to be nicer and I do want to take it as it comes and I look forward so much to February (my month!).