Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekend Reads


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It’s the weekend again. For me, this is turning out to be a great weekend. Family, friends and 4 hours of classes!

Since even in the weekends, I wanna haunt you guys with my babblings, check out the independence day special items that I hand (mouse) picked just for you! Aren't I sweet?

Also read my review of Paathshaala music, and you might even like it.

While you’re at it, why not see what Luinae is reading this year.

Do you love polka dots? I sure do! Shums put together amazing outfits full of polka dots.

Kendy came up with an amazing challange, hop over and count with her!!

Have a happy weekend!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two Busy Days!

The last two days were full of interesting things, that I didn't even have the time to myself.
As you already know, I went to debate on Monday, which by the way sucked. We lost. I couldn't even believe it, since the four of us were ok. And only the last two from the other team did good. They didn't break all our points, and well, it wet pretty bad. I felt guilty, but then again, I did my best. Somehow I think I am losing the grip. Before I’d be in full kick, but this time, I just felt as if I did a workout, and that was it.
After that, I went straight home, packed and went to Himmafushi. It’s been a year since I last went there. Right after we set foot in the island, we went swimming, and took some photos. I wasn't in most of them, since I was the photographer. sucks!  We ate, played, and it was so much fun. An Aunt in law, my aunt, two cousins, twins, Muntha and me had the times of our lives. Then we had pizza, and went for walks.
I came back yesterday around 3, and then went to another cousin’s place for tea. Also went to FMC to find it closed. After all that fun, I eventually forgot it was a national holiday. Blimey!
And today, it’s back to college again. Six hours of lectures, here I come!
How was your holiday?
PS, Thanks to the debate, I now know who from my class are real friends and who are not. I don't know what to feel!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Independent Spirit


Today, I woke up at 5 to get ready and go to the flag taking ceremony. While I walked down the road wearing this very red salwaar kameez (haruvaalhu hedhun) I felt sleepy, but still made it, and came back home without fainting. The ceremony was nice, and it was actually very exciting to see little kids of nearly 3 to 5 years of age up so early to watch the national  event. I now have faith in our future generations. Also one MMNDF guy fainted, which made me feel really better since I thought I would be the first one to faint. I later felt sad for the guy, but who cares anyway!

Also did I mention I have a debate today? Yepp, an inter faculty debate in which I am representing FMC along with older people I don't really get together with. Still, they are pretty good, and who am I to judge them for how they debate?

I was feeling pretty sad that I’d have to stay home this independence day too, but my Aunt and the twins invited me to go himmafushi with them. So, right after the debate, I am gonna head to the ferry and go to himmafushi for the two days, with little miss sunshine. This is hopefully gonna be one of the best independence days.

On a related note, Happy Independence day!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Typical Maldivians!

They talk about how no one’s a virgin anymore, and yet they won’t date a girl who wont sleep with them. Typical Maldivians!
They talk about how much they love their nation, and yet the first chance they get, they’d rather go to Australia. Typical Maldivians!
They mock people who talk in English, and yet they say those vulgar words in English and act like thy own the world. Typical Maldivians.
They act like they know everything, yet they fail, and blame it on the teacher. Typical Maldivians.
They think they know so much about sex talk, and yet the only STD they know is AIDS. Typical Maldivians.
They think people who are not like them are losers, when in reality they just act like clones. Typical Maldivians!
They say to everyone that they watch great movies, when in reality they watch porn. Typical Maldivians.
They think they know everything about relationships, when in reality they can hardly remain truthful in one. Typical Maldivians!
And I ask myself, Am I a typical Maldivian?
I am a Maldivian, yes! But typical isn't a word I’d associate with myself. I don’t try to fit in,  because I am a stand out person. I don’t care what others think of me, cos I don’t live to please them. I don't act like a freaking know it all, cos I am still learning. I sometimes make mistakes, cause I am not perfect. I sometimes do things that I regret, but I’m not ashamed of myself.
I am me, and you cant change me. It’s not fair. I’ve got my life, and you’ve got yours. I don’t tell you how to live yours, so why the damn should you tell me how to live mine?
I am not a typical Maldivian like you, and no matter what you say or do, doesn't make me one. It indeed shows how different and unique I am. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Library Thing


I am so lame, I wrote an article for something that was due even when I found out about it. I actually didn't know it was. I love my article, so now I am gonna bore you all with the should-be-an-award-winning article about, WAIT FOR IT, LIBARARY!!

Library is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

As an economics student I spent 5 years studying about necessities and luxuries, and even though in economic terms a library would not be concerned a necessity, nonetheless it has been a must for us throughout our student life and beyond. Most of my friends get nausea even hearing the word library, and they would rather read Vogue than spend their valuable time reading good literature.

However, library has served its purpose for all of us, and at some point in our lives, we have come to the shelter of a library, whether it was to find a Sidney Sheldon book, or perhaps just to find some peaceful quite time. A library is not the boring place that its stereotypes in teen movies and 70’s musicals. When you give it a chance, it can become your secret garden where you can be yourself, where your dreams can run wild, and through the books, you can dig a hole to china or Kayak in the Pacific Ocean. All you need is to open your mind and let it inspire you.

People who think libraries are only for nerds probably haven't been to one. You cannot judge a place without been there, and experiencing it by yourself. A library is a necessity because unlike a luxury which only people of precise wealth can relate to; anyone, whether young, or old can use a library. You don’t need to be Matilda to be able to use one. Libraries have now become more than what they used to be. It’s progressed to a place where people come to learn, to gain knowledge. A place that’s better than a bookshop, a cyber cafĂ©’ or even a study hall, since a library of modern times would have all that and more in one place, so that the users can be at ease.

Libraries are peaceful and helpful, it doesn’t judge anyone, it doesn’t let you down. It just stays there for you to open your mind and let the knowledge in. It doesn’t care whether you are rich or poor, or whether you have a Nobel Prize or not. In today’s modern era there are websites and information overload anywhere you see, but unlike a library, they are not filtered and reader-friendly. Thus, even today, students all over the world use their respective libraries. It doesn’t really matter whether a library is in Princeton University or a simple library in an Island. All it matters is that its there for everyone, and everyone can benefit from it. Prince or Pauper, American or Hispanic, a library doesn’t limit its users, it appreciates and celebrates. It crosses cultures and touch hearts. It makes eyes open, and see from new perspectives. It brings people closer with the power of books and unites people.

Stop for one second and think about what’s happening around you. Are people changing? Is the world becoming more materialistic? Why? Don’t limit yourself. Ask Questions. Find answers, because living under a rock is not an option. Go to a library, and treat yourself to interesting things. Learn about a new culture, do something you have wanted to, but never dared, Read an interesting book, the options are endless. You only have one life, so make use of it. Let the library be your guide, your mentor. You might not want to give it a chance, but you need to, that’s because a library is not a luxury, but a necessity!

What do you think? Did I convince you to like, go to a library right now? Even if I didn’t, please say yes!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend Reads


Image from wehearit

It’s the weekend again, hello Friday. I have a love hate relationship with the weekend. Since my life is so boring, I dont have anything to do! sucks to be me!

Anyways, this week was OK. And by OK I mean, bearable.

Since you never will get enough of me, why not show you what I wore to college on Sunday, and Thursday, cos you know, Sunday and Thursday go together like Draco and Harry.

Shopping, is my middle name. That’s right. I’m Shaha “Shopping” Ahmed. My parents must be proud. And so, I need to show you what I do best, in its full glory. Thus, the bargains at its toll.

Promise, thats all about me. haha

And while you’re at it, why not check out Shums blog, which I think is super mega freaking awesome!

Check out Amy’s post about blogging and fashion. This girl is going places!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Teaching, Love and I

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I’m not a teacher, and I do’;t even wanna be one. But I know, I can be a good teacher, I just don’t like teaching. For instance, I get angry real quickly, (Whoa. Don’t get too excited. I am also good at acting,and not showing my anger. ) and I cant take it when people don’t get even after telling them 3 or 4 times, and that’s as long as I can repeat something. I’m not ashamed at myself for this. You must know, I’m not perfect like some sparkly too much hair product fairies vampires. I am not always bubbly. It would be boring If I was just bubbly and happy go lucky. I think everyone should have some different characteristics.
Like I can be mean, evil, and bitchy when I want to, and when I have to. But that doesn't mean I cant be nice and friendly too. Being your own person is not just being one thing, but trying new things.
When you go on living life, you realize many things, you come to terms with reality. You realize your sweet childhood is over. You realize “I'm not your friend anymore” isn't the worst thing anyone can say to you. You also realize everyone’s not as kind as Barbie and Ken, and that if you are gonna live in the same world as them, you need to be strong. You can’t be a clone, be a plastic and be a “person who looks after horses”. You also realize your fairytale is not there anymore, that that your prince charming isn't always the nice guy, but is the player who looks hot. You also realize that the bad guys aren't transparent. And that love is not love anymore.
And then somehow you complete the rough high school road, and by the end of it, you are labeled for life. If you’re un cool, people will always see you as a loser. And then you go to college, and you meet more new people. Guys you like like others, and guys you hate are paired with you. Everyone makes jokes, and say bad things. If you know the bad stuff, you’re labeled a slut, and if you don’t, you’re not cool. and they even go as far as saying you are cunning. Teachers don’t care, they wanna look cool, and talk about relationships as if they are everything. People don’t see college as college, they see it as some place you come and go. People don’t care about learning, all they care is about getting a pass.
And you ask me? Are you one of them?
I am. I don’t deny. But I am not like them. Its hard to believe that people who think so different can get together so well.
I don’t see college as that place I have to go to get a certificate. I live life to the fullest, on MY own terms. I dress up everyday like, its a fashion show, not because I’m a label whore or anything, but because I am confident in being who I am. I talk to people,make jokes and even act childish. That doesn't mean I’m not mature. I am still trying to relive the old childhood carefree days when laughter was in the air.
You can’t blame me because I like reading, gaining knowledge, and get all HD’s. Its not my fault you don’t try. You cant judge me based on my clothes and label me a “wannabe”. It’s not my fault you wear hobo clothes. You cant make fun at me because I talk English. It’s not my fault you cant pronounce “hallelujah!”
So, don't. Don't bother to judge me!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Social Networking, Or Is It?

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These days, if you’re not on facebook, you haven't lived! If you don’t have 1000 friends on your friend list, you are a loser. If you don't like everyone’s pictures, and comment “Cho Cutee!!” on them, you are not a good friend. Does it really live to the hype?
I do use facebook, and yes, I’ve fallen into the traps many a time. Blame me, I make mistakes. I do comment on people's status and all, but that doesn't mean facebook is the only thing that keeps us as friends. I don't depend on facebook, base my life on it, or is obsessed with it. I have a life other than spending all my time online, in a virtual world, trying to be cool. I am cool, to start with.
Then there is twitter, which actually is better than facebook. I’d choose twitter over facebook any day, but then y’all already know that. Twitter is actually more informative, less time consuming, and there are no bunch of losers there. People in twitter can talk in good English, has a life other than playing farmville! Kudos!!
There are also other various networks like Orkut, Bebo, ibibo, polyvore, etc. I do use some of them, but not so frequently. I have a habit of checking things out, so that I could stick with the best.
Are you sticking with the best? or does your life revolve around the computer screen??

Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekend Reads


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Since you dont get enough of me and my babbling already. haha. I’m evil like that!

Big fan of nail polish? Check out the colors you could try this summer!

Don’t know what soundtrack to listen to? Try Housefull, but before that, read my review! And no,  that's not a request.

Who am I if I don't give you suggestions about what to wear and how to wear. From my mastermind, comes this set of well, whatever you wanna call it!

Oh, and also lemme give you a review about one of my fav soundtracks of this year, Karthik Calling Karthik. Don't get fooled by the name.

Like nude shoes? What? You donno nude shoes? Then, what are you doing here, go check them out!!

And if that wasnt enough, check out Ikko’s new blog.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fly With July


Gosh, I feel like it was yesterday I posted the June goals. One month already?

Anyhow, this month I hope to,

1. Finish all homework's on time

and not procrastinate. so far, so good.

2. Study according to the study schedule

Last semester’s good results inspired me to continue being a straight A HD student.

3. Be friendly and more modest

As if I’m not friendly already. haha

4. Spend less

One hard to achieve goal. I’m like a free spender. gah!!

5. Pray regularly

*self explanatory*

6. Write story, poems and about experiences

so that I can never get bored of writing stuff down. One of my classmates call me bla bla Shaha. I need to live up to my new nick name, right?

What do you plan for this summer?