Sunday, November 11, 2012

Organizing: Filofax

I have been a fan of Filofax since I saw one in a MK and Ashley movie some years ago. I've always been an organizing kind of person. I love lists and routines and making goals and all that, and I've been craving a Filofax for ages, and just a few weeks ago I got my dream Filofax from my very good friend M, who is absolutely wonderful person. It's a Filofax Metropol personal organizer in Raspberry and it is just perfect.
Here's my Filo in all its glory. Ever since receiving it, I've kept my nifty Personal Organizer, Drew that was my best friend before safely. I decided not to name the Filo and call it Filo/Metropol.
I love the two pen flaps, and that is part of the reason I've always wanted this. I use one for a highlighter, which is an absolute necessary for me, and then there's for the ballpoint pen. I decided to go all pink on this.
I'm quite happy with how I'm managing the tabs and everything. I wish the card holders were a bit bigger, because I can't seem to fit my Uni ID. I have yet to register this. So this is how the first page looks like. In the card holders I have my address cards, blog card, Uni ID, and little bits of paper (for writing little notes). In the big pocket (which I love!), I keep my map. Yes, I am horrible with directions and I get lost even in Male'. -.- Story of my life! I made the rainbow coloured tabs out of cardboard and the 6 tabs are Blog, Daily, DYM (Dhi Youth Movement, which is our NGO), Goals, Expenses, and Others.
I have two pages per day, which I'm still trying to work with. Drew had two days per page so it was really easy since I do have a lot to do each day. So now I try to keep the daily things in separate post its so I don't forget. 
A random page from the goals tab. This is what I'm doing this month, learning a new word a day which is pretty fun. After the tab, I have a set of tabs for my University work, which at the moment is only my thesis, so I have separate tabs for my portfolio, timeline, presentation, etc. They are rather boring so I'll skip that part.
I haven't decorated my Filo as per se, but I did put some inspiring song lyrics between tabs. I like it being simple and not too flamboyant and I love how easy it is to work with. 
At the end, I have this little pocket, which is absolutely handy. I keep post-its here and a list of my 101 Things. There is also another pocket, which you can see beneath the transparent one; I keep my University contacts and assignment chits there. 
So, basically that is the whole set up of my Filofax and I'm just so so glad I have it. It has made my life so much easier while looking stylish at the same time. 

How do you keep your Filofax? I love seeing how other people keep their Filofaxes. 

PS, I'm sorry for the low quality pics. I took them from my phone which is not known for great picture quality.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

365 Ways to Change the World and Maximizing Me

I love self help books and books with great titles (and greater content). It's been almost months since I last read a good book, yes I have been a disaster (according to certain friends) the last few months. We first went to see Jaadhulla at his place with DYM a few months back and since then he has become a great friend and an inspiration for me. He seriously has a great collection of books and was nice enough to lend us any book we wanted from his collection. The 365 days title caught my eye and I wanted to read it so bad I took it and started reading it right there. Best decision ever.
image credits
This is an absolutely wonderful, marvelous book that restores your faith in humanity and makes you want to do so much more. It has 365 different ideas to make a change, some them require absolutely nothing but your time while others are a bit difficult but do-able. What I loved most was it was neatly put into chapters and every page had so much information and little tips and bits of fun stuff as well and was a lovely read. I made lots of notes of things I could do and learned so many new things from this book. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Rating: 5 out of 5
image credits
Maximizing me was just another self help book, but I felt like I had already read all of hat it has to offer from various other books and online. However  I love the writing style and how it was related to management and the summaries at the end of each chapter. It was a light, simple read and definitely had some good tips. Good book.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
and here are two books I wish I were reading
image credits
The title is very intriguing and the reviews make me want to read it even more. 
image credits
Anyone who knows me knows that I happen to be a big fan of both Barack and Michelle. They just seem like such wonderful people, and Michelle is really fun and I love watching her on Ellen. 

What are you reading right now? 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Playlist

This week is going incredibly well. I had my last class tonight and things are alright. I feel like a happy song. Except a happy song that is about to have to present her thesis. *sigh* Meanwhile, here's what I've been listening to;
Live While We're Young by One Direction
Yes, you can officially count me as not a hater of 1D. Niall is adorable and I just love this song. The message is very true as well. No, I'm not a super fan, I just like it a lot OK. Whatever.

Skyfall by Adele
There are just really no words to describe this song. It's perfect  it's everything that all other songs are not. Yes, we'll stand tall and face it all.

Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys ft Nicki Minaj
So there has been this trend where there's just one or two lines in a song, and the rest is unrelated/mildly related rapping either by Nicki Minaj or B.o.B. (Both of Us, Beauty and a Beat and Airplanes anyone?). I think this song is really cool, and the lyrics are in a way very very deep but also bizarre, if it makes any sense. Also check out the version by Sophia Grace and Rosie, too cute.

Crazy Love by Mindy Gledhill
I heard this on a Youtube video the other day and just had to find it because it was so so pretty. You know, those songs when you first hear it you love it so much you need it in your life because it would complete your life. Yes, this song is just like that.

Aashiyan from Barfi
A really beautiful and heartwarming song from Barfi. I just ah, this is just, so so great. You have to listen to it, because it will make you fall in love with Barfi and Jhilmil.
What are you listening to this week?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Inspirational Women: Shea Rasol

I have been a follower of Shea's blog, My Amethyst for years now, and she keeps getting better and better. Her style has been a big inspiration for me throughout the years and my sister often accuses me of copying her hijab style. Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, eh. I do sometimes try her hijab style because it is so easy and comfortable.

She is not just a pretty face, but a very talented stylist, designer and from the videos I've seen, she seems very friendly and such a fun person to hang out with. I'm such a big fan of her that I have a separate folder for her in my Inspiration folder so I can always look at her pictures for inspiration. This girl can wear a maxi skirt a thousand ways.

Her outfits are just so adorable and cute and modest at the same time, and she seems so so nice, I wish I knew her in real life. She makes me want to dress better and she gives me hope in Muslim girls and that is why I love her and her blog. Also, we share the same birth month, and therefore the same birth stone. I love Amethyst too. :)

If you haven't checked her blog out yet, I recommend you to. Be warned though: Lots of inspiration and fun stuff there so you're going to have a great time looking through all of her posts. Here are some of my favourite outfits of hers.
Love the use of a scarf as coverage material like that. It looks so adorable, and I love the colour. 
This is my all time favourite outfit of her. Those two colours are just so good together and I love the top. 
All images from Shea's blog
Do you know her?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Survey Saturday: My Band

So, I saw this really fun thing my friend did on Facebook, where using Wikipedia, Flickr and random quotations, an album art was created, and I thought it was the coolest thing to bring back Survey Saturday. So here's how it works.

1. Go to Wikipedia and hit “random” and the first article you get is the name of your band.
2. Go to “Random Quotations” (link: Click Random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page will be the title of your new album.
3. Go to Flickr and click on “Explore the Last Seven Days”. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

It was so much fun to do this and I did not cheat at all; and this is what I ended up with.
Journey to the West is my band name, which is kind of cool but also very related to Journey. I think it's an old Korean movie or something, and also name of a book. Pretty cool! The last quote was by Susan J.Bissonette which goes like "An optimist is the human personification of Spring" which is so fun because I am an optimist and I love spring. Then, coincidentally, in Flickr the picture I got was of flowers which suited the album name. So, if I ever have a band, you know what I'm going to call it. We are going to be country band that sings about flowers and optimists. Our first album obviously will be self titled, so this has to be the second album. I've also got the song list for the album;

1. Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking - a song about bad fashion sense and cliche's and how flowers are not always the answer. Also a bit of a love between a florist and a fashion designer, and rapping about how people who wear floral are not always hippies.

2. If We Had No Winter - a sad song about all the things we can't do because we always have summer. Lots of references to snowballs, snow cones, and generally snow.

3. Full of Delight - Death metal song about random babble. This song is there because of my band mate's girlfriend who just turned goth.

4. A Kind Word is Like a Spring Day - a song about being kind to people. This has to be the nicest song in the album, so we will also release a music video, and release this as a single. The music video will show a parallel world where people who date Taylor Swift write songs about her and make millions.

5. Sweet Lovers Love the Spring - song about candy, sung by a guy who is lactose intolerant.

6. The Violets in the Mountain have Broken the Rocks - This song has just one line, the name of the song and follows music, much like Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce. The music's not that good either. It's also sung in a chipmunk voice to make it less mediocre.

7. Apothegms to Thinking Minds - song about mathematics and how much we love it. Also includes a story-line between Economics and Mathematics and its relations.

Bonus Track: We Can Complain Because Rose Bushes Have Thorn - song of complaints, and bad metaphors.

Tell me what's your band name and album name? I'd love to see.

Friday, November 2, 2012

A to Z: Life these days

image credits
A is for Amazing Spiderman, which I can't seem to stop talking about as it is AH-MAZING! duh!
B is for blog. :) I'm sorry I've been TMI lately. I have some really good posts lined up.
C is for Chilly, this absolutely wonderful image from alan1828. I love the mystery in her eyes.
D is for Dream journals. I recently started one, because I'm very interested in the concept of lucid dreaming.
E is for ELLEN! I can't stop watching her show, it is hilarious. 
F is for favourite, which is my new favourite word, haha
G is for Gan, which is so so huge, they should have made it the capital. 
H is for Himmafushi, which is where I celebrated Eid this year. So much fun
I is for I Knew You Were Trouble, my current favourite song from Red. It is so catchy.
J is for Juice. =/
K is for KK.
L is for Last Man Standing, which has been one of my favourite TV shows for some time now.
M is for Metropol Raspberry Filofax, which is my favourite, mostly because I now own it. 
N is for Neeko, who's birthday is coming soon.
O is for Oyster cards. Suddenly, we are reminiscing over using them in London. 
P is for Postcard from Paris, a really cool song by The Band Perry. They are my favourite trio after Harry, Hermione and Ron.
R is for Rings and Things, which is this pretty little online shop by Shums who makes such whimsical and cute stuff. 
S is for Sophia Grace and Rosie, two of my favourite people from Ellen. Sophia is just so adorable with her out of the box personality. 
T is for Teens React! Seriously, hilarious. The funniest one is teens react to Gangnam Style
U is for Umbridge. No post is complete without a HP reference.
V is for Vintage. These days I'm very much into vintage patterns and movies and style. 
W is for Willy Wonka. 
X is for X-factor. The video where a guy says that Demi uses autotune is so hilarious.
Y is for Yuna, who is an amazing Malaysian singer/songwriter.
Z is for Zachary Levi.

What's in your alphabet this week?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Favourites

For some weird reason, I never really liked November. Maybe because it's always exams this month. But when I am not in a mood to hate November, I end up looking at some really cool stuff online and adding them to my wishlists everywhere.

november favs

Internet meme lover bracelet from Etsy - How cute is this? I love internet memes, especially the problem guy. This is just adorable for the 9GAG fans like myself.
Native American dream catcher from Etsy - I've always been fascinated by dream catchers, and few days ago my neighbor made one and since then there has been a dream catcher craze. I made one too some days ago and it now hangs right above my bed and looks good. Mine doesn't have feathers though, which is a bit sad. 

Sweet Lips Clutch from Fredflare - Fredflare has such adorable stuff, and I've been eyeing this one for some days now. Perfect for carrying stuff when going out with the girls.

TuneTube earbud organizer from Etsy - Do you hate tangled ear-buds as much as I do? I had to get rid of one because it was too tangled for use, and this would solve that problem. Plus how cute is the pattern. I can totally see myself using this. 

Hermione's Wand from Noble Collection - I have always wanted this and the other day, a friend of mine got me this and its is so so freaking amazing. Seriously. I always felt that Hermione's wand would suit me the most as it is made of dragon heart-string  which is my favourite element for core. It feels great and it comes in a beautiful box. It has to be one of my favourite things I own now. 

Pandora Sailor Wedges from Up - I have been following Diana for some years now, and Up is such a pretty shoe line. This has been my favourite from all of her shoes since it came out. It's simple but cute and looks very comfortable. 

Capri Mini Padfolio from See Jane Work - I am a huge fan of stationary, any kind of. This padfolio is just too adorable and I don't even have a use for it, but I want it. ha. Plus it comes in so many cute patterns, how can you say no to that?

What are you coveting this month?