Thursday, April 17, 2014

Making a wish on a passing car

This week's a blur. A mix of really bad moments and really good moments. I like it, it's an okay mixture. 

Last weekend was filled with watching too many movies, reading two books (both of which I loved so much - Eleanor & Park and Someday Someday Maybe) and also in pain because of toothache. *sigh* Also I had a new class (Macroeconomics, but they seemed alright) on a Saturday, I know what you're thinking. I can think of a thousand better ways to spend a Saturday night but when you commit, you go all the way including classes on weekends. 

Sundays are my least favourite days because the start of weekend means so much work and more classes. But somehow I manage. 

Mondays are my favourite. I have a really interesting batch on Mondays and also I went to dentist and actually had a good time. All the way there and back, I was being extremely werid and in my head I kept thinking of all the ways it could go wrong but my new dentist Miss A is amazing (plus she's not a teenage team with a vengence so all the better for me!) and she doesn't think my teeth is that bad. I don't know if this is a compliment or not. 

all the postcards that is travelling around the globe!
Tuesday was pretty normal. I finally managed to post all the postcrossing swap cards (which is my new hobby!) and also it was rather productive and I had one class but Tuesday was a rather sad day for me and no matter how hard I tried to cheer up, I just couldn't. *sigh*

Yesterday was the best day of the week so far. I was feeling good since morning. After work I ran to class; literally just ran because I was 20 mins late! (part of which is because my colleague and I stopped to take a picture of a really hot guy we saw on the road but damn my photography skills I only managed to take the wheels of the pick-up he was standing on and I swear we are not creepy, we just admire beauty haha) and I was really hungry throughout class so I  kept forgetting words (like I kept remembering governor instead of guardian) and also one instance in class, I got scarred for life because I thought a student was a ghost. :| True story, not my proudest moment but lack of food makes me weird. 

Houdini, Abe, Hishko and I long ago in the Floating Library. 
Last night, Nemo Hishko and I went to Book fair and then Jin and Abe joined us and it was like a mini DYM reunion because everyone was there (except for my orginial boos, Houdini, Wuffy, Potsy, Richy, Iyya and Nutts). We could not find anything we really wanted (like TFIOS, poetry books or CLUE) but somehow we managed to have a really good time. Later, the Zombies and I went to have some food and we ended up talking about out love lives (and some of our non-existent ones, ahaha) and giving code names to people we have crushes on. It was hilarious and seriously amazing. I wish we could do it over and over, because these people make me so happy.

Current song: Waiting for Superman - Daughtry

We have so many cool plans for the weekend and I can't wait for it! I hope you readers had a great week. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Snail Mail

I have always loved letters, when I was little my dad introduced me to letters and I would write to everyone, my friends, family, the president. After he moved away for work, he would send me a letter every week and I'd respond and it really made me appreciate and value letter writing. Thanks Dad! 

The art of letters nowadays is lost on us, because who wants to spend time penning your thought when you can type away. Between e-mails, Facbook statuses, tweets and Whatsapp messages, we hardly have time to actually sit down, pick up some stationery and write your heart out.

While I do love all the technological advancements bringing us closer in terms of communication, I do love letters. During university days, I would write letters to my favourite classmates every single semester. They still probably have six semester's worth of letters and I was glad to get 2 letters in three years. haha. While I do love getting letters, I don't write in the hopes of getting anything back. I write for the love of it and because it makes me happy. 

I love the smell of paper when it gets old (hello, obsessive book sniffer here!) and I love the way the pen marks shows in paper and I love all the little details like how people put hearts instead of dots on their i's and little quirky things like that feels so good. I found a couple penpals through Instagram and different sites and I have been writing letters. There's something so beautiful about writing a letter to someone in a faraway land that you don't even know! 

Do you wanna be penpals? It doesn't have to be penpals (we could even be emailpals!)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Perks of dating Draco Malfoy

This is a new segment (thanks to Moonz for the idea!) where I plan to tell you why I think you (and I) should date certain fictional characters (and sometimes even non fictional characters) whom I fancy.

1. Have you seen him? Uh, he is just so handsome and everytime he takes a step it's just perfection. Also that smirk, uh I die. 

2. He's evil and the master of mean comments. 

3. Hello, Malfoy Manor. Dates with him would be so magical and unforgettable.
4. He's totally awesome! 

5. He would totally climb up a tree near your house to talk to you, like in an 80's movie.

6. He's rich and every birthday and on special occassions you bet he'd buy you the best things money can get. 
7. He has a great sense of humour, and while is it somewhat mean, life would never be dull with Draco.

8. He would totally kick ass and if anyone ever makes you cry, you bet his father will hear about it he would personally make sure that person never sees light of the day. He's your knight in dark armour.

9. He's great at making dramatic exits. 

10. He's sensitive and emotional at times. Isn't that what makes the best boyfriends? 

11. His whole family has such good genes, you bet your children would have perfect blonde hair and flawless skin!

12. He is unafraid to cry. A man who breaks down when necessary means he cares. (or maybe I'm wrong here but come on, this is Draco Malfoy!)

13. He is named after a dragon. 

Who would you want to date from the Wizarding World? I have always had a crush on Ron Weasley but also think Hermione is the best for him. Romione forever!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm as gone as yesterday

Hi, I have neglected the blog again, eh. The same old excuses. Work, classes (oh hello new excuse!), hobbies, laziness, etc. 

Every day has become so routine you would think I would have it wrapped around my fingers but alas the world works in mysterious ways, or maybe I'm just too lazy to actually get things done on my time. Why, I have a reputation of procrastination to live up to! 

About a month ago, I started my first teaching gig (yes, I call it a gig because it's like a hobby even though sometimes it takes everything I have) at a college and guess what the subject is? I'll save you from the trouble, it's Economics. Yes. I know. That one subject that I don't really like (read more along the lines of hate) but still manage to score really well and how I regret being so happy thinking I'd never have to touch another Economics book my whole life. Oh how wrong I was. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I go to class with a fuming rage at the subject, no. 

Instead, it's actually pretty cool because it's a challenge to make these students fall in love with a subject that I could not bring myself to love. I know, leave it to me to find silver linings in everything! I try to make the subject as interesting as I possibly can. Like this one time, I used the relationship between Elena, Damon and Stefan to teach a class opportunity cost, that was one of those good times. I think I'm doing pretty okay considering the fact that I have never taught in my life. It's all a learning experience eh, and I'm learning so many new things everyday. It's a blessing in disguise, or that's what I'm telling myself. 

I do love teaching, ah the perks! Having people actually understand the subject because of me, that is beyond amazing! During my third class, one student told me that they enjoy my lectures and that my classes rock! AHH, I was so happy I texted my mentor right away (hi, Mh I donno what I'd do without you) and another time I kind of embarrassed a student by being a bit sarcastic (note to self: DO NOT take anything you teaching mentor says literally) hahahaha. Mistakes are all part of it eh. 

Besides 12 hours of classes and 40 hours of work every week, I also try to keep up with my reading (finished another book in two days, woo-hoo!), watching movies (Soul Surfer made me cry not once but throughout the last hour of the movie, sigh) and trying to watch a season of a series per week which is not going too well because my video player broke down and I always leave my laptop at work and Hipster Sister would die of boredom if I borrow her laptop and Mick won't let me watch anything on her PC. Ugh, what are sisters even for? 

As I get back to more social media work and making exam papers (which btw is harder than I imagined), I hope you have a great week! 

Current Song: Slow Me Down - Sara Evans

So, what have you guys been up to?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Currently: March

This month has been pretty low on the watching things part, mostly because I had been rather busy with work and starting a new project but I have been able to keep up with the TV schedule, so that is good. 

Saving Mr Banks I am a huge fan of Disney and this was so good, seriously. I was so looking forward to watching it on Schwack but they stopped showing it. Finally after watching it, I am just so happy. Oh, the clothes, the set, everything. It is so amazing, I wished I was in that set. 

Celeste and Jesse Forever Ah, people have been just raving about this movie and I kept it on my watch list and I am looking forward to it. Romantic and Comedy? You bet I'd watch that. 

Rules of Engagement S2 I don't know why I started watching it but it's nice. It has OK jokes, and I have an OK time watching it. I like that it's completely ordinary, nothing special and I can just watch it without feeling any emotions for the characters. Everyone needs one show like this in their life. 

The School for Good and Evil Again, Goodreads have been going crazy about this book for a couple months and I like the premise, the whole fairy tale setting with a twist. I'm big on that, obviously. Looking forward to reading this soon. 

Life After Life A big winner of several book awards last year, this book's premise is also great and so far I've been having a nice time reading it. It's a bit slow placed but I think I'll read it till the end.

Waiting for Superman - Daughtry Ever since watching My Music and seeing how everyone hates Daughtry, I was wondering if all their songs were terrible, and I didn't check but I came across this song today and the music video is amazing, so is the song! Beautiful. 

What's keeping you entertained this month?

Friday, March 14, 2014

It's Always Parties and Alek's Always There

I wake up watching Fifi on TV. She’s so pretty, a forget-me-not. I dress Chloe and take a shower. It’s almost twelve. Dad comes home and I go and grab a cupcake and make myself a cup of tea. Mom has baked four dozen cupcakes which we need decorate for tomorrow. Hannah and I help her do it and we have the best time decorating cupcakes, talking about random things and just being a family. I thank god for moments like these and I feel blessed.

It’s almost evening when we finish. I have to go see a futsal match of former office mates in the evening. Mom did the laundry so I help her put out the clothes. I then realize that I haven’t had to eat anything for a long time. I drink milk to give myself some energy to finish the laundry.

I eat something. Chloe and Mom go to a birthday party and I take a shower and wait for Zoe to come so we can go to the futsal ground. She comes soon and I take a few cupcakes on the go for friends. We meet Zoya and Teri and see many former office mates. Apparently, the match has been postponed to six and we have almost forty five minutes to spare. We girls buy some water and go to the fair on the next ground. As usual we meet Kyle and Tilda. I give the last cupcake to them and we head to check some stalls.

Yule is at the kids stall and I win an apple (which I later find is an orange) after answering a question. I also meet Vance who asks about the futsal match (I don't know how he even knows)  and he also offers to help with my Chemistry. At the Little Stars stall, I try to help Zoya through the minefield but fail. Then we try at some feet things and despite many tries, I can’t do it. We put our coupons in the box and it’s almost time to go to the match and the place is playing Gangnam Style over and over again which is annoying.

The match is about to start and Brian is there. It’s so much fun as we try to support our team.  Rue and her cousin also show up and we laugh so hard at Earl’s jokes. It was the best match. My voice is all screechy because I screamed and shouted and laughed all the way. I come home and help mom out, send invites to tonight’s party. 

Ryan is the first one to arrive and we talk. He is not feeling too well about life and wants to resign from his post jobr I try my best to talk and not come off as too over demeaning. Kyle and Tilda are next and they seem to be going well. We talk about life and start playing some games and are joined by Kevin and Ivan. Rue and her cousin are also here and Kevin is talking of buying pizza for everyone.

We order pizza and drinks and Alek join us. While Kevin and Ivan are out, we have some rounds of Truth or Dare which is so fun! We are all having a lot of fun and time passes away. Rue and her cousin are the first to leave so Ryan joins with Kevin. Kevin has to leave too since he has workl tomorrow so Alek joins Kevin and Kyle and Tilda are ahead while Kevin, Alek, Ivan and I are at the same spot. We stop because it’s getting late.

I check Facebook and see that Tiffany had planned to hang out with the guys and I was also tagged but since I did not see it, I was unable to.For now, my hair is almost dry and it’s almost 12 30 so I’m calling it a night since tomorrow is a work day. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Birthday Blues

I am 28. It actually feels a lot different than yesterday. I am sad, even melancholy of some sort. I’m sitting at the office. I have been changed from my usual spot to a spot at the back. Everything looks different from here. I don’t hate it though, I’ll probably grow to like it. I already have my day planned. After office, I am going back home, and doing what I do every day; watch an episode of 24, an episode of Lost and go through some more instagram pictures, maybe read a book. It saddens me that I’m doing this today but at the same time it reassures me because of the consistency.

Last night I told myself that this year I’m gonna be more honest, especially with myself and Hannah. I know I’m being dishonest by keeping Hannah from so many things about her friends. But I don’t know. I am afraid what Hannah might think again. That she might not understand. It took all I had last year to tell Hannah about George and she was not happy. I know, it is for her own good, but I am already too tangled up in her life.
I got a message today from the office about the promotion. I am very excited for this. It’s another happy news today. I’ve been looking forward to this for some time, I called the girls and I even talked to Yule about it. Mom and Dad are super happy and they got me tickets to see a Hindi movie I've been meaning to go watch. I don’t know what I did to deserve such good parents.

Mom even gave me a present. Five book, she knows I’ll love and read them and I do. I never know whether to be real or not. Like yesterday everyone at gym was saying how I should give them all treats and when I told them today that I’d like to, they are indifferent. I guess it’s because I am being nice to them. I can’t help it, but I feel like I have to. I don’t know who I am any longer, or maybe my current self is contradicting with my old. .

Some guy from the other party texted about another party. I ask Alex and he suggests going. I tell him yes, even though I still have not decided whether I would or not.  Everybody I meet keeps asking me what plans I have for the day; the only year when I do not have any plans. There is something which could rescue me from that, a party. I want to join, but not if my friends are not joining. I tried to blend in in the last one and even though I knew most people, I couldn’t. I can’t do it this time. I don’t have all that strength.
Maybe it’s all the sadness talking. I need to cheer myself up. For now, I’m waiting for the clock to tick four, and I’ll be on my way home.

Alex and Susie drop by with cake, just like how Ryan, Edith and Alex went around on my birthday last year too. It was a much happier day then. Everything today is just a mess. Dan came with his girlfriend and we all eat cotton candy and the cake that Alex brought and laugh at our own jokes. It’s the most fun I’ve had all day. I’m glad for these guys. Later, Dan and his girl has to go and we are joined by Tiffany whom I’ve grown to like overtime.

It was a beautiful year and I’m happy for myself. I still have a long way to go, but I’m proud of myself and I won’t beat myself up.  I also accidentally deleted all the songs I’ve been working hard all these days to collect. Self-note: Do not shift delete. Always use the recycle bin.