Sunday, July 20, 2014

Perks of dating Chuck Bass

Girls are girls, a lot of the times they cannot stop liking or falling for that rich guy with style no matter how much of a douchebag he is. Chuck is the douchebag-est of them all but we still flock by watching his every move, by-hearting all the details in his signature scarf and oozing over his vests, his smirk and the way he talks. Here is why dating him would just be amazing!

He is super duper stylish. This man is never underdressed. Even when he's underdressed he is way more overdressed than anybody you know. With him by your side, you know you'll make headlines just because he's pulling off that $2000 vest so well. 

He understands the importance of gifts. You know he would totally buy you that diamond necklace you have your heart set on and he makes up for his behavior by the lavish gifts he buys. This is the man who would buy you the dress of your dreams even when he knows you'll wear it to be someone else's queen. *swoon*

His smirk is almost as sexy as his smile. This man knows when to smile and when to say just what you need to hear and he does that with so much class you now have the whole male gender in two groups, one Chuck Bass, two everyone who is not Chuck Bass. 

He will always be there when you need him and when your friends need him. This is the man who understands that you make mistakes, that you are no saint but he will stand by you and he will tell you that you are you and that he's Chuck Bass and that he loves you and that's that. You can call him no matter what and he will solve all your problems.

He's a family man above all and he values people so much he loses but still he keeps going. We cannot resist a man who is sensitive. Chuck Bass has it all. 

When everything else is going wrong and when the world is against you, he'll wait for you near the bus stop with a dozen roses and you know that everything will be fine because

He's Chuck Bass. Nuff said. 
Would you date Chuck Bass? You know you would! 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The People Project

image from florianweiler, DeviantArt
People are not statistics. 
They are not the sum of the percentages that you give them. 
They are not the squares in your boxes and they are not the pictures in the frames you build out of words fabricated by your own insecurities. 

People are a vision of the things they don't show you. 
People are the truth that you don't want to admit because it would make your argument worthless.
People are the cracks on the sidewalk that you don't notice. If only you looked closer, you could see the little sprouts of new life among old cracks, just poking their head saying "I'm here, notice me!"

Most importantly, people are the total of what they do and don't; flaws and all and people need not be labelled but accepted as just what they are - people. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tea Party with Little Red Events

I have always wanted to host a tea party so a couple weeks ago, I decided to do just that. Nattu from The Little Red Events helped with everything of the event. The only thing I had to do was show up. It was seriously one of the best days and I invited three friends along to Hulhumale and we had a great time sipping tea, eating yummy things, getting photographed and having a great time!
How adorable is this invite? Love that it's on a doily. 
Also these cupcakes are just the most gorgeous. Love the little bow and details. 
My lovely ladies! Thank you so much for coming and making it a wonderful day. 
The pretty dessert table. All those little details just makes everything come out together and give it a garden vibe.
Uh I can't take the cuteness! That cookie jar was great, and the cookies were delicious!
And, the tea table! The table setting is to die for! Little tarts with out names? YES please! 
I mean look at that preciousness. Everything was so on-point it made me feel like a princess! 
The best part, getting to play hostess and pouring tea and enjoying it, what a delight. 
and of course, no tea part would be complete without the favours. I added some candles, a letter, cute things, tea bags and more to thank the girls for attending. 

Overall, it was so amazing. Thanks to Nattu and Naphoo from Little Red Events for everything. Official photography by Toby from Monkeygraphy. If you are looking for event planners, or wedding planners, I would highly recommend them. Great people, such lovely hospitality and amazing service. Check them out on Facebook! and if you want to buy the tins, cookie jar or lanterns, check Little Red Shop

Sunday, June 22, 2014

How to Make Letter Sets

Ever since starting snail-mailing I've seen so many cute Instagram pictures of people with so pretty letter sets I get so jealous because it's very hard to find nice stationery items in Maldives so I was inspired by some photos to make my own stationery and it looked quite good plus it was so easy to make. Here's how to make your own stationery. 

What you'll need: letter paper (or any kind of light paper you want to write letter on), glitter foam, hard colour paper, double tape, scissors, glue (optional), hole puncher, washi tape of any theme you want. 

I wanted to have a theme of silver and blue so I chose things that would match with that theme.

Step 1: Take you letter paper and use washi-tape to decorate it however you want. I chose to so a bold design on top and to lightly put washi around the bottom.

Step 2 and 3: Cute a heart from the glitter foam and stick it on the top. This will give the letter more definition and make it look super cute. 

Step 4: If you want to decorate the other side too use the same washi tape to create even more designs. I didn't like this side as much as the front.

Step 5: I love making little tags that go along with the stationery. Cut little tags using your hard paper into tag shapes and use washi tape to decorate the front of the tags.

Step 6: Punch a hole in the tags and if you want you can even use ribbon to decorate and put through the hole but I left it just like that.

Step 7: This is optional but I also decorated the envelope to go with it. How cute is the envelope? AHH. 

It's so easy to make personalized stationery and if you can't find washi tape, you can instead use some pretty ribbon, or colour/patterned paper or use just about anything.

PS very sorry for the quality of the pictures. I'm still trying to use my phone and figuring out how to take good pictures plus Hipster Sister is my photographer and she says she has a shaky hand problem. 

I hope you enjoyed this. I have made some more stationery and I'm so excited to make even more! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

If the world had a mother like mine

Ramadan is coming and I'm very excited. The month of blessings, the month of iftars, family rituals and more. :) I love the feeling of it, everything seems so mellow and lovely and the days might seem a bit longer because of hunger but the nights are the best because there is great food, laughter and the air seems to be just a bit more "airy". 

It's been sometime eh. I have been keeping myself occupied with the usual things. Thutha was in town last week so we went shopping a lot and she took me out for food twice. Also, I got my very first pen pal letter from Indonesia which is filled with so much pretty. I sent a reply to her and sent some more letters this week. 
how cute is that wishbone necklace? I wear it all the time. 
Last Friday was my Hijri birthday (The day I was born according to Islamic calender. My family always celebrate it. I'm a mix between 22 and 23 :|) so Thutha took me out for waffles at Heaven's Treat and it was so good, really. We enjoyed every last bite and it was worth the hype and the price. We also shopped till we dropped, buying stationery and way too many body mists. 

this is chocloate waffle and it's divine. 
On Saturday, I met up with some old friends from high school days, Lulu and Ty and it was fun filled pancake eating, instagramming, nostalgia inducing talk of life and love and all things precious. These people fill my heart with so much happiness I feel like there's happy running in my veins. 

eventhough it looks good, I didn't like it that much. Maybe I'm too biased cos mum makes the most yummy pancakes.
I did a lot of crafting this week. Making personalized stationery is my new hobby. I'm not even close to being good but I think it looks really pretty. I haven't been leaving as much love letters around town, but I try. If you every have some free time, sit down and write someone new a letter. It's very medicinal and stress relieving. Food for the soul, if you will. 

I can't write like Hannah Brencher does but I hope my words can make someone happy. 
I have very exciting things lined up for the weekend. I really hope that I can finally free sometime and actually relax because I feel like I've been tiring myself with too many things. I need to take sometime to sharpen the saw. 

How was your week? I hope it's going well. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Currently: June

This month's quite low on entertainment actually. I hardly find any time. My weekends have become busier than weekdays. Also, I've been pursuing other hobbies which makes less time for books, movies and TV shows. However, I try to watch a movie every now and then keep up with my reading list. Here's what's on my list this month. 

Glee S2 | I love Glee. Songs, dancing and really really weird things going on? count me interested. I started watching S2 all excited to find I still have to get a couple more episodes so it's on hiatus now. I do love the new songs they are coming up with, also Darren Criss! Man, I've loved that guy since AVPM days. He makes a great character and since Kurt is my favourite, I am totally a Blaine + Kurt shipper. 

The Secret Life of American Teenager S4 | Why am I still watching this? Probably for Ben. It's such a weird series, everybody's too hormonal and angry all the time and there's so much drama hahah also I hate Amy's character so much. I guess, I can't just stop watching it even though it's terrible. Oh well. 

The Vow | I started watching this movie the other day but I got busy and haven't gone back to it but I am looking forward to watching it on the weekend. Channing Tatum is nice, I do get the hype about him and ah Rach is perfection. They make such a cute couple. 

The Interestings - Meg Wolitzer | I'm in currently reading it. It's written in a very genuine way and so far, it's a bit slow and I haven't decided whether I like it or not. I've only read 10% of it. The main character is quite Interesting (haha) and the whole time period it's set in makes me rather giddy. 

The Longest Ride -  Nicholas Sparks | For someone who has the whole NS collections, I have become the worst of his fans. I like a lot of his books (well, the three I've read anyway) and I am definitely looking forward to reading this. I guess the only reason I haven't read the other books is because they are paperbacks and these days I only read e-books (gasp! I know, I have become that person) because I read while eating or waiting and I always have my kindle so. 

Somebody to You - The Vamps ft Demi | Love love love this song. I thought this song could not get any better but then Demi happened and that girl has a voice to swoon over. Its my current summer anthem and I always have in on repeat making me feel all happy and excited. The Vamps are my current favourite boyband. 

What is keeping you entertained this month?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Orgazing Tips: Mail

We live an era of technology and eventhough I live by snail mail, I still interact with people through good old e-mail and keeping my e-mails organized is very important because a cluttered mail box will usually distract me. I have three e-mails (work, personal and dym+other official things) and I use both gmail and outlook and I find both very easy to work with. Here are some tips on how to keep your mailbox organized

image credits
1. Use labels/categories
In my work mail, I have color coded all my mails accordingly. My categories include "new arrivals, customers, social media, current campaigns, finance" among others. Everything has a colour and it's really easy to search mails and everything looks pretty neat. Outlook software has the categorizing function and you can even categorize something twice or more if it falls into several categories. 

2. Use the flag button
Ah, what would I do without this button. I love that outlook will put all mails in a separate "task" folder when you flag it so you can easily access it and see what's due and when you are finished with that task, you can click the flag again and it'll appear as a completed task. This makes it so easy to keep all your to-dos in one place and keep track of things.
In gmail, I don't really use the flagging function (is there one?) so I just have a tab called To-do and move my mails there so I can easily access things to do and do them. 

3. Keeping inbox clean
I hate getting spam mail so I always delete any useless messages that I absolutely do not need. If there is a mail that is not work related but I might need it, I keep them the label "misc" so it stays organized. Since my gmail is used to create several of my other accounts on websites and things, lots of mails and updates that I don't need come there so I have created filters to make sure that all of them gets deleted and does not enter my inbox. You can easily create filters by clicking the filer button and following the instructions. You can also get rid of spam by filtering your e-mails every now and then. It's seriously worth spending some time doing that. 

4. Having a separate mail for social media accounts
I don't know about you but whenever there are new sites, I always want to check it out and register but I don't want updates of those sites on my work or dym mail, so I use a personal mail to do that so any updates, subscriptions or any other things like that will not go to more important mail boxes. This saves lots of time when you are going through mails and also helps you be more focused when doing work. If I got subscriptions and newsletters on my work e-mail, I would be inclined to spend more time checking them out rather than working so it's pretty cool. Also I can easily subscribe to my favourite blogs, newsletters and more using my personal mail and keep pen-pals and it is pretty convenient as well.

5. Using mail clients on you phone
This is seriously a life saver. I don't usually log onto my laptop unless I am at work so I can't check my mail that often but since getting a smart phone, I've installed both outlook and gmail (I still don't have my personal mail on my phone which I am trying to get but since both my work and personal is outlook, it's kind of hard and uh so many complications) and it seriously is so so easy. I can easily look up mails, do quick replies, get rid of junk and flag important mails on the go. 

6. Get rid of the "Sent from" signature line
Maybe it's just me but I seriously get bothered when I see that people don't change the default signature. I don't need to know where you sent me the mail from, whether it's your iPhone or microwave and I feel like it's a very weird thing to do. So, the very first thing I did after installing both mail clients, I removed the signature from the phone. 

7. Have a signature
I think it is very important to have a signature and while my work one has a set signature for everyone (which I think is pretty cool!) I used to have one for my DYM one which all DYM people ave but since I also use that mail for classes, I didn't want my students knowing about all the other aspects of my life, so now I just have my name and I'm thinking of getting rid of it too but always have a signature ready when you are mailing certain people (like clients) so they can easily reach you and it looks very profesh. 

So that's some tips and how I organize my mail. Do you have any more to add to this list?