Saturday, March 28, 2015

Flowers in our hijab

Hi guys. I hope y'all are having a wonderful March so far. I've been occupied with the usual shenanigans and tasks but two weeks ago by gorgeous and talented friend Shums from Style Notes invited Niu and I to go to an evening tea. She said she was making flower crowns for us and I've always wanted one. So the three of us dressed up and hopped on a ferry to Hulhumale' on a fine Saturday evening and had a wonderful little evening with macarons, yummy sandwiches and cupcakes!

Ofcourse, since we dressed up, we had to to take pictures. I loved what both Niu and Shamma wore and we had such a fun time taking pictures and making jokes.
How adorable is the flower crown? ahhhhh! 
This seems to be my go to pose. Hold hijab, cos it might fly off #hijabiproblems
top from Lava, skirt made by Mum, flower crown made by Shamma from Rings and Things
How gorgeous is Niu! The colours on her flower crown match her lovely dress perfectly. 
Also check out the amazing video Shamma made. She is indeed talented! Also it showcases her amazing outfit which is so colourful and lovely. You can also check out her blog post regarding this. 

Would definitely love to have more dressed up days even if it means a lot of stares all around. When you're having fun, you hardly notice it. I hope you guys have a great weekend. Write soon. 

All pictures courtesy of Shamma

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

First anniversary of being 22

Happy birthday to me! It's a mixture of sadness and happiness. Sadness in growing older day by day, having the times pass too quickly for me to grasp, too busy for actual life. Happiness because with every passing year it makes me stronger, wiser (I hope!) and one step closer to achieving my dreams, whether big of small. 

The other night some of my closest friends threw me a surprise party. It was seriously so good because I haven't had a surprise party for so long and also because these were the people I was most comfortable with, the ones who accepted me as a whole, flaws and all. So thank you guys for organizing the most non-Harry Potter Harry Potter themed unbirthday party with the slutcake and the snow spray and the one balloon and the weird creepy birthday song and the two truths and a lie and the Tay playlist. She is right. The best people in life are really free and I cannot be any happier you bunch stuck with me. Thanks to Houdini, Jinaanath, Dhummaari, Singa, Pun-guy, Imshana, Niu, Hudha and Lilal. It was one of the best unbirthday parties ever. :') 

how cute is this birthday art my friend Soco made? I can even forgive him for the spelling error. 
I'm having a rather low key day today mostly because I'm sick to my stomach and can barely talk. All I want right now is nothing for myself (except feeling a bit better maybe) but my wishes for the world. The thing with growing old is it makes you think more about other people. The stranger I saw at an airport escalator looking sad, almost as if he has just been given heart crushing news. I think about him sometimes before I go to sleep and think of how he's doing and wish for him to be happy. The whole world is so cynical, so full of darkness. There's sunshine yes, but the thing with darkness is that it's contagious, it can make even the sunniest of people feel down. I want there to be more sunshine, more happiness so we can balance it and not let darkness take away our dreams and hopes, or our humanity. My wish is for people to be kind to one another, to accept others as who they are. To spread more kindness and positivity, not insults and rumours. Perhaps this will never happen, but if I can be more kind, I could inspire other people to be kind. If even one more person becomes a force of sunshine, that would be more that what I can hope for. 

So, here's to all of you! Thank you for staying with me throughout the years, you the silent readers, you the person who gives me feedback, you the commenters, all of you. I remember being a giddy teenager staring this blog and being so excited and perhaps I've lost that giddyness or the zeal, but I still like to think I'm that girl who gets excited for new books, crushes on a pretty guy, dances to Disney songs, skips the actual show and watches the ads, compliment people way too much and trust people too hard. Maybe one day I'll learn, maybe I'm on the road to there but for now I'll enjoy this journey. Thank you for being a part of my small life. Here's sending you lots of love and prayers. <3 div="" nbsp="">

I'll go home after work, eat some cake and roll into a ball and try to forget the world for a while. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

January Giveaway

One of my new year resolutions is to host a giveaway on the blog each month, giving things to you guys that I love and hope you will too. 

Starting this off is one of my favourite things this year, this pretty journal. It's an organizer that has everything including the Hijri date and I religiously use this everyday for work and is the most useful thing so I decided to buy one just for you! 

Also included in the giveaway is this cute letter set (I bought two, one for you and one for me!) and already used up my one to write a letter to a friend. Love how totally cute it is, it has six papers and three matching envelopes. I also added this red paperclip bookmark I made so you can use it in your red journal. 

and here's my orange one that I love and use every single day. 

How to enter? 
You can enter via two ways. 
1. Leave a comment on this blog post. 
2. Enter via my facebook page
For two entries, do both! :D 

Giveaway ends on 30 January. Winner will be announced on 31st. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 in Movies

I didn't watch that many movies last year. For the most part I've ever forgotten what I have watched. I didn't even watch a lot of things that came out in 2014 because I was way too occupied with things. From the couple things I did watch, here are some highlights.

Best Animated: The Lego Movie
Loved this to bits, especially the song. The action is fast paced and I'm a huge Lego fan so I was hooked from the beginning. Frozen and The Lorax are also really good. 

Best Movies Based on a Book: Silver Linings Playbook
Jen Law is just amazing at what she does and she keeps continuously blowing my mind off with her fantastic talent. This book however was terrible as it actually spoiled a lot of books for me, which sucked. 

Best Geeky Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
I'm really not much of a geek, but this movie was awesome. I especially loved Groot. 

Best Hindi Movie: Khoobsurat
Niu & I went to see this on Schwack and I had already been waiting for it because Sonam is one of my favourite Bollywood gals and she was so cheeky in it, I enjoyed it so much. Also Fawaz. *sigh*

Best Indie Movie: Frances Ha
I liked Frances. It was sweet, nice, real, very mellow but I enjoyed how completely realistic and non-happening it was. Maybe I could relate with Frances. 

Best Action: Avengers
Okay, so it's a geeky movie, but I liked Captain America a lot. It was pretty cool, and that is coming from someone who's not a huge fan of action. 

Best Teen Movie: The Art of Getting By
This is my category. Teen movies are my thang and Emma Roberts is the cutest. She's so funny and weird and annoying at the same time in this and there's Charlie from the Chocolate Factory all grown up, this movie makes you really appreciate things. I also liked Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

Best Movie: Veronica Mars Movie
I'm very biased here because I love Veronica and Logan and was waiting patiently for this to come out, and I watched the heck out of it. Sigh. It was perfect. Everything and more you could ask from LoVe.

Meh: Jab Thak Hai Jaan
I guess I'm just not into Shahrukh anymore. Not that I ever liked him, but he seems to be plaing himself in all his movies recently. 

Other Notable Movies:
Always Kabhi Kabhi. Another cutesy teen movie, in Hindi. uh be still my heart.
We're The Millers. The ending when they all sing I'll be there for you is the best part.
The Vow. I love movies where there's happy endings. This one was a roller coaster but it was worth cos the ending was just perfect.
The Bling Ring. Emma Watson just cannot be any more perfect. Sigh.
Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwaani. The songs are amazing, and I actually liked the storyline. 

What have been your favourite movies last year?

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 in Books

Last year has been a pretty okay year books wise for me, mostly because I had a kindle and I got to read a lot of books that I had planned to read. I also promised myself I would not finish a book I disliked at 10% which I'm still kind of not completely okay with because I have FOMO. 

I had planned to read 52 books (one per week) but was only able to read 34 books (65%) which is still a lot better than 2013. So, let me very quickly do a little recap of some notable books. Most books I read were recommended to me by people, or won/nominated in Goodreads Awards. 

I can't rave enough about this book. It's hilarious, sad, and very fascinating all at the same time. It's composed entireley of letters and pieces of note and the funny part is how it's narrated and you can't help but fall head over heels in love with the characters and feel like you are a part of finding Bernadette. 

Most Emotional Book: The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult
I haven't read any Holocaust setting books and this was definitely a great start because it showed a very clear picture of it all and I wasn't at all ready (not that anyone could ever be ready to read the horrendous details of it all) and kept crying and I researched and read up a lot on it and it really opened my eyes to all the hate, and all the courage stories and I was overwhelmed by it all. I also did read The Book Thief last year and it was definitely very emotional as well but more exhilarating and kind of nicer than The Storyteller. Picoult's writing really gets to you. I would recommend this book to everyone. 

Most Boring Book: The Interestings. 
The irony of this never baffles me, haha. It was a borefest throughout and I don't even know why I was reading. It was too real-life, too depressing, too ugly in some ways. Coming to a very close second is The Burgess Boys but I did like the Somali culture angle in it. Third is Loss of Innocence but I did like that the book shed a lot of light into the Vietnam War and the ending was really inspiring.

The Book That Made Me Laugh The Most: Attachments. 
This book is hilarious and sweet and I read it in a day because it just was that good. Rainbow Rowell is one of my current favourite authors and Fangirl by her was also very nice and Eleanor and Park. I plan to read all of her books within next year.

The Most Inspiring Book: Thirteen Reasons Why. 
It was kind of depressing at first and it hits you hard but at the end, I was a different person. I like books that can make you think different and want to become a better person, and this was one of those books.

Best Children's Book: The School For Good and Evil. 
This book was seriously better than expected. The fairytale setting is wonderful and it has some MAJOR twists and sometimes you can hate characters but overall, I think it was rather nice and children and adults alike can enjoy it. 

Best Love Story: Someday, Someday, Maybe. 
It was nicely paced, I liked it. Also The Longest Ride. Sparks writes some of the best love stories. 

Best Fantasy: The Ocean at the End of the Lane.
Gaiman is amazing. I can't talk enough about how extremely clever he is and his writing drags you in, head first. I read two of his books and both were so fascinating and witty and really interesting.

Most Interesting Book: The Shining Girls. 
This book is a bit hard to keep track of because it will warrant your complete attention but it is fascinating. It's just brilliant and will keep you rigorously turning the pages and being in awe at the same time. I loved it but also was kind of distraught by it.

A Book That Gave Me Hope: The Good Luck of Right Now. 
I loved how sincere and genuine this book was and I really liked it. It made me so hopeful about people. 

Meh: Beautiful Day. 
Extremely annoying characters, and the writing style is kind of weird. The Marriage Trap. Nothing exciting, just a Mills & Boon type romantic book with a millionaire in it. A Discovery of Witches. So annoying it made me roll my eyes as I read it. 

So overall, I had a pretty decent year reading some very good and some not so good books. This year too, my Goodreads challenge is to read 52 books. Follow me on Goodreads and let me know what books you loved in 2014 and if you have any recommendations for me. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in a Nutshell

Hi guys. I am still kicking but have been very lazy when it came to blogging but hopefully this year I will actually follow my blogging schedule (which I have yet to make). I've already done a small 2014 highlights on my facebook but obviously had to do one here as well. 

I started a new tradition at the start of the year by making a list of my top 10 friends and giving them a little new year gift and a card. It always feel great to be on the giving end of things. The start of the year was slow but nice. 

Right after that I headed to Bandos to facilitate the Leadership Camp for Girls organized by Hope for Women which was very nice and a great experience for me. I met the most lovely and courageous girls who are unafraid and have such high hopes for them. 

Shinzou Con was such a fun event and I had a great time with Mick (we both dressed as the TARDIS) and with all the amazing cosplayers. 

Then came my birthday which was nothing exciting, just some good times with my family and friends. The FMC gang (my former classmates from uni) actually gave me a cake which was such a lovely surprise.

During March, I got the chance to teach part time at a local college. Being a teacher was something I wanted when I was young so it feels great to be realizing that dream now. I'm so happy to teach, it's a wonderful experience. 

I had a blast at work last year. I got to participate (and organize) some major events and that felt really nice. I also made so many mistakes and learnt from them. Everyday at work is fantastic and I love that I get to do something I absolutely adore and get paid for it. 

Last year I got into some amazing new personal projects. Snailmail (meaning sending handwritten letters through post) opened my eyes to so many amazing people and I got to have friends around the world who would take time to get to know me and write. Postcrossing is a site where you can send postcards to strangers around the globe and I'm trying to send and receive at least one postcard form each country. The stories I get to read from these people and the amazing postcards are absolutely worth the wait. More Love Letters is a project that Hannah Brencher started and inspired by her I started leaving love letters to strangers around Male' and I hope that it has helped at least one person.

I also started doing my MBA but I'm not at all happy with how unorganized I was and my grades are very low so I am going to dedicate more time to my studies this year and hopefully get my GPA up.

DYM-wise we had a nice year (a bit low-key though) and the magazine gave me lots of new opportunities to meet some VERY talented people and it was such a blessing.

I also baked somewhat last year. I plan to bake more this year. Cakes, cookies and more hopefully. Also I joined Snapchat (add me at @heyshaha. I do lots of daily vlogs and random stuff), Vlogged on Youtube (I plan to do more in 2015, if I find any time), and Vine (@shaha, I do comedy vids mostly).

Entertainment wise, I hosted two scavenger hunts which went rather fun and countless game nights, one picnic in the park and Love Letter Wednesdays. I also joined with The Little Red Events to host a tea party which was so great. I also OBSESSED majorly over Taylor Swift (I have been a fan of her for so long but this year she really made a huge impact in my life), got into John Green's books and started watching Full House which is very fun. I hope to write more about my favourite movies and things last year.

I made a couple new friends, met a lot of great people and was able to be a part of a lots of people's happy moments for which I am so grateful.

Most people noted the highlight of my year to be when I won a national award in November. It really was extremely happy and I'm so glad that I get to make my parents proud through it. 

I would say the highlight of my year was that I finally started becoming more open and genuine. Last year was a year of loving myself and becoming a version of myself I was prod of and I am very happy to say that I love the current version of myself but of course self building is a continuous process and perfection is something that can never be achieved so I'll always try to be the better than I was yesterday. 

This year my main goal is to strengthen my faith. To be closer to Allah, to learn more about Islam and try my best to be a good Muslimah. To believe in people, in humanity and not to hate or think negative things about people. 

I hope your last year went well and wish all the best for the this year. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

When baes collide.

Right now there's just so many things going on with my life, with our country, with my friends, with everything. I wish I could just block everything for a day, just sleep or maybe stay watching the sun rise and then set again but life must go on. I was going to write a very deep dark post and then realized that's just not me, and I should not be letting the monsters under the bed get the worst of me so I'll tell you about something that I like to call when baes collide (like when world's collide but since I'm super obsessed with the word bae, I use that). 

When baes collide basically means that in pop culture/fiction or real life, when people I love talk about or mention other things/people I love. Basically one of my baes talking about another bae. 

I first noticed this when I was watching this one episode of Dr Who where the Doctor meets Shakespeare and he also references to Harry Potter in that episode and I felt so very anxious. Good anxious and honestly that feeling was really good. It was the kind of feeling you get when you taste that very first taste of an ice-cream right out the tub or lick the cone. Except it was like you were licking three ice cream cones at the same time and you have a brain freeze now. 

I like how it's not under my control because these things I can't control and I like that. It's also a surprise and I like finding out these things. Maybe it sounds super weird to you but I like it. I am a sucker for sentimental things like that, maybe that's my hamartia. Every time Hannah Brencher mentions Taylor Swift, or that time Bethany Mota danced to Shake it Off on Dancing With the Stars or Mindy Kaling and Emma Watson being on the same frame in that movie that I can't remmeber the name right now, I feel the same way. I love how we are all so connected and yet so far away with our thoughts. 

For now, I am happy knowing that there are so many great things with life and I thank Allah for blessing me with everything I have, and everything yet to come. I tell myself that everything is a test and that Allah never gives anyone more than they can handle and that this is a strength of how strong I am and I will take it as exactly that.