Wednesday, October 15, 2014

When baes collide.

Right now there's just so many things going on with my life, with our country, with my friends, with everything. I wish I could just block everything for a day, just sleep or maybe stay watching the sun rise and then set again but life must go on. I was going to write a very deep dark post and then realized that's just not me, and I should not be letting the monsters under the bed get the worst of me so I'll tell you about something that I like to call when baes collide (like when world's collide but since I'm super obsessed with the word bae, I use that). 

When baes collide basically means that in pop culture/fiction or real life, when people I love talk about or mention other things/people I love. Basically one of my baes talking about another bae. 

I first noticed this when I was watching this one episode of Dr Who where the Doctor meets Shakespeare and he also references to Harry Potter in that episode and I felt so very anxious. Good anxious and honestly that feeling was really good. It was the kind of feeling you get when you taste that very first taste of an ice-cream right out the tub or lick the cone. Except it was like you were licking three ice cream cones at the same time and you have a brain freeze now. 

I like how it's not under my control because these things I can't control and I like that. It's also a surprise and I like finding out these things. Maybe it sounds super weird to you but I like it. I am a sucker for sentimental things like that, maybe that's my hamartia. Every time Hannah Brencher mentions Taylor Swift, or that time Bethany Mota danced to Shake it Off on Dancing With the Stars or Mindy Kaling and Emma Watson being on the same frame in that movie that I can't remmeber the name right now, I feel the same way. I love how we are all so connected and yet so far away with our thoughts. 

For now, I am happy knowing that there are so many great things with life and I thank Allah for blessing me with everything I have, and everything yet to come. I tell myself that everything is a test and that Allah never gives anyone more than they can handle and that this is a strength of how strong I am and I will take it as exactly that. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

September in a Nutshell

Okay, I know I say this all the time but September was seriously the busiest month so far and I loved it very much. I might actually be a workaholic. *screams*

Hung out with the kiddo. I really need to do it more often | Finally wrote to my pen pals after the longest time. I hope they reach safely | Since September was Hipster Sister's birthday, I helped mom to decorate this cake. To be honest, mom baked the cake and I decorated it with these chevron lines. It's way too pink for her liking but oh well | I also got the chance to visit H.Alif Dhidhoo on a seminar and has a very wonderful time there. It was excruciatingly hot | Hoodh delivered a nice session on project planning, man I'm proud of that dude. My session was on leadership and I was very nervous but Masha Allah I was able to have a very smooth and fun session | Baked biscuits with the family. These actually taste better than it looks, believe me | Celebrated Oony's birthday with the kids. It' very rare we get all the kids together these days so I make it a point to cherish all the moments we spend | Also celebrated the twins birthday, it almost seemed like we brought them home just yesterday | and as always, no month can ever be complete without some good tea. That teacup is my Eid gift to myself and I don't have tea as much as I like nowadays because I'm hardly home.

Overall, it was a busy month as usual. As I write this, the state of this country is becoming worse and everyday is a struggle for us and I pray that we see a better future ahead and remember my twitter friend Moyameehaa and hope that he will be returned to us safely.

How was your September? I hope your October is filled with great things and love. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Letter from a Paper Person

This is a part review of the book Paper Towns by John Green. I love Mr Green, he is fantastic and I loved TFIOS so just putting it out there. 

image credits

Dear Margo Roth Spiegelman

You make me really sad. You make me furious and you make me hate my own kind. You are the ultimate manic pixie dream girl and while Mr Green says otherwise, this is one instance where I disagree with him because you see Margo, you think you are this very deep person who can uproot someone else's life, not talk to them ever and then one night like a dream, come to that person and go on a manic pixie adventure with them only to pull off the most extensively planned disappearing act ever. Margo, YOU are not the center of the world but you can never see that because you don't even want to get off your high horse and you see the rest of us as paper people, living in our paper towns and eating our pretty cornflakes while you go and shave off people's eyebrows and leave dead fish everywhere. 

I am not impressed. You dragged Quentin along this whole thing and didn't look back to see how he was doing. If you really care about Q, perhaps that was not the way to do it. You like to romanticize pain, which is okay to some extent. I do too, but Margo YOU do not exist just so you can get some guy out of his misery. YOU are a person who has people but you push them away and then run. You leave notes and clues and live off on your own which I actually really liked but the way you chose to do that was awful. You missing your graduation, classes and life so you can get away and live on an actual paper town is everything you tend to stand against. 

I tried to understand you Margo because I thought I could relate to you but in between road trips and missing a whole senior year, I liked Q's friends more. At least they have things they beleive in and when things don't go the way they want, they don't run away. They face their problems and don't drag their neighbors into a mess of a Nancy Drew debacle which you would call an adventure. Afterall, Q coming after you is the best thing to ever happen to Q right? Wrong. Q cares about people, especially you and that's his hamartia. His blinded love for you makes him weak but also strong but you have no right to drag him into your mess while you never ever involved him in your life before. 

If you really didn't care about being popular, when why did you always hang out with them and date the hot guy and basically treat everyone else as crap? If you so dearly love the metaphors and you want to have the deep understanding of life, why didn't you actually do anything to change yourself that way or change the people close to you? 

What a hypocrite you are Margo Roth Spiegelman and that's the lowest form of insult for you. One thing I'm glad is that Q realizing that you are not some precious thing nor a line of poetry and that you are just a girl, I would more put it as a selfish brat. 


One of the paper people you dislike so much.  

Also, this is the best sum of of the book I found by a Goodreads member, Lev." Guy wastes his senior year to find a girl who likes to sleep in random places" hahahaha. I'm sorry Mr G, but I kinda hated this book with burning passion. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August in a Nutshell

Last month has been my busiest month yet, but I am probably jinxing it because I have a feeling this month I'm gonna wear myself out. If I was a phoenix, this would be the month I set on fire. *sigh* Between lunch meetings, way too many classes and drinks around town, I has a pretty eventful yet routinely month.

Lunch with Moonz featuring yummy pancakes, chocolate syrup and bananas. I really need to lunch more at home with friends | Watching way too much series including White Collar, Rules of Engagement, Desperate Houweviwes and more over desserts. My teeth has been complaining | Even through our busy month, we managed to leave a couple love letters around town. I wonder if anyone actually found them helpful | Also recieved one very pretty letter from my penpal but I haven't been able to send any yet. I really need to make my way into the post office | Learning Gallifreyan has been hard but very rewarding and really interesting | Lastly, we spent way too much time at Cafe Ier ice-creaming and Granini-ing. Also I bought a pretty new book which is keeping my teaching work very organized. 

Overall, August have been a rather nice month and I was able to spend a lot of time with my friends including going to see Guardians of the Galaxy which was really good. Also I got a lot of work done and am actually going to start something exciting soon and once it's started I shall blog a bit about it. 

I hope you had a great month. How was your August?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dear Mr President

Note: You guys know that I don't really blog about the problems in our country (there are many, like other countries) or about political things but here's one thing I feel very strongly about and I think I need to say this out loud, I have been thinking about this for far too long.

Dear Mr President,

I like you, I do. As a person I think you are a a good-natured person and I respect you a lot because I was brought up to respect elders, especially the people who are leading the country. Your brother is again someone I dearly respect and love. I remember writing letters to him on his every birthday when I was young and it would make my day to get that thank you letter back from the presidents office. My childhood was rather happy and I also did not know about any of the problems or anything because children are children and they are innocent.

I can't even understand how much pressure you get from people far and near. Being the president must be hard. You are always trying to do the right thing but everything you do, you get picked on. You have always lived a public life and I can't imagine how it must have been. Let's not dwell on that. I just want you to know that I appreciate every good thing you do for this country.

Moving on, I met moyameehaa for the first time on twitter a couple years ago when the Maldivian twitter scene was first starting. Though I don't know him enough to call him a friend, we have been aquaintances through some twitter meet ups and others. His love for the Dhivehi language has always been an inspiration for me. I have known him to be a good hearted, kind soul who always tries to make people happy, by sharing jokes and just being himself. The last time I met him in person was this February during the Shinzou Con where he and Juxyn commented on my TARDIS outfit and we shared a joke or two. When I heard he was missing, I didn't actually realize what it meant. I mean, we see kidnappings and things in movies and in real life, it just don't add up. Somehow I always think that the police would find them before the episode ends, like in an episode of Criminal Minds but this episode is too long. It has been more than two weeks and this is a very small country.

Mr President, you hold on your shoulders, the responsibility of the population of Maldives and that is far too big for one person but alas you knew that when you applied for the post, you knew that when the majority of this country voted for you, you have known that growing up with your brother who carried that responsibility for thirty years. When there are so many problems going around, this missing human being might seem small but dear president, I have been taught that no person's problem is too small or too insignificant. The Doctor, in his many years of travel has not met a person who was not important. You, Moyameehaa and I, we are all the same. We are human, we are Muslims and we deserve everything this world has to offer to us. Please do everything in your power to help him, to return a son to his mother, an uncle to his nephews and nieces, a friend to his friends and a citizen to this country. I hope, I dearly hope that police is trying very hard, looking through every nook and cranny to give us some good news. We have not lost hope, at least I haven't. I'm still that same girl who writes letters on your birthdays and the same girl who believes that at the end of this episode, Rilwan will be found and all would be right with the world. It's not an easy thing being a dreamer when the rest of the country is so cynical and fighting with their brothers and sisters.

All I ask my dear president is to not let the people of this country down. Be the president this country deserves, be the kind of hero that the little children would happily write letters to, be the man those little boys will be inspired to grow up to be. If all fails, know that there is still one girl who trusted you, who believed in you when the rest of the world doubted you, who will stand by you through thick and thin not because you are the president, but because you are a human being and your deserve to have a cheerleader and I will always try to be that girl.

May Allah bless us with the truth and guide us in our journey to find Rilwan and also in everything we do to make this country better for the coming generations.



Sunday, August 10, 2014


I'm currently very very obsessed with Hindi things again. :| I always have been I guess, I mean I love most Bollywood stars before they became buff so. Anyways, here are what's on my radar this month. 

1. Charger Adventure by Aal
This guy is brilliant, and he is hilarious and on top of that he is a Maldivian. It's so nice to see young talent in the Youtube community. Make sure to watch his earlier videos as well. 

2. Nawaf's Crazy video
Obviously no list of mine will be complete without a video from Wuff. This one I can relate to so well and so probably can all of you. 
image from buzzfeed
For anyone who knows Bollywood, this movie is something you must have watched and Imaan from Buzzfeed (who is my new favourite columnist) sums it up so hilariously well. I was laughing so hard reading this at work the other day. Also check out her other hilarious reviews of B-town movies and other fun articles. 

4. Word Crimes by Weird Al
If you have not been living under a rock, you must have heard Al's comeback into his rightful position. This song especially is so well done. I love all of the parodies and this guy shows class and wit while doing what he does best, bravo. 
5. Balam Pichkari
I watched this movie only recently and have been obsessed about the soundtrack, especially this song. It reminds me of the good old 90's when I was completely in love with Bollywood. *sigh* 
What are you currently loving? Found anything cool? Share with me via twitter/mail. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

July in a Nutshell

Whoa, July has gone in a whim and now that Ramadan is over and everyone is trying to adjust into that post Ramadan routine, I am also trying to get some work done because I have been lazing off the last week and sleeping basically the entire time. *sigh*

July was Insha Allah a wonderful month. It was also pretty hectic and as much as I love Ramadan, hunger can really get to you, especially when you are running between work and classes and thinking of menu plans and all. Now that it's over, I'm pretty excited to plan for mid day snacks and lunch plans. 

I had some nice letters coming in from my pen pals and even sent some. Pen palling is really so nice, getting to know people across the globe feels amazing. Also, I really need to buy some post cards and get my Postcorssing cards sent. 

Dad bought a carrom board and I suck at it, seriously. Even Mick is a better carrom player than I am. It has however never stopped me from trying. Hopefully one day, I'll be as pro as I was when I was 13.

One of the highlights of July was DYM roadhaveelun which happened at Villigili neru which was pretty awesome. Great company, great food and an hour and half of taking about life and everything while we contemplated about how amazing everything is. I'm looking forward to next year's one. 

We also celebrated Naaif's (also known as Jin, pfft ) birthday by buying him a Naruto which he apparantly already owned *sigh* why are gift buying for guys so damn hard. 

and lastly, Eid was pretty nice. I love Eid prayers, the whole environment is just so mellow and beautiful and amazing. The whole vibe is so fetch. 

Apart from that, we had several game nights, learned a new game, made a couple new friends and basically had a rather nice time. Also, three new batches of fresh students (which kind of sounds like an ingredient for a stew, ouch) and lots of watching Cougar Town and reading new books.

I hope you all had a fantastic July and hope that August brings even new more exciting things your way. I'm looking forward to Mum's birthday and some new developments in my life.