Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hipster Sister's Birthday

Remember my sister Myra? Well, she's rather hipster and we have this inside joke. So, from now on I shall refer to her as hipster sister. It's a term of endearment of course.

It's was her birthday yesterday. She turned 13. She was one of those people who were born in 2000 so remembering her age is real easy. Last year on her 12th, I wanted to give her a Hogwarts Acceptance letter and she declined it. She deems Hogwarts too mainstream. HAHAHA. 

She probably doesn't even read my blog (because even though this blog is very hipster, it's not hipster enough for her, haha) but here's wishing you a happy birthday kiddo. 

Despite everything, I hope you have a good day, and I'm so so sorry but also I'm glad that you're here. Without you, life would be dull. There'll be no person to read Sonnet 18 to, no one to mock of the things I love and no one I can talk absolutely any pop culture thing about. Also no one to take outfit pictures, and no one to hate my hijab style, haha. Our relationship is very weird but then again isn't it the same with all sisters.
I love you boo hoo, and you be good. You be very good because you are awfully amazing. You with your love for orange and hate for everything too known. You with your super long hair and flawless face that you never let me experiment make-up products on. You with your messy bed and your fear of Vshta Nerada
Oh you brilliant thing, if only you knew how amazing you are!
Have a blast, stupider sister. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I could really use a wish right now

I moved to a new place last week and have been super duper busy moving things, organizing and wearing the same flats with everything because my shoes were hidden in a box labeled utensils. ugh! Moving is depressing but also happy. Leaving the old place, the palm trees, the pretty little trees that grew on the side and the good neighbors who always gave me yummy desserts. I am going to miss Pictionary nights under the stars and baking with neighbors. Dates in the joalifathi and people calling me Sasha. 
There are good things at the new place too. Relatives as neighbors and more space for shoes. Spiral staircase and pretty ceilings. Rain on my windowsill and Mick's playhouse. 

I spent the last week also watching and loving Doctor Who, missing not having internet, but I got a lot of reading done and cleaned up a bit. Got sad over broken dream-catchers, and taught Mick some simple spells. Tried making something from the cookbook but didn't make it halfway through. Life is good, Insha Allah and I am hopeful about a lot of things. 

As for elections, I did go vote yesterday but forgot to bring my ID card so had to call my cousin and have him bring it. It was hilarious because I brought The Sandman Tales to read while waiting but forgot the most important thing, haha. 

Any fun incidents yesterday? I would love to hear how your week went!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


My friend Moony is always posting this Doctor Who posts on Facebook and I got quite interested so I read up on it and turns out it might be my kinda show. A few weeks back, he brought Doctor who for me and I started watching and am in love with it now. Seriously. It's so fantastic!
image credits
I watched season one in three days and LOVED Eccleston as the Doctor and also it took me a minute to like Tennant as the 10th! Amazing guy! Not such a big fan of Rose but she isn't half bad. 
image credits
I can probably go on an on about how much I love the Tardis and the Sonic screwdriver and everything to do with the series. Everything is so brilliant. 
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If you haven't, I would highly suggest you to watch it, you will not regret. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DYMag August Issue

It's so hard to believe that it's been four months already. It almost seems like we were planning the first issue yesterday, haha. I am super happy about this little pet project of ours and so far I've gotten great feedback. I just hope that it inspires at least one person. 

So, August issue is so far one of my favourites. The cover band Turtle Theory is such a fun bunch of guys and their interview was so fun. It felt like we all knew each other for ages even though we were meeting for the first time haha. These guys know how to have fun! Also, they are so talented, seriously. 

Inside this Issue:
DYM Recommends by yours truly which is super fun to write letting you guys know which movies and books we are into each month. Dholhas and Sifr's story is a bit fun, a bit weird and a whole lot of interesting. I can't wait for the next part of the story. 

Next is my absolute favourite part, the lookbook. We did the photo-shoot in just under three hours. Four wardrobe changes and all. Sam was a great sport and looks gorgeous. Shuma as usual just know what goes with what and our lovely assistants Luha and Thoopi made the whole experience so much better. The best part is the photographers, Shanan and Toby who waited for an hour for us to come and then were super duper fun and we had a blast making jokes and taking great pictures. Also Dapper (the store, which has some amazing stuff) was super nice and let us use their fitting room to change between shots. Best. Photoshoot. Yet. 

Shuma's shoe spread featuring Finesse shoes and Navin's photography is always a refreshing addition. Also, you can see me modeling for the awesome Hijab tutorial by Niu with photos by Shuu. Sadly, getting a model in this town is hard work. The cover interview of TT will make you laugh and laugh a lot more, while Andhu's Dhivehi articles always make me feel so patriotic. Going more into patriotic theme, Shanaz and Isham's articles will make you wonder where this country is headed. 

Nasif writes about celebrating diversity and Shaayan's article makes me want o buy a hat! Shaam's blog-post is featured which shines some light on voting. Thihnan, our health expert tells us about a disease I've never heard of - Psoriasis and also given tips of reducing hair-fall! Amazing stuff there. 

As usual, girl in toque gives us another nutty recipe and our resident poets Naael, Shifraz and Mh blows us away with their words. Overall, this is our most rich in content issue yet and we hope that you enjoy it. 

Also, September issue is going to feature a group of really cool people whose work we love and makes us laugh plus a LOT more amazing content, so stay tuned!

CLICK HERE to read the August Issue!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Wish

So, this life is so small, yet the longest thing we'll ever do. It's fun, exciting, sad, boring, sometimes even melancholy. If I had one wish for you, I would wish upon you happiness and courage. Happiness in the forms of people that love you, care for you and things that makes your heart flutter. Courage to face the battles, to go after your dreams and to chase the sun.

You and I, we are finite. We live for the day and we are gone. The little time we have, we must do everything to leave a mark, a legacy so our friends, family and those fortunate enough to have children can look up to. 

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People tell me that my life list is filled with stupid things. I agree. They are stupid, but they are mine. They make me happy and that's enough. One life is a very short time to please everyone. For when you are I are gone, what is left? 

This blog. I hope that people will read it, and know that somewhere in a little part of this big globe, there was this one girl. They would read about me, my almost mundane life. Maybe I won't make a big difference. Maybe I'll just be that one blog in the corner of the massive internet that has a giant life list with so little crossed off. I don't know. People often say that when you die, everyone listens to you. Maybe then they'll listen to the words I write here. 

I am a bit scared, a bit nervous, but not melancholy. Sure, there's a sadness of not knowing what is coming, but also doubt and prayers. Maybe I'll be brave. Maybe I'll cry a lot but at the end of the day, it's the standing up from the tears of your soul that builds you up. 

So my wish to you, is that you live your life. Don't wait for what's to come, embrace it! Time waits for no feeling. Make a life list, try to live everyday in ways that makes you happy.