Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A to Z: Music Is My Life!

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A is for Anti twitter people. Just because you dislike twitter doesn’t mean I would too.. Call me stupid, I could care less! Bleh!
B is for BGK.. My regular show.. Sometimes, knowing celebrity gossip is the best thing after sliced bread
C is for Cake Noveau! OMG, check those cakes.. I call it pure art!!
D is for Dear Mr President, Pink's song.. I just love how she put all those emotions so perfectly in the song.
E is for Eat-or-west-home-is-the-best! Mickie "Pooh" Koakolhu Ahmed, I <3 you
F is for Food.. Before Gigs tried to kill me! Of course we all love food, don't we?
G is for Grint! Rupert "Redhead" Grint! I love him too much that words cannot express.. If I lived in England, I'd go to you everyday to buy chocolate chip mint ice cream! I'll even forget Ben & Jerry's for you! <3
H is for Hp Space, the new reality TV show that Kel has participated. Lets hope he gets to second round!
I is for I-love-Chuck-Bass! Muntha calls him chaka baas! as in "hadi".. Kiddy language, I swear I wont understand it, EVER!!
J is for Jake Ryan! Why? Can't I have a fictional crush on Cody Linley? Has the world gone THAT mad?
K is for Kel's Video, Please sign up and rate! ^_^
L is for Love Khichdi.. It's such a fun movie..
M is for Music Heart, this picture!
N is for Not-so-happy days.. Somehow I feel my life isn't very normal..
O is for OMJ! Oh-my-Jonas! I’d say this If I ever met Frankie or Kevin Jonas! I'm the only one from my friends who likes Kevin better than the oh-so-famous Nick Jonas and heartbreaker-the-Taylor-dumper Joe “Boring” Jonas!
P is for Pictionary.. It never gets boring!
Q is for Quantum of Solace.. Gosh, it just came to me! I haven't watched any James Bond movies, and I don’t think I'll ever!
R is for Re-start on card making. 
S is for Seriously! I think this has become my "aiy mathee bas"!!
T is for True Blood.. Even though I hate Edward Cullen, I loved Bail, and Mick from Moonlight.. But seriously, I'm not a vampire freak!
U is for unbirthday! Happy unbirthday to moi! *off to celebrate with mad hatter and Alice, down I go the rabbit hole*
V is for Vera Wang! I loved her Spring 2010 collection..
W is for What-on-earth-am-I-supposed-to-write-here?
X is for eXperts! Some of them, I call as know-it-alls! Others, pure geniuses!
Y is for Yale! All my dreams crashed, after the news of Murder on campus!! What a cruel world!!
Z is for Zai, my best buddy.. She is everything.. Beauty with Brains, with Humor! BFF's Forever!


  1. i remember seeing something like this before =S

  2. aah you do it on a daily basis dho?
    adhi kiriyaa mi get vee
    silly mini =p

  3. yesss.. i agree with i... I-Love-Chuck-Bass-Too!! hehe.. xD xD.. cutenesss...

  4. @mini, yeah and btw, its not daily, its like weekly.. ^^

    @lillie, yeah, join the club! xD


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