Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DYM Flash Mob

I have been meaning to do a post about this since we had the flash mob back in June. Since flashmobs are so exciting, and in my bucket list, I have been telling Nawaf and the guys to do one for ages and we finally one day just decided on the song and decided to do it. Then I proceeded to spend several days watching over all the flashmob videos on Youtube and get all excited. 
Then, after several days of practice (and by several I meant only a week) we went to the beach and danced like there was no tomorrow. It was just so so fun. I so want to do this over and over again. 
all pictures from Iyya
I watched the video of it a few weeks ago and it was so crazy. We were all so uneven and out of sync with music but we were having so much fun. haha.
You can read the longer and more interesting version in the DYM blog.

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