Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Heyy Everybody out there! Happy holidays, =P , Finally the burden of exams are over! And I like the way CHSE gives holidays, From 6 to 14th we have holidays and from 15th to 20th is paper showing and discussion and then by 22nd we will be sophomores! Wow, Im going to grade 12 and I have a good feeling about it. Grade 11 has been far the best grade in my life. I love CHSE even thogh there are somethings which bugs me, Eww![=P].

So to updates on exams,this time I'll go with short and sweet.

C1, C2
The worst papers ever, Even this time Im not gonna pass in math![Sheesh]

Paper 1 was easy, but didnt finish in time,
Paper 2, Wow, Amazing. I'll get an A
Paper 3, Yikes, Gonna fail in it. [Why the hell do we have to study about the UK economy?, those people are so foni you know, they make life hard for us, by giving stupid fancy names to simple things, Like they call the minister{I think Minister, Im not sure though} as Chancellor of Exchequer!And call interest rates as Repo Rates, Fancy Uk people!]

Great Papers, all 3 was easy and Im confident I'll get a B.

So that was it. Now Im free! No more tensions nothing.

To all bloggers who are still in the middle of their exams, Good luck:)