Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Summer Island Day Trip

A couple months ago, I won a free trip to Summer Island for two (courtesy of Cancer Society of Maldives gala event) and I managed to convince my sisters to join me. Last weekend, we made the trip, it was the first resort experience for both my sisters and I was so anxious because for one whole day, I would be the adult ahaha. 

We arrived on morning and made our way to our room without much complaints. Mick was especially excited and kept taking pictures of everything, haha. 

The moment we came to the room, she had to photograph everything and she was so happy about everything, it was pure bliss seeing her being all excited. What a precious little person. Here are some pics she took.

This was my favourite spot, I had a cup of coffee in the morning here while playing Reputation on repeat, it was pure bliss. 

This was Mick's favourite spot, she loved lying here and chilling.

She took over my snap and did a room tour too, it was so cute.

She was probably very excited about the bath robe, ahaha.

We had a nice lunch and then went to moodhu right afterwards, ofcourse. We were all excited for it. The moodhu was perfect for Mick, it wasn't too deep and we had the whole place to ourselves.

Mick's favourite part was the watermelon, this girl can eat a whole watermelon by herself.

She loved the swings all around the island, but it lasted only five minutes before someone saw a caterpillar and got scared.

My favourite was lying around with nothing to do, I hardly ever have time to do that, so it was just perfect.  Then we had evening tea and went around the island a bit to see it.

 There was a library so obviously we had to check it out, but it mostly had adult novels, magazines and books in other languages so Mick didn't enjoy it.

 We had tea while watching the sun set and it was just spectacular.

We had a nice night (apart from some fighting over what to watch on the TV) and had a rather good night's sleep and then it was time for breakfast, some more resting and leaving to come back.

Ofcourse we had to bring our doll friend Elle with us because she's part of the family too.

Overall, it was a nice weekend and I'm glad the sisters and I got to have some just to ourselves. I'm looking forward to more family trips, hopefully with the parents around as well.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!