Sunday, December 22, 2013

Only memories on the walls

It seems like it has been ages since I have not really been myself. I tried to do thing I enjoy, but somehow I just end up looking at the sky and wondering why. Friends seem to be having the most fun and even when I am with them, it just doesn't feel right. I don't even know the reason for this temporary melancholy. I try to get inspired. Poetry. Strawberry tea. Good books. Affirmation. 
Anyhow, I did have some good times over the last few weeks. 

The largest floating library "Logos Hope" was visiting Male' the other day and a few friends and I visited there. It was such a good experience and I wish I had enjoyed it more | We had a fun photo shoot for DYMag at Traders with really good company | Mick got her very first trophy and she was very happy about it. My parents have some cool traditions | Went to watch Hunger Games dressed as a Capitol person and had a blasting time there | Work photo-shoots are always fun and working with such talented people make me very happy indeed | Spent a lot of time my myself trying to be inspired by nature and finding little things that make me happy like greenery in the most unexpected places. 

I am currently reading a rather depressing book and trying to watch NCIS. Life is overall stable and I am looking forward to some things and also not looking forward to others. How are you doing dear readers?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How To Crash A Wedding

A couple months back, some of my very good friends spontaneously decided to take me to a wedding that none of us were invited to. I have always wanted to crash one, but me being me I was freaking out. I'm so glad they didn't listen to me when I asked them to just take me back home so I can buy a gift or never go, hahaha. I still think that we should have left a gift for them. I've learned a couple things from that one wedding.
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Choose wisely | It's important to choose a wedding that you want to crash, possibly some where you don't know the bride and groom or the bridal party. Go to major wedding venues like Dharubaaruge and other restaurants and check the names and generally look around the guests. 

Sending a Spy | One of the most important things is to send one (or maximum two) people beforehand so they can easily slip and check out if the party is worth crashing and give you the green light to go in. Meaning check on the food, guests, where the bride and groom are standing and if it's possible to easily get in and get out while blending in with the crowd. 

Making a low entrance | The best kind of weddings to crash are ones where there are a lot of people going. Find a crowd going in and sort of blend in with them and while they go take pictures with the bride and groom, you can easily slip beside the cameras and make you way inside. This is the hardest part because you need to be very very careful not to seem like outsiders. Don't keep looking at people, but try to make some convo with your crashing team about the decor or some wedding related stuff like "finally they are getting married, remember when we went to *some obscure place* and joked about *some obscure event*". DON'T PANIC. This is most important. 

I wished we could have taken a gift, but because we were on a spontaneous one, we didn't (also because the guys think taking a gift is such a "Shaha" thing to do) so we has to tag with some people carrying a gift so it looked like we were with them. 

General Behavior | Always try to stick with your friends and keep making convo throughout, especially during the line at the food counters and choosing a table where you can sit together so you don't have to make small talk with other guests. People get intimidated when there are big crowds and usually refrain from chatting you up. Also, if you see or happen to bump into someone you know, try not to talk about the wedding and just generally say hi and be on your way. DO NOT SIT NEAR OTHER GUESTS THAT YOU KNOW unless they are cool people. 

Easy Exit | Try to make a very casual exit, say hi to the flower girls giving favours and casually write in the guest book and just exit. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THE BRIDAL PARTY and most importantly, DO NOT STEAL THE GUEST BOOK. One crime is enough for a night. 

There, I hope that was helpful if you ever wanted to crash one. It's such an adrenaline rush, or maybe just for me cos I was freaking out inside the entire time while trying to manage being composed, haha. Another thing off the bucket list! It helps to have good friends who do crazy things. 

Have you ever crashed a wedding? What are your wedding crashing Do's and Don'ts? 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

DYMag November Issue

Seems like I'm always one month late in posting these things. :| Apologies for that but I hope you have read the November issue because it is fantastic. 

The November issue celebrates the campaign for Elimination of violence against women and kids y bringing lots of articles about the issue. The Nightmare Within is a story that I hope will make you think twice. Little Manhattan's review by Abo makes me want to watch the movie so much! In DYM Recommends, we look at movies, books and songs talking about violence against women and related issues. 

Pretty in Prints was such a fun photo-shoot and I'd like to thanks Onme, Odds&Ends and Finesse for lending us the wardrobe. We hope it inspires you. Nails with Naal is a new segment that has a nail tutorial, Naal is super duper talented, don't you think?

The cover people, Luna, Azzam and Zaain are such great people that they amaze us everyday with the things they do. I loved reading about their life. Ainth from Finesse, our wonder woman is the most brilliant person ever, seriously. She has been a great source of help and inspiration for DYMag from the start. 4:1 is the article of the month! Filled with great research and written well, it is an article not to be missed. 

Moving on the the theme, how to make the orange ribbon, youth profiles and catharsis, a thought provoking article by Alana is definitely things you need to check out. My article, 10 Free iPhone apps is something that all iPhone users can check for some cool apps. Thihnan, our health writer writes about Alopecia and choosing different kinds of berries. 

Bloodwritings poetry always makes me think twice, such painful words, such emotion. Literalyrics by Sharky is one of my most favourite columns. Try finding some hidden fun things. Under the Dome tells the age old story of love, with a new twist. The poems, what makes it worse, because brutal is reality, love song for the mistress and what had changed is just words woven into amazing-ness. 

Overall, I think it was a great issue. Have a read over HERE. 

Meanwhile, we are working super duper hard on the December issue! See you soon.