Monday, February 28, 2011

The Harry Potter Phase


Image from WHI.

Yes, I am going through the Harry Potter phase, again. Of course HP books an movies are a big part of my life. The day I first read the Sorcerer's Stone, did I know that this was gonna change my life? No.

But over the years, I’ve pretty much used the book as a guide, like a self help book. Sometimes, when I feel sad, I would read quotes from Dumbledore. When bad things happen, I am reminded of the life the trio lived and how they fought the evil.

Sometimes I wonder, if there was one quality in me, better than all the others. I wonder, which house would the Sorting hat put me? If real life was like that, how easy would it be, eh. Maybe I’d be in Gryffindor, or Revenclaw, or even in Slytherin.

The start of my degree, I renamed my subjects as HP subjects to make it more interesting, and boy, it was fun. Now I study Muggle Studies – Human Resource Management, Transfiguration – Financial Management, Ancient Runes – Organizational Behavior and Law (For which I couldn’t find a HP equivalent name).

Of curse, once the phase is over, I would still be inspired by it, and what a  genius JK is. Until then, I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekend Reads


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It’s the weekend again, eh. Yesterday, I got a free coffee out of giving people some marketing ideas. I should start a consultancy business. Today I skipped netball practice to get some beauty sleep. This is the life, man!

Meanwhile, go read lilac, lavendergirl, ne3, blacky and aali’s blog. Awesome posts this week. Be sure to check my fashion post as well.

On other news, I’m drooling over Karla’s fancy pants and Kendi’s boots.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Journey, Trader’s and University


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Last week was a great week. The weekend before that, a few college mates and I attended a workshop named “Elevated” held by Journey, an NGO that works to help drug addicts recover and with several drug related issues. The two day session was fun and educational.On Tuesday we had a barbeque in Hulhumale’ to celebrate the ending with a ceremonial certificate giving and an outreach, giving people information about what we learned in the workshop.

Then, out college changed into a university overnight, and it was OK.

On Friday, I celebrated my birthday on with a tiny tea party for a few friends and classmates.I got a few items from the wish list such as the orchid my bff gave, which I have named Daisy,the chocolate smooch basket from Kuda, and a Barbie Nash gave which I have named Dandelion after Muntha complained that the previous name Yale, was too boy-ish. I tried explaining the Yale university concept but there is no point in trying to change this girl’s mind.

On Saturday two classmates and I got an invitation to go as officials to Trader’s hotel for the AMBISA conference, and boy it was great. I mean, like awesome. That place doesn't feel like Maldives. At all. The food was great, and so was the conference. We met lots of university heads, Education ministry people and had a good time listening to them discuss about CSR.

University has been so far OK. I have zilch expectations from them, so I haven’t been disappointed. I was also peer pressured into joining a net ball team despite my efforts at trying to convince them I had sports-phobia. gah! My mission now is to make this work for my wardrobe by investing in some sports wear, and convincing my mother that I can use one more pair of shoes.Hah.

How was your last few weeks?

Monday, February 21, 2011

FMC and I


Most of you would already know that I go to FMC, the faculty of Management and computing to do my marketing degree and it’s my second year there. It’s almost time I talked about my experience there.

1. The guards are VERY VERY rude. They never smile, and they blame the students for the work they have to do. I only have a problem with one guy who have asked me twice to sit nicely in the bench. It’s my problem of course, I should learn to sit nicely in the benches. But what’s with the general rudeness? I love phoneboothes and love using them, so I am always carrying a card with me and calling people from the phone booth, mostly prank calls. But sometimes the guards look at me as if they want to eat me up. What’s the use of having a phone booth, if you are going to eventually kill people who use it with your ice cold stare. I also drink/eat a lot in college. But I never drink/eat in classes, and I ALWAYS put the empty bottles and waste in the dustbins. Even the ones I usually see lying around in benches. But still, these people are all about ice cold stares, and killing people with rudeness.

2. The students are very messy and unbehaved. I get it, the unbehaved-ness, the need to put yourself in the top of the pyramid to impress people, or just because you want to but why be so messy? Is it SO hard to put the empty water bottle in the dustbin, it’s only 8 steps away. But you can take the time to crash the can and toss it in the garden area, right? Of course. I mean, it’s not like you’re 12, and you want to have fun. Most of the students who go to FMC are 17+ and a lot of them are married as well, so I am assuming they must know  SOMETHING about being responsible.

3. Most of the IT students are very rude as well. It must be me, because other people don’t find this rudeness in them. Maybe they hate me because I wear too much yellow, or drink too much coffee. I consider myself a friendly person, and I try my best to talk to people, be nice and polite and make people happy, but it seems like they don’t want to be. There are a few business students too, who are rude. I blame the general rudeness fever that is being spread all over Maldives and also the stare-when-you-walk-in-the-road virus too. Dear readers, please take caution of these two very harmful diseases.

4. There are many many many great people in FMC who make all the said problems bearable by their friendliness, happy smiley faces, fun, and general merry behavior. Specially my classmates, who are so much fun, caring, loving bunch of sweethearts, and also most of the people I know from FMC are actually friendly. We joke around, have get together and make fun of Mister potato crisps together.

5. Great teachers who are there and usually help out whenever they can. Most office staff are also very friendly, (well, at least to me) and the FMC staff and dean as well. The student association is so much fun, and I love being a part f it, and organizing things with the creative team.

Generally, even with the few problems mentioned, I feel that for me FMC is good. I still however feel the quality of the education is a little below average, and there is lack of services, but I find FMC very nice. I don’t have problems with teachers because I don’t depend on them for my grades and unlike most people, I actually came here because I LIKE to study. No that’s an understatement. I LOVE studying.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthday Girl


Image from caseyrose

This is my last year as a teenager. I feel pretty sad, but I am ok with it. My teen years were fun, and exciting. I wasn’t exactly a rebel, nor a teen drama queen. But still, I had fun. I did a lot of stuff I am not proud of, but in the end, all it matters is that I regretted it, and learned from my mistakes.

I kinda hate Fridays, but since it’s my birthday I’m kinda neutral. You know how you feel when it’s your birthday? The whole day you just feel good. It’s like you are walking around with a piece of sunshine in your pocket. I usually get this feeling a lot, but today it’s like I’m carrying stardust with me, not sunshine. I’m not sure if you would even understand. heh.

I also feel sad for not having a proper party with all my friends like the previous years, but I decided this year I wanted it to be different. Anyways, nineteen doesn’t feel any different than eighteen. I hope today will be a great day. Insha Allah.

Monday, February 14, 2011

V Day

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Personally, I think V day is overrated. Maybe because I never really had a reason to celebrate it or maybe it’s just too over the top.
The window displays are all red, Le Cute’ is having a rose sale or something like that, and people are all over the place carrying roses. Me? I never really got why people liked roses better than any other flower. Specially girls. I am a girl too, I in fact like most things girls like, such as shoes, bags, boys, books, etc but I never liked roses. They were just another flower for me. I like sunflowers better. They brighten me up. They are like sunshine in the form of a flower. haha
No matter what I think, people all over the world will celebrate this day, and hopefully it would be one more happy day for them. I’m spending today reading classics, watching mystery series and attending classes.
What are you doing today?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I’m Back!

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Hey guys, miss me? I hope you did.
So, the last time I told you about some things that were bothering me, and that I needed a break right? Last week, I was internet free. It was so refreshing to not be sucked into checking Facebook every hour or tweeting every time I ate something. I love twitter, but taking some time to live as much as technology free, gave me some time to spend reading, doing chores that I otherwise didn’t do. I also realized many many things about myself that I have kinda denied all these years. It was a week of self discovery. Some bad, some good.
I was glad I could actually stay away from internet, specially twitter. All it took was will power. Also, I’m on a coke-free spree. Well, my teeth has turned out to be pretty nasty, and since I hate dentists and all, I’m taking extra care of it by eating lesser sweets and candy than I used to, and also by cutting down on the soft drinks, and caffeine. It’s hard, but I’m liking this new lifestyle change.
This weekend, I took part in a volunteer training program by Journey, an NGO which works to make youth aware of drugs and HIV. Today, we went to villigili for an outreach, and it has been a fun and interesting experience. I may join Journey as a volunteer. Do you guys now any other good NGO’s that are not politically backed by any party? I want to join an unbiased NGO which actually care, and not say they just care.
Anyhow, I’m back but I won’t be blogging that frequently, just twice or thrice a week. I hope you guys would stay around.
Also I’m so excited for my birthday which is next Friday. =D Sad that I’m turning 19, but happy for the celebrations and fun!
How was your weekend?

Friday, February 4, 2011


Yesterday was a horrible day for me, and certain things that happened, and certain things I discovered made me realize that I need to take some time out.

I have been blogging quite regularly since the start of this year, and this has been one thing that made me feel good. It’s one place I can write whatever I want. But this thing is too personal even for this blog.

I am taking one week for myself. One week away from blogging, socail networking sites, and some technological devices,which I am sad about, but I need to clear my mind, and take out the negativity and make space for positive things. 

Hopefully, I’ll be focusing more on me, family, studies, and learning stuff. I’m hoping it would help me get over the past, and focus on the present and the future.

I hope you guys understand.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On Minimalism


Image from pinterest

On my last post, I spoke about minimalism, this one thing that I’m trying out. I have actually being considering this, after reading some minimalist blogs. I however find simple too boring and thus cannot fully commit to be a true minimalist, but I’m trying to balance my clutter, and to be able to have some space to breathe.

For instance, I have been deleting a lot of my internet clutter (the websites I have joined, but never really used). As part of this I deleted my yahoo, craft blog, movie blog, dropbox, lookbook, and I’m on the process of deleting my flickr. I realize this is a huge change, but I’m ready for it.

I get sucked into internet way too much, and It makes me have less time for other things. I do know that by deleting them, I deleted a part of me, my life mostly with the blogs, but I was rady to let go of them. I’m still the avid movie watcher and the girl who loves to craft. I just don’t have the time and energy to fully commit to have four blogs, so I had to cut it down to two, the only two that I can give time to. This blog is too special to be deleted, or saved in somewhere I can’t see. It’s like my diary, except the kind of diary you were not ashamed of people reading. It’s my place to babble, to get away from the unfairness of life.

Anyhow, I’m also trying to have less clutter, by getting rid of some of the things I would never use, and by actually buying the necessities. I realize that as someone who loves fashion, and trends, shoes and make up, it’s a hard decision, but I’m now on to the idea to own just one of a color, or type, so I have a vast variety to choose from, but no excess so that I never use it.

I suggest all my readers to actually read on minimalism too, you might find it interesting. Thanks.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Goals


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I am running pretty late on goals and resolutions. Can you believe that I still haven't made the new year resolutions? Yeah, Neither can I. What is happening to me?

Anyways, since it’s a new month (my birth month, YAY) I have decided to stop being lazy and go back to by goal making and achieving self. Here are my goals for this lovely month.

1. Do my homework's on time and actually study

I am always trying to do this. This time, there’s no trying. Either I do it, or not.

2. Read more classics and general knowledge books

Even though I do want to do this too, I am not motivated enough. I did borrow a few books from library to read.

3. Celebrate my unbirthday week

with my classmates. I’ll keep you guys posted on this. It’s gonna be a fun filled 7 day week to celebrate my last days as an eighteen year old.

4. Try finding a job, preferably at a radio station

I want to work, I feel so bored at home. Plus, I’m eighteen years old, and I don’t want to be a burden on my parents. So many kids my age are now looking after their parents, I feel ashamed.

5. Listen to different kinds of music and read more articles

Try not to be sucked into the famous songs, and give chance to lesser known bands too. Also read good websites, and increase my general knowledge.

6. Try to have less clutter, both physically, mentally and on the internet

I can never be fully minimalistic, because it’s just against my personality. However, I’m trying to have the necessary things, and get rid of what I don’t use or what’s bad for me. So far I’ve deleted my Flickr, because it takes too much of my time, and because most of my photos aren’t that good. It would give me more time to actually look around Flickr and discover good artists and praise their work. I also deleted my look book, drop box, yahoo, and a few other social networking sites that I was on before. 

7. Be myself and try not to copy or be jealous of others

I tend to always compare myself to others which make me feel bad about myself, so I am not letting this get to me. I like me, it’s just that other people make me feel uncomfortable at times. I will from now on, try to not be pressurized by people,and also appreciate people.

Happy February. What are your plans for this month?