Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A to Z: Sliding Through The Rainbow

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A is for Ammu.. He’s gone to hospital for hithaanu kuran.. I shall go when the fun begins.. xD
B is for Blue, I still have to watch it..
C is for Cute Couples.. Some people just look so awesome together.. Like as if, they were made for each other! <3
D is for Dho! seriously, I'm tired of all those unnecessary dho’s.. evaahaka dho! haha
E is for Eyrugaves.. Mihaaruves.. He looks so cute.. Don’t ask who! haha
F is for Fish!
G is for Granny.. She says everyone lies to her. I said No, which is actually a lie.. So, everyone does lie to her.. )= That lie is just to make her feel better.. xD
H is for Halloween.. duh! If we had a costume party, I’d dress up as the wicked with of west.. haha
I is for I-didn't-win-the-Paris-Hilton-contest.. And I'm not gonna take no for an answer.. Its her loss! xD
J is for Jai Veeru.. haha
K is for Kaiveneege amaazu kamugaa vaa hageegathakee miey.. *sigh*
L is for Lilac plus Black nails.. I tried to do nail art, but no nail art pens available here.. )= Hmph..
M is for Main Aur Mrs Khanna.. It was a bit boring at the start, but so much fun at the end.. Deepika FTW!
N is for Nail art.. *sigh*
O is for Om Prakash Makhija! Om Shanti Om rocks.. \m/
P is for Pink Hijab Day! Yayy! I'm wearing a pink scarf today.. xD
Q is for Quota.. Sheesh, I'm doing all accounting.. Gee..
R is for Row Row Row Your Boat!
S is for Shilpa Shetty, finally she’s engaged! xD
T is for Tinsel town! Too much bollywood, I know.. (=
U is for Umbrella!
V is for Voodoo dolls.. I had a real nightmare last night, after so many days of sweet dreams.. I was so scared.. >.<
W is for What's your Raashee? 
X is for Extremely weird people! Weird is good.. But not extremes!
Y is for You Maybe.. I'm in love with that song.. xD
Z is for Zebra!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A to Z: Learning It The Hard Way

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A is for Anna Wintour.. for her powerbob.. xD
B is for Butler Bag, isnt it the cutest pic, like ever?
C is for Chocolate.. Apparently I’m stuck there now! Get ready to lose every night’s sleep!
D is for Doe Deere’s lipstick collection.. Who says blue lipstick is eww.. No, it isnt!
E is for Everything-is-not-what-it-seems!
F is for Facebook Games.. I’ve been addicted to them! And its so much fun to steal from people's farms, and ranches.. lol
G is for Gossip Girl.. Hilary Duff is so awesome. What with D and G? And S? Lil J is so eww.. And V’s hairstyle is creepy! Gives me Goosebumps every time I see her on GG..
H is for Hoedown Throwdown.. I’ve been listening to it like a hundred times, and still hasn't got the lyrics on my head.. >.<
I is for I-hate-people-who-try-to-control-others.. Nuff Said!
J is for Jimmy Choo 72!
K is for K drama’s.. now they only show stupid traditional drama’s where people want to kill girls.. Off With their heads!
L is for Lilac,, I painted my nails in lilac, and it looks so cute.. Plus, its a pledge for Breast Cancer Awareness.. (=
M is for My Amethyst.. I love her blog! <3
N is for Ninni.. She is so much fun..
O is for One-for-all-and-all-for-one! don't ask me..
P is for Phineas and Ferb.. my newest obsession! along with Wizards of Waverly Place!! xD
Q is for Question.. I hate making questions to ask on show.. sometimes.. OK, questions are so exam-ish!
R is for Roosters. :P
S is for School Prize Day.. Yeah, its coming, and I need to design a dress.. Even though I'm probably only getting the discipline prize, I need to look good.. yeah, looking good makes me feel confident.. As if I can kick some butt.. xD
T is for This-really-cool-contest on polyvore.. If Paris Hilton chooses any of my sets, I'm gonna get 12 Paris Hilton shoes.. Keeping fingers crossed..
U is for UN day.. Happy UN day to all!
V is for Vai days.. BORING!
W is for Work for climate change.. I’ve always been an environmentally friendly person.. ^_^ 350 FTW!
X is for Exclamation Marks.. Yeah, when there’s too much going on, you need more of them.. hmph
Y is for YSL.. I need a tote.. my pledge of 350..
Z is for Zzzzzzzzzz.. Needs to sleep..

Monday, October 19, 2009


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Sometime in this week, or was it last? that we heard of a kidnapping in Maldives? I know, ridiculous..
One of the guys who did that, is an ex classmate of mine, back in first grade.. or so mom says.. So, the story is that, I was only 5 years by then, and had a some kinda board, the name which I cant recall now.. And since childhood, I was way over possessive about my stuff.. So, this guy called Aiman, was in my class, and I brought the board to class (Since I was only 5 years, and the youngest in the whole school, I had a special uniform, and can bring anything I want to school.. I know, awesome, right? This probably explains why I'm only 17, and finished my A levels!), and this guy stole it.. So Mom says I bit his finger, and that he was crying, and he never even touched anything of mine since then.. whoa!
And see, now he kidnapped an 18 year old guy..
Once a thief, Always a thief! Or shall I say, once a criminal always a criminal.. Oh, come on, I'm really bad at proverbs! ^_^
PS, I'm so glad we didn't have a prom.. =P

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Careful What You Wish For!


They say it, And I was going through reading my posts ages ago, and found this wish list for my 17th birthday. I wished for a chance to be an RJ! and now its come true! I totally believe what Rani says in the movie Dil Bole Hadippa, that Dreams always come true, its only a matter of time!

Anyway, I've also realized that I used to be such a good blogger with regular updates. So I will hopefully keep up to that.

List of Movies:

1. Dil Bole Hadippa – Fun, totally made me cry at the speech.

2. Wizards Of Waverly Place Movie – Best movie version of a series. So cute and totally fun!

3. Barbie and the three Musketeers – Yes, I'm still a child at heart. Not your usual princessy Barbie, but the tomboyish version. Liked it.

4. Aamras – Teen movies should come out more often. Loved Pari!

5. Sikandar – a bit boring

6. Love Khichdi – Duh!

8. Morning Walk – Slow and BORING!

PS, pic from deviantart


Thursday, October 8, 2009

A to Z: Boring-ness

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A is for Aladin.. Can't wait for the movie! xD
B is for Barbie and the three musketeers! Not your usual barbie movie.. and I loved it!
C is for Chocolate, the taste of lurrve! <3
D is for Diary Girl, something of a surprise, more like a dream! I have been planning on doing it for one month, but never did it.. I still need more motivation!
E is for Ed Westwick.. Chuck Bass, if you must know.. I had a poster of him in my room, and Mickie tore it.. and Muntha was laughing.. Apparently she hates him.. I smell Sabotage!
F is for Five Hundred Days of Songs, I know AGAIN! But this time, I'm gonna make it work.. I promise!
G is for Good Morning Baltimore! Harispray..
H is for Hum-tum-ek-kamreyme-band-ho! And we lost the key! lol
I is for I’m late in posting this! But then, who cares anyway?
J is for Jane from Sea of shoes! She’s like my icon! I wish my mom had a shoe obsession like hers!
K is for Kudadhattha beybe, who’s an uncle in law of mine.. He ate my cooking chocolate.. )=
L is for Lovely blog readers and followers, and fans.. Thankyou all..
M is for Magnum Classic.. Sometimes it takes a magnum, and a Barbie cartoon to bond relations! *wink*
N is for Ninni.. I just missed her.. )=
O is for October.. I donno why, but I just love this month! xD
P is for Polyvore, I'm so definitely addicted to it!
Q is for Qwerty!
R is for Raise your voice! I'm like, Hilary Duff freak! lol.. And I only watched it recently!
S is for Strawberry fields, this cute photo..
T is for Twitsal.. I'm so sad I missed the event! But, don't worry, I'm wearing the tee like, all the time.. lol
U is for Ultra feminine ruffles.. I'm in love with certain spring 2010 collections.
V is for Very-disturbing-people who call me by midnight! Duh! Seriously, I'm not the type of person who would give up my sleep to talk on the phone.. NO! unless of course if I have a crush on that person, or if he was Taylor Lautner!
W is for Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.. Selena Gomez doesn't get any more cuter than this.. Plus, I love Justin and Max! xD
X is for Exclamation Mark.. I love it!! right!!! lol!!! Ok, enough..
Y is for Yeh Rishta something, and all crappy traditional drama series which mom watches.. And her favorite has to be that stupid Ijajat!
Z is for Zilch.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Taste Of Love

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Its only been like, one and a half month, since I’ve started to work in HFM.. I've hosted almost all shows at least once, and my favorite all time is BGK (bollywood ge kahaani) which is now my show! xD
and, since last Tuesday, I’ve been co hosting one of the most famous programs in hfm, Chocolate.. I swear I don't really know anything about love and relationships, other than those stuff at seventeen meg, which I don't get now, cos no bookshop at Maldives thinks anyone will read it.. bleh!
Moving on, chocolate I tell you, is purely based on love, being its centre point.. and on top of that, I have to host with kel, who, as most of you who follow me on twitter would know, is like, a one man show.. And with my pea sized vocabulary, it is definitely hard for me to actually beat him, which results in me being like the “non arguing type”.. I do agree, I get along with people a little too well.. and it takes quite sometime for me to realize what's going on! Blame it on me being a lousy teenager and all!
Anyhow, what I'm trying to say in all this nonsense, is that you guys SHOULD listen to chocolate! It’s fun.. So, keep tuned to 96.2 HFM, Sunday to Thursday, 10 to 12!
And I’ve been losing the balance of, life, in the last few days, which is exactly why you didn't get to read last week’s A to Z.. It was already boring enough!
and to the twitsal, you guys rocked.. How I wish I was there. But don’t worry, I'm giving a tribute to you guys by wearing the lovely tee you guys made! xD