Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday, my classmates along with R (who had perfect timing because he came right when we were planning it on Thursday, and said he wanted to tag along) went to Hulhumale’ for our third class trip. (The first was in Semester 2, and second in last semester.) It went so much better than I thought, because for starters, everyone came, except N who was sick, but even she visited to participate in some games. ^^

This was the perfect time for a trip because A and I felt like the class reached the maximum potential to remain close buddies and have fun, but we were wrong. This brought us back to the closeness we had in first semester, and even though now we know each other’s flaws and strengths, we understand them and don’t judge.

Of course punctuality is not a thing anymore, (which I knew, but I was too stubborn to admit, cos I don’t want to believe it) but despite having to wait half an hour in the terminal, it was worth it. We made breakfast at Nonns place and played Pictionary. Then G, my former classmate from CHSE and partner in dark chocolate crimes joined us for some games. We played miming songs, words, harubas, and some name calling game which was so fun. Of course no class trip can be complete without the “Leader” game which is out trademark game, ha.

Then came lunch, some “Kukulhu, Kaalhu” game that F introduced, which was so much fun. Lots of watersports, some swimming lessons, and a stroll and we were too tired and soaking in seawater. We couldn’t make tea cos the people were too tired, so we had snacks on the go, and World War III with some weird flowers we found.

After we came to the terminal, two people were left out cos the ferry was full, and we wanted to go on the same ferry, so we stayed behind, not realizing M and A were already on the ferry and it had gone by then. This was definitely one of the best trips. SO much happened in between games and stuff but that’s for us to cherish over!

It was a bummer G couldn’t participate in the snacks on the go. Man, you missed a whole lot of fun!

Right after I came home, I had to attend a ceremony Journey was having, and while I was there, I nearly fell asleep, but I think Unoosha, Shamoon and Theyravaa’s song made my sleep go away.

Overall, it was one hell of a Saturday and I loved being busy all day long. The worst thing, having to get up today at 7 to attend the morning class!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Start


So, it’s the fourth semester of mine having spent almost one and a half year and done with half of my course I feel a lot. I feel tired, relieved a bit, anxious and mostly confused, but at the same time I feel pretty good about this semester.

We started last year from a tiny group of 15 of us, so very different yet so alike, and last semester some new students joined our course, and this year we have around 40 students in total, most of whose name I don’t even know which is a shame. I do try to talk to the new people, but some of them are not the most friendliest people but I’m hoping that with the passing of time, we could be more than the smile-when-i-bump-into-you and turn into great friends.

Classes have started and it’s been going good. Most of the lecturers are not new to us, so we are past the whole introduction, and trying to make a good first impression part. But there is one person I’d like to highlight, my Marketing and Research lecturer, Mr. K. I have seen him around a lot in the past semesters, but never really knew him. Yesterday while sitting in his first class, I was sure his face seemed so familiar, (not because I’ve seen him around) but he looked exactly like someone I have seen and heard, a lot, and when he started talking about Einstein, BAM it hit me. WHOA, he looks just like Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) from The Big Bang Theory. Since I have a weird way of thinking, I wanted to know if someone else saw the resemblance as well, so I asked the only guy in class who have seen TBBT, and he thought so too. From that moment on, I knew that I’ll enjoy this class a lot. Plus, he is very interesting, and knows a lot, about well everything. I guess I’ve found an inspiring lecturer this sem too. =D

The other teachers are good too and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy this semester. Also, the classes are at morning which gives me an hour everyday to watch a movie or just enjoy the morning with coffee or some hot cocoa. It’s such a fresh start to every day.

PS I’m planning to read To Kill A Mockingbird this week. Any recommendations for next week? I’m looking to reading some classic books this semester.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Weddings are a big deal even in Maldives, and most of weddings these days are very European, and one thing I love in European weddings, are Bridesmaids. Every girl dreams to be with her closest girls in the wedding day. I just love looking at different wedding pictures to see how the bridesmaids are dressed. Some are traditional, some classic, some retro and some completely weird.
image credits
I have been a huge wedding fan since like forever. Growing up listening to Taylor Swift and watching Disney movies made me want to have a huge wedding, but ideas change. Right now I;m more into simple, personalized wedding with family and close friends than a big reception. Who knows!
Despite how my life may turn out, I can always dream of having close friends look completely dashing on my wedding, ei.  
Happy Wedding for all brides-to-be! Specially my very dear friend Shums!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Some Movies I Have Watched Last Week

These days all I do is watch movies, update music library, and spend all the rest of my time on Listal. A few movies I have watched in the past few days;

The King’s Speech (2010)

I like Colin Firth, and he was great. This was a very intense, and historic movie that is amazing, and I liked it a lot. I wouldn’t exactly call it a favorite, or watch it another time in a near future, but I think it deserved the Oscar. My taste in movies are rather weird, and I’m always biased towards my favorite actors, which in this case includes Helena Bonham Carter who I believe is one of the very versatile actresses of all time. She plays the characters with such poise it seems just too real.


Overall, it was a nice movie, which tells an intriguing true story. I think I would enjoy a book version better.

Jennifer’s Body (2009)

OMG. Seriously. This was my first Megan Fox movie, and she can’t act, at all. She is just a “hot” actress. And by hot, I of course mean the sex appeal, I don’t find her pretty either. But I loved Amanda Seyfried and Jhonny. They make a lovely couple, and Amanda was good. She did not repeat her character from any previous movie, unlike some of the young actors

. imageimage

Needy: 'Salty' means beautiful.

Chip: Well then you must be soy sauce, babe.

Overall, it wasn’t scary which is god because I am no good when it comes to horror movies. Even though I don’t like Megan Fox, I will probably watch some more of her movies to see whether this was just a bad apple for her.

Allah Ke Bandey (2010)

The starting was pretty interesting but as the movie went on, it became a circus filled with too many storylines and moderate acting, with way too much action for my liking. I honestly thought it would be different, but I guess they worked so hard to make Sharman look like the good guy, even he lost the appeal of it. I like Sharman, but he can do so much better than this.


I had to fast forward most action scenes and it made no sense. Sharman was as usual his amazing self which I will always love.

Khatta Meetha (2010)

Akshay really needs to stop doing the cheesy comedy movies. This wasn’t exactly a comedy but it was horrible. Apart from the “Sajde Ke” song and the last scene where he gave a speech about his dead sister which made me cry (no biggie, all dead people speeches make me teary eyed in Hindi movies. It’s a cliché’ that I can’t seem to control.) it was a very bad movie that could have been so good.


Am I the only one who hates the comedy Akshay. I used to like him back in his “Dhadkan” days, but looks like he’s grown beyond the good old love stories to crappy comedies. Not a good change, if I must say.

What movies have you watched dear readers? I plan on watching Dil To Baccha Hai Ji and My Sister’s Keeper this week. Any recommendations?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Today, right now I am confused. I guess I have been confused for most part of my life. Sometimes I like being confused, and I like being naïve, but it’s a thing of the past. It’s not like you wake up one day and realize you’re not so innocent anymore.
It’s weird because now I get things, I get dirty jokes, and it makes me feel sad. I know I am not supposed to be naïve for all my life, I just don’t know. I don’t know many things, and I am actually very scared of the future. I am scared that I made so many mistakes and yet didn’t learn from most of them.
I donno what to believe. I envy those who do. I am so confused and I don’t even know why I am confused. My mind keeps working overtime. I keep doing unnecessary stuff. One minute I am motivated , and the other I am like “oh, what the hell!”.
Despite all this, I am truly excited for the future too. I think I am ready. I hope I am and maybe I am.
To being confused, and not knowing.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Holidays and HTML

I am no good when it comes to HTML, in fact I am so horrible at it that it took me almost four days to figure out everything to my last template and another four to develop it by altering some things. *sigh* So, do you like the new template? I think I found blogger designer yesterday, and spent the whole of yesterday and today designing this. Thank god I didn’t have to alter any HTML, I think rich text is my new best friend.

A year ago, I wouldn’t even dream of a day I would use HTML and rich text in one sentence, and look. I did. My inner geek is rather proud today.

So, exams over and holidays have started, most of which are spent watching “Two and a Half Men” and reading old issues of Filmfare. Some of the things I have planned for this holiday are;

  • Watch all seasons of “Two and a Half Men” – which is going at a pretty fast rate. I don’t really care for any character other than Jake, but it’s an OK show.
  • Blog Makeover – done
  • Read “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” – As tis is my last teen year, I am certainly using this book to my advantage.
  • Design some clothes – I have started sketching a few, and it’s very very exciting.

and enjoy the holiday mostly. I also need to start rushing up some subjects for next semester, as my grades are diminishing, and I need to keep straight GPA’s. Meanwhile, enjoy the holidays everyone!