Sunday, March 24, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

I've always wanted to be a part of a scavenger hunt, but since I live in Maldives where having fun apparently is only going out for coffees and staring at people, I had to do something about it. I decided to host a scavenger hunt of my own for some of my cooler friends who love to have fun and not question everything. They were really excited for it and so the planning began.
the list. I reduced it to 18 items since the time was limited.
I planned it as an un-birthday hunt since I could not have a 21st birthday party. I contacted 21 people, got a list of 21 items (things to find, things to photograph and things to video) and got three teams and it was all going really good until I had to postpone it several times due to random things and people being busy. 

On 16th, we finally had it even though some people could not make it. We had two teams and started at exactly 4. One of the rules was that we couldn't use cycles/bikes so everyone walked and we had two hours to find all items. Team A was Delta and they had all guys who were totally competitive and our team had three girls and three guys and we were called The ScAvengers. 
The Delta's taking a picture of a teammate taking a picture of a teammate taking a picture of a teammate taking a picture of a flower. Photo by Moony.
It was really fun trying to find the stuff, photographing  video-ing and finding famous people. We had a few hurdles like video-ing police guys because they could not be video-d in uniform but Delta found a genius way around it. At the end, Delta won with 210 points while we only managed to get 195. They won lots of chocolates and we all shared and it was two hours well spent. 
Al from Deltas posing next to a mannequin at Alta Moda

some of the prizes that Deltas got for winning. You guys were awesome. Photo by Moony
I hope we can pull off one of these each month with more people. It shall be so much fun.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Book Review: Whupped

This is the first book that I actually won on a LibraryThing (if you guys love books, this website should be one of your most visited sites!) and read. I shared a few mails with the writer, Jim Stevens and he was really nice and he's already working on the second book so I'm extremely excited for it.
image credits
I thought it was brilliantly written, in present tense which I'm finding in a lot of books recently. I like that style of writing, it's easier to imagine what is going on. I also like how each chapter was told in someone's point of view and has the name of the person and their "label/role" written. It made it extreme interesting and you get a background into each character and why they do what they do. The characters has depth to them and most characters had a back-story and you feel like you've known them for a long time. The story itself was something I liked since I love wedding and everything about it. The pop culture angle was a nice touch and you were never sure whether it was going to end the way you think. AT some point, I thought things were a bit cruel and Alyssa seriously didn't seem all that bad to have Jake being done all that. 

Short Summary: Jake is engaged to Alyssa and about to get married. Alyssa wants a perfect wedding and Jake;s best friends Conrad and Gideon thinks that Jake marrying Alyssa is a big mistake and does everything they can to stop the wedding, including kidnapping the groom. 

Fav Character: Kay. I know, a weird choice  She isn't even one of the main characters but I think she was a good person despite what she did to make money. She had a heart and she cared. I am just going to be cliche and like people who are like-able. haha. I also thought I had a lot in common with Alyssa. 

Verdict: I thought it was a fun story, also very short and nice. If you are looking for a quick read, this is a great book.
Rating: 3.5/5

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cause I don't wanna fall in love

I've had the most amazing few days. 
On Thursday, mom and I made cupcakes and we had a blast decorating them with pink and yellow icing.
That night, there was a treat from Queen to all former classmates, most of which was political talk. :O
image credits
Friday, we did the same except this time it was for a cousin's birthday. I love making cupcakes, too bad I can't eat too many. I think I've already had too much cupcakes in the last two days. At night, there was a fun work event which had cake. Again, couldn't eat any. 
In fact, this whole post could be of all the occasions I had where I could eat cake but didn't. :/

Yesterday, there was more cupcake making. Seriously, our tiny kitchen was filled with five dozen cupcakes all looking extremely delicious. Myra's an amazing cupcake artist. I call her Peeta, haha.
Last night I hosted one of my infamous Pictionary nights and we had a fun time eating pizza, making jokes and being happy when others lost, haha.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Nine Lives of Chloe King

image credits
I started watching this because the title was intriguing. It did not disappoint me at first but then I watched the last episode and I was extremely sad because it got cancelled but left us in a major cliffhanger. Like in Kyle XY. You don't do that to people. No. Just No.
image credits
Anyhow, it's about a girl called Chloe who discovers she has cat like abilities. Chloe is ab average kid (who obviously is adopted from Ukraine and her dad left home years ago) with a single mom (coolest and most gorgeous mom ever!) and two best friends Paul (Asian kid/side-kick) and Amy (who is quite adorable) and she works at a vintage clothing store which has amazing clothes that get ruined a lot. A LOT.
It has a lot of resemblance to The Secret Circle (or maybe it's just me) since both series has a girl protagonist who has major powers and cool mothers and a room where guys constanly come into. 
What I loved most was the guys (obviously!) and the mom (for being so sweet and nice and understanding. I think she's the most understanding mother of a teenage daughter in a series ever)

Alek, who is simply stunning (and he has a British accent!). He's a Mai (cat, for those who don't know) and also a borderline jerk but he's sweet when he really likes people and Brian, who is unbeleivebly sexy is the son of someone who wants Chloe dead and he's human so CHloe obviously cannot date him for SPOILER reasons but Chloe really likes him which is no surprise. No one can hate this hot mess.

Paul, the geeky best friend who is also awkward and Amy, the other best friend. These two date on and off and are kid of cute together. 

The most adorable mom in a series ever, whose name I don't think was mentioned or I just forgot and Jasmine, the other Mai girl who is absolutely kick ass. 
I liked the story-line and the characters, but some of the events are just weird. I don't want to spoil it for you, but I'll leave you with some pictures of my favourite moments.
image credits
This is the cutest picture in a photo-booth ever. I absolutely love these two together. At first I was a Brian/Chloe shipper but then I became an Alek/Chloe shipper. 

image credits
Amy's song was truly beautiful. 
image credits
Classic Alek and Chloe moment. Alex is so mischievous and have I told you how adorable these two are?
If  you haven't, do watch it. It is pretty nice. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013


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Do you sometimes feel like you have to get every detail right, have everything done on time to the highest possible standards and even when you do, you feel like you could have done better? You don't? Maybe that's just me.
I am a perfectionist. I won't disagree. It's not as intense as some people out there, but for me, it takes up a big part of my life. Also, having OCD (maybe I don't have it, maybe I just think I do) does not help. 
I like most parts of it. The attention to details makes things look good but sometimes I cannot stop but think about it for the longest time when it is just insignificant to everyone else.
Seriously, sometimes it bothers me when my shoes does not match my outfit (not even in a pop of colour/other fashion-way) and then all day, I'll just be thinking about it. I have learnt ways to make sure that this doesn't affect my work but sometimes a girl just needs to be fine with being messy. I have yet to find a balance.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A to Z: One Day, Maybe Next Week

image credits
A is for Acts of Random Kindness, my article on Youth Fest (Check Y)
B is for Better Off Ted, this series I'm currently watching which I can relate to in a marketing point of view. It's pretty nice. 
C is for Criminal Minds. I finished watching Season 4 a few weeks ago and it was most amazing. I cannot stop loving the BAU and Reid.
D is for Dress problems. I thought I had the perfect dress for graduation since last year, but now mom and I are having second thought. Yesterday, I found a Zuhair Murad dress that took my breath away (literally, I was holding my breath for a good minute) and I think it's the one. I have yet to show it to mom though. She is the higher authority of dress approvals. 
E is for Essie, seriously brilliant nail colour. I definitely want to invest (see how I didn't say buy, because this is an investment) in a matte finish because those are the most magical of nail polishes. They dry instantly and leave a matte finish instead of the shimmer shiny one. 
F is for Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes, I started reading this a month ago, but haven't been able to go much further. Apparently, I'm not so into chain-erotics as I thought. :|
G is for Graduation, which is so near. I'm very very excited for this. Too bad it's on the morning though. 
H is for Help Haish, an event I volunteered last week. I'm very ashamed at myself for not fully committing to it, but the team managed to raise 2 lakhs so I'm very happy for them.
I is for If This is Not Paradise, I Want my Money Back, one of the books I'm currently reading. It's very interesting. 
J is for Jounalling. It's nice to have all that stuff in my head out there. Writing is my kind of stress-relief. 
K is for Kiddy bands. My two siblings and I play pretend instruments and sing songs on Billboard 100. I have successfully thought Mickie to song Trouble, Ready or Not and What Makes You Beautiful.
L is for Lavish, something work related and pretty cool. 
M is for Made in Jersey. I started watching it, but so far I've just been meh about it.
N is for Nine Lives of Chloe King which I loved so much and was sad for a day because it was cancelled with a MAJOR cliffhanger. 
O is for One Way Or Another, the cover by One Direction for charity which I absolutely love. I think it's a fantastic song.
P is for Privacy, which I think is now almost non-existent. Take me back to the days when things were easier and when everybody didn't know what you were doing. 
Q is for Quarter Quell. Ever since I read Hunger Games, I'm obsessed with it. 
R is for Rush, another work thing. haha. 
S is for Scavenger Hunt which I am planning with lots of fun stuff. There are still 3 places available, so if you are in town and looking for a good three hours of fun, let me know ASAP. 
T is for Travel, which is something I haven't done in months. Also that picture by marvelet
U is for Uranus? 
V is for Violence. Unfortunately we have such high levels of violence for such a small country.
W is for Wishlists. I'm grateful for those friends who keep up with my crazy. 
X is for Max. I know, I'm getting creative here. She is one of the two reasons I watch 2 Broke Girls. 
Y is for Youth Fest, where you can read several of my articles. 
Z is for Zane who was in H2O. I don't know why I suddenly remember him. 

Anything fun up, people?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Playlist: Heartbreaks

I have not been listening to too much music lately. I've lost the motivation to blog and after my birthday, it has been a time of hiding from things, from people, from myself. I still have not had the same motivation as before, but these things happen in life, for no reason at all. Anyhow, all the music that I hear recently comes from series that I watch. Here are some songs which I've come to like in the past weeks (most of which for some weird reason are related to heartbreaks. -.- )

Somebody's Heartbreak by Hunter Hayes
Hunter is so ridiculously handsome and he sings songs with so deep lyrics AND he's only in his early twenties? AHH, it makes me feel happy and sad and free and confused at the same time. This song is very very beautiful. I use the word beautiful when I want to describe something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Like cashmere sweaters. I love it so very much despite how sad it sounds. 

Better Dig Two by The Band Perry
I absolutely love this band, the sibling trio. They remind me of the Harry trio, except no one's the chosen one and they sing beautiful songs. This song is saddening and very interesting. I cannot imagine someone loving someone so much, but then again, I cannot imagine a lot of things. Maybe I choose not to imagine things because I like living in my comfort zone. The video is pretty nice as well.

Every Storm Runs Out of Rain by Gary Allan
This song is very moving, light and inspirational. It makes me feel like no matter what hard things happen, there's always a brighter side. It might even replace my "Feel Good" song The Climb. Both songs tell a similar story, except this sounds like the kid of advice your mother and father would give, or Charlie. Always remember that every dark night turns into a day, just like how every storm runs out of rain and it brings rainbow and sunshine. I wanna dedicate this song to Pots.  

Mama's Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert
Something about this song is very comforting. It's unfortunate, but sometimes I feel like I'm gonna be this kind of a person who tells her daughter to run and hide her crazy and to start acting like a lady and then she'd feel that it's not her mother's broken heart. There's something comforting about that, because that's what I'd do too. Maybe being strong is not about pretending to be until you truly are, but it is beyond ridiculous to think not to try. Maybe I'm just a country girl at heart born in a different place without my horse and cowboy boots and my heart on my sleeve.

Two Black Cadillacs by Carrie Underwood
Another tragic and beautiful song about heartbreak. Carrie seriously looks like Emily Osment, I cannot be the only one who thinks that. I'm all for the dramatic flare when it comes to cheating husbands, maybe that's why I like the song so much or maybe I'm just too country. -.-

Are We Lovers or Are We Friends by Acid House Kings
This song is like my whole love life summed up now, haha. It's not very funny when I think about it actually. I like this song because of that. Also, I thought this list was suddenly becoming too country so I had to include some blues, not that it's helping anyone's case though. 

What is on your playlist this week?