Monday, April 20, 2015

Currently: April 2015

I feel like after months of being too busy to read or watch much, my life's finally getting back to some kind of normalcy where I can enjoy things like writing poetry, binge watching TV series and actually finding time to read. So I have been taking advantage of that. 

Being Erica S2 | Last week was exam week and usually on exam weeks I crave to watch something so I started watching the first season of this and three days later I finished it and now I'm on the second. Talk about procrastinating hahaha. I really like the premise of the show and how the therapy works. However it's kind of hard to related to Erica. Let's just say I've mixed feelings but it's a fun show to watch. 

Witches of East End S1 | Call me crazy but I love me some witch shows. In fact, all aspects of magic sounds fascinating and I've always been interested in witchcraft and books and shows about it so obviously I am hooked. Maybe it's the whole strong female cast, the only downside is the effects are kind of shaky and very Bollywood-like. 

Battleship | I don't know why Rihanna is in this and I'm not even a huge fan of action movies, but there's something about this. I started watching it last week but haven't found time to finish it. Yes, I'm the kind of person who leaves movies half watched. 

A Grown Up Kind of Pretty - Joshilyn Jackson | This books is about three generations of women who make the same mistakes of trusting the wrong people and when a bunch of bones are uncovered under their willow tree, their lives are turned upside down. Lots of harsh language but so far I'm liking the story and I'm halfway done with the book. 

Two Boys Kissing - David Levithan | I finished this book just a week ago and really liked it. Levithan's writing style is fascinating and he manages to make the most absurd things spectacular. I liked how it had so many stories entwined together around a world-record. A light read about a subject that is not so light. 

Title - Meghan Trainor | Since 1989 by T Swift, this is the first album this year that I've actually listened to most songs and liked them. They are extremely catchy and perfect for just bobbing your head to. My personal favourite is Title and Dear Future Husband. Also her music videos are very funky and colourful. 

What's keeping you entertained?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


These days, there isn't a lot of cool stuff happening, or I am far too occupied with the right now to notice anything. Anyways, here are some things that caught my eye over the last few weeks.

1. Dumb Ways to Die: Game of Thrones Edition

I am not exactly a huge fan of GoT but I did read one half of the first book and watched about two seasons and probably wish to continue. This video that combines the Dumb Ways to Die song (so cute and a great PSA) with some deaths in GoT is just spot on fantastic. I could only name about 6 deaths but yeah.

2. Word Play
I was feeling very anxious yesterday so I thought of starting a Facebook thread game where you write a word that starts with the last few letters of the previous word and it actually went far than I thought. A very nice girl even messaged me saying she wanted to take part but couldn't since we were not Facebook friends then. One little game can unite people, eh.

3. E-mail in Real Life

Have you ever talked to people the way you would talk to them in an e-mail? This video spoke to me on a spiritual level because at work all communications happen over mail and I could relate to every single thing.

4. Dove: Choose beautiful

Leave it to the people at Dove to make their ads evoke emotion out of you. They have done it again. There is a lot of backlash this time on how Dove is exploiting a good cause to sell a couple more products but you have to admit, it does make you think.

If you are looking for some love to send, or get into penning a letter to a stranger, there is no better place to start than More Love Letters. This month as well, they have some very amazing people who need your love so grab a pen and write! 

What cool things have you been seeing? 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Playlist: April Favourites

I haven't done a Monday playlist in the longest time. Usually I like Mondays but today feels so uneasy, maybe because I've gone through somewhat of a sad exam. These are some tones I've been loving recently. 

Honey I'm Good by Andy Grammar

I can't tell you how much I love this song, it makes me want to start dancing and bobbing my head. The video using real life couples is just super adorable and makes you really appreciate the people you have. 

The Hanging Tree from Mockingjay
Is there anything Jen Law can't do? This is actually one of the best things about Mockingjay, this song. Eerie, but very beautiful. 

Try by Colbie Caillat
This song is life. It's all about self love and I just want to shove this song up everyone's playlists because everyone needs to hear this song, no feel this song. Believe me, it's worth it.

I Will Never Love You More by Soko

I first heard this song in a Kate Spade video and KS is my spirit brand, totally amazing. It was so dreamy and adorable I had to get it. It makes no sense but all the sense at the same time. Check out the video and tell me you don't feel it, just tell me.

Budapest by George Ezra
What is with me and hipster songs these days? I tend to be dragged towards ones that are more laid back and eerie than pop songs and I can't be any happier. Songs like this are great to just chill around, to be background music to while you work, sip tea or get your heart broken. 

Fevicol Se from Dabangg 2

Okay, I know this song is a bit raunchy and extremely objectifying and sexist. In fact, I am kind of ashamed to like this but my liking for Bebo and the fact that any dance-y Hindi song will make me love it is making me biased. I actually listen to this at least once a week and oh god, it's sad. 

Little Red Wagon by Miranda Lambert
Oh bam gurl, Miranda is amazing. This song is all kinds of country fierceness and Miranda makes you want to say yeah fight me without having to say it, hahaha. 

What songs are you currently listening to?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Who's Your Rosie?

Last month, I read this book called The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion which was a light-hearted fun read that really made me think that whatever you plan, life likes to throw the exact opposite of it. 

It follows Don Tillman, a professor who suffers from Aspergers, who makes a questionnaire to find a wife in the most scientific way possible. Being a teacher of Business Research Methods this semester, I found the research and questionnaire design process both informative and hilarious. Then he meets Rosie and his life takes an interesting turn and he realizes so many things about himself. What fascinated me most is that even though this story of bubbly fun girl (sort of a MPDG) makes boring guy's life fun and makes him love life again is a tale as old as time, this book gives a new twist to it. Don didn't change himself but he rediscovered himself and through all of it he still stayed true to his values and himself but as a mind of science he of course changed his views when they were proven to be false. If only more of us followed this in real life, we'd have lesser arguments. 

The character growth in the book is absolutely amazing, you can feel Don changing, how his thought process keeps increasing and getting better as the book progresses. The writing style is very fun and easy to read while keeping you entertained. I loved the light humour and the supporting characters. You almost feel like you know these people in real life. Also it's hopefully being made into a movie! Ahh, I am extremely excited. 

Do check out the book trailer below. Book trailers are often underappreciated.

Rating: 4/5

This all brings me to one question. Who's your Rosie? Is there a person who's always there to remind you to live your life to the fullest? Someone who makes you want to be a better person and makes you realize when you've been very terrible? This might be a friend, a sister, a father, a spouse, a teacher, anyone. You could be a Rosie to someone. You could be that person who helps someone else to always be their best self and to be there when they beak down. One day, maybe you'll find your Rosie or realize you've been your own Rosie. 

What are you currently reading?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Have Courage and Be Kind

Last weekend, two of my friends Shamma and Niu went to watch Cinderella the live action movie. We even dressed up in blue and Shamma made us very adorable hijab pins with a little shoe charm.
Growing up, I used to love Cinderella and of course the original Disney movie is still among my favourites so obviously I was excited to watch it.

image credits
The movie was exactly what you'd expect and more. I loved that they stuck to the book so closely, only changing a little bit. The authenticity was charming, especially because most modern remakes will change the story so much. Everything about it was lovely. The scenery, the actors, the story line, the quotes, the clothes, ahh. The clothes were fantastic and I'm still haunted by how gorgeous Cinderella's wedding dress was. Especially the stepmother's clothing was just spectacular. In fact, I think Cate Blanchett stole the show. She was incredible, of course. She literally gave me goosebumps with some lines and she played the part so well. Lily was wonderful as Cinderella. She made us realize why we love Cinderella and shows that we have a bit of Ella in all of us. Helena Bonham Carter, how do I even begin to describe how she makes all her roles better just by her presence? She was quirky and definitely the embodied the fairy godmother we all wish we had growing up.

Overall, you know what you're getting into (I mean, it's a tale we've heard so many times eh, how could here even be spoilers?) so the only reason you go watch it to see some magic, to be entertained, to get yourself lost in nostalgia and childhood cheer and hi movie delivers it so well. It makes you remember all the good times and make you feel like the princess you loved reading about. This movie is for everyone, whether you are a little girl just finding yourself a new princess (who says old classics are boring for current generation?) to adore or for us twenty somethings who grep up with these characters and its a coming of age scene, or for the older generation who has seen so much of the hardships, they deserve a nice little break. They deserve a bit of magic.

Rating: 5/5

I'll leave you with the most wonderful quote from the movie: Have courage and be kind because where there's kindness, there's goodness and where there's goodness, there's magic.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

7th Blogiversary!

Ahh, It's been 7 years. SEVEN. I cannot even fathom the idea that I've been sharing parts of my little life with you internet friends. WHOA. You've seen me be a giddy teenager, care about too many things, worry about exams and boys and all those things, become who I am today. You've been there and often the knowledge that there are people out there who are cheering on me makes it worthwhile. I see this blog as a little part of me and yes I know in recent years I've shared less than I used to, but I still think of you guys as family, the bestest of people. 

The last 7 years have been truly wonderful. I've made wonderful friends through this blog. I've met the sweetest and most loving people and I've been able to inspire several people to start blogging all of which are great accomplishments in my book. 

So, thank you. Thank you for staying with me and I hope to continue this blog and that you will continue to grow with me. I hope you have a wonderful day. Today I got some very wonderful news and I'm extremely happy as well as celebrating with cake and friends later.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March in a Nutshell

Whoa, the last month was extremely exciting but also nerve-wrecking in so many ways. I had so many lovely adventures, tried lots of wonderful new things as well as my routine things. How do I even sum the last month, I'll try in the best way I can with some highlights.

Shamma, Niu and I had a picnic in the park followed by a photo-shoot and a video a couple weeks ago. Read about it here. 

I am so blessed to have some very amazing people around me, I mean look at how adorable this card is. Dhum made it and it's not just any card, it's a very late Hogwarts acceptance letter. 

The biggest highlight of March was me taking part in Twitsal. It's an annual futsal match held between users of twitter in Maldives. This is my first time actually playing on the field and I managed to do okay despite only being able to make it to two practices hahaha.

Also, how adobrale is this finger foods set-up? Hoodh and I has afternonn tea at Belle Amie after being recmmended by several people and I am impressed. The staff were so friendly and the food was delciious, the service was impeccable. Would definitely reocmmed the palce. 

Another highlight of March is that I went to a training for WDC's to an island in my atoll and gave two lectures, one of leadership and one on project management. While we were there, we got invited to judge a food fair, I mean it was just freaking amazing. There were 7 teams, more than 210 dishes and we has to eat through a lot of them and give marks and being a teacher is hard but being a food fair judge is much harder, ehehe. I enjoyed it quite a lot. 

While we were there, we had several beach days. Ahh, I needed it so much, almost made me forget about the worries. The blue skies and blue seas are a good cure and I was in the sea for long, no care in the world. Take me back! 

We also had a day trip to Amilla Fushi, thanks to Iyya's cousin DJ Angie who BTW is absolutely darling and so very talented. We had a very nice day mostly in the sea + eating great food and having a wonderful time. 

March has been so very wonderful to me and I hope that April brings even more adventure my way. Thanking Allah everyday for the blessings bestowed upon me. How was your March? I hope life gave you some new things to enjoy.