Thursday, June 25, 2009

Help Me!!!

Sorry for the no update phase, even though I have absolutely nothing to do these days. Im just cleaning up my upstairs place, and getting rid of all school books, and making career moves, etc, etc.

Oh, that not why I need your help though. I need your help in deciding which phone’s best for me.

First is Motorola BC60


Plus Points

  • Big Phone
  • Hulhuvey Leppey
  • High Quality Pic
  • Bright Light
  • Mirror View
  • Can Insert Memory Card
  • Can Lock Separate Folders like Messaging, etc
  • Can MMS

Minus Points

  • Not support mp3
  • Can’t Organize folders
  • Can’t connect to comp
  • Difficult to write msg
  • Difficult in other stuff, like finding contacts, sending msg, etc
  • Can’t go to mobile web

Then, There’s Nokia Classic 6500


Plus Points

  • Slim
  • Girly
  • Easy to msg,, etc
  • Can go Online
  • Great Organizer
  • Support mp3, themes, etc
  • Built in 1000 MB space
  • Can Connect through USB

Minus Points

  • Not Hulhuvey Leppey
  • Cant send MMS
  • Bad Quality pic
  • Cant separately lock
  • No lights and Mirrors
  • Less Space 

I need your help in deciding which one to use.. I love both of them..

BTW, Im applying for a job at Live & Learn, so wish me luck..