Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Wrong Start

Today was the first day at college. It was all going well until I was selected (selected, due to the fact that I wrote my name in orange pen, and was in top ten) seriously! FML T_T

My life is over, at least for a month. and I swear I’m gonna resign or do whatever I have to do and get out of the trouble. I donno how, but I am.

I’m starting to hate college.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A to Z: College Girl

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A is for Access Bollywood. Keep tuned. 
B is for Blitzy, my laptop. I got the cutest lappie. Only it isn't very me. Its shiny and black. I even have a very cute CD ROM, which is white and portable. 
C is for College. Starting college is not really a big deal. But I'm like a perfectionist. LOL 
D is for Desperate Housewives. I can't wait to start watching it. 
E is for Estelle. I've started typing my story down. Its called Freshman Fever. Will hopefully blog about it very soon. 
F is for Friends, who'll always stick by the side no matter what happens. I'm so glad I have such amazing friends. (= 
G is for Gee. I tend to use word very often. 
H is for How awesome is that picture?

I is for Ijajat, the stupid TV series that mom used to watch, which ended last week. Thank god. 
J is for January goals. I still have a lot to achieve and the month is already over. (= 
K is for Know it alls, who tend to think that the world revolves around them, and their damn problems. No, it doesn’t. Gee. 
L is for Less than 3. Don't get it? <3 
M is for My memory. I'm seriously the most forgetful girl I know. >.< 
N is for Nelena. LOL. Did you also know about Melena? No, that's not Miley and Selena. Haha. 
O is for Orientations. I was planning not to attend all the orientations, but Zai called and it was peer pressure. But hey, peer pressure for a good thing is good, right? And it went pretty well except for the part where I didn't know how to sit in those classy chairs. LOL. 
P is for People who think that everyone should do what they say, and how they say just because they've been there for a long time. Old is gold, but sadly I like silver better. I don't give a damn.
Q is for Quotes. Motivational quotes are what you need when you're feeling blue. =D 
R is for Registrations at college. Thank god to certain good friends. And certain really weirdo classmates. hmph 
S is for So Random, the comedy show in Sonny with a chance. It's so funny.
T is for True Blood, which I left unwatched for some reason, but am addicted now. Even though I have no  favorite character, its fun. But I always liked moonlight better. Mick is better than Bill, who's better than Edward. Moonlight>True Blood>Twilight Series. >.< 
U is for Uber stupid people who think they are so good, and old and responsible and still have fun. Gee, no thanks. 
V is for Violet. 
W is for Wanda and Cosmo, the fairly odd parents. =) 
X is for Xylophone. I'm running out of stuff. 
Y is for Y do I always get stuck in places without what I need? Reminder, take a huuuge bag wherever you go. 
Z is for Zabyh, this guy whom I've known since Ahmadhiyya, CHSE, and now we're classmates. >.<


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tag Time

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1. Special about 2009? It was a life changing year. A year of self discovery. A year of blessings and great things in general. Loved last year.
2. Special New comer to your life?  Mickie, my lovely little baby sister. She's such an awesome bubbly girl. She's the best gift.
3. Unforgettable moment of the year? There were many great unforgettable moments. Like the top ten night, the prize day, business festival, HFM stuff, blah blah.
4. Happiest moment of 2009? When I got my first job. And the second. (=
5. Saddest moment of 2009? A few moments of truth. Too personal to share.
6. The biggest change happen to you during 2009? I finished high school, and got a job. =D
7. Fav month during 2009? February
8. New thing you did in 2009? Went to a job interview alone. Twice. (=
9.How was the year 2009? It was the best year I had yet.
10. Funniest moment? Loads of moments. At school, at HFM. (=
11. Who did you call the most in 2009? Zai, Hasyb and Ty.
12. 3 Resolutions for 2010? Will post very soon. (=
13. TAGG 3: Iththi, Muawwaz and Faziie.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A to Z: 100th Post

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A is for Anil Kapoor, whom I hate. He’s now in 24. Sheesh!
B is for Boring birthday parties for 40 something year olds. Gee, and being forced to go one of them. They don't have any modern food to eat either. Bleh!
C is for Colors, I’m just hoping this picture will keep me inspired.
D is for Doing what I believe in even though everyone else doesn't believe in it.
E is for Expensive shipping fees. It costs more than the product itself. I wish Maldivian bookshops would have 17 or Vogue.
F is for Forgive and never forget.
G is for Give Me Some Sunshine, one of my current favorite songs. I can listen to it like over and over again till I get bored of it.>.<
H is for Hollywood Versus Bollywood? Which one do you prefer?
I is for I love bedtime stories, the movie. And bedtime stories in general. LOL. Adam Sandler FTW! <3
J is for Jai Ho! One person’s loss is another persons gain. (=
K is for Karthik Calling Karthik.
L is for Love <3
M is for My 100th post! Yay me!
N is for Nothing
O is for Omkara. I love love love Othello
P is for Princess and the Frog. I so want to see it, but the CD shop guys forgot to write it. hmph
Q is for Quick Messages. LOL. A friend of mine, ehem ehem, is observant of tiny details. 
R is for Radio, another great movie. I’ve been meaning to watch it forever, and finally got it. It helped me a lot too. After all Vivan and I have something in common. =)
S is for Shopping. I always see amazing stuff, and just have to buy it. I’m trying to cut down my non useful stuff shopping expenses. But that's gonna take more time than I think.
T is for Three Idiots, the best hindi movie I’ve seen yet. Absolutely awesome. It brings all the feelings out. One minute, I'm laughing at silencer’s speech, the next I’m hating ViruS, and the next I’m crying for Raju. ;)
U is for Ukraine. I hate football, but the last world cups, I had to cheer for one team, so I chose Ukraine, lol
V is for Vogue. September issue is amazing. I can’t believe people like Anna even exist.
W is for Writing scripts. I’m so glad I have amazing people to help me.
X is for Xciting news. xD
Y is for Yoyo’s and Yoghurt.
Z is for Zeyna. I like the name.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Secrets, Lazy Days and One Confused Girl

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Hey guys
Life lately has been full of ups and downs, mostly ups, but I'm not feeling like my cheerful self. Thank god, I am sane, and that I am pretending to be happy and cheerful, and me.
I have amazing news, two to be exact. But the sad thing is, its a secret for now. Keeping a secret so exciting is definitely hard.
I have been having nightmares, blue nail polish on one hand, laziness, and not in the mood to go out other than daily trips to office.
Work has been more interesting. Watching movies almost 24/7 equals to mom and dad thinking I can’t do anything besides that, which is so not true. College is gonna start in less than a month, and I basically haven’t started to get ready yet. Works pending, goals unachieved, no heart to do anything.
And on top of that, “someone” stole lots of money from me. Well for someone, who’s trying very hard not to ask parents for my college fees, I'm pretty much broke, and yet that person has the nerve to do that. I'm trying not to call her names or anything, but seriously. Its pretty much my fault that I trusted her, and everyone else. I'm not trusting people easily after this. I have learned from my mistakes.
And yeah, good news, Thutha will be in Male’ in time for my “Legally an Adult” birthday. LOL. I am so waiting for it. And my room *upstairs space* needs renovation, and well. I am confused. Where to start?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A to Z: Alice In Wonderland-ish

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A is for Alice, this very alice-in-wonderland-like picture!
B is for Brittany Murphy.. She was so young.. RIP!
C is for Cucumber Lotions.. Seriously! I smell like cucumber salad now, but its hygienic or whatever..
D is for Dresses which you can color, and no I'm not making that up.. If you don’t believes me, see for yourself!
E is for Everything bad happens to good people.. I still cant believe she’s such a bitch.. That’s as low as a girl can get.. Forgive and NEVER forget!
F is for Famous Five.. I now only realized that back in the day they used the word “gay” in children’s books and get away with it, but now the picture would be different, methinks~!
G is for Gross dreams.. Like the one I had about shrimps growing in my body.. OMG, it was not a good sight, even in a nightmare!
H is for How am I supposed to do all that in a such a little time?
I is for Ikko, She’s great in person too.. xD
J is for Jeet Jayengi Hum.. We should do something to stop child labor..
K is for Kel, the new temp boss.. #bossfail (Not anymore, yay)
L is for loolket, my new favorite website.. xD
M is for Mars chocolates.. xD Kel gave me the two chocolates he owed me, along with interest.. xD
N is for New year resolutions.. lol and to a new decade.. xD
O is for Onion heels.. LOL
P is for President Nasheed.. I wonder who his stylist is?
Q is for Queues.. I hate queues!
R is for Room and Closet tours.. I have been watching all that cute room tours, and daddy is gonna build a walk in closet for me in my room back in my island.. xD For now, all my clothes are gonna be neatly organized in my little wardrobe.. I'm a clean freak.. =/
S is for Songs, songs and more songs..
T is for This Is It.. MJ is such an inspiration.. (= and did you also know that Sasha from 90210 (Menika Cox) was the leading lady for the concert? I thought she seemed familiar..
U is for U should never trust people until you are very sure..
V is for Vogue!
W is for Winter themed weddings where the bride and groom comes one hour late to their own wedding.. #weddingfail
X is for eXceptionally great people do exist.. But are very rare to find..
Y is for Y? Y? Y do people cheat? and act?
Z is for Zappos!

Monday, January 4, 2010

One Year Gone


Tomorrow is my lovely little baby sister Mickie’s first birthday.. I can’t still believe she’s gonna be one year old.. I still remember when I told mom that we don’t need a baby, but I'm so glad Mickie came into our lives..

She’s like this little Martian.. So cute, and cuddly.. She can walk now, talks nonsense all the time, loves dressing up, and the words “makeup” is like music to her ears.. I see another Me coming.. xD

Plus she has weird obsessions.. Like my blush brush, which she adores, my cousin’s moisturizer (Men’s O.o), and the song duniye Farivaa by Mustho and Ala..

I'm just so lucky to be blessed with such cute sisters.. Muntha, the perfect little sister, and Mickie is like a glue which sticks us together..

Best Siblings Ever!

PS I'm still as sick as ever.. And I have a toothache.. and it hurts a LOT..

PS2 Love the picture by jakegarn, DA


Friday, January 1, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New!


Happy new year to my lovely readers.. I was so ready for the year last year, but this year it seems I had the worst new year’s eve.. I'm so sick, and it hurts.. and on top of that, I haven't yet made all my resolutions, or redecorated my room.. And there’s a listener who keeps asking for my number, as if I have less problems already!

Anyhow, lets see whether I kept my last years over ambitious resolutions.

  1. Thank God for something beautiful every single day – done and done again! Thank you god, for making last year so AWESOME!
  2. Stop feeling guilty about wanting to buy expensive branded things – I did not buy a single designer or high street labels, except MAC.. which was a very reasonable investment.. lol
  3. Stay true to myself – I'm still! xD
  4. Drink more water – I am getting more healthier, yes I am!
  5. Say more I love you’s – said I love you’s to so many people.. more to come..
  6. Be more healthy – refer to no 4!
  7. Wear beautiful colorful clothes that make me feel good every day – I now own almost all colors.. xD
  8. Hang wind chimes – my birdie cage.. xD
  9. Find my artistic eye again – did many scrapbook pages and cards last year.. xD
  10. Become more financially responsible – got a job, which pretty much sums it all.. lol
  11. Eat more veggies and fruits – I’ve become more of a vegetarian the last few months.. xD
  12. Make more friends – you guys are the best!
  13. Find someone inspiring and strike up a friendship – I've met cool people like muawwaz, iththi, kel, sha and many more.. you all are super duper awesome.. xD
  14. Renew some old friendships – called up some old friends.. old is gold!
  15. Laugh a lot more – you should totally listen to chocolate, and you’ll know!
  16. Comment on people's blogs - xD
  17. Train myself not to assume that someone asking a question is testing to see if I get the "right" answer. – I'm no longer Ms. Right.. xD
  18. Save more money – I did save more than I did the year before
  19. Listen more –  I work in a radio station! lol
  20. Become more organized – everything is clearly labeled and in their rightful places..
  21. Clean out my clothes closet – done and done again.. It is now never dirty or unorganized!
  22. Be clean and Tidy – achieved the title of clean freak.. and proud of it.. (=
  23. Plan ahead – I have my plans for the next five years ready.. lol

So, I did exactly half of tote things.. wow.. haha..

Here are the things I couldn't do/keep

  1. Learn about Maldivian history – I'm such a bad excuse for a Maldivian!
  2. Document my family tree – Still haven't done it.. I do keep a photo of my family in a rocking frame.. does it count? O.o
  3. Remember to charge my cell phone – Poor cell is now dead.. and I now use my mom’s which I charge very regularly.. >.<
  4. Remind everyone I meet that they are beautiful, amazing, and a wonder of creation – I fail to do this.. #shahafail
  5. Surprise my family and friends with special good things – I started to do this, but some things get in the way of good relationships, like jealousy and stuff..
  6. Remember to call family and friends on their birthdays – I forgot so many birthdays! argh!
  7. Say "thank you" to all those that have blessed me with their lives and friendships – Thank you.. Late better than never, right?
  8. Get through a whole year without missing a birthday – I even forgot my own! sheesh~
  9. Read all the books I already own – I still need to read the book about coral reefs..
  10. Start a scrapbook – Hopefully will do this year..
  11. Write thank you notes – should do this more often too..
  12. Call 2 good friends per week – started doing this, but it gets awkward cos people think I need something from them.. texting is much a better alternative.. >.<
  13. Call Grandma once a month – one of the hardest things to do, even though I love her..
  14. Spend less money – Should never make a resolution about this again.. Proud to be a shopaholic..
  15. Write in the diary everyday – poor diary last year felt so alone and un useful..
  16. Do the 999 challenge in Library things – I just checked it, I never remembered about this.. hmph!
  17. Write 3 happy things about each day – Started doing this, but then got carried away by same things each day!
  18. Blog regularly – I know, again.. such a bad excuse for a blogger too!
  19. Scrap and create more often – I did make a few scrapbook pages though!
  20. Go with the baby steps – Must do this!
  21. Not spend too much time near computer – will probably never achieve this..
  22. Recite Quran daily – I should really do this.. Keep faith!
  23. Pray 5 times – I have been such a bad girl..

Such a long post, eh?

Picture from luchikk, DA..

So, What are your new years resolutions? Did you achieve all of last years? How was New Years eve? Tell me all about it!