Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tha Harry Potter Phase

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That’s right! I’m going through a major Harry Potter phase, which started with me finding this amazing website called Average Wizards, where people write about how magical their lives are. Mine, not so magical, so I decided to make it magical. I’ve always been a fan of the Harry Potter series even though I hate Danielle Radcliffe. He never impressed me, not even those green eyes in his character,or the scar! NO.
Well, about the phase here are few Harry Potter related things I did to make my life magical.
  • Renamed my FMC folder as Hogwarts. Also, now I study Divination, Transfiguratiion, Arithmency and Muggle studies.
  • Renamed picture folder as Daily prophet, Items as Room Of Requirement, and orientation files as Sorting Hat
  • Also changes the contacts of my phone. FMCSA is now Hufflepuff. xD
  • Write about Harry Potter related statuses both on fb and twitter.
  • Shout harry potter spells in lecture classes. LOL
  • Wear yellow and tell people I’m hufflepuff
  • Asked my good friend Muawwaz to download A very potter musical and it songs.
  • Join harry potter related groups on fb
  • Borrow harry potter books from library
  • Buy New moon and write “Property of Half blood prince” on first page.
  • Read about anti twilight sites  and hate Edward every second.
  • Study hard like Hermione
  • ’Wait for my Ron.
  • I know, that's a lot. I’m actually loving this phase.
    PS, college is hectic. I had two lectures today, and I’m also giving a sorta interview about health O.o to a student. And tomorrow I have another exam. Wish me luck!
    PS2, That's a light in Wood Apple. We go to  that place quite often nowadays.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Bit About Classmates


I did a post when I was in CHSE about my classmates, and teachers. This time, I have a completely different set of classmates. YES, I called them as a set. I’m so maths. LOL.

I only study 4 subjects, (I tried getting more, but apparently they don’t offer. I now feel like an average student. ) and with me I have 15 classmates all doing bachelors.We are actually a great class. I’m surprised we get along so well. Last year, in CHSE I underwent rivalry among nerds, it wasn't exactly what I had in mind, so it was a good change.

Enough babble,. straight to my wonderful muggle classmates.

Nash, one of the best people in my class. To tell the truth, Nash and I are the only girls in class who have fun. Others too, but they are rather shy/talk normal. She’s fair, wears glasses, and has the most elegant fashion sense. She wears matching shoes too. xD I knew her since CHSE so we have loads to talk about all the time.

Ainthu is good in studies, and is fun, but talks quite less. She usually walks with me to college, and we always look out fat the creepy fat guy in orange stripes.Tell me about it. LOL

Muru is another classmate whom I knew since CHSE. She’s fun, and we usually talk about Desperate Housewives. She has lovely pooh bear notebooks.

Fareesh is basically the all around good guy, who gets along well with everyone, is intelligent, and looks good. Nash, Fareesh and I usually have lavabaazees, and we talk about Alifulhu, and also about egg cases. LOL

Vicky is the funniest of them all. The good looking playboy who makes fun of everything and sends every one I love you messages. He is rather good at singing songs. I’m sure he makes up half the songs he sings. Previously he had quite a girlish hairstyle, but he changed it to a decent one. I’m guessing it was Nash and I who put him to it. Peer pressure.

Saa is good at studies, talks with everyone and she has the loveliest accent. Also has a great fashion sense.

Zeetha is the oldest girl in our batch, is married, and wears all black, but her dresses are awesome. They are black, but had different color tones. She’s fun, fair and wears glasses.

Mushrif is well, Mushrif. He’s an IT geek who studied science all his life, and is now making his way up the business lane. I feel sympathy for him, but he’s quite good at getting the grip of it. He also has the magic mouse. I am so jealous. Plus, I met him even before we started attending college. OMG. I just remembered where I met him. God, he was talking about that! –_-

Shafa has a great personal style, and is really fun. She and Vicky are from same island so they usually speak in their accent, and I have a hard time understanding.

Mixu lives in the dorm. I feel really sad for her. but she manages it really well. I swear I cant live in a dorm, or I’d starve to death, since I would have to eat grass, cos I’d spend all my allowance on shoes. FML! She’s quite shy and talks very less. But she has a great smile.

Nuxu talks quite less, but you’d always catch he smiling. I should one day ask her how she manages to do that. I love how she dresses. So professional. She looks like she just came out of a page of Economist.

Mueen is really fun, and its fun how he says my name. He’s a police, and usually talks about Economics. Plus, he also drives.

Samyh, to tell the truth I donno much about him, we talk sometimes. He’s fun. makes jokes.

Zabyh.I know him since Ahmadhiyya days. He was quite a mischievous guy, but he turned out fine. I’m surprised he attends all classes. he’s intelligent, and his handy word is “Huvaa”.

Assad, doesn't talk much to us, but whenever he talks, its probably a joke.

Together we make a great class.

And me, oh yeah. I’m the kulafataas girl who wears so much yellow everyone calls me MDP. I also make weird jokes at times which no one understands, and I’m the matchy matchy girl who has way too many bags, and sings “ We all live in a yellow submarine” in Econ class. I'm also the stupid class rep who doesn't do much, but keep writing stuff in my journal,draw dresses and talks about this cute guy I saw in Math class, and gives orders to people to sit in front of me, so that teachers cant see me. I’m also this red bull smuggler who smuggles red bull to boring lecture classes and drinks it when the teacher is not watching. I’m also the talkative girl who talks too much, and jumps up and down whenever I get any exciting news even if I’m standing in the middle of the FMC grounds with all my classmates and various other class students around. Too many words to explain me and my weirdness. I’m sure you wouldn't like to sit in the same class with me. LOL

That’s it for now.

PS, I got my Nokia back. Its doing good now, and also got a new black (sheesh!) lap bag, and a wireless mouse, all thanks to daddykins.

Reading through New Moon, hating Bella each second, and Edward more.

Also reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Love Ron Weasley!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Wish I

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  • Had a brother. All of you guys who have an older brother, you are so lucky.
  • Lived In Malaysia, so I could go to Jezmine’s shop everyday.
  • Would one day go to Princeton University. I know its too much to ask for, but its a once in a lifetime thing, and I want to make mine bright!
  • Had a pet. I’m too scared to any living thing, but I always wished I had a pet, like a turtle, or even a goldfish. Too bad, I am lazy!
  • Had a HUGE closet. Every girl’s wish, aint it?
  • Was more punctual, more hardworking and more modest.
  • Had a nice crocheted laptop case.
  • Could have more than 24 hours in a day.
  • Was the perfect girl everyone want me to be.
  • Had a gay bestfriend.
  • Had a job.
  • For all of you who are dreamers like me, some wishes come true, others take a longer time. Some will never, so you can wish for more.

Monday, March 22, 2010

As Days Go By

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Remember  how my last post I told you guys about how I hate not having my room to myself. Well, the phase is quite over since I love sleeping downstairs. Its fun having fights with Muntha at bedtime. LOL. plus, my bed is bigger, haha.
And I have classes. I did bunk yesterdays one though. I felt bad later. But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I’ve been doing nothing much lately, other than spending most of my free time on polyvore, and watching some stupid hindi series called Pratigya. gee. reminds me of Pragya though.
On Friday night., I was invited to go to a pizza party by a fan. Yes, people i have fans. she was really sweet. Also met a few listeners and ate yummy Italian pizza.
And on Saturday night I was invited to the twitbbq, which was fun. I’ve never been to a barbecue before. So, it was a first. Had so much fun. Later I was all emo, cos I smelt like fish. haha.
And well, my cousin came and bright me a dairy. YAY! two diaries actually. And a weird clutch-like notebook and a makeup bag. I donno which one I like better.
So, that's the random things that happened to me over the weekend. I also painted my nails. Gonna paint it pink today.
That’s all for now. Life isn't quite how I’d expected, but who am I to complain?
PS that picture is part of a painting I made last year. the rest shows a mermaid. I’d rather not show you that, or you’d think I am a pervert! LOL

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mid-Sem Trouble


I’m probably gonna have the worst mid sem break ever. For  beginners, I have no job, thus I have to stay home all week long. Bummer. And on top of that, I have an assignment, and a test to learn for. Too bad I wont even be able to do my assignment, and have to cram for the exam since I now don’t even have a room. Yes, folks I no longer have a room. T_T

What happened was suddenly a relative came over for the mid sem  break, and I knew only today when she came. Now since my parents are the nicest people in the whole world, they would give up their own daughters room for the guest. Mehemaandhaary! =/ Whenever anyone comes over to stay, I’ll have to move downstairs, since I have a room mate, a cousin. I’m sure I have told about him already. The good thing is he’ll probably leave soon. I hope. Well its for the best of both of us, he’ll get his dream job, and I’ll not be roomless.

Whatever. I’m already in an emotional state with losing my job, and now I’m losing my room, and having the worst mid-sem break ever. And it hasn’t started yet. Did I also tell you my neighbors now has a pigeon, which loves our home. OMG. I’m not an animal friendly person! >.<

Gosh. At least I'm glad I still have my popsicle making thing. Or I’d go nuts. I’ll probably turn emo.

Ps, that’s not my room. It’s the room we stayed when we went on a school trip to a resort last year.

I hope you guys are enjoying though. Have fun!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Miss


  • Living near scoop. When I lived there I spent all my free time in scoop eating Raspberry Ice cream, and all the scoop staff would know what I would order even before I said anything. I know you wouldn't believe that. Even I wouldn't. Cos that's not what I do on my free time.
  • CHSE. I miss classmates, library, Othello (when i was a student there I read Othello back to back four times, once in each semester), the mango tree, rose bushes near toilet, the big tree at the secret place (It is there! Just because you don't know doesn't mean it isn't! Hmph), Parliamentary debates, cute guys, playing Pictionary all the time and specially I miss the the Abulho Pragya thing. LOL
  • BGK. I wasn't as sad as that even when I gave the last ever show on HFM. BGK was something I enjoyed, something I could talk bout forever.
  • Thutha. She’s the best person in the whole world. the best shopping buddy, the best movie buddy, and the best ice cream buddy. )=
  • Cousins. We had so much fun before, now we live so far apart we only check each other’s facebook statuses. I am ashamed to say  depend on facebook for this. T_T
  • Polyvore. I was such a great polyvorian. OK, maybe not, but it was fun. I had fun, I donno why I don't go there anymore. Wait, cos I am this busy girl who thinks she can do everything, but the truth is 24 hours isn't enough for me.
  • SHOPPING! I am such a shopaholic at heart , but I haven't bought anything meaningful in months. Photocopy’s doesn't count. I hate photocopying. T___T
  • Not having to think about a pimple in my face. Seriously! Being a girl is never easy.
  • Being a perfectionist. It was fun, I was confident, I wasn't procrastinating. I was, never mind.
  • Naifaru. Sadly I miss the place, my room, my teddy bears, if they are alive by now, granny, and all the lovely people there.
  • My room. I might not be able to live there in like 3 years. gosh, I miss the cartoon network-ish tiles, the stupid white walls, which I am gonna change to hot pink, and the antique study table. I miss my weird bed, and my toy airplane, which I used to play with everyday when I was small. Yes, its still there, new as ever.
  • Collecting Bracelets. I now have so few I hardly wear any. That photo shows all my bracelets. Ouch.
  • The good old me, who was a nerd , who talked like how a good girl should, who always did her work on time, who would cry a fountain even if she missed a class. Is that girl still in me?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Not An RJ Anymore!

This is my first post from my laptop. Daddy was a sweetheart to bring me the W modem, which is like a dream come true. I love love it. I’m sure after writing this post I am gonna be making a list of reasons why I love my W modem. haha.
Oh, and about the title, yes its true. I am no longer an RJ. After I finished my last show Wednesday night i felt so sad. I was also honored to get the chance to host the last ever chocolate show. I loved working at HFM. I still do work there, or at least the 20th, and after that I’m also gonna be jobless. T_T
Thus, I shall try these few days to find a job, because I love working. I know its gonna be hard, but I like keeping myself busy. Plus, I am one hell of a shopper, thus I want to shop all the time. And I ALWAYS wanted to live on what I earn. OK. Maybe that was exaggerating. But I like being independent. OK. That was also a lie, since I am the laziest person I know, and am depending on my parents for everything. hehe. Its complicated. Still, the point being that I must find a job.
Life has been going hectic, with exams, assignments (don't even get me started on this) and hangouts. Yep, my classmates are officially the best classmates ever, and I’m not only saying this because we always go out to eat together. We also have photo shoots, lava baazees, and watch movies in college. And it has only been one month since we met.
Anyhow, I’ll hopefully keep you guys updated regularly now that I can do it easily without Mickie having meddled with my blog posts. That's another story!
PS Gorga went missing. I finally found it today but now I donno whether its Gorga or not. Hah
PS2 Marries woman take longer time to get ready that non married.
PS3 One word of advice get a car +driver /car+ learn to drive/ at least a scooty before you get married
PS4 That’s my laptop which is named Blitzy.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Mania


I donno why but I like this month, very much! Now don’t you go there making weird assumptions. To be truthful, people make very weird assumptions about meh! Oh, and Economists ASSUME. Hah! Some two weeks ago, I told a joke about Economics. and now whenever any teacher even says the word “assume”, everyone keeps looking at me. LOL

Since the start of this year, I started making Goals for each month, (Should I also mention the fact that I love making lists?) Here are this month’s goals.

1. Text a friend a day

Calling friends are good, but Every time I call someone They just sound weird, and its embarrassing. –_- Texting is easier, plus cheaper
2. Go according to study schedule

I finally made a study schedule, high time! So far, everything’s going good.
3. Write in diary every day

This one's kinda the hardest to do!
4. Do not procrastinate

Ok. I take back what I said on 4th point. This one’s definitely the HARDEST to keep. Procrastination's my middle name
5. Update blog regularly

Hopefully will keep you guys updated about my life!
6. Use my own photos on blog

Yeah, I keep taking pictures, and I gotta show you some great ones.

Lets hope I can do this. xD

PS, Yeah 2 posts in one day! So not meh!

PS2, That’s my fav potted plant in FMC. I even secretly named it Gorga. I’m weird. Period!


Being Eighteen

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I haven't blogged since I was eighteen. *sarcastic* Have been really busy, *cough lazy! and thus neglecting the blog. Life in short is good. So, I had a birthday bash, had so much fun, and then work is also very exciting. classes are turning more fun/less boring. Even the account teacher seem to be OK. We get along now, which I donno is a bad thing or not. In all this crazy mess, I also happen to make a card, last Saturday to be exact. Not the best one though. And that also reminds me of how I had this 17 things list, of which I was only able to do a few, six exactly. I was way over ambitious at the time of making the list. I should've learned from it but I will never, thus leading to another list. This time, presenting you, the Excessive Eighteener List. I know, I even gave it a fancy name, like the English people. Hah
Most of the things this time are easier/less ambitious but fun, and what I can see my self doing in the coming year. 
Being 18 so far isnt any different. I just feel older, and that’s not really good. Anyhow, I'll hopefully update the blog at least twice a week, so boring you with my not so exciting life. Hah. Oh, and if you are totally bored by now, I have another thing to un-bore you, by the one and only Kel angel-ina jolie. his RJ blog. Do leave a comment, the poor guy will be feeling sad though. haha

1. Save 100 per month from my allowance 
2. Design my whole collection 
3. Get Shaheed Labeeb Award 
4. Be on Dean's Honour list 
5. Watch all hindi movies that comes out and write reviews 
6. Recite the whole Quran at least once 
7. Be more friendly 
8. Help mom more 
9. Do my own Laundry 
10. Give gifts on friends/family birthdays 
11. Get a boyfriend 
12. Buy an IPod 
13. Start an Etsy Shop 
14. Buy lime crime lipstick 
15. Get my debit card 
16. Save electricity, fuel, etc and help the environment 
17. Get a pet 
18. Enjoy being 18!

PS, This the last post (hopefully) containing “Eighteen” in the title.