Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Perks of Dating Matthew Crawley

Thank to my friend Shums, I got obsessed about period drama Donwton Abbey (I used to think it was called Downtown Abbey hahaha) and my favourite characters are Matthew Crawley and Lady Sybil Crawley. I finished watching four seasons of it in the span of a month and I absolutely adore the dresses, the manners, the language, everything about it. 

So, naturally I had to write about Matthew Crawley. He's so lovable and humble and here's why he would make for a perfect SO. 

1. He says the most cheesy things that make you want to hold him a little too tight. 

Seriously, Matthew is not one for keeping things to himself, he would tell you how much you mean to him, even if you are engaged to someone else because he is a new age romantic. 

2. He is always up for a dance

and take you to the dancing floor and serenade you with his carefully maneuvered and graceful dance moves. He will make your everyday memorable, whether it's cheeky dancing in a servants hall or a waltz at a ball. 

3. He looks at you like you're the only girl in the world

and you don't need Lady Mary to tell you this. His one look can make your heart do things you didn't know it was capable of. 

4. He's rich but so down to earth

You know he's not one of those snobby rich guys. He's the exception to the rule. He's so down to earth and can fare well for himself which makes him a lovable rebel. 

5. His Smile

Need I say more? His smile makes you weak in the knees. It makes you want to run away from the aristocratic and misogynistic values of 1920's and live with him on the countryside. 

6. He's smug and you can't help but roll your eyes at him

I mean seriously. He knows he's got you and he still can't believe it. He thinks of himself lucky when you know you're the lucky one. 

7. He's a fighter and looks damn fine in a uniform. 

The war only made him way hotter and men in uniforms are just to die for; especially with that sleek hairstyle. 

8. His Smirk

Oh Matthew Crawley, killing hearts with his boyish charms before it was cool. He's the 1910's heartthrob. 

and lastly, 

9. When he's got you, you know you've got a chance at something real

because Matthew Crawley knows the value of things and he understands people. He's the best of both worlds, a mother's boy and a people's heir. 

If you love historic fiction or 1920's, you're gonna love Downton Abbey. 

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  1. Loved how you described him! It's so true!


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