Saturday, July 1, 2017

June Favourites

Last month went by so quickly. Ramadan was a mix of good and bad, mostly good but I was too tired to fully utilize the month but Alhamdhulillah for another Ramadan. :D Here are some of the things that I really liked and used last month. 

 1. How to be a BAWSE by Lilly Singh | I adore Lilly on a very high level. Her sense of humour and what values she stands for are amazing, and I was looking forward to reading this book. It was a gift from my very good friend Humadh and I am very excited to read it, I already love the style of the book and pictures inside of it. 

2. Powerbank | This is a necessity in modern life, especially as an iPhone user with a Snapchat addiction. I carry it around always, and got this cute sticker from it by Fettsoren (she makes the best stickers and they're also available at MyWonderboxMV). I cannot stress enough about how important it is, especially since I'm usually out of my house quite a lot and don't always have a power source nearby.

3. Stationery | I go nuts for stationery. I cannot walk by a book/stationery shop without going in and buying at least one item. In the last two months my washi collection has grown by tenfold. I love this new plastic washi from Asrafee (for only MVR 6!) and they come in so cute patterns like airmail, London and Paris! I also got the mini scratch book which is so cool. It's painted black with a rainbow paper underneath so you can scratch out messages, reminds me of 3rd grade art class when we would cover everything with blank plaint and scratch off just for the fun of it. Sticky notes are just so useful, I have sticky notes at every corner of my house because you never know when you need to write down something. These ones were MVR 15 for a pack which comes in green, yellow, blue and pink, all pastel and is lined, how perfect. And of course, I had to pick up this Tangled sticker book because I love Flynn and it's come in handy so much. 

4. MADES Mango Tropical Bath and Shower Gel | This is basically the most colourful bath items and I have a slight obsession with mango scents recently, so I picked this because I also had mango body lotion so I wanted to go all mango, haha. It smells so delicious and basically bath time feels so tropical and fruity! 

5. Fruttini My Craziness is Mango Lotion | I love this fun range of lotions and body products from Fruttini. I previously used the strawberry bath gel and it was delicious, so I wanted to try something new with mango, and basically it smells SOOOO good. Plus, it's travel friendly so I love it.

6. Make up | Pretty is my newest make-up obsession. It has such cute designs and are so affordable. 
I picked up around 6-7 make-up products and these are some of the things I LOVED and used a lot. The pink blush is an everyday item now, it gives me such a nice rosy blush and the gold eye shadow is my favourite from everything I picked up. It's not quite everyday wear but perfect for special occasions. It gives the most glittery eye look that's so glam. I also picked two lipsticks, one a very deep plum and another a pink, also super gorgeous when used. My all time favourite mascara is this Maybelline Rocket Volume Express with its thick bristles which gives my eyelashes such a nice look, almost equivalent of falsies. 

Those are some of my favourite things from last month. What have you been loving recently?