Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Playlist: Anxiety Playlist

The last month has been really hard for me. I've felt so much anxiety in doing even the smallest things, something I didn't feel to this extent ever before. I listened to quite a lot of music to cope with it, and here's the playlist I had on repeat all last month. 

Closer by The Chainsmokers ft Halsey

This song has been my number one, and yes, I know it's very mainstream but because it's so good and it calms my nerves whenever I get too fidgety. Even though the lyrics isn't something I can relate to, I think it's the unfamiliarity that really speaks to me. 

High High from A Gentleman's Dignity OST

I don't know much Korean even tho I watch quite a lot of K-dramas and this is my pump-up song from the last K-drama I finished, A Gentleman's Dignity. I love the fast beats mixed with soothing Korean words, haha. 

Cup of Tea by Kacey Musgraves

This song is about tea, not really but it's about how we're never everything for everyone and I love the message and the tune. It's perfect background music when you're walking, really calms you down. Kacey's voice is nothing short of magical. 

Girl in a Country Song by Maddie & Tae

This is the country feminist anthem and I love it. It talks about all the sexist things in country songs (and if you don't know by now, country is my favourite genre) and it just plays the right vibes for me. Perfect anti-country country song. 

World Shut Your Mouth by Julian Cope

Thanks to this indie (but absolutely fantabulous) series called The A Word, I got obsessed with this song. It's just the kind of song you need when you just want to shut out the world, some days you really need it. 

Kya Khoob Lagti Ho from Dharmatma

Since we first sang this song in a karaoke birthday celebration, I've rediscovered my love for this gem of a song by Mukesh and Kanchan. The original song is lyrically so beautiful and so mesmerizingly sung it just keep your heart happy.

I know this is weird mix of songs but hey whatever works for you, eh. What songs calm you down?

Friday, December 2, 2016

November 2016 in a Nutshell

I've missed blogging, to be honest. I miss writing down things I would later look back on and reminisce over. Last month was quite possibly the worst I've had this year and this year has been a mixture of some good, and mostly bad. Here are some things noteworthy from November.

There were quite a lot of birthday celebrations, which is always fantastic because cake, and also because good company. 

Here's Mick and my cousin celebration cousin's birthday with the cake we made!
Here is us celebrating Bafa's birthday with caaake. Also picture I shamelessly stole from Humadh's snap.
More birthday celebrations! This time Bayyad's with some new friends and old ones. 

There was also some charity/volunteer work because this year I haven't had time to do as much social work as I would like, but it still felt good to give something back!

After the run for charity with some of my futsal teammates. 
With some work colleagues after we finished the Vilimale' clean up event
 I also tried the new Cheery Soda at Meraki, which is absolutely amazing but still don't beat the Red Velvet Latte there.

I love getting mails and tho recently I haven't been mailing much it's still nice to get and send mails, to keep up with people around the globe that I have yet to meet. 

 The end of November had been riddled with sad news, but the little things sure does make it all seem bearable. I hope your November was nice.