Wednesday, January 29, 2014

12 Things About Me

Feels so long I haven't done a post like this. Lately I have been very non-personal in this blog but since this is actually my personal blog, a little bit of this and that goes, eh. Here are 21 things you may or may not know about me. 

1. I'm an excessive planner. I really plan to the last detail. Like I have weekly routines for watching series, daily routines for doing everything from waking up till the minute I go to sleep. I really like planning, almost to a Monica Geller-Bing level. 
2. I hardly seem to keep up to my plans. Like the above mentioned daily/weekly plans. This is because I sometimes get really lazy and spend too much time watching a random TV series or sleep.
3. When I get obsessed, I get very very obsessed. Especially when it comes to pop culture. I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan since the first episode and I have ALL of Taylor Swift songs and I can't get enough of The Fault in Our Stars. 

4. Even though I am such a big fan of things, I don't find the need to defend them. People have tried saying things like "I hate Harry Potter, it's a bunch of stupid people going on when they could have easily killed the bad guy in one book" and it doesn't make me go into rage fits and defend everything. I will most likely go "Perhaps. Everyone doesn't have to like Harry Potter. I like it and it makes me happy." Same goes with everything. I don't think it makes me a bad fan either. Live and let live, eh? 
5. I really don't like Chamomile tea. I prefer the fruit-infused teas more than flower or spice induced teas. I actually prefer normal tea, then vanilla, then strawberry and then lemon. I always have these four different teas at my place but I like trying new types of teas to see if I like them.
6. Before I fall into a hate bandwagon, I actually do my research and see if I actually really dislike them. Eg: Twilight. I didn't get to read the first book, but watched the movie and did not like it. I bought the second book and actually read the book and did not like it. I watched the second movie too and didn't like it either so I disliked Twilight. I have read the 50 Shades too and while some parts were good, I didn't like it and I'm waiting to read the other two before I make up my mind. Same with TV shows, movies and people. I actually like some 1D songs and two Justin Bieber songs. 

7. I'm pretty hard on myself when it comes to things like TV, Books and Movies. I cannot leave a book half-read, a series half-watched, or even a movie half-watched. I have to finish it no matter how boring or terrible it is because otherwise I would just feel terrible. I really need to work on this. 
8. The two reasons I bought at iPhone 4 is because I told myself I would buy one years ago when it came out and also because of the cute covers I could get for it. 
9. I have a snack drawer where I keep some random snacks and sometimes when I get hungry, I would eat them or offer them to friends when they visit. 

10. My go-to midnight snack is peanut butter and green apples. I also used to really dislike the taste of peanut butter but I have grown to like them since last year. 
11. I actually recently found out that I in fact do not have an allergy to arecanuts (which I used to believe I had for the last 5-6 years) but it's more of a one time thing that happened years ago which made me think that. 
12. I genuinely like country music no matter what anyone else thinks of it. Not just pop country like Taylor and Kacey and Lady Antebellum, but also old country and just generally county music. 

There, now you know a bit more about me. I'm sure most of my friends already know these things. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

DYMag December + January Issue

And finally, the much awaited Dec-Jan issue of DYMag! This issue was actually very difficult because all of our team was travelling far and wide and getting content and arraging things was ten times harder. But all that is just nothing compared to the overwhelming feeling of seeing the actual thing! I cannot thank Imy, our very talented layout designer enough. The whole team is actually the best. 

It starts with a brilliant movie review by Abo, this dude knows how to make people want to watch or listen to something. The fashion lookbook this time was the hardest but also the most rewarding. Thanks to Naf, Sarvs, Toby and the great team from Traders for such a fun adventure. Also thanks to all shops for lending us clothes, I think this is so far one of our best fashion spreads. Shamma's Alice in Wonderland shoot is beautiful, I am so thankful to have been a part of the team in arranging it and seeing it happen. 

Naal is so talented, seriously. The amount of presiseness that goes into creating each of her nail arts is just, nothing short of amazing. Next is the main man of the issue, Aseel! One of our favourite people (and a really good friend) who was chosen as the cover person by the people and his interview was so brilliant I had to read it twice. Also, he is a tea person and a potterhead! :D Art Attack, a new segment featuring artwork of creative people brings Moomin this time. Don't ask me, he's mysterious. I don't even know. 

Fallen Woman by Thyma talks about women in classic literature and is by far one of the best articles we have this issue. A nice article about deserving a smile, why I love articles like that. Nawuff is too lazy so her decided to post all his statuses and call it an article, tsk tsk. Good thing his statuses are actually good. Self Critisim by Afaneen is a must-read because it's something we all always do, and need to minimize doing. 

Mystery of Aids and Why You should Swim are two articles by our columnist extraordinaire Thihnan. Seriously, this girl blows me away every time. She is the best. A Tale of Two Planets by Mahid is an article that is worthy of more reads. Slither, a very interesting poem by Naael who is also a really good poet and he designed the page, how awesome. 

Sifr and his stories never cease to amaze me. Who is he? Who even knows? Munzir writes very uh interesting poetry. Some of it, we all understand perfectly and others, well as they say the meaning only lies in his stomach. Fureeku's Nano Tale is aimed at me, because I was taking part in Nano and I think it's kind of weird but oh well.

That's everything. 66 pages of hard work, dedication, inside jokes and late nights and finally we are done! Hope you enjoy this issue as well. See you next month! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Birthday Wishlist

I am probably the easiest person to buy gifts for. Every year, I'd make a wish list just in case if people might want to get me something and I don't have to tell them and only direct them here. Also, my birthday is in just a month. I am not really too excited, but I should be. Somehow, being excited for birthdays kind of leads to all kinds of downhill. Anyhow, here goes nothing.

I absolutely love this chip and dip plates from FreshFinds. I seriously have a hard time because they are not in my life. 
This, along with other little things that I really want are in THIS list and you know you can never go wrong with any of the items because I really would use them almost everyday. 
The worst thing about having an iPhone is that the charge doesn't stay as much as it does in other kinds and I'm always carrying around my charger trying to find places to charge my phone! This would basically just save my life PLUS it's Lilly Pulitzer. 
Now, if you really really want to get me something that I would love forever and ever, this is THE LIST to follow. 

Basically anything in THIS LIST because you all know how much I love necklaces, especially pop culture inspired ones. 
What I most want for my birthday is to have a low key one with just my family and people close to my heart. 
PS I also accept warm hugs, great conversations, food, cups of tea and smiles. 
What's on your birthday wish list?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Playlist: Power Songs

I haven't actually gotten any new music since last October I think. The only new things are the ones that my friend Abe send me most of which is Miley and Tay, since I am a huge Swiftie and Smiler. Here are some songs I have been playing non-stop.

Sweeter than Fiction - Tay
This song is absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to watch One Chance. Is it me or does Tay outdo herself with each new song. I feel like this song is my life, even though nothing happening in this song resembles my life anyway. This life is indeed sweeter than fiction.

Adore You - Miles
Newest favourite song. This girl can sing! Not really a fan of the music video but the song is just brilliant. So much emotion, especially the part about where she asks him are you listening? I have heard her songs sings 7 Things and she has come so far with her music. Sometimes one can only wish that you can love someone more than the other.

Can't Hold Us - Macklemore ft Ryan Lewis
The chorus of this song is always on my mind the minute I wake up every morning. It's just so uplifting and I just want to go do something like change the world every time I hear it. Like the ceiling can't hold us. Also, do check the version that Sophia Grace sang, that girl is going places, she is just so precious.

I Think I Love You - Byul
From the OST of Full House, this song just captivated me the moment I hear in the series so I found it and have been loving it ever since. This is also possibly the only Korean song (besides Psy songs) that I have and even though I don't know half the things they are saying, I can't stop listening to it. It's so mellow and romantic and beautiful!

Fuckin' Perfect - Pink
This girl is brilliant, and she always sings very powerful songs that make you think twice. This song is for all those who are insecure and feel like nothing. Sometimes we all do, and when I feel insecure, I always listen to this song and it helps. Pink can convince anyone.

 Kanbalun - Unoosha
I loved the original One Billion Rising one, and I love this version even more because it's in Dhivehi and it's such a powerful, interesting, uplifting song! We danced in the flash mob last year and even the start of the month, we had the girls dance to this and they did a wonderful job. Kiddy's amazing vocals bring all the emotion making this song just brilliant all around. Also, so many familiar faces in the video, ahaha.

A Well Respected Man - The Kinks
I don't remember where I heard this song, probably from a movie or a TV series but the moment I did, I had to find out what it was. It's basically just me, except it's about a man. Don't you just love finding old songs and loving them so much?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Currently - January

This new year, I have plans to read at least a book per week. Last year, my reading was at a record low until I got my Kindle then I had some good reads but it was still not as much as I had hoped. I also have got a new Infinity card so I'll get to watch more movies and series this year. Here's what I am watching, reading and listening to right now. 

Little Bride | This is also known as Sweet 18, a very fun Korean Drama. I remember once writing a story where two people were betrothed from their birth and watching this makes me very giddy about the whole thing, ahaha. Also, Koreans are just, extremely dramatic. 

NCIS S3 | Last season was totally nerve wrecking and the ending was so tragic I'm still finding difficult to believe it. Gibbs and Abby are the reasons I watch this show and I have so much to catch up on. 

Frozen | A lot of my friends suggested to watch this movie and I just got it and haven't yet had time to get my sisters together and watch it. I don't want to watch it without them and so it's taking a while. I have heard some of the songs and I am so looking forward to finally watching this. 

Under the Wide and Starry Sky | This book is lined up to be read next week. I haven't read anything by Nancy Horan and I have no idea what it is about but judging from the cover, it looks interesting 

At Least You're in Tuscany | I started this yesterday and it is so far just so good! I love reading travelogues, especially by young woman and this book is about one of my favouite places in Italy. Jennifer writes with such honesty and authenticity it makes this book a very good read. I am almost into half of it now and her adventures and troubles are always a lesson. 

The Essential - Will Young | I just discovered him yesterday and have been listening to him non-stop. He is absolutely fantastic and Leave Right now is my favourite song from this album. Also did I mention, he is English. I really need to stop obsessing over foreign guys. 

What's keeping you entertained this month?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I think one of my strengths in university was being able to speak. I could convince people into believing I was telling true things even if I had no idea what I was rambling about. I used it to my advantage a lot, especially during presentations. Another thing I was known was for my presentations. People actually looked forward to it (which was obviously very motivating but also nerve-wrecking because more people = more pressure). 

I remember having a real playhouse inside the hall and having my cousins play in it while we talked about a salon for kids. It was a hit and people I didn't even know came up to me and congratulated. Another time, we dressed up in I<3 NY Tees and danced to New York New York while giving a presentation about New York. I think we used to enjoy presentations a bit too much. 

But my secret-tool was not the fun, or the actual presenting but not using Power-Point. It was during my second year in Uni that my friend Fureeku introduced Prezi to me and I haven't looked back since. My first Prezi presentation was about the most boring topic; project management tools and effectiveness but we managed to have was well-rounded and fun presentation because of Prezi.

Why? Basically it's everything PowerPoint is not. It's fun. You can zoom in, zoom out, make patterns, have details just next and you are not confined in a box but you can go beyond and it allowed us to make really creative and fun presentations that made learning even more fun and tolerable and we actually enjoyed doing it.

This was our first presentation. It was a tad bit difficult at first trying to learn everything but once I was done, it was super easy the next time onward and the easy thing is you can even download the software (it's not free) but the online version is free so I always do it online and then download the finished Prezi as a flash file and BAM, it's amazing!

This one about an entertainer done for our Consumer Behaviour is one of my favourites and we are really proud of it. It was actually also one of the most fun presentations and I'm so fortunate to have had some really creative people to work with.

and lastly, during the farewell dinner I had the pleasure to look back on some of the best moments of our three year journey and  I am just so glad to have discovered Prezi. I owe half of my grades during my last year and a half to Prezi and without it, my presentations would have been a tad bit boring and I am so glad it made my learning experience much more enriching and fruitful. 

So, check out Prezi, and don't forget to be as creative as you can. There are no limits! Whether you are in middle school, high school, university or even in a job, this nifty little tool is sure to bring more pizzazz and class to your presentations making sure you look cool and help you impress everyone! Enjoy. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Out with the old, in with the new

Whoa. It has been such a long but also short year. 2013 has kind of been a low year for me. I had lots of terrible things happen but Insha Allah I also had lots of great things happen. Here's a bit of what happened and what I learned.

Achieving Goals
I was able to cross a substantial amount of things from my life list (some even unknowingly, haha) and it was definitely a really great thing. I also bought myself an iPhone which definitely is a huge thing for me, haha. Going on blind dates, made mixed CDs, graduated college with some very lovely people, had some good food, worked in a magazine, participated in NaNo, crashed a wedding and so much more. It was just good dozes of good things which made my life rather manageable and a bit happy.

 New people
I have made some very very good friends this year, re-found some amazing people who I cannot imagine living without and also kind of lost in touch with some people as well. All in all, it's kind of a roller coaster even now. I have recently been finding that I might not actually be the easiest person to get along with. But I am thankful to Allah for the current group of friends I have. I feel like I can be the most of myself with them, even if not whole. Special mentions to Moony, a friend who became sort of my emotional mentor (and seriously, I know how bad I am at being human, haha and you are amazing) Jin, Abo and Hisham (the zombie crowd who basically is my going out people and I love these three and they get me like no other and do not judge my total weirdness and fandom obsession) DYM crowd, especially Pots and Wuff who are just two people I love so much and so glad I have them in my life and also Hoodh who is super classy and we have such similar thinking sometimes it feels like I am him, ahaha. Also DYMag crowd, my colleagues who are super nice, and other people I have met in most unexpected ways. Special shout-out to my best pal, Mh. You are always a highlight of my every year since I met you.

Family time
I have learnt to prioritize things so much this year. My family has become my strength and my weakness in just about 12 months. I have has so many struggles, trying to keep my family close to me and to give them everything I possibly can. Insha Allah things are getting better and we are surviving and learning so many lessons together and I am so so happy to have my family in everything I do. Mick and Myra are my loves and they make everyday a bit brighter. My mom and dad are amazing and they are doing so much I owe everything to them and day by day we are just growing as a family and learning to trust each other to go forward. I have had to change a lot of my plans and they are the best reason to change them. I have also become closer with my relatives and Thutha and family always make my days when they visit (they are here for new years and I'm so excited)

It's been a whole year and whoa the last year has been just great. I don't usually talk about work for ethical and professional reasons but I am so lucky to be working where I am and I have had a year of lots of character growth (hahahaha! sometimes I talk like I am a character in a book) and learnt so many things. Not to mention, I had the pleasure of working with so many talented people and I love being able to do what I love doing. I have also made lots of mistakes and had the privilege of learning from the best and working with a team of really dedicated and fun people and also a company that has similar values to mine such as integrity and passion. 

This is one of the best things to ever happen to me. DYM got registered this year and we have had so much fun and done so much it overwhelms me. We carried out several important and also fun projects and continued to do what we do best, make people laugh and think. I have had the pleasure of discovering talented people and being able to tell their story through our outlets just makes me one happy girl. Also DYMag is one of the best things to happen to me this year and we have had brilliant 7 issues over the year which was lots of work but definitely worth the effort. We also have a really amazing team and I'm proud to be part of it. 

I have seriously had some very terrible days that I hardly talk about because those are for my journals and therapist (ahahaha) but I have felt very very down this year. For every good things, there has been an equal (and sometimes even more) number of really bad things happen which has actually made me very cynical about life. It's a sad but necessary trait this year. There was lots on unhappiness at the start and I almost went  into total depression; the worst kind because I didn't even know that I was actually depressed until people started noticing and I had to take medication and it was just a very low point in my life and if it was not for my very good friend (you know who you are!) I would have totally lost myself. I have begun to gather pieces up ad started to rebuild my life again and while I am still not completely myself (I hope one day I can be), I am gathering up enough courage everyday to just live and be happy. Masha Allah I have had the support of so many good people and I feel very blessed. A lot of dreams didn't happen but life goes on and little by little, I try to make the time I have count. 

Other Things
There were a lot of good books, lots of tea (current favourites are lemon, vanilla and strawberry), movies, DOCTOR WHO (seriously, this show has helped me so much!), winning some fun things, organizing scavenger hunts, going on trips, baking cakes that crumble, making a page for my blog, going to fashion shows, modelling and so much more. It has been overwhelming how much life has thrown at me and I am looking forward to some things next year. 

I wish all of you a very happy new year and may your year be fruitful and bring new adventures your way!