Monday, August 29, 2011

Eid is almost here.

I know I don’t have to remind you that. While most, and by most I mean my friend MH and other people who don’t matter as much are going back or already in their islands enjoying, I am stuck in Male’ doing my research project. Of course it’s no one but my fault. Being the queen of procrastination, I kept an important assignment and almost forgot about it, until Z pointed it out. *sigh* What would I ever do without that guy?  Probably a lot, but for now, I’m glad he’s in my class and actually asks about my assignments. No he’s not my dad. My dad usually asks me about taxi fees and whether I’ve run out of my Apple juice boxes. He bought me dozen juice boxes. Not little ones, like those 1 liter ones. Isn’t he such a sweetheart. Of course he knows how much I like Apple juice. I think I would kill for apple juice. Well, I’d kill apples. See, I’m funny and I like Apple juice.
Coming back to the most mediocre thing that is my life, after taking a week off from classes, mostly because I was misinformed (ARGH!), I’m back. I don’t think most people are too happy but I have so much to do that I don’t care about what most people think about me. Nevertheless, I have finally got about to doing the said research project which from now on will be referred to as “KFLFL”. No it is not a cool acronym for anything. I just came up with it ON MY OWN! (I’m copyrighting it, so don’t even think about it). So KFLFL is going good, having contacted with a business that was nice enough to let us do a research on them. I can’t tell any more details but hopefully, once I finish, I may be able to blog about the results, but of course only if the said business is fine with that.
Now that reminds me of how most Maldivian businesses are very vague and have SO MANY SECRETS that they won’t even tell their location.You know, cos it’s a business secret. Seriously? In other countries businesses run after bloggers, here we have to run after businesses. >.< I mean I’m not asking you to pay me or anything. Being a business student, I want to help the local businesses as much as I can of course.
Ramadan has been lovely and I has many great adventures making delicious food with mom and bonding over doughnut dough’s, and missing hfm. I hope next Ramadan would be even better.
Have a happy Eid!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why Study?

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The age old question. Why do we study? Is it because we have nothing better to do? Is it because other people expect us to? Is it because we want to?
I guess, it’s a bit of all. I mean, without studying, leaning we would be nothing than the state caveman were in. Now that I think about it cavemen are pretty cool. Or at least the Flinstones are. We also study because people expect us to, and there are several other reasons too. Oh why am I always over analyzing every little thing.
Actually, I was gonna write about the reasons to study higher education, after your normal schooling levels. For me, it was always about getting good grades because that way I feel like I know where I stand and my capabilities. Also, I always tell myself that If I get anything less than a DN, my parents would disown me. I donno how this rumor originated, but so far, it’s working pretty well. My parents have probably no idea I think they would disown me, and the less they know the better. –__- Remember, how I told you there’s no drama in my life that I make up stuff?
But then when I see people like F I feel like that’s why I should study. Not for the grades, not for the pleasure of knowing that I did well, and probably better than most people. F studies to learn. I know, it sounds like that’s why I study too. Sometimes I do, but only the things I find interesting. He gets good marks as well, because well you know how when you learn stuff, then you remember it, and write it in exam and blah blah. I mean you should be familiar with the way exams are by now. Or so I hope.
What surprises me most is the fact that while in class, and doing questions, and generally, most of my classmates are way smarter than me, and we usually get similar marks in assignments too. In fact, some of them score even higher than me (not that I’m the benchmark. OK. Whatever.), but when it comes to exams, why can’t they score the same. It’s a mystery alright and despite how many times I tell myself I am, I am NOT Nancy Drew. What is it about exams that makes them fret so much. Exams have been pretty much not so frightening to me, but still even I feel nervous at the last minute, and when I am at the exam hall. Despite how many exams you take, that nervousness seems to always exist. I guess, I would never find out the answer to the Why’s.
PS Apparently classes haven’t been cancelled. I’ve been informed otherwise. >.< No more befriending Psychic’s.
Currently Playing: The Medley from Mujse Dosti Karogi. I love almost all songs in this. Old Hindi songs ftw!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Celebrations and MORE Cancelled Classes

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That is the sum up of my life now. Honestly, classes get cancelled every day, and the funny thing is I only get to know it when I go to FMC ( and by that I mean, WALK ALL THE WAY!). I should befriend some new people who have the power to umm, let me know if classes are gonna cancelled. Finding a psychic could be hard work though, yet alone befriend one!
Last weekend I was at Himmafushi with family to visit and aunt who makes great lasagna, and so she’s been promoted from least favorite aunt to she-could-be-a-favorite aunt. Yes, I rank people solely based on their cooking skills. Sunday, we invited the said aunt to roadhavillun, and made a “fuppi jangiyaa” for V cos it was his birthday and he really likes underpants. Yesterday, Mom and I made loads of food for roadhavillun cos we invited out neighbors to roadhavillun and had one giant bash outside. It was filled with laughter, mashuni modun from little A and lots of good food.
At night, V was invited to a surprise birthday bas where he was presented with the said underpants and he was shocked. The expression on his face was worth it. I also invited a bunch of people from FMC and few other friends and we played UNO like it was nobody's business. It all ended around 1 AM. That’s my idea of a great Monday.
Today, two more classes got cancelled, but luckily I knew of it before I got out of the house (Thanks to F, who I now think is a psychic. MUST FIND OUT SOON!).
Tell me if you’re life is more than just cancelled classes –__-
PS, Note to Adi, and other non-Dhivehi speaking readers; Roadhavillun means breaking fast, since it’s the fasting month. Fuppi Jangiyaa is a kind of old puffy underpants, and mashuni is a salad which consists of fish, lettuce leaves and condiments. ^^

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Gang

I’ve had various types of classmates ranging from the Jock to Nerd to downright mean. When you’re at school, don’t you feel like you belong with them, and they are gonna be your friends forever. But ah, they get other classmates and fall apart. But then again, you get new classmates too, unless you get a job in which case, GOOD LUCK. Cos you’re gonna need it.

I had a nice bunch of 14 classmates and last year I felt like we were gonna take over the world together. This year, not so much! Well, one reason is that 15 more students joined and then there were 30. This year, 10 more joined to make a ginormous 40 student class, a few of whose name I don’t even know. It’s such a weird thing you know, going into your own class and feeling like an outsider. *sigh*

Writing about all of them in one post would be lengthy and boring, so I’m gonna introduce my gang to you first, the 6 people in class who usually hangs out together a lot.


This is my VERY bad attempt at trying to draw them in paint. Yes, I still use paint. Photoshop what?

You all know N, one of my best-est friends in class, who is really fair and likes to wear formal shirts to class much to my dismay. (I believe that formal shirts should only we worn to office/presentations). A is my other best-est friend with whom I walk to and from FMC all the time. She is a bit quiet and loyal, a quality I adore in people. Girl M is one of the best people in class cos she reads HP and she can sew. She also loves Jhonny Depp and gets lots of my references. F is the smart guy who wears amazing shoes and watches Lie to Me. V is playboy whose sole purpose in life is to set people up. Guy M is the married guy who always buys us interval (yes, we still have interval as we are 9 year old kids at heart. You would see us all gulping our juice boxes and eating nutro biscuits on non fasting months).  That is my gang, or so was known an my gang. We hangout together a lot and I love them.

And who am I? I would stereotype me as the crazy weird one, or maybe the talkative one. Well, that’s all folks!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A to Z: The Sequel

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A is for Angry birds. I love angry birds merchandise. They are adorable without being too cheesy!
B is for Burrito. Sorrito. Russell Peters is amazing.
C is for Curve. The stupid curve. I hate it, but I think I’m getting over it now. It’s not just the curve, it’s the people who make the curve come true!
D is for Doing the 101 in 1001 challenge. I’m enjoying it. 
E is for Excellence.
F is for  FISH. My classmates would know what this means.
G is for Gigs. I think he’s the reader I know that have stuck with this blog for the longest time and he’s the best!
H is for High heels! People just can’t believe that I own nothing but heels and that I find walking in heels easier! I bet they also can’t believe that the earth is not flat anymore!!!
I is for If I Die Young. I love this song so much.
J is for Jar Of Hearts. I love this song as well.
K is for Kithnaa Beygaraar hey. LOL.
L is for Lemongrass. My cousins and I went there the other day for roadha villun and had so much fun.
M is for Mickie and Muntha. Together we are MMS, and we can’t be beaten.
N is for Nonns. She deserves a spot in this because she’s amazing. Mostly because she writes me letters.
O is for OMG. I think I say this way often than I should. Need to find a new catch phrase. –__-
P is for Pizza. This Ramadan, till now I've made five pizza’s. The guy I’m gonna marry is gonna have to eat pizza and chocolate cake for the rest of his life!
Q is for QR codes. I should make one for my blog, and put it in my address card. I love the concept!
R is for Rings and room tours. I have the smallest collection of rings, and the largest collection of YouTube room tours, it’s embarrassing.
S is for Stationary shopping. I’m obsessed with stationary. Specially simple, little notebooks and funky pens. 
T is for Treasure hunts in the library. It’s my turn and I have everything done, except when the library is open, I have classes. >.<
U is for UNO. I love playing it with my friends. We have so many different versions of rules. LOL
V is for Vocabulary. Mine seems to consist of amazing, love, Ron and Shut up. u_u
W is for White Collar, one of my favorite series now. Neal Caffrey is just amazing but I love Peter the most!
X is for X. I kind of like this letter, but hate most things associated with it.
Y is for Y U NO guy. He makes me want to go back to tumblr again. I love tumblr has it’s own thing going on, which is amazing.
Z is for Zombies.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inspirational Woman: Mom

I can never ever write enough about her. Nor can I ever thank her enough for all the things she has done for me.

Both my parents are amazing people and I love them, but I feel rather ashamed that I’ve always been more of a Daddy’s girl, and never really got very close to mom. Despite that she’s always been there for me. All my birthdays, she makes me cakes and throws parties for me. She never lets me inside the kitchen, and hardly makes me do work. She keeps a close tab on me and my friends so as to never let me go in a wrong path.

I was a bit of an easy kid. Having to grow up with people two years older than me, I had no time to indulge in rebellious behavior, and hardly found a point for it, so I didn’t put much pressure on my parents. I knew how teenage life was even before I was one, and so I was able to go through it pretty nicely. I don’t regret not running after guys, not sneaking out, or not doing the thousands of things teenagers did. Instead, I gave other troubles to my parents, like volunteer to bake cakes, and stuff so my mom had to do them.

She and dad has always given me everything and more, before I even asked. I am very fortunate to have them, because I know that even when I mess up, they are here for me. I was spoiled at a young age, but I learned a lot of things through that phase. Dad and mom started giving me pocket money since I was seven so I was able to manage money from a younger age, and that is one thing that drew me to the business world. I like managing things.

They never pressured me to do anything. I was allowed to buy things I wanted and if I waste things, I am reminded of the wrongfulness in wasting. I was allowed to go out with friends (who, were all two or more years older than me. I have only two friends who are the same age as me, and that’s not such a bad thing.) and so I had no reason to go behind my parents back. I was allowed to do anything I pleased as long as it wasn’t illegal or prohibited in the religion. Dad and Mom shaped me to become the person I am today. Mom had to do most of the shaping because most of my pre-teen years were spent with her, and I’m glad for that. She thought me to participate in things, just to experience them, and that winning was nice, but nicer was to enjoy things. She thought me to pick friends carefully and to always be true to my principles. She was my mentor, she still is.

I love her despite how less I express it, and I am so very grateful to everything she has done and is doing for me and my siblings. Thank you god for giving me such a wonderful lovely mother. I couldn’t have asked for any better.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Of Presentations and Cancelled Classes


Classes got cancelled by the dozen this week, and replacement classes for replacement classes were cancelled too. What is this? Inception?

For those of you who follow me on twitter, sorry for bombarding your twitter feed with my whining over cancelled classes and how I have gazillion presentations. But it’s true you know. I never lie on twitter. Facebook however, is another story.

Finally I gave my presentation today, and it consisted of pictures of hot guys from TV series’ as metaphors and I’m not sure if people even got it. This is what happens. I try so hard and collect good pictures of lovely people so these classmates would have something interesting to look at while four other people also present the on the same topic for two hours, and never appreciate it. I should move to Turkey. I hear they appreciate hot guys there but my source is not completely believable.

A Random funny thing that happened this week. While Queen and I were coming to class, I saw the most hilarious incident happen. This old man was walking with a fish in a plastic bag and he was talking to someone about one feet away from him. Then suddenly this man points his hand (the one with the fish bag) to the person he was talking to, and an innocent by passer who just happened to have the worst timing ever got hit by the fish bag in the face. It was 9 30 in the morning. As if the incident wasn’t funny enough, Queen didn’t see it which was so hilarious since this happened just in front of us. Poor dude, getting hit in the face by a dead fish!

I’m having a good week and I’m pretty excited for the plans, except the exam tonight. I haven’t studied much, thanks to many hours spent playing uno and crying over the loss of my Barbie doll, Dahlia who seems to be missing. I found a single shoe in my bed. I sense nargles. Or it could have been the result of a teddy bear fight. You know, how the toys come alive at night and play games. I believe everything I hear on Toy Story.

Well, I hope you have a good time watching young singers in alienware making the old songs horrible-er and watching talented people make food on Rahathafaathu. I hope you would try some recipe’s too, and that it ends up one spice less.

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Bollywood Tale

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Ever since I was young, I loved bollywood movies. So did every other Maldivian girl. Well, the ones I knew did. But my love for it is far beyond a cheesy teenage romance. Back in the day, I used to believe that people would randomly start singing and dancing to songs, that families always hated each other, and that my mom and dad would find someone for me to marry. None of those sings happened. All my childhood dreams are crushed.
I have a special love towards arranged marriages. Almost every girl I know hates them and thinks it’s too traditional, but I love them. Of course I am too lazy to find someone to marry and I would gladly leave the dirty work to the parents. >.< I even told mom one day and she was so surprised, as if I told her I was a ghost or that I failed an exam. She laughed and told me that she’s not going to find me someone to marry and that it’s my job. That must teach me something.
I love how in bollywood, there are fewer happy endings. Most endings are sad and emotional and makes me cry rivers! Hindi is a weird but kind of a romantic language, I think. But when it comes to romantics, Italians rule! I heard that from Russell Peters so it must be true. The sequins, costumes, the twisted storylines, the item songs and the sidekicks are just few things that I love about bollywood. At one point I was almost positive that I was an Indian and that my crib was changed to another’s. That must have been the result of watching too much bollywood movies and I wasn't even born in the hospital for cribs to get exchanged!
Seriously, how does Indians come up with such weird and dramatic things. All my friends have extremely dramatic lives and mine’s so dull the only drama I get is a random case of mismatched shoe syndrome. Why is it that my Bollywood hating friends get to enjoy the exciting and drama-filled life while I have a simple normal life. Kuch Kuch never happens here, and there’s no Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayega.
I should randomly burst into a song, and go cry in a field full of tulips. Or maybe I could run away with a random stanger to an uninhabited island. I’m too lazy to do them, so I’ll just go back to my boring old drama-less life.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


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I know I always talk about how girls who have brothers are lucky because you know how when you don’t have something, you consider people who have it lucky, especially if “it” is a human being. I consider myself very blessed to have not one but two sisters. I am also glad to be the eldest, since it gives me a power of authority over the siblings. You know how authority goes with me. I make them go fetch things from downstairs, bring me coffee, etc. Not too slave-type stuff. Just simple things, so don’t go calling Human Rights on me! >.<
But of course with sisters, comes annoyance. Sometimes these tiny people are so annoying it drives me crazy. They never make their beds, always messes with my things and breaks my hangers, they take my rings and put them on their dolls, eat up all my smarties and thinks everything I own is theirs. Despite this the fun times are worth all the irritating-ness.
Muntha and I usually have very different tastes, but we bond over Barbie movies, fashion, tea and books. I have been trying to get her to read Harry Potter, but no such luck yet. >.< She has this policy to not read/watch stuff that her classmates/anyone she know watches. I’m not sure what to make for it, but whatever works for her. She also won’t let me use her as a makeup model, which is sad since she has such flawless skin.u_u We have so much fun together quoting Phineas and Ferb lines. She and I can quote three of Phineas and Ferb episodes. Three whole episodes. I take great pride in that. That and the fact that I have the biggest collection of YouTube videos of people’s room tours. Wait, no ones collects them? I never got the memo!
Moving on, Mickie is just the funniest little girl I know. Yes, I only know three little girls, and so I’m biased. She loves messing up my make-up drawers, writing on my school books, deleting the songs I save, and drawing on my bedspread. She also can sing the first verse of Taylor Swift’s “Mean” and loves Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song”. She drinks more Coca Cola than I ever did in my pre-teen years and she is obsessed with shoes. I see, I’ve trained her well. But her calling Dad as Tinky Winky has NOTHING to do with me. Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
I can’t imagine what we would grow into, but I want us to always be there for each other. I can’t also imagine a life without them. Some of my favorite fictional sister include Ramona and Beezus, Hilary and her sister in The Perfect Man, and the sisters in Prada and Nada.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who are you wearing?

Designer clothes. If I had any, I would wear them only on very special occasions and keep them forever. I would also sleep with them. Oops. I probably shouldn’t have said that. But it’s true. I sleep with all my possessions neatly scattered on my bed. I have CDO. That’s OCD, but the letters in the alphabetic order, like they should be.
But I wasn’t gonna talk about designer products,  (oh but it’s such a lovely topic to talk ain’t it? Specially over tea and scones. But I never seem to have tea and scones. I gotta get some tea drinking friends. Any volunteers? I would pay for the tea, but scones on you!) but how my style has evolved the past few years. I still wear ridiculous outfits (my mother said so, it must be true) and flamboyant stuff (as quoted by SMS) but I have always found the sophisticated style rather mesmerizing. I am not sure how it would suit me, but I plan to gradually change my style to more classic and sophisticated style, with bits of preppy clothes. Don’t worry, I am not planning to attend a private ivy league and play tennis. I don’t even know how to play tennis!
There’s just something very mature about the blazers, loafers and lots of pearls. It’s very ladylike and frolicsome. Did I ever tell you that one reason that I chose a business  field was so that I could wear stilettos to work, carry a suitcase, have people bring me coffee and croissants every morning, and say things like “I’ll make my people call your people”.YES, that was considered and probably one huge reason I chose commerce stream over science. But very few people believe that. >.<

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If I Die Young

I was up awake till dawn the past two nights, one night browsing through the fashion week pictures and the other making a presentation and writing a report that I thought was due the next day but it wasn’t. I’m glad it wasn’t cos it would have been a very bad quality work if I turned it in the next day. I like being awake at night. I also like waking up early in the morning. Since we’re on the topic, I also like sleeping. >.< Opportunity cost, why? This is why I shouldn't have studied Economics cos now whenever something happens, I over analyze it.
Last night in class, we gave a presentation about obesity being a global issue and it went great. I’m actually very impressed with our work. I am reading this new book from the dummies collection about how to give successful presentations and it helped a lot. =)
Lately, I’ve been thinking too much. I need some spontaneity in life right now and I gotta stop thinking about everything too much. Ramadan is going great. I love helping around making food as much as I can (which is pretty much only once every week probably, thanks to my classes!) and reading books.
I also love playing treasure hunt with Mh, and he studies such interesting things it makes me feel like we study the same old boring things. But I love consumer behavior and marketing and most subjects I study too, but the ones he study sounds so so much more interesting than the ones I do, sometimes I feel like I should do an English degree after I finish this. =P
Tomorrow I have six hours of continuous classes. *sigh* Ramadan timetable is so much worse than the regular one.
PS, I’m currently loving this song “If I die young” by The Band Perry. It’s very mellow and nice, and a bit true at times.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fast and Furious

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Ramadan Mubarik to all Muslims. One day of fasting, and 29 more to go. Today was good. I enjoyed doing chores, feeling tired a bit, and coming up with my 101 in 1001 list!
Ramadan schedule is pretty packed with classes, assignments and other things. Being busy = the story of my life right now. I however feel good, despite having spent most of the day near the lap going through people’s life lists and getting excited about mine. =P
The sadness of people changing and the burden of all the assignments seem so far away now, but I know it’s so close. *sigh* I feel furious but I know I shouldn’t. People leave your life for reasons. If they wanted to stay, they would make the effort to. I’ve stopped caring about the people who don’t care. This month I’m gonna focus on me, and try to strengthen my faith, and hope.
So, about the 101 in 1001 list, check it out, and let’s see if I can do this. I’m trying a few things of it right now, about 9 of them. Little things, but doing them would make me feel a sense of accomplishment, and I just love crossing off things on to do lists – ha!
Have a lovely Ramadan readers.