Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Help Hassan!

Some of you may have already heard about the accident that happened on Neykurendhoo the 14 of this month. A victim of this is a friend and a schoolmate of mine, Hassan. I only knew about his accident, this week, and since then, my friends and I have made a memoir book for him, gathering wishes and donations, and we’ve only been able to collect a very little amount, but even a little goes to help him.

So dear readers, please help this really good guy, and graduate come back to the society and use his skills in making better students for this nation.

To donate, call Zahir on 9751609 or Areef on 7949374. You can also donate through the bank no. 7701-206170-101.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekend Reads


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Hello readers. I missed a post last Wednesday cos I was too busy with university work. Well, I had an exam of a sort, a presentation and an assignment for someone to finish. Why do I always have to volunteer to do other people’s assignments? >.<

Moving on, this week has been  kinda dull on the internet, with only few posts from my blogger pals. Aali, and Xef (such a cute couple they are!) updated their blogs, and Xin wrote about worlds smallest bodybuilder.

Luckily some bloggers like Diana, Nabilah and Nikki provided with some drool worthy outfits and cute-ness to last for the weekend!

I better be off, for I have group mates coming over to practice for tomorrow’s presentation. Wish us luck!

Monday, April 18, 2011


What does it feel like to live in someone else’s shadow. In my life, there have been times when I let people take over and keep me in their shadows, and it is haunting. Really.

Everyone has the right to live in their own spotlight, and even though some few people decide to steal other’s spotlight they must always remember that what goes around, comes around.

So here is to NOT letting myself be a fragment of someone else’s shadow. To shining the brightest and being the best.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Workshops and Other Things

so basically, this is a life update, mostly because this is my blog, and I like talking about me.
Well, the past few days have been packed with things. I tutor two people, a 5th grader and a 10th grader, which is also hard work. Not the teaching part, but the going to their home part. On top of that, there’s assignments and projects. Mostly university work.
Last night my pals and I had our training workshop, which I’m glad went well. There are 4 more assignments and one big project.
Other than that, I keep watching way too much Lie to Me and drink way too much iced tea.
How’s life, pals?

Monday, April 11, 2011


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Those of you who watch Phineas and Ferb will know their crazy blabbering sister who always tries to bust them but ever succeeds. Those of you who don’t, you NEED to watch it, it’s the best thing that’s on Disney Channel these days, other than Fairly Odd Parents.
Most of my friends who watch this cartoon says that I’m a lot like her. hehe.
Here are some of my favorite Candace moments.
Candace: I’m In charge. You did tell them I’m in charge right?
Mom: Candace. No body has to be in charge.
C: What if there’s an emergency?
M: Like what?
C. *thinks* What if a satellite falls from the orbit and crashes into the house? *big smile*
M: If that happens, you’re in charge.
Later, Candace goes to Phineas and Ferb.
C: Mom says I’m in charge. Conditionally.
She sees a poster about Phineas and Ferb’s roller coaster and goes to show mom. But when she comes back, the poster is gone, but she doesn’t know.
C: Look mom. I told you.I told you I’m not crazy.
M: And you’re not crazy because?
C: *sees the bare wall* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP
M: Yes. No crazy person would yell at a post like that. I’ll be in the dairy section if you wanna come and yell at some cheese or anything.
C: Ha. You call this a beach? This is WAY below your usual standards. this isn’t even worth a call to mom. You know, if you guys ever want to be popular you need to stop playing in sandboxes. *gets hit by a beach ball* OUCH.
C: *sees the miniature golf course fly away, her mom comes*
M: Candace? Why are you outside. Wasn’t Stacy taking care of you?
C: She was seduced by the coolness. Follow that miniature golf course.
M: What does that even mean?
C: Look behind you.
M: I don’t see anything.
There are still many many episodes and many funny moments. Overall, I love this show and I love Candace. Do you?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Reads


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It’s Friday, Friday. Even though it’s not that fun fun for me, I’m starting to not hate Fridays. –__-

Looking through the week, you can read about what I wore on here and here. It’s been a hectic week in blogosphere with Adi celebrating her country winning the Cricket World cup, Naina’s article about leaving, and Xin posting about some wicked stage designs.

I’m gonna be spending today studying, baking cupcakes and doing assignments. you?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not Gonna Stop Dreaming

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Today in human resource Management class, we studied about career development and we were given a form which asked us to list 3 ideal jobs.
Now before I tell you what happened, let me tell about our teacher, Mrs. S. She started teaching us only recently after our usual teacher went and she is very very good. Exceptional. I like her teaching style, the way she explains every little detail and the best thing is, she does a recap every day after the presentation which is very helpful. I think she is an ideal teacher for a university. She is also very friendly but keeps a professional relationship with us, has her rules, is VERY punctual and dresses impeccably.
So you see, I like her a lot, but what she said today made me feel kinda sad. Well, she asked us to tell one of our ideal jobs. Most people’s were related to HRM, management and business related while there were some very diverse answers too. Mine was fashion design, and there was N too, who said the same thing.
Mrs. S then went and said what I would have NEVER expected HER to say. She said that we did not have careers planned, and she went as far to say that our dreams were not realistic and that if someone wants to do fashion design, what was that person doing in FMC?
I felt taken aback. I mean, she did have a point. Everything she said was true, but I felt it was rather harsh. I get the whole truth is supposed to be scary thing. In my defense, I have planned my career since long ago. I have a plan, and a back up plan too, so it was rather judgmental of her to accuse anyone of not being realistic.
Well, being me I never said anything because I didn’t have the heart to argue with her. I am true to myself, my dreams, and hopefully Inshal Allah one day I’m gonna be a successful fashion designer and I won’t let anyone or anything stop me from going for my dreams. I’m the one with the dream, and I’m gonna achieve it. I don’t care if it’s realistic or not.I have one life, and I don’t want it to be full of realistic or dull things. I want it to be interesting. Extra ordinary. I want it to be like a dream.
I still, nevertheless like Mrs. S and I haven’t lost respect for her. I don’t know what she has gone through or why she said that. Maybe I took it too personally. She is an inspirational woman and hopefully one day she’ll be proud that she was also a part of making me a better person, by being an exceptional role model and a great teacher. But I’m me, and I need to make my own mistakes, because I can’t learn from others mistakes.
Sorry if it was too long/boring. I needed to tell this to someone. >.< BTW, how is everything lovely readers?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Movies and Maldivians


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You may notice that I write too many articles about Maldives these days, this is mostly because I’m a Maldivian (duh!) and also because only very recently did I start to actually think about what’s going on around me. (Yes, for the past 19 years, I lived under a rock, and in my own fairytale. I’m weird like that.)

I’m pretty sure by now you’ve heard about the “goat” thing. It’s such sad times for all of us Maldivians, the things that a few of us do. I love Maldives, that is true. I’m proud to be a Maldivian, but sometimes it makes me think whether I should be.

The question lies, on whether every one of us is! Why do people do things that is BOUND to bring shame to themselves, their families, friends and the country as a whole. The concept of movies comes in here, I guess. We all watch movies, don’t we? We watch TV and see what people from all over the world do. Is it this that makes people WANT to experience things. Is it curiosity. Well, it killed the cat so, I donno what to say.

I know lots of people who watch movies and quote from them and even sometimes we get inspired to do things, but we know our limits. For a moment today, I was ashamed of being a Maldivian. Then I realized that no, it wasn’t the country that did this, it was a few people and that we are better than this.

I guess I lost my point there. I’m not thinking straight. Why are people like this? Will we ever find an answer? I guess, not. But the rest of us, all we can do is make sure that we don’t do anything that would bring shame to our families, our religion and our country.