Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rainy Days and Routines

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I love love rainy days, only when I don't have anywhere to go. I love sitting near my doorstep looking at raindrops falling, and the rabbit doing what I call “rain jumps”.I love being in a taxi when it rains, and watching raindrops fall through glass, and watch people running around. I love sleeping when its raining. And I love dancing in the rain, while singing “Just singing in the rain” which is not exactly my fav song from girl guide, but it’s so relevant there. lol
But I also hate when it rains, and I am stuck at one place. The benches at FMC would be all wet, and no cleaning people will be there, and there’s no place else to sit. I donno how they can even call this place a faculty. I also hate when I have to walk in rain, in heels. Eventhough I can walk through puddles and not get my feet wet, my glasses will be all blurry and I cant see a thing.
Enough about rain, which seems to be a usual guest these days.
Today, I woke up and felt so sleepy I thought I'd bunk the class, but then I thought again, and deiced to drag my lazy bum to class, as I don’t want to be the worst class rep in the history of worst class reps. Believe me, I already am. And with my luck, just when I got ready, a classmate called to say the class was cancelled. I’ve never been this sad because a class was canceled. Anyhow, I decided to so something meaningful, like play a chocolate making game. haha. Now I have a major craving for milk chocolate infusions. hmph
Also yesterday I was uber bored so I painted my nails, one hand in Twilight Mansion the other one in Bloody Mary. I love not following the usual nail polish rule of both hands in the same color. haha
Well, I also have lots of movies to watch, write reviews, and stuff. I feel like my life isn't very bollywood after I left hfm, which sucks. And on top of that, I have two assignments and a presentation due next month, which seems  far away, but it’s not. gee. And an exam tomorrow. sheesh!
Wish me luck!

Monday, April 26, 2010


As people say, all types of addictions are bad. They are like obsessions. But I disagree. Some addictions are good depending on how you use it. Me, I’m a cokeaholic, chocoholic, and a shopaholic. I’m also addicted to MSN at certain seasons, like this season, and I also have a gaming addiction. But, unlike other people I don’t base my life on them.
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My life, is based on me. Yes, sometimes I have this shopping mania, and go around shopping till I drop, but I also have a habit of saving. Even though mom believes that half the things I buy are useless, I have a use for them. So, in general, I am a neutral person, and what I do at one point depends mostly on my mood. I am not exactly a rebel, nor a follower, but at times when I feel like I need to rebel, I break all the rules. Some of these times I’ve regretted my decisions but I always stick to myself. Peer pressure does affect me, but only when I let it affect me. I  believe that no one can make/break your day unless you let them.
You let people ruin everything for you, and later blame them. Of course they are to be blames, so are you, for letting them. Don't be dependent/interdependent.
Live life the way you want to, cos you only  have one life, and its fairer.
I know, that was babble. I’ve had some time to realize some of the best things in life. the things that make me happy. Like seeing gummy bears in a store, little flowers on the sidewalk,strangers walking down the road smiling, and birds chirping.  Let the nature motivate you. Let whatever happens be a lesson. Stop thinking in the box. Take that box and sell it, crush it, put your shoes in it, or make a photo frame out of it. Think outside the box. Let your imagination run wild. Think of dinosaurs playing dodge ball, little girls riding forklifts, or even teapots talking. People might think you're crazy. Don’t let them stop you. It’s not your fault their life’s BORING!
Don’t make your life boring.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Height Of Procrastination

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I remember setting a new year resolution that I will not procrastinate. But, that almost sounded good until I got work to do, meaning assignments.
The last time I nearly finished the assignment on time. And I promised myself I’d finish the next one way before the due date. But, as usual, I was lazy, and now I have an assignment due tomorrow which I haven't started yet, literally. Also I have two exams this week, and I haven't yet learned for any. Gosh. *shame*

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hot To Make Boring Classes Not Boring

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1. Smuggle coke/red bull/any other drink you like and drink whenever teacher’s not looking. Don’t think of this as a rule breaking, but a new way of challenging yourself and also a way to NOT sleep in class.
2. Write lists of stuff like “20 ways to make a certain classmate angry” and pass it to your friends. Believe me, you are doing good by sharing un boringness with classmates
3. Draw random stuff like bunch of flowers, helmets, etc. Just don’t draw vaginas.
4. Sing “We All Live In A Yellow Submarine”. Not so loud though.
5. Try to imagine yourself as someone from a movie. Think of how he/she would tackle a boring class.
6. Randomly call names to find out whether there’s someone names like that.
7. Do a harry potter reference.
8. Call a spell out loud, and act as if noting happened.
9. Look at your teacher right in her/his eyes and try to hypnotize him/her.
10. Don’t come to classes you think is boring. Just make sure you get 80% attendance though.
PS, Don’t try all of this at once.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


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I have been feeling really stupid lately. Not myself, and lazy. I remember being an early birdie, and it was awesome. Now, I’m like a cat.
This is just an update for the sake of updating. I have nothing to say.
That’s the ice lemon tea I had last Tuesday, which tasted horrible.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Of Classes And Complains

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Life has been well, exciting, yet boring, yet busy. I could vaguely associate many adjectives with my current life.
Days pass by so fast I feel like staying,and not thinking about anything, but that doesn't help either. 
Thursday, I got my results, including both business and Account. I was disappointed when my classmates told the highest marks was 78, and it wasn't me. I felt like I wouldn't even check the notice board, but then again, with my curiously of the cat, I thought, hey what have I gotta lose? I might have got 77.To my surprise I got 90. I didn't quite expect as much, so went to the teacher. I should’ve followed the advice of my dear friend, but that's just me. doing what i felt like.
Anyways, its quite boring, so Friday I went to Youth Challenge, with best friends Harry, and Ty cos some of my classmates decided to bail on me. FML. Had fun there though. Became a member of Arc, the NGO for children, and also saw a great university of fashion. I’m planning to go there. Well, it’s not Princeton, and in realty, what chance do I have to even put a foot step on Princeton. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nil
Saturday, I slept, ate slept, and watched Community, which is my fav new series, Jeff Winger might not be my role model since I’m not planning on flunking college. But I’ve learnt many things from that, like “Man is Evil”. LOL
Yesterday, I decided to sleep in, missing a class, and lucky me, it got cancelled. haha. I now have started to think I have Occlumency powers. >.< I did show up for the other classes, and it was boring. 6 hours of non stop lecture can make one bored/hate college forever. I’m still on the verge of trying not to hate it.
Also, Thanks to muawwaz for getting me AVMP. It was awesome. My fav line, Did anyone say Ron Weasley, and “What the hell is a hufflepuff?” fav song would be Granger Danger. I kinda like the guy who plays Harry. he looks better than Danielle “Eqqus” Radcliffe. xD
Well, I still have like one assignment, 2 exams and one presentation to go. I’m planning to make the presentation NOT boring. I’m gonna show them that internet and computing is not only for geeks. Just wait and watch.
PS, as you might already have noticed, I have a habit of posting weird, unrelated pictures. ^^
Anyway, how was your weekend?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Serious Girlfriend

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I was talking to a classmate of mine, who just made me think how guys and girls see the world so much differently. Now I have a faint idea why they say Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus.
So, it started with the fact that people say by the time you’re 18, you would’ve fallen in love. I can prove that wrong.I’m 18, and I love my parents and friends, but I haven't yet fallen in the L-word. One wish that I wish everyday other than “Please god, give good health to my parents” is “Please god, let me fall in love.” I so want to fall head over heels for someone, to see how the world looks when one is love. Of course the world even now looks like an amazing lovely place to me, but I just have this curiosity.
Anyhow, so this guy was saying how he had a serious girlfriend whom he loves, and even she loves him. And that they are going to get married and have a “dhiriulhun”, but he had side bitun. which seemed so unoriginal to me. I thought people keep changing relationships because they haven't yet found their prince charming. But now I am convinced that even when the prince gets the princess, they don’t live happily ever after. Even though I believe in fairytales, I’m now supposed to believe that they might not even exist in reality. The prince doesn't marry her, but keeps her as like a “reserve” as we say in accounting terms and well, looks for more peasants to have a relationship with. It’s just so weird and ridiculous.
And they say we girls expect too much.
I’m not sure what to think now. What if even I find my Ron, he’d still be mine, but he would still be having relationships with Lavenders?
That being said, guys are much complicated than they say. At least we girls know we are expensive, we gossip a lot, we are complicated, we say something, but mean another.We don’t pretend to be a simpleton. Not all girls are clumsy, dumb, stupid, anti-feminist Bella Swan’s.

Monday, April 5, 2010


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My life lately has been quite exciting. Well, the start of this month was quite fun, with an exam, where I screwed up. That definitely wasn’t fun. I, as always, managed to get the simple answers wrong, and got all the calculations correct. Even my teacher was a bit shocked. But alas, I’m not!
And then Friday went quite boring. Did laundry and well, slept most of the day. Nothing much done.
Saturday was quite fun, where I was informed about a class just 15 minutes before the class, which led me to go to class almost 45 minutes late. I was very sure the teacher would keep me out/not give me attendance. But, voila! it was my lucky day. I managed to get into class,got attendance and also found out I got a 14.8 out of 15 in my CPT exam. xD
After the class me Ainth went to food bank, and found out they have amazing food at affordable prices. Then there was accounts class, where I found that the desk I was using had a rose drawn. In each petal someone had written 16th April, and there was also a calendar where 16th April was marked as 5 year Anniversary. I decided to give that person some good advice, so I wrote an essay (almost half the width of the desk) how to celebrate that day. I’m pretty sure it would be useful advice for that person. Just then the teacher came and asked what was written on the desk. I quickly hid what I wrote and showed him the rose, and told him how people are drawing roses. LOL. Mischief managed.
Yesterday I had to get up early, to go to another boring lecture. sheesh. But the good thing was in the evening Vicky, a classmate gave us a treat at Dinemore. It was fun. The worst part was not being able to go home, and having to talk about people’s love life, and being tired at accounts class. The fact that it was a combined class with ACCA students and one of the cutest guys was playing lemme hold your hand always with the hottie-so-hot-you-can-even-see-my-butt was NOT helping at all!
Today was better though. I had to get up early, yet again! and it was raining. Class was quite fun, where we had to use PowerPoint. >.< Later I had lunch with Mini, Munshi, Iththi and Muawwaz, which was fun. Right after that I went to FMC to find no one there, and thus went to library and read a book about smoothies. I am quite motivated to make myself an apple mango orange macchiato smoothie! After like one whole hour my friends decided to show up, and we discussed about subsidies in Malaysia in 2005. BORING! I also met with Xef for the first time and also Lilly who looked gorgeous as always. Then my cousins decided to go to bookfair. Yay Me! Bookfair was quite an experience where I for the first time in my life saw someone stealing. And it want just a partay, or a buraanthi, but a two middle aged woman wearing moonu burugaa. We decided we must tell the staff so we did, but they were too chicken/didn't care much to check. So, they were able to go without even realizing what a bad thing they’ve done. I am now led to believe that my generation is actually better than previous ones!
That was practically  what happened in the last few days.
PS, I bought a fashion illustration book. Love love it!
PS2, I hate roses!

Friday, April 2, 2010

April’s Fool


I have been such a regular blogger I’m sure you guys are bored. hehe. I don’t intend to stop. I’m evil. LOL

Anyhow, as every month, even this month I made goals, most of which is to help me be a better person. I am a goal setter and achiever. This month hopefully I will.

1. Pray regularly

Being a good person starts with faith. It starts with being close to the creator.

2. Recite Quran everyday

Another good deed I must do.

3. Study according to the study schedule

I plan to do this all the time, but never succeeds. I’m not sure how I am going to do this, but I am all set to making my study life more interesting and Hermione-like.

4. Do more chores at home

I will try to be a good daughter. xD

5. Do all lessons and tutorials

I have been doing everything in my little Care Bare books all these days. I finally got cute set of notebooks for different subjects. This is also a step forward to make my study life better. hehe

6. Blog regularly

And make you get bored of this, muahahaha

PS That's Sparkels, who is no longer with us. I miss him/her. Muntha did that to it one day telling that it was Sparkle’s birthday. LOL