Monday, December 22, 2008

That Girl And That Boy

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When a Girl Cries
The World "Consoles" her
But when a boy cries
They say "Come on man don't be a girl"
If A Girl slaps a Boy
Definitely the Boy would have "done something"
If Boy Slaps a girl
Rascal doesn't know how to "Respect Ladies"
If a Girl is talking to Boys
She is "Very Friendly"
If a Boy talks to a Girl
He is "flirting"
If a Girl meets with accident
Then its "mistake of others"
If a Boy meets with same accident
"Don't you know how to Drive"

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A thing about Nicks

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I'm not talking about Nick Jonas or the backstreet Boys guy, but about nick names... Lots of people have great nick names and some totally unmentionable..
I specially like
Muuthi(I really donno whether its her real name or not),
Mini( you know mini, it suits you.. No offence),
Boila (and I even find it funny how he got the name),
Shweeeeet( the sweetest nick someone could ever have, plus the glamour the 5 E's add to the name make it super glamorous and sweet),
Gigaflare (dude, I need an explanation),
Lilly (I think it came from her name, Aali...Is my theory correct),
Latto ( lol is all i gotta say),
Taxu (It makes me remember the Taz, the guy in Bugs Bunny, looney tunes thingy),
Itha ( It's unique),
Iekko (a little bodugulha but totally cute),
Raf Raf (one and only, and Im proud to say i gave him that nick, ^.^),

And yeah, these days are as boring as it can get... But atleast Im surviving...
And I saw Yuvvraaj (with extra V and A, Duh)
It was not that great but overall I liked it.. Specially the songs...
So they portray it like a classical Indian Music fan drama type... And like the ancient times of Raja's and big people, ugh
Anyway's, I liked Zayed's role the best... It even made me cry, the time when Salman (Devan), asks Katrina's Dad to save his brother Anil (Yogesh) from death... The songs are wonderful... Specially the mastam song, and with brothers like Anil, Salman and Zaid (sons of the legendry yuvvraaj), it's up for some good family drama, Indian classic music, the fight for money and the great orchestra...
This time, I won't write a full review on this, cos it's too complicated plus I think you'd better go and see it, I think it might be a flop..(Just what I think,)
But DOSTANA still Rocks.