Wednesday, February 18, 2015

First anniversary of being 22

Happy birthday to me! It's a mixture of sadness and happiness. Sadness in growing older day by day, having the times pass too quickly for me to grasp, too busy for actual life. Happiness because with every passing year it makes me stronger, wiser (I hope!) and one step closer to achieving my dreams, whether big of small. 

The other night some of my closest friends threw me a surprise party. It was seriously so good because I haven't had a surprise party for so long and also because these were the people I was most comfortable with, the ones who accepted me as a whole, flaws and all. So thank you guys for organizing the most non-Harry Potter Harry Potter themed unbirthday party with the slutcake and the snow spray and the one balloon and the weird creepy birthday song and the two truths and a lie and the Tay playlist. She is right. The best people in life are really free and I cannot be any happier you bunch stuck with me. Thanks to Houdini, Jinaanath, Dhummaari, Singa, Pun-guy, Imshana, Niu, Hudha and Lilal. It was one of the best unbirthday parties ever. :') 

how cute is this birthday art my friend Soco made? I can even forgive him for the spelling error. 
I'm having a rather low key day today mostly because I'm sick to my stomach and can barely talk. All I want right now is nothing for myself (except feeling a bit better maybe) but my wishes for the world. The thing with growing old is it makes you think more about other people. The stranger I saw at an airport escalator looking sad, almost as if he has just been given heart crushing news. I think about him sometimes before I go to sleep and think of how he's doing and wish for him to be happy. The whole world is so cynical, so full of darkness. There's sunshine yes, but the thing with darkness is that it's contagious, it can make even the sunniest of people feel down. I want there to be more sunshine, more happiness so we can balance it and not let darkness take away our dreams and hopes, or our humanity. My wish is for people to be kind to one another, to accept others as who they are. To spread more kindness and positivity, not insults and rumours. Perhaps this will never happen, but if I can be more kind, I could inspire other people to be kind. If even one more person becomes a force of sunshine, that would be more that what I can hope for. 

So, here's to all of you! Thank you for staying with me throughout the years, you the silent readers, you the person who gives me feedback, you the commenters, all of you. I remember being a giddy teenager staring this blog and being so excited and perhaps I've lost that giddyness or the zeal, but I still like to think I'm that girl who gets excited for new books, crushes on a pretty guy, dances to Disney songs, skips the actual show and watches the ads, compliment people way too much and trust people too hard. Maybe one day I'll learn, maybe I'm on the road to there but for now I'll enjoy this journey. Thank you for being a part of my small life. Here's sending you lots of love and prayers. <3 div="" nbsp="">

I'll go home after work, eat some cake and roll into a ball and try to forget the world for a while.