Wednesday, October 15, 2014

When baes collide.

Right now there's just so many things going on with my life, with our country, with my friends, with everything. I wish I could just block everything for a day, just sleep or maybe stay watching the sun rise and then set again but life must go on. I was going to write a very deep dark post and then realized that's just not me, and I should not be letting the monsters under the bed get the worst of me so I'll tell you about something that I like to call when baes collide (like when world's collide but since I'm super obsessed with the word bae, I use that). 

When baes collide basically means that in pop culture/fiction or real life, when people I love talk about or mention other things/people I love. Basically one of my baes talking about another bae. 

I first noticed this when I was watching this one episode of Dr Who where the Doctor meets Shakespeare and he also references to Harry Potter in that episode and I felt so very anxious. Good anxious and honestly that feeling was really good. It was the kind of feeling you get when you taste that very first taste of an ice-cream right out the tub or lick the cone. Except it was like you were licking three ice cream cones at the same time and you have a brain freeze now. 

I like how it's not under my control because these things I can't control and I like that. It's also a surprise and I like finding out these things. Maybe it sounds super weird to you but I like it. I am a sucker for sentimental things like that, maybe that's my hamartia. Every time Hannah Brencher mentions Taylor Swift, or that time Bethany Mota danced to Shake it Off on Dancing With the Stars or Mindy Kaling and Emma Watson being on the same frame in that movie that I can't remmeber the name right now, I feel the same way. I love how we are all so connected and yet so far away with our thoughts. 

For now, I am happy knowing that there are so many great things with life and I thank Allah for blessing me with everything I have, and everything yet to come. I tell myself that everything is a test and that Allah never gives anyone more than they can handle and that this is a strength of how strong I am and I will take it as exactly that. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

September in a Nutshell

Okay, I know I say this all the time but September was seriously the busiest month so far and I loved it very much. I might actually be a workaholic. *screams*

Hung out with the kiddo. I really need to do it more often | Finally wrote to my pen pals after the longest time. I hope they reach safely | Since September was Hipster Sister's birthday, I helped mom to decorate this cake. To be honest, mom baked the cake and I decorated it with these chevron lines. It's way too pink for her liking but oh well | I also got the chance to visit H.Alif Dhidhoo on a seminar and has a very wonderful time there. It was excruciatingly hot | Hoodh delivered a nice session on project planning, man I'm proud of that dude. My session was on leadership and I was very nervous but Masha Allah I was able to have a very smooth and fun session | Baked biscuits with the family. These actually taste better than it looks, believe me | Celebrated Oony's birthday with the kids. It' very rare we get all the kids together these days so I make it a point to cherish all the moments we spend | Also celebrated the twins birthday, it almost seemed like we brought them home just yesterday | and as always, no month can ever be complete without some good tea. That teacup is my Eid gift to myself and I don't have tea as much as I like nowadays because I'm hardly home.

Overall, it was a busy month as usual. As I write this, the state of this country is becoming worse and everyday is a struggle for us and I pray that we see a better future ahead and remember my twitter friend Moyameehaa and hope that he will be returned to us safely.

How was your September? I hope your October is filled with great things and love.