Sunday, December 30, 2012

Favourite Websites: Tiwiii

I'm a little surprised that I haven't blogged about this awesome website yet. I keep telling about it to everyone I know, because I love it so much. Just like how I tell everyone they should use Tweetdeck, buy a Filofax and drink Fiji water. 

Moving on, Tiwiii is this website made by a Maldivian for those of us who love TV series and wants to keep track of what we watch. It has the easiest user interface ever.


So, that's how the website looks like, a sorts of picture board of show, and you either sign in via twitter or Facebook and start favouriting shows, adding them to your currently watching lists, liking and even tuning into particular episodes to track what you're watching. 

Why I love it is because it is so simple. I can easily see how many shows I'm watching and keep track of which episode I last watched and check out what my friends are watching, what's rated highest and discover new series.

I used to make lists on Listal to track series  but since it's most based on movies and don't exactly show episode names and stuff, it gets very difficult, but not Tiwiii. I can easily just click a button and add them to my currently watching and ta-da!

So, here's how I use it. In my favourites, I keep series that I have finished watching till the end or until it's cancellation and in the currently watching you can see the series I am currently watching. 

tiwii 2

I have a lot on the currently watching list because I normally tend to start watching new series and then have a hard time getting to watch the rest of the series. Also I usually collect all episodes of a series and watch it when the series ends because that makes it easier to track. 

So, basically; it's just awesome and I love love it so much. So here's a shoutout to the awesome person who made it, Maail. You rock!

Be sure to check it out and if you decide to join, let me know your name so I can snoop on what you're watching and judge you (not!). ;)

All images from Tiwiii

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nightmare on Dental Street: Part 2

If you haven't already, read the part 1 HERE
After the last experience  I thought it would get easier. I walked to the dentist with calm and entered through the door which was designed in a very teeth-ly manner. The people there now recognize me which is quite nice. I felt sad for cancelling breakfast plans with Mh who was here for a few days. Sorry you! After getting my memo, I was told that the doctor hasn't arrived yet so I waited downstairs, getting lost in Nu-uman Va Maryam again. I was on the chapter where Maryam Manike drowned and almost died, but was saved by the ever wonderful and gracious Nu-uman Didi. I can never get bored of these two characters, and this story  Having been written ages ago, it showed Salaahuddhin's imagination and his aspiring knowledge of the world. 
Moving on to my world, I waited there for around twenty something minutes and then Dr.Seth came in smiling and looking as friendly as ever. Honestly, he is the most non-scary looking dentist ever, probably also the most non-scary looking doctor (only second to my dad, who is all sorts of non-scary and awesome. But that's another story) I have ever met. There was already one patient before me, a girl who looked to be in her early teens with her family who looked sweet and almost like they came from an Old Dhivehi movie. This is why I love people. This, and several other reasons. -.-

Then the girl in reception, Ruth (not real name) called me to go upstairs to the waiting area and as I made my way, she asked me if it was me she saw on Raaje TV the other night, on a trip abroad (yes, people recognize me from my London trip documentary  which Raaje TV has apparently been showing a lot lately. That day alone, two other people told me that. I haven't seen it yet, since I hardly watch TV) and I said yes and we made small talk and I went upstairs where the Old Dhivehi movie family was already seated. I took a seat next to the kid and got lost in Nu-uman Va Maryam again. I was a bit shocked by how completely funny some dialogues were, and some scenes, like when Maryam Manika went into Nu-uman didi's room and fell on her knees and when she got up, they were engaged (in the most non-seductive and maai way) and then he went to Japan. I mean, that doesn't happen in real life. But then again, there are probably no Nu-uman didi's in real life. He sounds very unrealistic and too perfect. 
I finished the story and there was still time to kill, so started reading a Dharuma magazine on the sofa (it's a very good Islamic magazine) and soon, I was called in. Mr. Seth and to my surprise Mr. Ben was also there and I sat on the dental chair and looked up to the lights in the chair and then came to this realization that no matter how many times I sit here, it is still going to be scary. So scary. the assistant put an apron on me, and Dr. Seth started operating on my teeth while Dr. Ben watched over. They did not numb me this time, so it hurt quote a lot, especially during some parts where he tried to take a radio-graph  My eyes started to become teary, but I decided that I wasn't going to cry. It did not help that there was a kid on the next chair that Mr. Ben was trying to put a dental check up on but he was crying so loudly it was interrupting with my train of thought. His mother was trying to calm the little guy down, and I thought to myself. This must be how I was when I was a kid. My mom and dad tells me that they had to change the name board o the dental section in Ungoofaaru hospital, because I wouldn't go in there.

Anyways, after almost an hour of putting some scary looking things in my teeth (I regret opening my eyes through some points. I saw a very weird looking needle that Dr. Seth was holding and it totally freaked me out. To the point, I was reciting Thabarah Surah (which I do whenever I freak out. It calms me down) and then I closed my eyes and never opened them until Dr. Seth pulled up my chair and told me to rinse. The sad thing is that even though my eyes were closed, I could still hear (yes, I know. I didn't study biology so this came as a total shock to me! CRAZY, right? :P) and I died a little when Dr Seth called someone to get a pair of scissors. In my mind I was all SCISSORS, NO NO NO. ROCK ROCK ROCK! Apparently  Rock Paper Scissors don't work in the dental clinic. -.- 
Dr. Seth then told me that he got a dressing and that there was some other thing and this and that which I didn't really understand mostly because my brain was still trying to get over that experience and also because to ease the pain, some cloves flavoured thing was happening in my mouth (I don't know how else to say this) and I was too preoccupied to ask him about dental procedures. After the whole thing, I went down, paid the bill, got an MC and walked silently looking down at my bunny shaped flats and trying to feel good. 
At home, I spent sometime playing a random time management game to take my mind off, and I even got ready to go to office since it was only 1, but I was feeling dizzy and so I slept. I missed a meeting too. 
The scary thing is, I am still not completely done with one teeth even after the two visits, and I still have around four more teeth to fill and do other things. I have another appointment for next month, and oh boy, I can never be completely calm about this. Oh well. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Book Review: True Believer

image credits
This book was a birthday gift from one of my favourite people, and it was a wonderful read. Having read The Notebook and Message in the Bottle and having watched several movies based on Sparks novels, I was sure I'd have a good time. Even though his writing style is becoming a bit cliche', there is always that element of the prodigious romance, and the whimsical three dimensional characters with amazing backgrounds. This book was no different. It sort of was a bit of thrill with romance and the added mystery of the small town. I am a sucker for these kind of settings. I loved this book and I actually stayed for a big part of the night reading it till the end, but during some parts it got a bit boring so I skipped a few pages. (which I did read later, I was pretty sleepy, so I wanted to finish it. I know, you can jail me later)

Short Summary: Jeremy, a city bred reporter goes to a small town in North Carolina called Boone Creek to check out some mysterious lights in a cemetery and there he meets a girl named Lexie. Well, you know how the rest will go. It's a classic Nicholas Sparks. 
Fav Character: Lexie of course  She sounds a lot like me, someone who reads books, is very traditional and sweet but also tough. Well, sounds a lot like who I want to be actually. -.- But seriously. You don't have to be Jeremy to fall in love with her.
Verdict: It's a good read. Nothing too complex. Just a simple romantic novel that ou can enjoy on a rainy day, on a ferry ride or just about. 
Rating: 3/5

Have you read it? What are your views?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Playlist: Miley Cyrus

Yes, I used to be and still am a fan of Miley. Probably because she is my age and because I often thought she had this cool personality. She does. Yes, she's had some very rough stuff happen and had gone through a lot, but I'm glad she turned out quite fine. Engaged and doing better than ever, she is so fun and her own person and I'm so happy for her. Her songs helped me throughout my teen years and so, I have a lot to thank for. Here are some honorable mentions.

The Climb 
This is my go-to song for when I am down. Always. Whenever something is going on, and I feel like giving up, I listen to this. Instant inspiration to keep going on, to know that what matters is the climb. I love this song so much, I think I've at some point in my life recommended this song to everyone, including our pet rabbit.

7 Things
When I was in CHSE during one Ramadan, I was so into this song I kept listening to it over and over and over and I would even think in this song's lyrics. I know, it sounds weird  Those were some low days in my life. haha. I used to be a fan of Niley, what can I say?

Can't Be Tamed
Amazing song. I remember two years back when this song came out, and then I had an instant connection with it and kept playing it so much, my classmates would all sing this. haha. Those were some of the awesome-st days of our lives. This is sort of a very rebel girl style song, but with some hidden meanings, eh. I still play it and it takes me back to those days.

Nobody's Perfect
Another great inspiring song that I just sometimes need in my life in little dozes. Listen to it when you feel like some people just get it right all the time, or when you feel like everything you do goes down the drain all the time. 

Wake Up America
This is a wonderful song for the environment  I love the sentiments, the enthusiasm, the standing up. Everything. In fact, I used to have this written and posted in my inspiration boards to remind myself to help Earth. 

If We Were a Movie
Honestly, I think if I had to write a song about how if my life were a movie, this would be how I'd write it. Maybe. I don't know. All I know is I like this song a lot. It's very real-life but fantasy type. I am not making any sense now, so I shall stop. 

Party in the USA
The most awesomely energetic song. I love this song. So much. SO I put hands up, they're playing my song and everything's OK. It's a party in the USA! Also the part about not getting the memo, and Britney, hilarious!
If you're not a Miley fan either, I'd recommend you listen to some, including these songs. They are some of my favourite. What songs of her do you like?

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Eh'baeh means we are the same. We are together, we are united. 
It's the latest project of DYM (which if by now you don't know, then I am judging you!) for Unity Day, which is 26th December. As most of you would know, back in, Maldives was affected by the Tsunami and it was a sad day, but also a day that showed our unity, our togetherness and our humanity.

For the project, we are trying to collect pictures from all of the islands in Maldives, showing the unity and togetherness of Maldivians and to remember those who passed away. So, we are asking all of you also to participate in this project. 

All you need to do is write a message on a placard regarding unity, along with your atoll and name and then take a picture holding it. Make sure the message is visible. Mail the pictures to or to Eh'baeh Facebook page. 


There is me, with one of my favourite quotes from Dumbledore. Make sure to send us the pictures by 25th  December, the latest so we can include you as well. Let's all snap some pics, eh. :D

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nightmare on Dental Street: Part 1

WARNING: LONG POST AHEAD. Read at your own risk.
I've had several problems with my teeth in the past three years, but refrained from going to the dentist mostly because it freaks me out. But lately, it was hurting too much and I wanted to just get done with it. That was when the horror started. I wanted to know how it would go, so I googled. (WARNING: DO NOT GOOGLE IMAGE ANYTHING RELATED TO TEETH UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE FROM VISUAL IMAGERY). I read about the different kind of treatments, and read about people's testimonials, forums, etc and honestly it was the best thing. It made me calm down about the whole thing. Being informed clearly is a good thing.
So, I made the appointment and went to the dentist, Dr. Ben (not real name) who casually just told me I needed a few RCT's and some fillings. There I was freaking out and so many things going in my head, and he just calmly said that. Dentists! So, I made an appointment for RCT and then in my anxiety, I went to the dentist one day early. haha. Then Dr. Ben got sick and had to cancel my appointments three times during the span of a week and then I got my job and my times and his times were clashing too much, so I had to change dentists, this time to a local one, Dr. Seth (again, not real name). A lot of people recommend him.
Anyhow, all this time my teeth was hurting so much so I was on medication every single day. The dentist appointment was the first thing on my mind when I woke up everyday and the last thing when I went to bed. My friends were being exceptionally nice about the whole thing. Meanwhile, I was making all thee visits by myself (I have a phobia of hospitals/clinics and I always go to places like that with Dad, so going alone is a very big deal for me) and it took a lot of self confidence to brave myself to walk there and stay calm even though in my head I was so freaked out.

Few nights ago, my first consultation with Dr. Seth was interesting. I was about to go when the clinic called and said it would take a while and they'd call me. So I was watching How I Met Your Mother when they called, and I rushed to the clinic. (At this moment, I'd like to thank the taxi centre for sending someone early. In today's Maldives, this could be considered a miracle of sorts) I was so anxious, nervous and very cold. The girls in the clinic were very nice and I stayed downstairs till I was called, taking sometime to read Nu-uman Va Mariyam, one of my favourite pieces of Dhivehi literature. (also reading English novels while waiting is too mainstream. ha) There were two patients ahead and then I was called into the upstairs waiting area which has a very bright colour theme and had this amazing fish tank. Within a few minutes, I was called in and I sat in the dental chair (which actually is quite comfy). Dr, Seth came and checked my teeth and said I had to remove my wisdom teeth. On the outside, I nodded and gave him a weak smile and on the inside my brain was shouting all sorts of crazy things.
WHY? NOO! NOT MY WISDOM TEETH. Then, he proceeded to inject something to my gums to numb the area. I thought it would hurt a lot, he said it would hurt a bit and it actually did not hurt much, which was quite a surprise. Then, he went to help another patient and I had sometime to clear my head and get myself together. The office was very adorable in a weird way. There were teeth samples, and some plastic sets of teeth, and a really modern tooth shaped clock. I love how everything was very nice and sophisticated, definitely not what I thought would be in a dental clinic.
The patient on the other side came with a friend/husband/muggle/whatever and he was consoling her throughout and when Dr.Seth was about to inject her, she asked if it would hurt and he said, maybe like when a mosquito bites, heh. But she sort of let out a faint little cry when he injected and the girls in the office mouthed "newbie" to each other. I was a newbie myself and I felt really happy that I was brave enough not not even let out a cry, or shed a tear. (At this point, you do realize that this post is mostly about personal praise of how strong I was and brave and yada yada, haha. I promise to keep the self flattery down, if you promise to read. :P).

Soon, my mouth was becoming numb and then the horror started. He came and started to operate on my teeth. I had my eyes close the entire time. All I heard was him telling me to open my mouth wider, refer to the girl to get a suction (which was some sort of thing that did some sort of thing. yes, I know ! very vague) and i didn't feel anything because my mouth was all numb. I opened my eyes for sometime and saw all the tools he were using, which were all pointy and sharp and so scary. I suddenly remembered all the episodes of Criminal Minds and Castle where people would use sharp tools to cut people. NOT A GOOD THING. So, I closed my eyes again and vow to not open them till it was over. I was reciting several ayah of Quran in my head and it was keeping me calm while I was laying there with my mouth side open (so wide it hurt. Honestly, that as the only hurting part, having to keep my mouth open for a very long time). while Dr.Seth cleaned and filled my teeth. I was unsure whether he as removing it or not and I was just waiting for the minute he would pluck it, but it never happened. Apparently, he didn't remove my teeth. AH, that was a relief.
So, I was done and I thanked Allah several times and was so glad it did not hurt. In fact, I was so surprised. I couldn't talk properly though since words came out as sighs rather than sounds. I felt a bit like Aya when she was losing her ability to talk. I was able to empathize with her, and it felt sad but nice at the same time.
Dad came to pick me up, and we walked home. I was very hungry but had to refrain fro eating for sometime. On one end, I was glad at least one was over, and on the other I am still scared for the next appointment. I am mentally preparing myself now. The time is yet to come. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Inspirational Women: Aya Kitou

If you are friends with me on Facebook, then you would know that Aya Kitou is my current favourite hero and inspiration. I read her story after I started watching this Japanese series named 1 Litre of Tears ( inspired and based on Aya's book of the same name) which I grew to love so much.
image credits
The series was mostly based on the true events and highlights some of the important moments of her life and her struggles as patient with an incurable disease. Her journey from being a young girl to a woman and the effect of everything on her friends and family and how she manages to still be kind and smile everyday and try to help people is so inspirational. The series adds some extra characters as well, and is a lovely watch which might make you cry. I know I did.
image credits
Aya Kitou was a 15 year old Japanese schoolgirl who was diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia which limits the person's movements and eventually confines them to bed, being unable to talk, write or do anything. She suffered for 10 years before she died at age 25. The most interesting thing however is that she kept a diary of all of the things that happened to her within those years and I've read the English translation from HERE. The story is so wonderful and it made me feel so blessed to be not sick and not confined by any limits. Everyday, I thank Allah for all of it, and now every time I do something, I am reminded of Aya and her will to keep going on. Whenever I am about to give up on even the smallest things, I remind myself that Aya did all of that despite her illness so why can't I?
image credits
She taught me the power of self belief, that believing in one's own self is the first step to anything. She showed me how to smile and not complain all the time, no matter how hard I've got it. Her smiling face, her will to help people and to be able to do something, to leave something, to live life fully has given me so much determination go do the same.
image credits
She was amazing and her legacy lives on. I recommend you all to read her book, and to watch the series. It is absolutely heartwarming and will make you believe in things again. Aya will forever remain in our hearts as the strong girl she was and will always be an inspiration to the sick, the disabled and the rest, to the girls and women, to the old and young, to everyone; an inspiration to love, to live and to never give up on yourself and your abilities. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Life Doesn't Suck Post

Do you know people who always have this life sucks attitude? I mean those who will always blame life for everything. Nothing seems to work in their lives. Sure, life isn't fair, but aren't we giving too much credit to life by saying it sucks. It doesn't. Not always
image credits
Sure there will be times when you feel like everything's out of place, that nothing seems to go right and no matter what you do, it won't be good enough. But you know what? EVERYONE feels that. We all have those bad days, bad moments, etc. That is no reason to go blaming life for sucking. Is it always like that? NO! No matter how much suffering people had to endure, or how bad it is, there will be good times. Take any tragedy, man made or natural, there is always something good. Tsunami? A lot of people died, were left homeless and suffered, but we also saw a lot of heroes rising, helping in whatever ways they can. We saw unity, we saw the best in humanity. Isn't life wonderful? The killing in Connecticut? Yes, 27 people including innocent children died, but we saw heroes in school, teachers who died to save their students, we saw people helping the families of victims, we saw people rushing to console them. Doesn't life surprise you by showing that there is always a way? 
image credits
But yes, if your attitude towards life is always complaining and being a reacting person who is affected by everything around them, and who tend to blame it all, then there is no pleasing you. It's your life too, and you know what? You can make a difference in your life. When someone's rude to you, promise yourself to be nice to them. Maybe next time they won't be so rude. If the day is going bad, take some time to relax and reflect on what you can do to keep yourself calm and strong though it. Life sucks when you do. It's not the other way around.
image credits
Have we ever taken time to contemplate and say life is good? Have we? When something is going good, take time to say to yourself that this is nice, this is good. Appreciate the good times, then you can start to learn to appreciate the bad. Sure, everything's not always bananas and sunshine. There will be horrible times, that's a test for us to see how strong we are. Learning to cope through them will define who we are. 
So who are you? Are you the kind who blames everything including your family, friends, government, rules, and life? Or are you someone who tries to find out what is going wrong, and what you can do correct them? Everyone's good at the blame game, no one's good at the Lets See What I Can Do game. 
image credits
You know what I tell myself when I start to complain about everything. I tell myself to get over it, and go read a book. I tell myself not to be a complainer and be a doer. I tell myself that everyone feels sad, depressed, out of line, and that the world doesn't revolve around me. I tell myself that the world is freaky and to just deal with it. I tell myself to stop being like a cola bottle that bubbles up and spills everywhere. I tell myself to be like water, to be calm. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Playlist

I haven't been able to check out the Billboard 100 in ages. I usually find the songs and listen to them and pick my favourites. Here are some that I've been loving these days.

Some Nights by Fun
Amazing song with really inspiring lyrics and a great video. Fun is definitely paving its way into my favourite bands lists. The lyrics are just so so moving. What do you stand for?

Diamonds by Rihanna
It took me a few days of listening to this song to like it, but now that I have, I listen to it a lot. I love the lyrics, the music and everything. This song just makes me feel I'm in a far off galaxy. Wonderful feeling.

Ho Hey by The Lumineers
I watched the video of this song and instantly loved it. Whenever after hearing this, I always have this sudden urge to say Ho Hey after every sentence. haha

Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys ft Nicki Minaj
The only Alicia song I have ever heard and loved so much. I don't exactly like the Nicki rapping part, Oh, and also watch the video of the cover by Sophia Grace and Rosie. They sang it beautifully. 

Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye ft Kimbra
I know what you're thinking. But come on, it is a beautiful song that became too mainstream. I do love it a lot and listen to this a lot. How can you not go like SOMEBODYY!!

I Knew You Were Trouble by Tay
New favourite song. I loved the song until the video came. I am suddenly saddened by how Tay depicted the song. Sure, it deserves a video like that but I guess I wasn't ready to see Taty move into those grounds. Can we get the pretty country Tay back? But yes, I do wish her all the best and I still listen to this song a lot. Mickie knows it by heart too.

What are you listening to this week?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stand a little taller

I went to Bandos on Thursday for YLP (remember, I was at YLP last year which was this amazing life changing program) where Shaam, Nawaf and I were facilitating a 6 hour LTLT program. It was amazing going to Bandos again. I love the resort, the people and the atmosphere. The students at YLP reminded me of us last year, but we were a lot awesome-r. :P I was slightly disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm in them, considering it was the last few days of the program. During the last days last year we were bubbling with so much energy and enthusiasm, I thought that one of us was gonna set fire to the world. Though I'm glad the fire thing didn't happen, I am glad of the batch with us. 
image credits
The LTLT went pretty good. We did the usual activities and bonded with the participants. Later in the night, we stayed in the resort to watch the Geminids meteor showers and I am glad we decided to do it. IT WAS MAGNIFICENT. Honestly. We went out in the football field and there were probably more than a few hundred stars out there and every minute or two we'd see three to four shooting stars. So many wishes! We stayed there for an hour and saw nearly 50 and had a really good time. I was getting so sleepy, we decided to cut short and head to bed. 
image credits
I was also having a really hard time trying to arrange some stuff in Male' while in Bandos and I realized how lucky I am to have my dad, who was amazing and I just kept thanking Allah for blessing me with all the wonderful things like my amazing family and friends. Also a big thanks to Fureeku whom I bugged so much. 
I came back to Male' and slept. During the whole day, I got almost 18 hours of sleep. Not bad, eh. 
Then, I went to Bandos again last night for the closing ceremony of YLP and had a really great time meeting with amazing people, eating good food (they had this amazing dessert called Tosca which is some sort of really delicious chocolate brownie with chocolate syrup which tasted heavenly. My teeth still hurts so much from all that, but it was totally worth it) and having an amazing time trying to snap pictures of doppelgangers and playing Fruit Ninja while on the ferry. 

Also my dentist appointment kept getting cancelled because my dentist fell sick (I didn't even do any spells on him, honest.) and so I changed dentists and the whole things is scary but I am determined to get this done with. Oh and today was first day at work and I was at home sleeping till evening. BEST FIRST DAY AT WORK, EVER! 
How is life people?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekend Reads

It has been such a hectic week. I seriously have had so much fun. So, I'm leaving you this weekend with some interesting pictures since I didn't find any good posts this week.
image credits
How absolutely wonderful is this Harry Potter themed wedding? I mean, WOW! 
image credits
and this cute baby shower cake? I am seriously considering throwing a baby shower for someone. haha. Better befriend some fancy pregnant ladies. 
image credits
oh, and we are totally doing this to Mickie. How adorable is it eh? :D
image credits
oh and lastly, this is what I've been coveting. This adorable IKEA shoe shelf that can host 27 pairs of adorableness. Yes, I need this. Like, right now. 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone. This would be my last weekend before I start my new job. :D excited. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A to Z: Safe and Sound

image credits

A is for Ah. Whenever I'm really interested or really bored, I use this. Yes, you may never know. 
B is for Billy from Jane by Design. He is so handsome.
C is for Charm, which is sometimes very very irritating. I can never fathom how some guys are so good at winning over moms and their daughters, while being a complete Jackass. -.-
D is for Dreamcatcher, that great picture. I am particularly fond of dream catchers and this one has the right amount of fluff. 
E is for Elimination of violence against women. The 16 days of activism are over and it was such fun helping the campaign. 
F is for Forum Theatre, which seems to be what all NGO's are doing these days. 
G is for Gemminid Showers, which I hope to see with my friends. :D
H is for Hazelnut ice-cream which is what you should always order at Seagull. It tastes heavenly. 
I is for I'm really extremely thankful to Allah these days. 
J is for Jane by Design. If you didn't know before, I absofreakingly love this show. Major outfit love. :D
K is for KK, my younger sister. :D
L is for LTLT in Bandos, YLP. I am hopefully leaving tomorrow to attend this. 
M is for My crazy friends who are so much fun. 
N is for Nikki, whose birthday it was the other day. I'm sorry I missed it cousin. :(
O is for One Litre of tears, which is this absolutely wonderful and sad Japanese series based on the real life story of Aya Kitou. Such a storing and inspiring girl. 
P is for Procrastination song, haha. This should be the theme song of my life. 
R is for Rainy days. I am starting to like rain.
S is for Some campaign that DYM is doing to celebrate unity day. 
T is for tooth stories, which people have been telling me ever since they knew I am going to the dentist. No people No. 
U is for Under 23 football team, who won the cup and Shaam and I happened to be there. It was pretty fun.
V is for Voila! I don't use that word as much as I used to.
W is for Why am I always remembering all the lines to Dora? Micky, yes. Because that girl watches it all day long. 
X is for exciting things that are happening. I honestly feel so independent these days.
Y is for You Know You Love Fashion, my new favourite website. How is it that I have not known this before? AHH!
Z is for ZZZ. I'm gonna miss sleeping till mid day. *sigh*

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday Playlist: Country Obsession

Note: I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I got so busy and forgot.
You might not know this, but I am a big fan of country music. Old country  new country, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Garth Brooks, you name it. I love the stories, and how the songs are so romantic and whimsical and makes you feel like you're sipping lemonade in a hot day wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress with a sunhat and looking like you just came out of a Southern Living magazine. This week, I'm listening to;

Red by Taylor Swift
I love this song. A special shout-out to new pal Humadh for giving me the album which I love. This song is very very fuzzy. Like warm sauce. Like the colours in autumn, haha. Seriously, this is perfect for when you're in a car and it's playing on the radio and you look outside the car window and gaze as people pass by and feel like you're in a 60's movie. I love that feeling. 

Blown Away by Carrie Underwood
Carrie is absolutely fantastic. She reminds me of Emily Osment. Maybe they are related. Hmm, I shall look into it. But the song is wonderful, it tells a heartwarming, but sad story and you wish you could help, but maybe not. Play it when you're in the mood for some emotion, something that would make you think, that would make you wander.

As She's Walking Away by Zac Brown Band
AH-MAZING song. I listen to this every time I feel like I need some perspective in life, and it helps. It tells the story of how you should never let things that you want go, and you should run after them. Whenever you need to make a big life decision, you should listen to this. It might or might not help, but you'll have heard a good song, so that's that.

Days Go by by Keith Urban
This is my favourite country song of all times. Yes, even above any song by Tay. That is saying a lot. I love the time passage, how life is reflected in this song. It is one of my feel good songs, and it is also included in my Insomnia playlist. You should totally listen to it. Awesomesauce. 

Need You Now by Lady Antebellum
Again, amazing song. Beautiful lyrics, amazing vocals, awesome all around. It's pretty sad though, so I don't listen to it that much. Just once a week or more. heh

Wanted by Hunter Hayes
This guy is my new favourite country singer. Charming guy, but his charm doesn't irritate me that much, heh. This song is really nice and I wish I can be this song. Really. It is dedicated to all the guys out there who still prove today that there are nice people. :D Thank you!

What are you listening to?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

For you, a thousand times over

If you have not read/watch Kite Runner, then I suggest you do it. RIGHT NOW! Seriously. It is one absolutely wonderful, heartwarming movie. I read the book by Khalid Housseini a few years back and it was the only book that has ever made me cry. Seriously. I am a potter-head but I have never cried when reading any of the 7 HP books, but The Kite Runner made me cry, so that is saying something. 
The movie of course lacks the depth and some of the most important aspects of the book, but brings together the whole idea in a very nice way. 
It is an epic tale of love, sacrifices, betrayal and friendships set midst the times when Kabul was under the Taliban rule and it shows the brutal-ism shown and the racial differences. It follows the story of Amir and Hassan, two friends whose life is completely changed because of the circumstances. A little boy who has the chance to re-live in the America's and a little boy who sacrifices himself for his friendship and another little boy who's life changes drastically. 
The story is such an inspiration that despite the mistakes of the past, there is always the chance to be good again. It shows that there is always something you can do, someone you can save, and that being good is a choice that you have. (that rhymed, ha!)
I won't spoil it for you, but get ready to for emotional trauma at the hands of a paperback and/a DVD. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

And at last I see the light

flying lanterns
image credits
Just a quick update to tell you guys that last night was a magical night. A bunch of the most awesome people and I went to see the AIDS day event to light lanterns, and we found out that only invitees were allowed to go in, so we were cursing them all the way. But when the first light went off and then everybody was allowed in, and then it was the most magical awesome thing ever. The lights flying across the dark night sky, just like in Tangled. Then Shaam asked a lady if we can light one and she was so nice and let us and so we lighted it and it flew and OH MY GOD I WAS SO SO HAPPY. Ah. It was so dreamlike, and then it was as if all the worry in the world, all the bad things were gone and the world was a lovely magical place where dreams came true. 
I also met so many awesome people and had an amazing time. :D You guys should definitely come next year, this is not an event to be missed. :)
Meanwhile, here is what I felt like. Just like Rapunzel in Tangled. 

Did you see the flying lights? 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekend Reads

image credits
Hello weekend. I am glad you are here. Here are some interesting things going around in the blogosphere.
Carly is amazing, she writes such great posts, like this one about DIY monograms, or this one about best kid movies of 90's and my absolute favourite, 5 ways to turn a bad day into a good night. This DIY map is such a great fun wishlist idea, don't you think? Katie always has the most amazing ideas. This time, she turned her old headphones into a cute accessory. BAM! 
on a very especial note, my friend Shaam has a blog now and it is so much cool, so drop a line. Say hi, or just you know stalk. :P
image credits
This just had to be posted. 10 seasons later, they inspire me everyday. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Inspirational Women: Hilary Duff

If you ask me which celebrity is a good role model, I would say Hilary Duff instantly. I believe she is one of the best Disney has brought and definitely someone who didn't get lost in the celebrity world unlike Lindsey or Britney. She has been a nice person, and I assume she is a genuinely nice person in reality too.

I grew up loving her movies. Lizzy Mcguire was great, so was Cadet Kelly and Cinderella Story. My favourite movie of all time, The Perfect Man stars Hilary as well. So it doesn't take a genius to figure that I like this girl and her movies and songs. 

She inspires me because she shows that being a celebrity doesn't necessary mean you have to fall into all the wrong bandwagons. She has no scandals, controversy, or bad behaviour problems and she's finally settled down with a nice little family and that makes me want to believe that no matter what occupation you're in, being good is always a choice. She reminds me to stay nice, to stay true to myself. Not a lot of celebrities gives out that message. 
Image credits: (1), (2), (3)

Also She and I have the same favourite water, Fiji. :P
Seriously, she is cool and she is inspiring. Who is your most inspiring celebrity?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trouble, trouble, trouble

Well, hey there. It's been some time since I let you know what I've been up to, eh. Degree's over. Yes, three years later I'm here, a graduand. I've been searching for a job, something that's interesting. My resume is pretty versatile. I worked as an account assistant, a marketing person and a radio jockey and enjoyed all of them. 
Nawaf, Shaam, Rish, Hoodh and I did another LTLT a weekend ago in CHSE which was really great. The bunch were energetic and fun and potterheads! :D Honestly, I felt so great talking to them and we had so much to talk about. We are also planning a lot of things for DYM so stay tuned. 
image credits
I've also been working on the campaign for the elimination of violence against women with the help of Thinakun Ekeh, which is doing 16 days of activism for the cause  The opening was a week ago, and since then there have been forum theaters going on in both Huhlhumale' and Viligili this week which went amazingly well. The last day is December 10th and there is another forum theater at City Hall, so if you're in town drop by in the evening and say hi! Also wear orange.
image credits
Meanwhile, I've been watching Community and Jane by Design. I love Abed. He is awesome. The Spanish rapping, the pop culture references and the cougar town thing, haha. I'm on season 2 now. Jane by Design is just awesome. Mh suggested it to me cos he felt Jane was like me, and I was like Jane, haha and that is true. I'm a bit sad that the series got cancelled. Everything I like seems to get cancelled. Accidentally on Purpose, 100 Questions, Eastwick and now this? WHY? WHAIII?
So how's things been fellow readers?

Monday, December 3, 2012

How To: Headband

I am a professional headband maker, if there was one. Honestly. ha. I do like making them, wearing them not so much. I'm not Blair Waldorf, and therefore cannot pull off the queen bee headband trend. But you can, and I'm gonna show you how to BEDAZZLE (which is my new favourite word) a plain looking headband to a KABAM one. Writing words in Caps Lock is also my new favourite thing. So here are the stuff you will need. 
headband 1
Scissors, a plain headband (mine was a bit broken, but it's all good), a strip of fabric that is long enough, needle, thread, and some embellishmets. (I chose bows)
haedband 2

Step 1  - Start wrapping the fabric around the headband, diagonally so that it stays on real nice. No need to sew it, just tightly wrap everything.

headband 4

Step 2 - Just wrap the whole thing nicely and then cut any remaining fabric. At this point, you can adjust the fabric so that everything looks good or maybe eat a burger, whatever.

headband 5

Step 3 - Now you may want to sew the things together at both ends so it doesn't unwrap and mess everything.

headband 6

Step 4 - Put the embellishments wherever you want. Maybe one, or two or in the whole thing. It's honestly your call. I decided to use two instead of the four I originally intended to use. Yes, I change my minds very often. -.-

So that's it. It's very simple and looks pretty decent. You can try using different sizes of headbands, different fabric choices and embellishments. The variations are endless. Here are some more that I made.

headband pink
Pink beads, flowers and ribbon. This took me around half an hour to make, and a lot of pain to my fingers. Small beads are not your friend. I repeat, NOT.
headband purple
This is one of my favourites, I love the huge flower and the bead strip that I made. It looked so good when worn. 
So, if you make one, lemme know. I'd love to see. also, sorry for the lame quality. Blame it on the phone. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Wish I Was

image credits
In a musical - The singing, dancing, choreographed awesomeness, the sparkle,  glitter and glamour of jumping into a song in a middle of the street and having the back up dancers. Ah, that life.
image credits
An Indian wedding planner - The festivities, the food, the Mehndi and the songs. I can forever live in an Indian wedding.
image credits 
A forger - so I can evade from the police, fly with Pan Am girls and always be on the run.

image credits
Mistaken for a gangster couple - so I can borrow my client's awesome car and go on an adventure.
image credits
A minion - Those tiny little creatures that are evil but so good, and working for Gru might not be such a bad idea.
image credits 
Olive Penderghast - She is so much fun, and has this don't care attitude. Also her parents are so cool!
image credits
A witch - The ultimate dream. Casting spells, fighting dark lords, hanging out with cool creatures, using Galleons, and so so many amazing things. In fact, this would be my number one fantasy, ever!
image credits
A superhero - Kick ass? yes! The cape, the flying, the super powers and more importantly, the saving humanity. Also being mistaken for a bird or a plane is good.
image credits
lle Woods - The pink loving, sparkly good hearted girl. I grew up loving her so much, her kick ass attitude, her bringing sunshine wherever she goes and her getting the guy in the end. AH!
image credits
A Plastic - in Regina's circle. How awesome would it be to hang out with them, write in the burn book, wear pink on Wednesdays, make fetch happen and getting losers in the car to go shopping.

image credits 
An identical twin - Like MK and Ashley, or Lindsey in Parent Trap, so we can switch places and confuse everyone.
image credits 
A pirate - The sailing high seas, looking for treasure, meeting mythical creatures and bravery!

What did you wish you were?