Monday, December 21, 2009

When I Close My Eyes I Dream

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This is merely a life update..
Job is going pretty well.. Kel is the new temp boss.. We have fun at work, play Farmville, and cook stuff.. Buy holsten, cos redbull is too expensive.. and blah blah.. Still, I feel like something is missing..
I'm just too lazy these days, lazy that I don't make cards, write in my journal, do fashion stuff, or even visit library.. And I loved to do these.. I donno what’s gotten into me.. I feel so sleepy all the time, and I'm almost always late for stuff..
This picture used to give me inspiration, but now its just like another picture..
I also finished my dress.. Yippee, It looks good enough for my first project.. haha.. Needs to take a pic though.. I'm too lazy to do that too.. argh!
Anyways just to let you know that I'm still alive, and well, just well.. and also I have been accepted to college, if I haven't told you that yet..
How is your life? I'm sure its less boring-er than mine, so do share in the comments!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A to Z: The Over Procrastinated One

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A is for Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, it was so amazing.. Ranbir and Kat doesnt get any cuter.. (=
B is for Bachelors!I am going to college! xD Yay Me! Im so so happy, I even started my back to college wardrobe.. lol
C is for CID.. I mean, the drama in Sony TV.. Its so interesting.. >.<
D is for Dr Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine.. Its an 80’s movie, and I love it.. haha.. Very Cheesy..
E is for Eid, the most boring Eid in my whole life.. Going to CPE exam in Eid was actually better than staying at home.. >.<
F is for Femina, and Fimfare.. Femina’s much worth the money than the other.. But hey, I got a cute picture of Geenu and Riteish.. xD And you are most welcome to borrow them..
G is for Get togethers.. Im invited to three this weekend, make it four including a wedding.. First is a twitter coffee, then an HFM dinner, a friend-who-owes-me-dinner dinner, and wedding of a very rich relative (winter themed)..
H is for Holsten, my new favorite drink.. Plus it’s chaper than redbull.. )=
I is for Iththi, my new twitter bestfriend, along with Yaamyn, my other best pal.. xD
J is for Jab Se Dekha He Tere Haath Ka Chaand, from the movie Jeena Sirf Mere Liye.. I am a huge fan of Kareena.. xD
K is for Kurbaan.. Still havent watched it.. Will.. Very Soon.. xD
L is for Love.. <3
M is for Mrs. World..I cannot even count how many times they’ve shown that on Star World
N is for National Football team, We salute you! xD
O is for Omlets.. Dont ask me why!
P is for Parteys and Police.. So, some Partays came to hfm, and so did police.. And I had to wait so long to get home, cos those Partays blocked the way.. hmph.. I'm no fan of Partays or Police, but I like CID.. Does that even count? lol
Q is for Quartile.. I somehow remembered certain not-to-be-mentioned-again business words.. LMAO
R is for Rainbow Hair, this beautiful picture..
S is for “S”. I’ve got this S set, with a pink pendant, a pink ring, and the earrings.. The Earrings, I used them in some craft projects.. haha
T is for Tight wearing goal keepers who distract poeple watching the match.. *ehem ehem*
U is for Umbrella.. There’s a very cute silent cartoon on TVM.. I love it! <3
V is for Veer! Come on, Im outta good stuff.. Argh
W is for Wizards Of Waverly Place.. Max is my absolute favorite!
X is for Xmas.. And No, I don't celebrate Christmas, but I just love the fact they give presents to each other and all the Shopping..
Y is for You wouldn't believe how long I’ve been procrastinating putting this post in my blog.. haha
Z is for Zilch!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There’s Always A Next Time

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After the much expected SAFF trophy landed in India’s hands, Maldivians everywhere cried. It was a sad moment. I for one, watched football for the first time in my life, only for 15 minutes and it was boring. But it was long enough for me to also notice the Indian goal keeper, OMG! That tight-wearing-man of the match- angry looking goal keeper! Even thinking about that’s gonna give me nightmares. lol
Anyways, We pray and hope that next time, we’ll win. Insha Allah.
Life’s going pretty well. Im gonna go to college today to get my letter of either rejection, or the other. Lets hope Im selected! cos, I have no plan B yet! ugh!
Plus my dress, its almost complete, and it looks very pro. >.< I shall show you a pic once its done.. xD
So, what is your feelings about the football match? and about the goalkeeper? I’d love to know. lol