Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DYMag May Issue

It was last May that we released the very first issue of DYMag. I did some layouts, Wuff the others and it was seriously terrible. I'm not even lying. I'm not ashamed at how terrible it was. It was a start nevertheless and since then we've got nowhere but forward. We improved so much on everything from layout to content to the team itself. Started with just three people with a vision, we have made it a team of 10 and we haven't looked back, till now. 

As we released the anniversary issue yesterday, I felt a surge of emotions, bittersweet. The magazine looks amazing and I have to give all credit to Imy who is a wonder, he really is. The editing team has done so well and mostly the contributors, they are one of the main reasons we survive. They are the talent, they are everything and there is no word that I can say that can sum up just how thankful I am to them. To everyone for helping us reach this goal. We have so much more to grow, the stars to shoot for but right now, right this moment, I am content. I am happy and I am just and it's beautiful. 

So, moving on to the contents. We prepared a collage of covers for the cover and if I had to choose a favourite cover, it has to be Space Parade one! so good plus it was such a fun shoot. Toby has become part of our team now and we love that guy so much. The mag starts with a very hauntingly beautiful piece by Suma. The story gave me the chills. Next up are the reviews and Abo can review. He makes me want to watch Captain America while listening to House of Balloons by the Weeknd. We introduced a whole new segment called on DYM's radar, which highlights some trending topics of the month. Plus the layout looks delicious! 

Ask DYM has been getting really weird questions and it's fun to see what Muranga Gasdhoshu Maalimee has to say about them, haha. Also find a really cheesy sappy anniversary story that I wrote. I am a sucker for thanking and for nostalgia. The next article is in Dhivehi and it's brilliant. It's about the story of a bird that became extinct. More serious articles follow about feminism, disappearing social grace, and about self discovery. 

This issue also shows some really cool "manly" stuff like bike profiles and stats about gaming industry. It ends with an article about how to be happy and with a poem about cowards. Talk about variety! You can read the magazine HERE

At last, I would like to take this moment to thank all the readers of the magazine. You keep us going. Thank you. 
What is your favourite thing about this issue?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Playlist

I have this new thing where I discover a new song a day. Mostly on weekdays because on weekends I cannot be bothered by routines, not yet anyway. It's nice because new music plus I listen to the song over and over again and it's really nice. 

You and I - One Direction

I'm not the biggest 1D fan, but some of their songs are rather nice, especially this one. While I don't totally agree with everything the song says, it's a beautiful song. What really made me interested was the video. I love stop motion videos, they are so nice. Plus, was I the only one thinking they all looked old? Maybe done on purpose? Anyways, that bride is one I really want to visit. 

Ordinary Love - U2
Such a good song, really. I love everything about it, this song is one of those anthem songs that makes everything alright. It's simply beautiful and I agree wholeheartedly. The video was really nice. Again, stop motion (notice a theme? ahaha) and I think this song is one of the most quote worthy songs I have heard lately. 

Boy - Nina Nesbitt

One of my new favourite artist, Nina. She's really nice and her voice is beyond words, mesmerizing. I have listened to a couple of her songs, and watched some videos and this one takes the cake. Nice pumped up heartbreak song that is perfect for right after you get heart broken. That anger, that relief, everything is so beautifully expressed here.  

Beating Heart - Ellie Goulding
This is one of the great things about the Divergent movie. This song is so beautiful, so mellow yet not, and I don't know enough words to perfectly describe this beautiful piece. Ellie's voice is gold, the lyrics is just whoa. I mean "to the departure lounge of disbelief" is one of the most beautiful lines I've come across ever. I can listen to this over and over again and when you listen to it in a ferry right after dusk and the night sky is looking at you and the waves are softly crashing almost to the beat of this song, that right there is perfection and I have experienced that I want to experience it over and over again but I'm afraid it won't be the same. 

Red Lights - Tiesto
This is the only Tiesto song I've heard and it's really nice, really moving but also a song you can just listen, enjoy, maybe make a few moves to. I also like when songs have no real meanings, or memories attached and are something you can just enjoy with no deep feelings towards it. This is one of those few songs. 

Do What You Want - Gaga ft R. Kelly
They make a weirdly interesting combo. This song is very fun and I love it. Somehow I always end up listening to it. Nice song, nice lyrics, fun beats, pretty cool overall. 

Glory and Gore - Lorde
One of the many Lorde songs I love. This one's also deep, dark, full of truths that I can't believe a 17 year old wrote. What was I doing when I was 17? :| A levels, yeah. My sister loves to make fun of this song. I guess it's something we bond over, trying to find hidden meanings in songs. 

What's on your playlist?

Monday, May 19, 2014


So I'm starting this new thing where I talk about things that I come across and find rather interesting. Here are some of the things that is on my radar.

Wuff's Channel

Wuff is one of my favourite people on earth and he was so nice to let me be a part of his blogging journey, basically showing me his super fancy new blog and YouTube channel which I am absolutely in love with. His channel is seriously fantastic, and it even makes up for the fact that I can't see him everyday. I miss that fluflly ball of diva-ness. My favourite video so far is his Draw My Life which is super cute (plus, he even drew me! ahaha)

Nuha's Diet Pics

pic from Nuha's Instagram!

I think it's a bit too late for this but nevertheless I think Nuha is basically me, but she does me so better than I do, hehe. She makes these colorful healthy dishes and loves all kinds of tea, has a sweet tooth and she's generally pretty awesome. I loved following her food updates and even suggested something for her to make, which she actually did. It was really cool. I hope to one day visit her and have her make me yummy food!

Kevin's Poem

I have been completely dissolved by the poetry scene. I keep losing sleep and not even regretting it because words move me so much that it's beocme more importatnt than sleeping. This poem is not too emotional, but I find it very heartwarming, very true and eventhoough it doesn't anywhere come near to my life, I feel like I can relate to it somehow.

The Welcome

Can I just say this is beyond amazing? That song, I love it so very much. In fact, I actually got the old song because it reminded me of a time so long gone, a time I thought I had completely forgotten until I heard this song again. Plus, this video is sort of very personal to me and it's so nice to see a great social message passed through Bollywood, which is something that I think is related to the very core of me.

Somewhere in America

Again, this video has been basically roaming around the place getting all kinds of reactions, mostly negative. Me, I think it has great elements and I can see how people can get totally riled up by it. For now, I wish I could skateboard (even without heels!) and looked cool doing it.


What can I say more about this guy than to say he is one of the most enthusiastic people I now know. Seriously. This guy doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk, records the recording. He has so many great things up his sleeve, it feels like a betrayal to even talk about it. Let his be your cinema guide and help you weed out the bad stuff so you only have the good left!

What's on your list of cool stuff these days?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kabhi mere ghar aaya karo

The last few days has been pretty good, lots of great experiences, new things and adventures, but also I've been a bit sick since Saturday. In fact, I was so sick I had to stop a class halfway through, not cool. 

if you see any love letter around town, you know where to find me. :P
I'm trying not to let sickness get the worst of me, and so I've scheduled lots of really exciting stuff to keep my mind away from the blues. Last Wednesday night Pots and I hung out and we left love letters all over the place (and it kind of turned out to be a potential marriage hunt, ahaha). I've also been changing up a lot of things, like buying new furniture and basically trying to have a theme to my room. It's going rather slowly, but I'm pretty happy with how it's coming out.

how adorable is this card I got from a Chinese post-crosser? she also got me this yummy Chinese tea!
All I want to do these days is to read poetry, especially ones that have happy endings or are dealing with some very philosophical questions, listen to really old Hindi songs and Urdu Ghazals, write letters and generally the sort of romanticized things I like to do when I'm not feeling too well. The calm is really good for me. 

I've also been watching lots of Veronica Mars. Logan and Veronica are my OTP. 
Meanwhile what I'm actually doing is making lots of short notes, exam papers, getting ready for classes, lots of photoshopping, actual classes, sleeping, mostly lying around bed doing absolutely nothing and playing random games on my phone. I'm in that stage of sickness where I just want to give in and sulk all day long. Hopefully tomorrow would be better! 

Currently listening: Uthe Sab ke Kadam - Remix version by UN

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

DYMag March + April Issue

Ah, I have been so behind times I can't even keep up with my magazine. *sigh* 

So many new and exciting things are happening in the DYMag team. New people, people moving factions and generally awesomesauce things happening all around, it's such fun times. The last two issues have been such a hassle. So many things going on, so many little problems but we managed to actually publish it despite the minor setbacks. 

March issue was the lightest issue since we started. However, it is packed with some good stuff. Starting off with the blacked out cover for the Earth Hour, and stories by Suma and Summer on really interesting and heart wrenching topics to more details of KHF from one of the pioneers of the festival, Shaam and articles about deeper topics such as abuse victims, unplanned pregnancies, woman shaming, renal calculus, house of wisdom and the healthy chocoholic. The issue is also one of our more serious issues. I like that it keeps everything simple and to the point. 

April issue is seriously overdue but I love love the design of it and how everything is super cool about it. Starting off with Silence, a heart breaking story by S to DYM recommends filled with some really cool stuff for you to read, watch and listen to. Next is another article about KHF by this year's head KHF creative, Ish. We can never tire of talking about KHF. This issue has lots of stuff for the ladies; how to make a DIY beauty mask by Shae, Catching Fire themed nails by Naal (ahaha, punpunpun), and the cover, Riz of Leykokaa Looks the brilliant make-up artist! Obviously, you can't expect us to publish this issue without some articles about the Anbaraa incident, so find a couple about it. Also bringing a new column, The Right Hand Girl where Ma-ani will be your How-to girl to everything, this issue highlighting on how to survive a break up. Oh and also, another new food column by Munshi, Yummy Talks brings a yummy curry for you all, a good old Maldivian delicacy. The rest includes articles about death penalty, religion, tall people problems, and poetry. 

Also you can find lots of pictures of me. :| blame it on Imy, he really is the whoman. 

Hope you enjoy reading through these two issues! May issue is coming up. The team is busy working on interviews, designs, photo-shoots and movie reviews. 

What do you think of the issues? Let us know! 

Monday, May 12, 2014


Two months ago, I discovered this website that lets you send postcards to random strangers around the globe. Three things I love, postcards, strangers and sending things around the world, I signed up in a heart beat and started writing up my very first postcrossing card to someone in Germany. There started a little adventure that has grown so much more and I have made friends all over the world through this single act. 

It brightens my day to get an unsuspecitng postcard from a random person on another corner of the world, it seriously is just so good! Plus, it feels like I'm travelling to all these different places, the places are so cute!
Sign up for postcrossing today! It's free and I bet you won't regret it. You'll get 5 addresses of people around the globe and you can start sending cool postcards to get some. It's so much fun, honestly. I don't even mind all the post-office runs and people asking me why I send postcards to people. 

Yesterday, I tried explaining mom why I kept getting so many postcards (she thinks I have dozens of friends abroad, haha) and she clearly doesn't know why anyone would send a postcard to someone that they don't even know. AH, mom. She still finds is very amusing and she loves the skyline view postcards! 

Have you ever sent a postcard? Nah? Send one today! 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

E-love letters

These days I'm slightly obsessed with love letters. I have always loved love letters but these days I just seem to want to write love letters every minute of the day. It's crazy but sharing love is good eh. By love letters, it's not completely about the romantic love but more along the lines of humanity love. 

image credits
For the longest time (ever since I first signed up for Carly's Prep Talk newsletter) I've always wanted to have my own newsletter but didn't really know what I would write about and then it hit me like a nail on a log. Love Letters, what a better way to start a week than to read an e-mail filled with appreciation, beauty and lots of love. I started right away and sent to a couple of my friends and mostly got really good vibes about it. 

Every Sunday, I'll be sending a little e-mail that I hope will brighten up your day, make it better or at least make you smile. 

If you want to sign up, click here. 

I promise I won't spam you. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Perks of dating Four

I'm not really into Four. In fact, I don't think Four and I would have anything in common really but I thought you might be like Tris and would like Four. 

1. The Bod obviously. All men that fall for special snowflakes seem to be just overall really hot with great bodies. Hmm. Obviously I'm not that shallow but beauty is always to be appreciated. 

2. Personally I don't like tattoos all over. Dauntless really overdoes the tattoo thing, prolly because they have nothing else to do, but I like how Four's tattoos has a deeper meaning and is overall pretty cool. 

3. Pep Talks. I could really use a guy who would give me great pep talks when necessary. Sure, he might throw a knife or two at you but he will always root for you and you can count on it.

4. Oh did I mention, Four is amazing at throwing knives, especially at people he love. We only see this skill when he is forced to do so but I assume he would have thrown knives even for fun. He seems like a fun loving guy. 

5. The man knows how to handle a weapon. If he's amazing with a gun you imagine the height of your relationship, it will always be exciting. Plus, men with weapons are kind of hot eh, if you are into that kinda thing. 

6. What's a guy without a troubling tragic back story? Four is the complete package, plus he only has four fears and that does not include cockroaches so obviously as long as you are in the ground and away form his dad, you both will enjoy life, even if it means running away and jumping trains. Plus, I'm sure he's rather emotional and probably cries. 

7. He has weird obsessive tendencies like making you follow him and not talking when he should be. He's clearly deep and that obviously means his love is real. I mean, can a guy get any better?

8. He can protect you. This is most important, especially if you are living in a dystopian city you need a man who accepts you but in unafraid to protect you from all the dangers lying beyond. He's actually pretty kick ass in the action department.

9. Ah, even though we hardly see Four smiling in the movie, Theo's smile is just so lighthearted and heartwarming. Seriously. Smile more Four. 

10. His name is Four. I mean because usual names are too mainstream. You could rename yourself Ever and be with hi FourEver. Geddit? haha, I know bad pun, I just could not resist. 

I did not intend it to be this sarcastic, but having Four as your significant other would actually be pretty nice. I mean he seems like an overall good guy who's genuinely interested and has good qualities. 

Whom should I do next? Would you date Four?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tales from Vacation

I've been on vacation (from my 9 to 5) for the past week and it has been complete bliss. Sure, I had classes which I was better able to get ready for and therefore was more productive. Also I marked my first batch of exam papers, let me tell you it is addictive and also depressing. Very depressing, almost melancholic. When students excelled, it made me so happy but when someone failed it just crushed my heart. I did not know marking papers could have this effect on you. It is truly a bittersweet experience. I'm glad a lot of my students did great and I'm so happy for them and I keep telling myself that the bad grades were not my fault and that I tried the best I could. A lot of the times I tend to blame other people's problems on me so I need the pep talk from myself. 
Isn't this just the cutest? I am terrible at this, no wonder I don't like arecanuts. 
This was my view for two days. I'm not complaining. 
Also these flowers are just so adorable. I took too many pictures of them. 
Anyhow, this three day weekend has been nothing but wonderful. I had a great time at a cousin's island which takes about an hour or so to reach, not that I mind the travelling. In fact, I love the blue seas the way the ferry splits the ocean and the breeze on my face. Listening to Zac Brown Band while looking through a window at the vast ocean is therapy for mind and soul. 
Also I think I may have taken too many pictures of doors. I might be a wee bit crazy but blue and green doors makes me so intrigued.
Most of the trip was spent on playgrounds. Whenever I see a slide, my heart takes a leap. I think I've gone on every slide and every see-saw at the parks, it's pure joy. Also two things I always do at my cousin's island: float at the sea and eat magnums. I think my whole trip was just for those two. Lucky this time, we also did a bundle of shopping. There was this little thrifty shop with the cutest collection of all things super inexpensive and I think I went a little insane. I ended up buying too much stuff but it's all in the name of retail therapy. I've been having a rough year so far, and I truly needed to just enjoy doing things without thinking about the ifs and don'ts. 

Overall, I had a really great time and from tomorrow it's back to real life. Back to my 9 to 5, back to lots of classes, more exam preparation, marking papers and dymag work. I'm actually looking forward to seeing everyone after all this time. 
Taken right before leaving. Maldivian flags, ocean and clouds. Three of my loves.
How was your weekend? Did you have fun? If you are ever in Himmafushi, you MUST visit to the little playground near the beach on the south side, it is just magnificent, and also if you go around evening, you might catch some ladies playing this weird sport that I tried to understand but did not. It involved lots of running, a ball, a tennis racket and hitting people. Ouch.