Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some Changes I’d Like To See In;

  • A good charity program, which doesn't just do the lip service but raises money which actually goes to help the people who need it.
  • Some quality original movies, and music videos. Perhaps it needs to get away from the whole bollywood copying thing and think of a new concept. There are so many issues which can be shown, like bullying at work/schools, Eve Teasing, or even elders crushing children’s dreams.
  • Friendliness. I’m getting tired of the rudeness.
  • More aware people. Not just about the politics, but about everything. People need to know that Nursing and teaching is not the only profession. They need to know about globalization and the concept of a learning organization. They need to re think about the old stereotypes and change their attitudes towards people who are different, or who are handicapped.
  • A wider scope of Educational activities, which isn’t just limited to the classroom. Perhaps some new sports, or teaching of languages other than English and Dhivehi.
Maldives National University:
  • A good yearbook program so people can actually look back and cherish on the memories, and perhaps their kids can also see about it.
  • Lesser bureaucracy and faster working. It’s been 3 months since this semester started, and we still haven’t even got our student ID’s yet.
Faculty of Management and Computing:
  • A working canteen. It’s been closed since last July.
  • Lockers. No one can use the cupboard set next to library, so why not install some lockers so that people who need it can use them.
  • A student Notice board. Seriously I think we all need this. A place where students can put up about events they are holding, about meeting or when they lose their camera. FE has one!
  • Better Students. Who doesn't come to college just so they can meet their friends and throw coke cans all over the place.
These are just few changes that I think will make these three places better. But again, change is only possible if people try. I’m doing my bit my putting in my two cents.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Reads


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As Rebecca Black predicted today is Friday, but we (and by we I meant me) are not as excited as her. If you know us you know we don’t have any special love to Friday. We no biased. Except for Monday. Somehow we like Monday. NO we are NOT gonna sing a song about how we like Monday.

Moving on, This week we saw the Super full moon. I did not, but check out Xin’s article about it. Also love is in the air, with Adi’s post and Naina is back. Yay, right?

On other news, Shea is trying on a new shawl wrap, Katie goes shopping wearing a crazy wig and one of my fav bloggers Shaz is in Maldives. Yay!!

Have a great weekend. I’ll be sleeping in, doing random things before going back to college on Sunday and eating ice cream.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So Much Fun


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That is what my life is all about right now. Well these holidays are turning out to be some of the best days ever.

Friday was a good old day filled with cramming for the OB exam on the next day. Saturday after the much anticipated and sad exam, I was invited to go to Hulhumale’ with cousins. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday, I woke up by afternoon and attended the rehearsal for the Graduation which was to be half the next day. That was kinda fun too. On Monday, it was study group, and graduation ceremony which was kinda boring, but soon I made friends with the other guy who also received a similar award to me. We both escaped through sound room and got to the Faashanaa Maalam before anyone else and had so much fun.

Yesterday, it was a busy day with tutoring this one kid, and playing remix Pictionary with her. At night we decided to sneak in to this lecture, but decided to not go, since it was filled with too BIG people. Not literally though. So, we came to my place, ordered a pizza and two and played Pictionary. Again.

Today, I went to Villigili with mom, Mick, Myra and cousins and again, so much fun. There’s another student association fun trip tomorrow to villigili and I also have a few carnivals and stuff to attend with some friends.

Funny, a few days ago I was talking about how boring it is here in Male’. Fun happens when you get up from the couch and put on bright colored glasses, eh.

Also, this post is NOT in anyway affiliated with Rebecca Black or her song.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Things I want My Future Self To Remember

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  • Don’t get married to a jerk: And by a jerk I mean, any guy who treats you like dirt.
  • Also don’t get married until you get a master’s degree/make enough money to live a decent life
  • Since we’re in the marrying topic, don’t marry someone who doesn’t understand you. Like at all. Like your need to do crazy things at crazy times, or being outgoing, and stuff.
  • Get a walk in wardrobe. Preferably a huge one.
  • Start a charity or something like that to help people.
  • Be a part of a good NGO that is not politically related to any party. Or better, make an NGO with some amazing people.
  • Meet David Archuleta. Get his autograph.
  • Try to understand Muntha. Also buy her Junie B Jones and get her to read some good books/watch some good movies. Also buy her lots of Kit Kat.
  • Try to get a GPA higher than 3.8.
  • Save enough money to expense a hajj trip to parents. Also buy a cake making set for mom, and a laptop for daddykins.
  • Be a nice person. Someone who smiles, is friendly and doesn’t show off.
  • Be a powerpuff girl.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So Happy

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Well, today I was gonna update the blog with a series of i-love-you posts to cherish and remember the ones I love the most when I got a call from Maldivian National University, my uni telling me that I won the  Shaheed Labeeb award.
Now, even before I was given admission to FMC, I had read about the place and this award and I decided to work for it. The first semester was easy enough and I was able to get a perfect 4 point GPA and the award goes to the student who scored the highest in all bachelor programs in FMC (which meant both us, and the IT people). I have been waiting so long for this, and I was almost led to believe that they were cancelling the award (I said that to myself. I sometimes turn all pessimistic when things take too long to happen).
Anyhow, it was great news. It means I’m getting my tuition fee free from now on and a pocket money of some sort each month. Hopefully, in a few month’s I’ll be able to provide for my own expenses and not be a burden on my parents. I know they would still want to pay for my bills and stuff cos they are the best people in the world, and to them, I’m still their little princess. But I have promised myself that I was not gonna be a burden on them after I turn 18.
Thank you god for blessing me with the knowledge and ability to work for this goal. Thanks to my mom and dad for always supporting in my goals and believing in me. Thanks to my family and relatives for reminding me of how good I was, and for keeping the hope alive. Thanks to my classmates for always believing in me, and telling me from time to time that I was gonna win it. Thanks to FMC people and teachers for asking me to participate in it, and giving me motivation and well wishes. Thanks to those friends who knew about this, and asked me and gave me advice. I am so grateful to all of you. I couldn't have done it without you.
Lastly thanks to all blog readers for keeping up with me, and for always being so supportive great readers. It feels so great to know that there are so many people who reads about what I write here and take time to comment or even just read. Thank you.
BTW, the ceremony is on 21st and they are gonna air it live on VTV and a recording on MNBC One on22nd. Just saying. =P

Monday, March 14, 2011

“Jugo Vun”

is the new word for “bouglulha vun”. Being overrated.
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I’m sure that any of you who’s NOT been living under a rock would know that this Jugo shop flu has hit hard. Every street you turn to, everywhere you go, it’s filled with Jugo shops. Me being someone who loves to try ne flavors has actually gone to A lot of jugo shops in the past 4 years.
When it started near where I live, at Juice Joint, it was cheap, it was good value for money. Now it’s just an overused idea with cheap labor and no flavor, at all. I have kind of made a tiny research on this, being a business student and all. 
The problem is the formulae. A tiny place, a theme and a fancy name. Classic favors and again, fancy names. Anything in excess is NOT fun, and people will soon get tired of it. That’s what’s been happening here too. There is no originality. Of course you can give things fancy names and a cover up look. That’s NOT originality. That’s marketing.
There are however a few places that does differ. Like Spice Berry, with their shakes from different chocolate types, vegetable juices and hotdogs. Maybe there are many other places like that too, that I don’t know of.
But of course we all want to make money quick, so hopefully the businesses will benefit from the over exposure of jugo and jugo shops.
I, for one an waiting for when tiny coffee stands start popping up with bagels, croissants and a cup of cappuccino just in time for morning classes. That would be the day!
For now, I make coffee at home, put in a paper cup and bake cupcakes in the mornings. *sigh*

Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekend Reads


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It’s Friday again. I am actually starting to like Fridays. Notice I said starting. Anyhow, last week was hectic with assignments, tutoring, and classes.

Meanwhile, read about the fun, and interesting lives of Lilac, Lilly, Adi and Haiko on their blogs. I know they would love comments. =D

That’s all folks. That should be enough to last all weekend. I’m gonna be all busy with finishing an assignment due Sunday.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How To Annoy People Without Meaning To


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1. Ask them to move to another chair in a lecture class

2. Recommend them to read a good book (preferably a classic, or a Shakespeare one)

3. Wear mismatching socks on Dobby Remembrance Day and explain that when they ask.

4. Be very calm always, even when people are fighting.

5. Tell them their hair looks like Elvis Presley’s.

6. Say Harry Potter spells when they are about to do something.

7. When they win something, tell them it’s because you spilled a bit of Felix Felicis into their water bottle.

8. When a teacher asks a question, give a very details answer very fast (Sheldon Cooper Style) and when the teacher asks you to read it slow, read the exact thing VERY SLOW.

9. Quote from Shakespeare in lecture classes

10. Wear something crazy to class, and when anyone asks about it, make something up like “Didn’t you know it’s TAKE YOUR HUGE ASS BAG TO CLASS DAY?” and act completely normal.

11. When someone asks you “Can I ask you a question?” reply with “I’d prefer if you don’t. But I won’t go as far as to forbid it”.

12. Start speeches with “Ladies, Gentlemen, (the name of anyone in class)”

13. Smile at random people.

14. Talk in a British accent and tell them it’s not kissing it’s snogging.

15. Just be yourself.

PS, Don’t do all of this at once.

PS2, yes. I did them. ALL of them.