Friday, April 24, 2020

Ramadan in Lockdown

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! It has been a while, huh. Since my last post, so much has happened. Male' has been on a lock down for a week now and with tomorrow being Ramadan, we are heading towards unknown waters. It's going to a really tough time for all of us and its time to come together in kindness and in perseverance. Here are some things to help us get through this holy month and make the best of it. 

Plan the month accordingly
I made a Ramadan spread last year on my bullet journal and it was so helpful to keep track of all the things I wanted to do so I copied the same spread for this year. I'm tracking how much Quran I need to read everyday for my goal of reciting all of it during the month, habits, and more. It makes me feel productive when everything's there to see on the page, and also motivates me!

Give back!
Zakaat is not the only time we can give back during this month! So many people are in need of assistance whether it be financial, mental or emotional support and we can be there for our friends and community. Every Ramadan, we always make small care packages for our neighbours, do whatever you can with what you have.

Keep it simple
Ramadan can sometimes we very wasteful as we try to make so many varieties of dishes and post all of it on social media. Right now, food security is questionable and so many people are without the staple foods so let's cut back and go back to our roots this year. Let's only make what we can eat and keep it clean and simple. Let us be in abundance with dua and good deeds and keep the sufuraamathi modest. 

Check up on friends and family
It's a shame we could not have maahefuns and we have to forgo all the roadhaveeluns this year but we are still connected with our friends and family, on social media or a call away. Let's check on them and see how they are doing. 

Playing games are inevitably a cultural part of the Maldivian Ramadan. Whether it be carrom or card games or monopoly, we really outdo ourselves in playing games. This year, everything is digital. We're playing monopoly, plato games and scrabble go with friends online. I'm also looking forward to online D&D sessions, that is going to be something new for my D&D group! There are also so many TV shows and movies I have to catch up with so I'll use some of the free time to do that! 

Do Taraweeh at home
I will miss going to the Masjid for taraweeh but in these extenuating circumstances, I''m glad to have my family around and we do taraweeh in our sitting room. It's not the most ideal but we play the cards we are dealt with. It's also a bonding activity for the whole family! 

Books are obviously a big part of my life and this Ramadan my book club is planning an exciting readthon which I hope to fully take part in! Also, it's a great time to dive into Islamic history, I always enjoy Figh and learning more about the roots of religion and books about Islam, what better time than the holy month to dive deeper! 

May Allah make this an easy month for us and guide us to make the best of this month! Happy Ramadan!