Monday, February 17, 2020

Currently: February 2020

I can't believe I didn't do a single currently post all last year, what a disaster. This month has been a lot low on entertainment because life has been the most hectic I can remember. I'm trying to do everything, as usual, ahaha. Here's what I've been up to. 

Crash Landing on You S1 | This is the one I'm obsessed with at the moment. It stars Hyun Bin whom I've loved since Memories of the Alhambra. This show is about a South Korean woman who crash lands on the DMZ in North Korea and chronicles her life there after she is found by a NK soldier. I LOVE this series so much and I have two episodes to watch which I cannot wait to do. I really hope it has a happy ending. 

Party of Five S1 | I didn't know what this series would be about before going in but rest assured, I've cried multiple times though episode 1 only. It's about a family is US and how they deal with life when their parents are deported and the five of them have to fend for themselves. It's so emotional but also full of love and laughter. 

Next in Fashion S1 | Tan and Alexa are just the right amount of zazz and I'm warming up to this show. Minju and Angel are my current favourites. I LOVE the runway of the show and the challenges so far.

All the Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace | I am trying to read more fantasy this year and this book was released just this month and I picked it cos of the mermaid talk about it and so far, zero mermaids ahaha but I do like the story line and its set in a Maldives kinda place with islands so that is exciting. 

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah | This is the book we're reading for our book club and I really am loving it. Trevor has a charm about the way he writes, it's so easy and funny and wonderful, even when he's writing about hard topics. I'm really enjoying this book so far. 

Panga Soundtrack | There are SO MANY amazing songs in Panga soundtrack starting from the title track to my absolute favourite Dil Ne Kaha. Jugnu is another wonderful song, I really cannot get enough of it. 

What's keeping you entertained this month?