Wednesday, May 18, 2016


There has been quote a lot of cool stuff happening. Where to start? Hmm.

- Maldivian theater performance at ITB Berlin

This showcases our culture very extensively, from literature and fashion to craftsmanship. It makes me so very proud to have such a diverse heritage that is distinct and have our own spice of everything. We truly under-appreciate the culture and Maldivian-ness of it all. Bravo to Theater Mirage for this wonderful and amazing piece.

- Squad Goals by Space Parade

I will never be not impressed by Space Parade. These guys are hilarious, both in real life and when they make amazing stuff like this. You know you're in for a fun ride whenever they release a video. Don't we all wish we were a part of this squad? hahaha

- Disney Princess of Cinderella's Castle

This mockumentary is delightful and funny. The cast is so well chosen and fits every princess so perfectly and the reality TV spoof style is just what you need, bringing all the princesses and the nostalgia back. It's super short you'll just binge-watch the entire series.

- Me Myself & I / Urvashi Cover by KHS

I was already obsessed with Me, Myself & I and I was in for a fun surprise because it's a Hindi song (I'm convinced I have some Indian blood in me because I get way too giddy whenever anything Indian happens) mashup and this song was so cool I checked the original and I've been playing it non-stop. Of course it was made by A.R Rehman in 1995 and its still so relevant. I just can't deal with all the awesomeness.

- Product X by Aal

Aal is just funny. I've missed his videos. He's such a cool and adorable person it's hard not to love his videos. This video was short but you can see Aal being the weirdly funny guy he is. Make sure you watch his IdenticAals, that's my favourite thing he has made yet. 

What has caught your eye recently that you just had to share to your friends?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Currently: May 2016

I've been on an entertainment spree this month. My reading and watching and listening has actually become improved which ofcourse means I havent properl exercised or worked on my thesis at all. What is a balanced life anyway hahaha. 

A to Z | I am 5 episodes in and loving this entire series, especially Ben Feldman. He was so adorable in The Perfect Man which is my favourite movie ever. Even though this ended only a season in, I think this is going to become one of my favourites. 

The Real O'Neals S1 | The premise of this show is hilarious. I love the quirky family and especially Kenny and his mom Eileen. Its about a Christian family whose son comes out and soon everything is changed. It shows lots of growth and such a wonderful family dynamic. 

The Catch S1 | Yet another series I'm obsessed with. This is a Shonda Rhimes masterpiece that is both thrilling and dramatic, in the right amounts and keep you wanting more. It's about a private investigator and a con artist along with lots of murder, mystery and mayhem. 

An Ember in the Ashes - Sabaa Tahir | This month's Page Turners book club read. I'm halfway done and absolutely loving the story line and where its taking me. It's a dystopian YA novel but has its won elements of mystery and action. 

Devil's Cub - Georgette Heyer | I adore rhetorical fiction and despite how anti feminist it all is, it has its own whimsy and beauty. This book is adorable and funny and dramatic at times and I really should be finishing it. 

No - Meghan Trainor | I actually have been loving Urvashi Irvashi but couldn't find a picture so I'm gonna go with my second favourite song I've been playing non-stop this month; which is NO by Meghan Trainor. I love Megan's bubblegum pop and this song is so catchy and fun and I just sing it in my head all the time so I'm basically saying no to everything in my head, 

What's keeping you entertained this month?

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Perks of Dating Caleb Haas

Ever since Quantico started, Caleb and Shelby has been my new favourite ship and I've been loving them on screen. Caleb, especially is so wonderful and would make an amazing fictional boyfriend for the following reasons

1. He's super adorkable

I mean, just look at how adorable he is. *swoon* He's like the American version of Draco Malfoy.

2. Despite his hardcore shell, he's a softie. 

He has this sensitive, protective side which is great when you really need someone to talk to.

3. He'll always be there for you.

Even when you're 5 feet deep in some terrorist shit or your mom's trying to drain you dry, he'll be there.

4. He calls you by celeb names

Who doesnt want to be called Reese Witherspoon?

5. He cleans up really well. 

He looks absolutely amazing in a grey tee as he does in a Calvin Klein suit. Plus, he can pull off anything he wears.

Who's your favourite from Quantico? Apart from Alex, I love Nimah/Raina a lot.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

4 Cool Local Mothers Day Marketing Ideas

Mothers Day has become a commercial holiday thanks to emotional marketing by florists and major brands worldwide.

Last Sunday, we saw an overpouring of emotion on social media and in real life as people bought bouqets, gifts, cards and delicacies to show their moms some appreciation. Here are 4 local advertising campaigns that caught my eye. 

1. SeaHouse
As one of the trendiest cafe's in town, SeaHouse is getting major mom points with this half off offer. Such a wonderful way to bring in more mom time to the already family-friendly cafe'.

2. Medianet

With a local hashtag, Medianet and their photo competition did pretty well showing that if you're out of novel ideas, a photo competition is a surefire way to get some engagement from customers.

3. Le Cute
Le Cute appealed to the last minute shoppers with a complete solution, because lets face it; people always forget till the last minute.

4.  Heat

Heat is heating up the scene with this joint promotion and appealing to a new target market.  

To keep up with trending days and celebrations, its important for businesses to create specific day based marketing campaigns that will appeal to their target market and increase their sales, while proving a value added service. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Review: Vaashey Mashaa Eky

Dhivehi movies, as cheesy and weird as they are, is an art form. Recently, some of my friends and I went to see Vaashey Mashaa Eky, a film that describes itself as the first romantic comedy of the industry. I'm a sucker for rom-coms. That being said, before going to see the movie, I've heard and formed many different opinions on it. 

1. It was a copy of the English movie "Nine Months". 
2. Jumayyil and Majudha has brilliant on-screen chemistry as evident by their last movie Emme Fahu Vindhaa Jehendhen
3. The movie posters and artworks were pretty nice. 

The cinema experience for Maldivian movies are a form of art in itself. People shouting stuff at screen, random laughing fits, lots of yelling, etc. It's one of those things you have to do once in your life, go see a Dhivehi movie at Olympus. 

image from VME Facebook Page
The plot of the movie is quite simple. Girl and guy meets, falls in love, gets married, guy is afraid of commitment to kids, guy finally comes to his senses and BAM, loves the kid. Pretty cliche' stuff that has been overdone way too much. If you're looking for an original plot or a novel idea, then you won't find it here. The movie is predictable beyond means. 

But what you will find is, brilliant witty dialogue, some well placed references and lots of stereotyping. The shots and how it was done, moving form one scene to another (especially at the beginning) was great. There were lots of not so subtle sexual innuendos that were rather well done.

The songs didn't feel too pushed on you (except for the title song which was slightly weird being force danced on the living room). The best part of the movie for me wasn't even the drama or the main characters, but the friends. Rex was the friend you don't deserve. The actor brilliantly played the goofy friend they play pranks on, but gives amazing advice and is generally such a great guy. Thoabe was a pretty good "shit friend" and of course at the end, he had to be a changed man, we're still talking about a Dhivehi movie. The couple were sensible, somewhat annoying but an essential to the plot and made the movie slightly better. The ex-boyfriend provided  moments of comedy relief in the form of the every douche-y Maldivian guy ever. 

Some of the stereotypes were a bit bland. Maybe it's because I'm just tired of it and distasteful jokes aren't my cup of tea. For instance, the Russian doctor; I was eye-rolling at the screen throughout. The stereo typically "randu enviously gay guy", the guy not wanting kids, calling women Japan fish, etc made me cringe so much. 

The extras and little things were what caught my eye the most. The breaking of the fourth wall with Nimal and Jumayyil was the best. It was so well done. So were the little pop culture references and the cameo at the end, of one guy y'all will know from social media.

Overall, it was pretty funny. There were so many laugh out loud moments from beginning to end. The aerial shots were amazing. The whole cinema was laughing at some points and you can see it was genuinely funny. The extras were great. I had a great time watching the movie. 

If this is any indication of the future for romcoms in Maldives, I'm pretty happy. All someone can want now is that there's an original plot somewhere in the future for us moviegoers.