Monday, September 26, 2011


Most of you might not know this, but David Archetula is my favorite singer/songwriter of all time. I guess in my list, he is at the top, with a close second to Taylor, followed by Miles and Rahul Vaidya. Yes I have weird taste in music. Just like I have weird taste in rats. I like rats which are fat, like Gus. I bet you didn't know that about me either. –__-
I did not watch American Idol but I did lots of Wikipedia reading about him. That counts for something right? I wouldn't normally do Wikipedia reading on just about anyone, so it should! Anyhow, my favorite song of all time is his song “Crush” which I could have sworn was written about me. But alas. At that point in my life that song was so true. I still love it, and I have been recommending it to anyone/anything that I can possibly recommend it to. I recommended it to Sparkles (my old rabbit), and maybe that’s why he ate my slippers. hmm. Interesting. Self note: DO NOT RECOMMEND SONGS TO ANIMALS THAT COULD EAT MY FOOTWEAR.
Then, last year I has this moment where his song “A Little Too Not Over You” made perfect sense to me, and I was obsessed with it. And his smile is amazing. I mean, how could you not love that? But then again, I’m a lousy fan. I haven’t even listened to all of his songs. Just three, and he’s my favorite. Gah.
Well, if it would make you feel any better, I’m planning to buy his album. I just have too much respect to this guy not to download his songs. Unless it costs like a gazillion. Then I may have to take other measures. I can assure you other measures does NOT include guns of any sort or rubber bands.
PS Three classes got cancelled this week and it’s only Monday. I sense a conspiracy plan. MUST SLEUTH!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Little groups, big people.

So, in my classmates sequel, let me tell you about the rest of my classmates. Since you already know my gang, the 15 of us who were classmates since the course started, I’ll go through with the rest of them.

Masthu – She’s this really nice person who has a great sense of humor and her voice is so calm and sophisticated. I love how she dresses as well. Very mature and classy!

Sharu – THE FUNNIEST PERSON, LIKE EVER! She reminds me of Zai, even though both of them have very different kind of personalities. She is so fun, she watches Korean drama's and she is amazing. Never a dull moment when she is around. I should have started being friendly with her even last sem. I guess I misjudged her. I have a feeling next year is going to be fun. Seriously, I LOVE this girl!

Jailam – I guess he’s funny in his own way. I really don’t know much about him.

Ayya – THIS GUY WEARS THE FUNKIES SHIRTS EVER. FLORAL and stuff. Very interesting. Last sem, M and I played few pranks on him, but apparently he didn’t like them. Serious much? I don’t know much about him either other than the fact that he probably haven’t watched “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. Not that I would assume he would have either.

Shimau – He’s funny, a bit immature but in a good way.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously which is nice. He probably think I get angry at even little things. I’m letting him think that for now.

Kalym – Exceptionally responsible, wearer of dramatic tees, and bright shirts.

Muna – Has a very sophisticated style. Funny and exceptionally nice.

Shiu – Sweet, and has her moments.

Yum – Really nice, funny and probably has the best and biggest collection of shoes in the class. I’m so jealous of her shoe collection. Has impeccable style too, and she is really smart as well.

Shazu – She’s no longer in our class, but last semester she was ith us, and she’s funny.

Nisha – Really nice and she’s very pretty.

Usama – Funny and has this lovely smile.

Hashiya – Funny and totally amazing. She drives. Any girl who drives a bike is VERY cool in my book.

Fai – She’s nice. Donno much about her either.

Sobbu – Has a really amazing style. Also has a lovely voice.

I guess that’s most of the students who joined our class last semester and hopefully will graduate with us in 2013. There are a few other who were in a few classes like Shazin, who is very mysterious, Shakee and Fasee, really studious and nice and funny people, and Mode who is an all around good guy.

There are a few more who joined us this semester, but they deserve a post of their own.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear God.

Thank you for everything that you have blessed to me.

Thank you for keeping my parents healthy and my family prosper.

Thank you for giving me the strength to deal with everything, and thank you for all the things.

All the little and the big things.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is there such a thing as dream jobs?

‘ello blogosphere, missed me? I have been extremely busy and uninspired due to a lack of a Filofax/good organizer in my life. (not the busy-ness, the uninspired part). Yes, I believe that a Filofax would complete my life. I also believe that ice-cream solves breakups so my believes are rather bizarre. Also if you don’t know what a Filofax is, we need to reconsider our relationship. Clearly, I can’t live knowing that you don’t know the MOST AWESOME THING EVER. Really. And I’m not even lying.
Well, speaking of dream jobs, I have way too many things I want to be, and way too little time/resources. When I was young, I wanted to be a teacher. Then, around eighth grade, I wanted to be a brain surgeon cos I read somewhere that they are the hardest things to be. Clearly I was misinformed. Never believe anything you read in the eighth grade. Till my secondary years, I wanted to be an accountant, but after I finished O levels, I figured that despite how much I LOVE (and I really do!) accounting, it was not something I want to be doing for the rest of my life. The thought of being an accountant forever scared me. It scared me to the extent where I though I was the only one who had no idea what to do with her life and that I must be in a state of despression. Then I realized that all these years I have been immensely interested in fashion and that is something I could do forever without getting bored, thus started my infatuation with fashion designing.
But somewhere in between, I found a love for marketing and wanted to do it. I like the whole advertising/creative thinking part to it, and I just had this eureka moment where everything was so clear to me. I would do marketing, get a degree. Do a maters in something related, and then do a PHD. Then I would get another degree, preferably in fashion designing/merchandising.
That was my path after the A Levels. My master plan. But things are changing. I want to do a degree in teaching now (after my marketing one. I am NOT leaving this degree unfinished and go do something relatively minor and irrelevant. NOT THIS CHICK!) mostly because the younger me had always wanted to be one, and I am not going to disappoint her. I am considering whether I should do a degree in secondary teaching/English so I could move back to my island/my other island someday and teach kids/young adults. Or I should teach college/university for which I wouldn’t need a teaching degree (especially If I was teaching marketing/management subjects) and it would be a far less hassle and the pay would be better. But then again being a primary teacher means more gifts on teachers day interesting /challenging job.
Well, I have another year to think about this, but it always stays in the back of my mind. The future is kinda scary but I am far more ambitious to let it get in the way of my dreams. I guess having too many dreams is rather confusing. Being in Maldives, it leaves me with very few opportunities for interesting and enjoyable careers. But someday I would like to own a fashion house (be an entrepreneur! WOO HOO), start a charity for a cause that I REALLY wholeheartedly believe in, and publish a memoir! I would also like to  work in any of the UN divisions, preferably UNDP. It’s the only (yet!) place in Maldives I have ever WANTED to work since I was 14 years old!
On an unrelated note, KFLFL is over, and I hope we did good. I still have to compose a report of the findings and mail it to the company. More assignments and classes await me!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Be mine, will ya?

It’s been so long since I wrote about relationships eh. Not my cup of tea but that doesn’t mean I don’t like that cup. In fact, I collect cups. Mostly trophies, and mugs. *wink*
I don’t really know what to say. Being the overly dramatic person I am , I want to do the complete cliché in a relationship. The whole oing out on dates, calling each other annoying nicknames thing. It sounds fun.
Personally, I see people around me in relationships and some of them are extremely happy. Seeing K and how she got so excited about her anniversary made me feel like I was missing on so much. But on the other hand, people who are in relationship and completely dependent on the guy makes me want to punch the girl in the face. Honestly. Just because you now have boyfriend doesn’t mean that you have to always take him wherever you go especially if that wherever is an important work. The weird thing is how when in a relationship, some girls are like “the guy jahaahaa berakah nashaane” which is annoying and shows how insecure she is. I’m not preaching girls not to do what your boyfriend says. There has to be a limit to it. You are not his property (yet! not that I believe that even once married the girl becomes property of the guy. Of course being the wife she is to obey her husband. That doesn’t give him the right to treat her like dirt.) and you have to stick up for yourself sometimes. Fight for your rights, especially when the guy disses about you in front of his and your classmates. We don’t say anything to the guy because we don’t want to make you look bad.
I don’t understand at all. Maybe because I am new to this or because I have never fallen in love. I sincerely hope that a day where I would have to depend on a guy for EVERY LITTLE THING never comes. A guy should be able to embrace individuality in his girl. He shouldn’t force her to do things especially if it’s a bad thing. Relationships are not solely based on attraction, or lust, but trust and openness. Dissing about your girl in front of your bros doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you look like a douche. Anyone who doesn’t respect a girl doesn’t really deserve one. Whatever happened to the traditional nice guys? =/
Well, this is all my opinion, and you ofcourse don’t have to agree. It’s biased because of what I see around me. So before you go all anti-shaha, just letting you know.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Misunderstood ads and tragedies.

This week has been a busy week. Yes people. My life has finally taken the busy turn. I hardly have any time (and if I even have them, I spend it watching too much Criminal Minds. Did I tell you how obsessed I am about Spencer Reid/Matthew Gray Gubler? HE’S THE BOMB!). Lets see.

Tuesday, we on our KFLFL project, had our very first focus group in FMC and it went better than we could imagine. Honest. Now I feel like I should be a researcher instead. =] Despite the obstacle in the form of university guards ( Don’t ask. I think they have something against me, personally. But then again, I think everyone has something against me. It makes living all that mush exciting. You should try that too.) and running out of time, but we had so much fun playing miming and stuff. Getting people to come to these events are hard, even with free food. –__-  Next day was full of classes and boring things. Nothing too exciting. Then Thursday came. First we were supposed to share our fav ad with the class. Me being an ad junkie (when I used to watch Hindi series, I would watch ads and then change channels when the drama came. I am THAT drawn to those stuff) I went through most of my fav ads and decided to go with the Conan ad for AmEx, thinking that people would get it cos well, it’s simple and very interesting. But sadly, none of them seemed to understand the jokes Conan put, which was REALLY HILARIOUS. Now I am forced to believe that my classmates must be aliens. Or they didn’t get the ad because I got it in the best quality and so it was too high resolution for FMC PC’s to play and got stuck every two seconds. NOT FUN! Here’s the ad for those interested. I think it’s one of the best ads of the year, and hope it wins the Emmy Award this time!

Yesterday, like every other Maldivian, I woke up to the sad and tragic news of the death of four of our young students and the principal of Hiriya School. It was a moment of sadness for the whole country. May Allah bless the souls of these five people. The principal was brave and a true Maldivian hero who died trying to save his students. We all need people like him to be our leaders. People who not only talk the talk, but are willing to walk the walk as well. At times like these, I am proud that we Maldivians forget out differences and unite as a whole to mourn the huge loss.

In the evening, I was to attend the twins birthday, which was fun spending time with cousins. They are so hilarious and never a dull moment when they are around. Today, I am planning another KFLFL thing, and then a family photo session is in the works. For now, I am listening to very hyper Hindi songs burning my mint oil which has a lovely aroma.

How was your week people?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011



Ever since I started to actually listen to English songs (which is circa 2008, right before joining HFM, YES I WAS LEVING UNDER A ROCK ALL THAT TIME, a rock that played bollywood songs though.), I have been a fan of Taylor Swift. Her music speaks to me (and most of her teenage fans-__-), and sometimes I feel like the song was written about me. You know how it goes. When you hear a song that just perfectly fits your life. But of course my life’s not all about guys who should belong with me or fights at two thirty a.m.

I believe Taylor herself is a nice role model (despite her many failed relationships). I of course don’t know much about her, but I heard sometime ago that she bought an expensive house and gifted it to her parents. Now that’s the kind of daughter I want to be!

I have listened to various of her songs, but my favorite is Mean. I love it because it is a reminder to always dream big and never let other people drag you down. Someday I’ll be big enough so you can’t hit me, and all you’re ever gonna be is mean. The lyrics are so applicable to anyone with a passionate dream. I myself have been criticized several times by people even closest to me, about having big dreams and I’ve hardly let them get to me. My second favorite is A Place in this world. The first time I hear it, I was like OFCOURSE IT’S ABOUT ME. It’s about the strong girls, who of course are trying to find their place in this big scary world. I'll be strong, I’ll be wrong, oh but life goes on! When something bothers me too much, I tell myself this. It works, most of the times. My next favorite is Picture to Burn. I love how she brings all her rage together, and is calm but confident. This is a really good breakup song. Honest. There’s no time for tears, as I’m sitting here planning my revenge. There’s nothing stopping me from going out with all of your best friends. I love this line.

Some honorable mentions

Teardrops on my guitar – She better hold him tight give him all the love.

Mine – You made a rebel of careless man’s careful daughter, you are the best thing that’s ever been mine.

You Belong With Me – I'm in my room, listening to the kind of music she doesn’t like.

Today Was a Fairytale – Can you feel that magic in the air?

Change – and we’ll sing hallelujah!

Forever and Always – It rains when you’re here and it rains when you’re gone.

She is extremely nice to her fans and I so so want to try her fragrance Wonderstruck. I love how nice and shocked she seems every time she wins an award and how she always wears her signature white dresses in videos and sparkly gowns to ceremonies. I love her songs, and hope that she stays clean and nice, unlike some other stars. Yes, Lindsay and Miley I am talking about you!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Opportunity cost, Y U NO FUN?

I hate opportunity cost. In fact, I used to love Economics until this came up. Wait, I never really loved economics. Let’s say I kinda had a crush on it, which lasted until the second term in grade eight! We had a love hate relationship till end of 2006, and we broke up. Then somewhere in the middle of 2007, we got back together (I don’t really regret this move, but there have been better moves in my life) and our relationship saw the saddest days. We had so complicated problems and it felt cheated cos I was giving too much attention to math! drama queen! –__- Well, we broke it off again mid 2009 only to get back after six months. I finally decided it was time I ended this relationship because it was hurting both of us, and we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways by the end of last year. I know, it sounds melodramatic, huh. But I wish our relationship was that fun. It consisted of lots of curves though.
I wasn’t actually gonna tell you guys about this, but since we’re on the topic I hate Economics. Hate is a big word which I tend to misuse a lot, but I mean it here. What I meant to say through all that mumble jumble of nonsense is that I spend a lot. WHOA. You did NOT get that, right?? No kidding. Well, I have this problem with buyer’s remorse. It’s this fancy business term for the kind of guilt you feel after buying something, usually something expensive or something you won’t use.
I keep promising myself that I will not buy stuff that I don’t need (which is why I made a very complicated budget which probably looks way longer than it should and stuff but it didn’t help much) but I ended up doing so. The last few days have been going so good now I feel like I’m back where I started. It’s not even been two days. *sigh*
Whatever. I don’t care. I’m gonna pretend that nothing happened and just carry on. Until I finally can’t get over this and start screaming in class. I never do that except this one time I was so lost in something that I screamed FroYo. I was so disappointed later, NOT because I screamed but because no one, including my teacher Mr. S seemed to know what it was. MY LIFE WAS OVER FROM THAT MOMENT ON. NOT REALLY. JUST KIDDING.WHATEVER.IM GONNA WRITE IN CAPS BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE YELLING AT DAHLIA. NO SHE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING. IM JUST UPSET. THAT’S ENOUGH.
I hope you’d still be here. I promise, tis phase will be gone soon. I hope.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Book Reviews

I used to be an avid reader. I remember one day when I was only ten years old, having woken up at dawn to study for exam, I was reading a story when mom woke up. Several nights were spent reading books under the duvet thinking my mom didn’t know I was reading, but she knew. Moms, huh?

Lately, I’ve been pretty distant from books, mostly due to Internet, and movies along with busy schedules, but I have set a goal to read as many books within this year. So far, I was only able to read three. –__- NOT COOL!


I have always heard from lots of people (and by that I mean PINTEREST) that this was a great read, and yes it was. A classic and one of the best books I have read so far. I absolutely loved the way the story is told from the eyes of two children. There were topics noteworthy such as racism, religious beliefs, education systems and crime in those times.

Short Summary: Racism at the early 1900's seen by two young white children as their father seeks to give justice to a black man accused of a rape of a white girl. In the end, it all makes sense and the children are left to figure the cruelty and secrets of the adults in Maycomb County.

Rating: 4/5

Fav Character: Scout Finch. Being a girl and growing up in such a neighborhood, despite having a good family is a hard thing for her, but she showed courage throughout the book, standing up for what she believes. She empathies with Boo as well as gets well with the other characters. The way she describes her surroundings and the people within it is fascinating as well as memorable.


I have read this books once before, right when it came and I rad it again, to get ready to watch the last movie and cherish the end of an era filled with magic, joy and bravery. JK Rowling is one of the best authors of the modern times as her writing style has changed over the years as the children grew up, and her magical new world lets the readers go through the books and live in it. Yes, we all grew with the trio, feeling what they felt. The last part shows the most of emotions in a way that even the most stubborn person can identify with. Her writing mesmerizes people. Unlike most other book series, the answers to all the questions are given. Everything is crystal clear.

Short Summary: At last Harry, Hermione and Ron embark on a trip to find the remaining horcruxes where they find out about the hallows, learn about the past and battle in order to defeat the evil.

Rating: 5/5

Fav Character: This is a difficult question. I have so many favorite characters, but the most notable one is Hermione Granger. I have always seen her as a role model to girls young and old. In the very first book, she is seen as a proud person but someone who needs friends, and after the troll incident, Harry and Ron become friends with her. Once a friend, she is loyal to them throughout the series, she is not only book smart, but brave and stands up for her friends and loved ones. Coming from a muggle family, she endures lots of difficulties from the pure-bloods and deatheaters, but she is always shown as a courageous girl who fights for the good.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rebecca who?

image credits
I admit, I was one of those people who watched the song Friday just to see how ridiculous it was. I know, I’m not exactly a saint, eh. Well, the lyrics were horrible, but I kinda liked her. I mean she was a bit different from the skinny YouTube types. I would know cos I watch these skinny YouTube types. I don’t know much about auto tune, so no argument there. But basically, Friday was not the best debut song but it actually opened door for her. The whole hate thing, much like YouTube turned celeb singer Justin Bieber whose haters made him famous and thus became a huge teen sensation, blah blah. Again I kinda dislike this guy too. I must sound like a complete cliché. Well, I like some of his songs and how he treats his fans, but his hair and “baby” is just few things I do NOT like.
Few weeks ago, when Rebecca announced on her twitter (I don’t follow her, I just go through LOTS of gossip sites because I apparently have too much free time on my hands due to the fact that I procrastinate too much on my assignments.) that her new song “My Moment” is out, and I checked it. Well, it was actually good. My music taste is not the most normal of things so you may disagree, but I really like it. The lyrics were catchy (in a good way, unlike her previous song. Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday is not something I want to keep playing in my mind all day!) and the music video was pretty nice. Apart from the harem pant adorned dancing group which must be due to my unlike-ness to harem pants. Anything that tries to bring too much attention into anyone’s crotch IS NOT GOOD, and should NOT BE WORN! It’s worse that fluorescent skinny pants and too much animal prints. Honestly.
So if you haven’t watched it already I would recommend you to watch it. You would either hate it and go on all “oh Rebecca black sings another song? The world is gonna end” phase or go “meh, next!” or you would fall in love with it and start listening to it for two weeks straight and also introduce it to your two year old sister who would then keep playing this song until you feel annoyed at yourself for introducing the song to her in the first place. That MAY OR MAY NOT be what happened to me.
On a not Rebecca Black related note, today we went to Hulhumale’ to do a mini research to get ready for tomorrow’s meeting for the KFLFL project and it was fun. Gigs’ BBQ was great as well. Anyone who knows me would know that I don’t do very good with food. By the end of appetizer, I was full. –___- Still, the whole experience was enjoyable and I loved it.
PS Wish me good luck for tomorrow’s meeting. I’m keeping my stilettos at the ready!