Thursday, May 29, 2008

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I hate being sick. Its that I choose to be sick , you know. I hate to eat medicine [they taste so horrible, and I dont even expect them to be any sweeter].So even when I went to exam today I had a feeling that I was sick.

Anyways, there is a happy news. Im quite hapy with it. Mom's gonna get a baby, Wow. I used to believe like two kids are just a perfect family, but I guess a lil baby would add much to out lil perfect family. There would be baby chattering, crying at nights and blah blah. Im not yet very ready but still there are a lotta days. [Im just so exited and felling so horrible with sickness that I can't even dare to check what I write, So if it doesn't make sense, Its Ok].

So while we got a break from CPE exam yesterday, me, Pragya and Nsha were talking. Pragya asked Nsha how the exam went and she told OK. Pragya was telling that Maldivians actually say OK for too many things [I wonder whether it is true.O.o].She was telling that when you ask someone how are you feeling, OK, when you ask someone How is the day, OK. OK, OK and OK. So Nsha told her that we can find synonyms of OK and use so that we made plans to say "affirmative"when some one asks something how the exam was![=P]

P.S: For all you science bloggers from CHSE out there, I have a good news for you. The school has built up Room 2 in Mainsite as mainsite canteen, for you guys. If you ask me about the previous canteen, Its sucks. It's a small cubicle which is even smaller than the toilets in the school and most of the time, it'll be out of stock. Congrats on the new canteen though![=P]

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Update on Exams 1

Umm, So almost one third of the exams are over and yet two thirds more including 3 AS level exmas. Duh! Why do we have to do so many exams? I wanna live in an Exam Free World. [=P]

Updates on Previous Exams:

Islam: It was freaking hard. To bad I didnt learn much. Wrote some stupid answers too. Hope to get a "C".[Sheesh]

Dhivehi: Damn Easy, Mazmoonu was just so so easy that I first rote a rough one in Pencil and then pen it. And about the Autobiography, that was it. I donno what a bee does in his life[Im not much of a honey fan and I haven't watched the "Bee Movie"] and the drama was too boring so I wrote the autoiography of that Muhlis Guy and yet I was able to finish the paper half an hour before time and when I looked through the hall found that almost everyone has finished. Why can't they actually give less time for Dhivehi Exam and More for Business!One good thing was that first time ever we did Exam in hall but not in Stage. It felt good. The second paper was too easy and we has to do the per in the Student's room. Eww. That place is so so hot. [In Case of Fire Please Use Fire Exits, =P].Hoping for an "A".

Accounting:This is one paper for which I never even touched the book. Still, the paper was really really easy. We had to sit in the very back of the hall and some people could actually copy. WoW. And something not too nice happened. There is this little Teacher who teaches English and who is pretty fond of me. And She was in Hall stapling papers. I usually carry all my belongings to exam hall so that I don't have to disturb anyone for anything and this miss just came and told that "She is a very good girl. She brings everything"her finger pointed to me. Talk about embarrasement. [0.o]

Gotta get ready for CPE[my least favoirte subject]. ^.^

Friday, May 23, 2008

Exams and Exams!!!!

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Well, these days are super filled with stuff like b days and picnics and blah blah not to mention the over stream of Exams.
The naughty twins and half of the people at home moved to another place. Its really "Falhu" without them, but at least I can learn lessons in peace, :P
And when they moved, they gave a surprise for me, Guess what? A room, Yes, Now I have my own room. ^.^, Its lovely , cute , lil and cosy and today I was busy moving stuff around the house. Taking up all my books and blah blahs and putting them into places at my room. I made Muntha help me by promising a treat and we had an indoor lil picnic with lots and lots of coke, her fav milkshake and a lot of snacks. Mom even made Sandwich, (So Sweet of her) and we had a kinda family reunion thing:P
So tomorrows gona be a big day, Its a cousins b day as well as my best friend's b day. I need to think of something soon. Really Soon.
And after so many days I finally made a scrapbook page and my good for nothing scanner is "Govaafa", may take days to post it here. Arrgh
Islam test is on Sunday and It is just too boring. She just finished the chapter yesterday and blah blah and we need to learn all that stuff. :(
And one day on MSN I met this guy whom I even donnno and he was telling that he has seen me once and that he really likes me and loves me. Yikes, and well he's after my life. Eww. I really dont believe in this "Love at first Sight" theory and hate those ppl who ask whetherI wanna be their girl friend over internet. I mean what the hell is wrong with them?
I finished Business AS yesterday and it was a blast. The only paper whichIm expecing an "A". I was in exam hall and I forgot to bring a ruler and eraser. Since it was business I thought that I wont need a ruler and I wont have enought time to write in pencil and then erase it so I won't even need an eraser. There were 3 papers and each peper 1 hour.And 60 marks, and we had 8 quesions (long essay type). I was able to complete first two papers on time. When the last paper came I was shocked. Oops. there was a diagram to draw, Ugh. With no ruler and no eraser I drew the diagram using my ID card. Thank god it was there. and Iwas actually able to get the diagram correct. Yea!.
Hmm, that is a long post.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Were You Born Brave?

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(Looking at this picture makes me feel Guilty, ^.^)

So Its been a very funny week, most of the time me bunking classes. :P (So Gigaflare I have admitted it myself) hehe. Stat Exam was easier than expected and hope to get a "B". Hmm, now Busines exam is on 22nd, So got to learn for it. I wonder why people say its difficult, for me I have always got wihter a "B" or an "A".
Can't think of anything else to write. Tomorrow is Nax's (Naxma, a classmate of mine and a realli sweet friend) b day and I need to make a card ASAP. Thesse days I havent even tried to make card but guess I have to make one for her. Hmm, I 'll post is tomorrow, If i ever do it. :P

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Magic in the Air

Is this magic? Can anyone explain how this is possible?
P.S It surely is fantastic.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just wanted to share this with u, Serve Your self :P

A Common Discrimination

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It always keeps me thinking that while in secondary and higher secondary schools, why does schools give priority to science students?
I have been to exactly 3 schools in my secondary and higher secondary level.
While in Grade 7 I didnt find any such thing but just when I went to grade 8, they chose prefects and me being a commerce girl didn't get it. None of the commerce people were given a chance, but 25 people were selected from science.
When I came to Ahmadhiyya, it was the just the same thing. Giving priority to science students. Not only in one thing, but in every single thing, like having extra classes whenever they wanted but we can't even have one cos when we ask the answer we get is "Sorry. the Teacher's are busy these days". Arrrgh. But finally when the O level results came we were better than them, More commerce students got in Top ten as well as passed and go chance to CHSE.
And then now in CHSE, We are again discriminated. You might tell there are more students in science thats why, but thats not the point. You might as well see there are only 30 prefects in the business stream whie there are more than 100 in the science. Not because we didnt apply for it. Many people in our calss applied( Even some who got brilliance award) but only 3 got it. (Only 3 from A class, jst wonder ehen class thakuge haalu?)
I just wonder what good the science students do to the school? Why this discrimination?
I bet it'll be hard to find a commerece student who haven't faced this.
P.S All science bloggers out there, Its just a thought and I don't hate you guys. :)
Double P.S Just one day to go for S1

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just Wondering

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As the saying goes that for every action there's a reaction or something like that, i guess some proverbs are conflicting, like people saying that "Practice makes Perfect" and the Saying that "No body is Perfect" totally contradicts. Why do we need practice if perfect doesn't even exist? I am totally against the theory that perfect does not exist. I believe it's there every where. Look at yourself, the perfect creation of god.
Another thing I keep wondering is about people who think life is unfair  I mean thinking that how unfair life is while you are a good person is just like thinking a hungry lion won't eat you cos you are a vegetarian. So stupid dho?
There are actually nothing which makes sense to every one. (My Theory) hehe
So I have had this listening exam and as usual it so boring and I can't really make out those accents. :(. Im just so tired of all studying but I kinda enjoy it. Three days to go for Stat exam and I haven't yet bought the past paper! Any ways, Good luck to all of you out there for your exams. :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Where The Rainbow Ends..............

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Have you ever wondered what is there where the rainbow ends?
I have known from childhood folk tales that there's a pot of gold where the rainbow ends, and I guess it's a belief of the Irish people. They have this belief of some S. Patrick's day and has something to do with some Irish folk tale creature named leprechaun who has buried treasure at the end of rainbow. However, this theory is totally insane by my terms as I don't think anybody has ever found out the end of rainbow not to mention the pot of gold.
The phrase "There's always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" can be a proverb, quite a motivating proverb. In my terms I think that if there's a pot of gold people would surely go to find it which I'd like to call as hard work. And then if they've worked that far they will find it which I term as success. So this proverb is one of all those proverbs motivating us that only hard work can lead to success. Just like the saying goes, "Buramasakkathuge meyva fonivaaneyey"

Thursday, May 8, 2008

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Tonight my exams are officially starting with CPE Listening. As per the previous class tests I did great in listening(managed to get more than 20 from 28). I wish tonight too I could do great. The most funny thing is that in the last part of listening they play a conversation between two people, always a girl and boy, (For Eg: Ali and Sama) and some statements would be given and you'd have to write the letter(For eg: A for Ali, and S for Sama, and B where they both agree), and the names given are very confusing that I cant even tell who's the girl and who's the boy.! Hehe.
These days I cant even participate in challenges as I'm too busy studying for exams. I hope I'll get the results for which I'm hoping.
P.S Next sem we are moving to the new site and I don't like to go there.:(
P.S.S This post is my 10th post. :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008


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Psst. Sorry for being such a lazy blogger. It was the unit tests which took all my time and yes I managed to get 2nd in class in buss, Acct and Math. Great huh? Anyways these days I'm really busy with all exams.
So Grysko, this update is just for you :P.

Cant think of anything to write,