Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh, the memories..

YLP (455)

Three weeks of YLP is over, and since then I’ve been to Naifaru to visit my granny and family there ass well. I am having one of the best holidays of my life. :)
I miss Happy and Hisham the most. Then I miss Jinn.
I miss how Zahi always calls me early in the morning, and I miss calling dibs on the toilets.
I miss having toast breakfast with Happy, Jinn, Muhey and Zahi way before everyone comes to the staff restaurant and then playing foosball with them afterwards.
I miss the lovely people who are so fun to hang out with.
I miss the sessions, which were inspirational though some were a bit boring.
I miss the conference room and getting mails on the mailbox.
I miss three three idiots! We always stargazed and were awesome.
I miss how Happy and I always photo bombed whenever anyone’s taking pictures.
I miss Sal and Naafi who were inspirational and were supportive and very friendly.
I miss my roommates who would have fun doing yoga and dancing after the lights out.
I miss the birthday celebrations and how we always got the yummiest chocolate cake.
I miss Gatti and how he always teases me and annoyed me at the sessions.
I also miss the PT sessions, even though some of them were extremely tiring.
I miss Bandos! I miss the calm atmosphere, the blue skies and the pretty orchids.
I miss the food! OH MY! I miss the toasts and jam and honey in the mornings, the pasta, noodles, sandwich, and salads in the afternoons, the croissants (and always looking for the chocolate sauce in them), biscuits, tea cakes, pudding and chocolate mousse in the evenings and the SOUP in the nights! I also miss that red colored drink which I still don’t know what was, and how the chefs made pasta with mushroom sauce for me, and omelets with the one egg.
I miss YLP. I miss everything about it. The good, the great and the best!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Youth Leadership Program

For those of you wondering where I am hiding behind these days, I am at Bandos Island Resort at the Youth Leadership Program (YLP), which is a fun program that produces a mock parliament at the end. Basically we learn loads about leadership, drugs, environment, issues in Maldives, and youth related things.
It has so far been packed with great sessions, visits to Supreme court, Police HQ, Dhoonidhoo, and a picnic. I was lucky enough to meet lots of inspiring people like Malik, Simad, our vice president, and various lawyers and people in the justice system.
Its not all about sessions and problem discussions, but the fun part is getting to know 40 different people from all over Maldives and becoming friends. Everyone is really friendly, and open minded and awesome. My roommates are beyond awesome. Seriously. We do all sorts of crazy things like dance around, do yoga, play Antakshari, have “Free Hug” days and be all girl power-ish!
YLP (63)
There are way too many inside jokes happening that I can hardly keep track. The staff here are nice, and the food. OH THE FOOD IS GREAT! I’m not even exaggerating a little bit here. Everyday, there are three meals and an evening tea. So far, I’ve had more soup than I’ve had in my entire life, and I’ve enjoyed every sip. Even the one where I put on sugar instead of salt. –___-
Yesterday, we went to Kudabandos for a picnic, and despite my phobia about death by drowning, I was able to have my first fight-on-shoulders. I don’t really know how it’s done but boy is that cool! Too bad I always end up in a draw because I’m way underweight compared to everyone else. >.< SO NOT MY FAULT. I GENUINELY LOVE AND EAT VEGETABLES. Even broccoli. People find that very hard to believe. SO hard that even when I’m eating a salad in front of them they still don’t believe it! After the picnic there was a session about Community based theatre by Kellie (most of you might remember him as my absolutely awesome British-accented co—host) , Jinad and Aima. It was so much fun. Then, we had our first debate about the Juvenile Justice Bill and I think it went OK. Then again, what I think usually turns out the opposite. The universe has a serious issue with me. Right now, I’m way too tired to spell check this, so sorry in advance. Well, not so advance now that you’ve read that all.
I’ll try to keep you up to date with what’s going on because this is the most happening thing now. Literally.
PS, I miss all of my friends at home, family, relatives, classmates, and Mh and Gigs and everyone else. Especially now that I am not feeling too well. I’ve got the common cold, and coughing and fever and everything.