Sunday, January 29, 2012

The one with no Pictionary night.

My friends and I have this tradition of “Pictionary nights” every once in a while, where we gather around and play Pictionary like there’s no tomorrow. For those of you who don’t know Pictionary, I’m afraid our friendship might just be over. –___-

This week has been hectic. Finally, the registrations are done. *whee* It usually takes three trips from G block to FMC, and lots of administrations mistakes, queues in G block and meeting people we would rather not meet but this time, it went very well. Only took two trips, no administration mistakes and well, we did meet a few people we could have gone without meeting, and wouldn’t have mattered but whatever. Everything’s fine in Shaha-land, which is a the bubble that I sometimes go live in.
Since I’m now a bridesmaid, I have certain duties, one of which I can’t mention here because the bride might see it. I know, I now operate like a Maldivian business, with its too many business secrets. I can tell you though, about these flowers that we are making out of stockings for the bride’s big day. It takes lots of time, and “kavi masaikkaiy” but we aren’t complaining.
On other news, I modeled for Hijabified Me’s new lookbook, which was a new experience and fun. Don’t worry though, I’m not going into a career of modeling. Last night, a friend and I went to this Education fair thing which was very boring, and too cold.

Since I now get three day weekends *MWAHAHA* I am spending today watching “The Lying Game” and making the said flowers with classmates. Oh, and I hope you guys had a great two day weekend.
PS The title’s not misleading. We had to cancel this week’s Pictionary night because some of my friends were busy/out of town/sick.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

My very first blog award this year, which was very unexpected and I’m very excited. I’m almost at a loss for words here. Honestly, I didn’t even know the blogger Flora until she posted a lovely comment and nominated me for this award. Since then, I’ve practically gone through all of her blog posts (stalker alert! =P) and I feel like I’ve travelled with her and lived in her photos. Beautiful captures, and intricate details. Her blog is a must visit!
So, on to the rules!
The Kreativ Blogger Award recipients must:
1.  Display The Kreativ Blogger image on the blog.
2. The nominator must be acknowledged.
3.  The recipient must state ten things about himself or herself that his or her readers probably don’t know.
4. The recipient must pass the award along by nominating at least six blogs to receive the award.
Ten things about myself, eh. By now you must be tired of hearingme talk about myself all the freaking time. I still feel like there’s still so much that you readers don’t know about me, and I quite like it that way, but since I am binded by this, I shall bore you with ten random facts about moi.
  1. I think I have OCD. I have the constant need to clean things, and  do routines. I get frustrated when things are not where they are supposed to be.’
  2. Sometimes I just blurt random things, which annoys a lot of people I know.
  3. Whenever I do something bad, I feel guilty very soon, and you’ll be seeing me apologizing.
  4. When I paint my nails, I always paint my ring fingernail, and the index fingernail of the other hand in a different color.
  5. I used to hate coffee, but now I need one in the morning, or I get cranky.
  6. I collect boxes that comes with chocolate, shoes so that I can pack them with gifts.
  7. I love coke, but I’m trying to give it up. I haven’t taken a single sip of coke since the start of the year!
  8. People who write “LyK DiS” annoy me very much.
  9. My favorite genre of music is country.
  10. I will choose a Hindi movie over an English movie any day!
There you go. Now you know ten things about me that you may or may not know before. Also those of you who know all these things, PLEASE DON’T TELL ME YOU DO, COS THAT WOULD FREAK ME OUT BIG TIME!
Now for the six nominations. *drumroll*
Have a great Thursday people!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Senior year, baby!

Yes people, I’m finally a senior at University and it’s freaking awesome. Really. I have the best classmates, I’m a bridesmaid, and I’m busy as a bee. Life does not get any better, eh.
Except of course, everything becomes complicated when I’m around. First, the timetable is so messed up. I know a lot of people would like it especially people who go for jobs on the mornings. Yes, Imma happy for them, but classes going on till 10 30 at night, really? That is not even the biggest deal. The freaking library closes at 4! YES FOUR IN THE EVENING! How is that any easier for part timers? Or even full time students who actually use the library for purposes other than dating. –__-
I mean, if the timetables are set to address the needs of those who work in the mornings, how do you expect them to use the library? Oh wait, you don’t is that it? That is just crazy. I know it’s hard to set timetables when there are students who does different subjects and that not all of us pass in all the subjects, and some up have to therefore take a mixed bunch of subjects and that classes clash all the time. I do sincerely appreciate all the hard work of the academic staff and lecturers who set the timetable but whoever decided to close the business library at 4 seriously needs to think about ALL the students.
Also some suggestions of little things you could do that would help ALL the students;
  • Have food in the canteen. I do realize that businesses need to make profit (DUH!), but which part of NOT operating a canteen brings you profit?
  • Have a bunch of lockers near the business library instead of the bunch of cupboards that is not even useful
  • Install BIG dustbins instead of two tiny ones that ALWAYS is full. FE seems to have a budget for huge bins, why can’t FMC? Oh I forgot, this needs a different post of its own.
  • A notice board for students to post stuff, like lost phones or free scraps of paper!
  • Guards who are friendly. It doesn't hurt to smile, really.
Well, that’s what I can think of for the moment. I still however like FMC, and can’t wait to graduate by the end of the year. So, here’s to another almost 11 months of crazy routines, classes, a bazillion gazillion assignments and  to being seniors! Oh dear freshman, good luck!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend Reads

This is a weekend of enjoying. I wish I was baking some Lemon Crinkles. They look so delicious.
image credits
Guess who else is having an exciting week? MFB! Congratulations. OK, seriously what is with this nukiyeyne, kiyene thing? Am I the only one who doesn’t know this. Sorry, I was busy reading about Wikipedia blackout and crying bucket loads over the bankruptcy of Kodak!  Before I forget, thanks to Subcorpus for explaining the first rule of the Synonyms club, of which I am a huge-gigantic fan. For some beautiful poetry to read over a hot chocolate this Saturday, head over to Cheeky Sylph, and Adi’s blog. They write such wonderful words!
On your way out, don’t forget to read the very important post about the virtue of remembering Allah, by Allam. In fact, if you read anything this weekend, this is what you should!
Have a wonderful weekend dear readers.

LoVe and shopping.

Since my friend got me Veronica Mars a few weeks back, I’ve been watching it non-stop. I’ve finished it in less than a week and I’ve been obsessed with Logan and Veronica. They are made for each other, even the first two letters of their name together spells LoVe. That is freakishly cool! Of course I am so biased towards Kristen since ever, and Jason since Moonlight so it goes without saying that they are my new favorite couple after Todd and Claudia from Warehouse 13.
image credits
Now that Thutha is back, I’ve been shopping all day. Today, I got into a little accident while crossing the road (Don’t worry. Other than little pain on the back of my hand, I’m fine) and now I’m so scared of crossing the road. This adds to my fears of the road, as I already have a phobia of motor cycles. >.< It was mostly my fault, since I was not looking both ways while I crossed.
Uni starts in two more days, and I’ve got some back to school stationary and lots of ideas for pranking the freshman class. But of course, I’m gonna be pretty busy not giving a rat’s ass to what’s going on, and living in a bubble and drinking iced tea. On a more happier note, I’m genuinely happy these days. I feel like I have a pocketful of sunshine with me always.
Have a great weekend guys. I’ll be enjoying the last two days of my LONG vacation meeting the idiots, having fun, more shopping and maybe a Pictionary night in-between and listening to lots of Plain White T’s which is one of my favorite bands now. Then it’s gonna be back to classes assignments, and drama. *sigh*

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The social scene in Male’

I am not much of a going out for coffee person, but I do go out and hangout with people, and we always end up going to eat submarines, visiting the art gallery and long walks near Artificial Beach. I guess it’s because I don’t really know where are the best places to hang out, or maybe just maybe there aren’t that many versatile things to do out in Male’.
image credits
I mean, for instance let’s list out the things I’d like to do out with my friends but haven’t done either because it’s not available here, or not the norm, or because I’m living under a rock most of the time hanging out with Partick.
  1. Making a lemonade stand with my sister and selling lemonade (My sisters are my friends too, since they give me chocolate. Anyone who gives me chocolate is instantly my friend!)
  2. Bowling without Justin Bieber and his crew ruining our night with their dancing.
  3. Playing foosball/billiard/dart in a place that also has coffee
  4. going out on a picnic out on a fine day (The kins where you dress up in cute boots and take a picnic basket with sandwiches, and eat them in a picnic mat in the grass where the wind blows and birds are chirping)
  5. go to a book reading where a local author reads his book and we get to meet intellectual people and writers and poets
  6. local concerts of bands that does not play heavy metal music
  7. going to a movie on the evening (with popcorn)
  8. go to a fair where you get to win a bear that says“I love you beary much” through the showing of ring tossing ability
  9. going to a charity fashion show
  10. shopping at flea markets/garage sales s
  11. have a  food fight
  12. go karaoke-ing
  13. having water balloon fights on the road
  14. play laser tag
I realize some of this are extremely movie-ish (that’s where you get the inspiration, duh!) but wouldn’t it be fun? So please tell me which of these things are actually available here? Perhaps I just need to go out and do them!
For now, I go out and buy birthday cakes for no reason, and eat them. I’m seizing the moment.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend Reads

It’s been a long time since I did this, but because I’m planning to not update my blog on weekends (unless I decide to update it for some weird reason), I shall give you some good stuff to read over the weekend, eh. You can thank me later!
image credits
Carly’s “Boys” post is quite similar to mine, if I ever had one. Will I ever have the courage to wear a maxi skirt like Shea? Speaking of courage, Allaam has written a beautiful post about being who you are and not caring about what others think! I salute him for doing just that.
I also discovered the blog of a friend I haven’t met in a long time. He has some awesome stuff there, so be sure to visit it! A very special mention to one of my favorite people in the world, Adi for always being there are for writing wonderful magical stories!
That’s all folks! Enjoy the weekend. I have plans of meeting some friends and visiting the art gallery, and being all excited cos my favorite relative ever, Thutha is coming to town! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE ENDLESS SHOPPING AND ICE-CREAM ROUNDS!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

On enjoying life.

I met a friend the other day who reminded me to enjoy life, something that I try telling myself to do, but keep forgetting. Between the busy-ness of life, and the tremendous to-do list that is not getting any shorter, and the lazy days spent in the comfort of the three walls within my room (yes, it only has three walls. It’s a pretty weird room), I keep forgetting that there is life outside the bubble that I live in.
image credits
I admit, I’m not exactly a very open person. You might think that because I have a personal blog, I would be a very open and outgoing person. I try to be more outgoing, but honestly, I am a very closed person. I think it conflicts with what I am. I mean, I am a friendly person, and I have lots of good friends who are also close and my classmates consider me very talkative and all. I used to be on radio, for crying out loud. But somehow, I feel like I’m not living my life the way I should. I’m guarded, because of the things I put myself through. I can’t bring myself to trust people and let loose. I’m a perfectionist, and I feel like despite having big dreams that scare me, I still don’t enjoy life. Sure, I get out time to time, and have fun with friends, but I donno. I’m sure it probably doesn’t make any sense to you, because it makes no sense to me either.
I like being indoors, and not being out all day hanging around with friends. I was brought up in a conservative family, but my parents are good people, and they have no problems with me doing things my way, or having friends over or going out. It’s just that I like being with my family, and having friends over rather than being out and going for coffees. I know, it shouldn’t matter that I’m a girl and that in a community like Maldives, girls hanging out with guys in coffees are a norm, but not very much accepted by people, but it matters to me. I am quite a traditional person when it comes to this, and I care about what people think about my parents, and even though I wish I did not, I care about what people think of me, because I am their daughter. Because these people matter to my parents, they matter to me too even though my parents don’t know this.
I guess, what I’m trying to say is that I need to find a balance, between enjoying life, and balancing my priorities. Right now would be a good time to give my life advice. =P

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year Resolutions

Last year had been one year without any new year resolutions, or goals and I did enjoy every bit of it. But somehow, not making goals doesn’t seem like my thing, even if I did enjoy it for a few months (hello, 101 things and life list!).
So, my new year resolutions are;
  • Get an Internship at UNDP
  • Finish my degree with a 3.9 GPA
  • Enjoy my final year
  • Be a better daughter
  • Have fun
There are a few more personal resolutions too, and all I really really want is to make this year a memorable year too.
Oh, and do you like the new blog layout?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sorry 2012, I didn’t quite see you there.

Time to stop being lazy, eh. You also may or may not see a new layout soon. No promises though. Yes, I shamelessly stole that line from Shayne Ward.-___- As you already know, I am lazy and uneducated in the ways of how HTML really works, so it may take forever.
So, 2011 was a great year for me. I am so thankful to Allah for blessing me with so many great things. On January, I started my Sophomore year at college with high hopes and new classmates (but I had my old funky classmates too. What would I ever do without them?). February turned me 19, making me all melancholy about getting older. Seriously. I felt like Joey from FRIENDS when he turned 30. I wonder what would happen when I actually turn 30? *shudder* March was intense with exams, and had me thinking about future and all things that are wrong in this world. I had lots of people fooled on April but in the end, I was the fool, for I had done some very unwise things. Don’t worry. I have learned from a few of them. One, don’t ever pour hot tea into a plastic bottle, and two, don’t ever put a flower bouquet in the freezer! u_u May brought the third semester exams, and feelings of disappointment for not doing my best. June and July were spent watching movies, and being indoors, while August had me rethink some decisions I made and a little soul searching. September was filled with assignments, and busy schedules and birthday and all that craze of which October got jealous and gave me exams again! November and December were the best two months because I met the most wonderful people, and built great friendships, and learned a lot about myself and the world around me. Through the year, I had the complete support of my family, fun times with my classmates, stargazing with the idiots, going out with friends, long talks on the joalifathi,, trying new things, and living my life.
I am hoping for a great 2012, even though it’s gonna be a very heard year, with my final year, the project and internships and all the drama that I foresee. Yes, people my life is becoming a little bit more dramatic, after I have started not giving much care to what other think. Who knew that was all I had to do, to create more drama, eh.
image credits
Also, I got a personal organizer. It’s not a filofax, but I am so not complaining. *[__]* see, that is my “not-complain” face. tee hee. Oh, and did I mention, this relative of mine whom I haven't really talked well, ever gave me the PO, which I have duly named Drew, after Nancy Drew who is one of my favorite fictional characters, ever! At one point in my life, I wanted to be a girl detective. True story.
Oh and BTW, happy new year. Any resolutions, peeps?