Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A to Z: Music Is My Life!

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A is for Anti twitter people. Just because you dislike twitter doesn’t mean I would too.. Call me stupid, I could care less! Bleh!
B is for BGK.. My regular show.. Sometimes, knowing celebrity gossip is the best thing after sliced bread
C is for Cake Noveau! OMG, check those cakes.. I call it pure art!!
D is for Dear Mr President, Pink's song.. I just love how she put all those emotions so perfectly in the song.
E is for Eat-or-west-home-is-the-best! Mickie "Pooh" Koakolhu Ahmed, I <3 you
F is for Food.. Before Gigs tried to kill me! Of course we all love food, don't we?
G is for Grint! Rupert "Redhead" Grint! I love him too much that words cannot express.. If I lived in England, I'd go to you everyday to buy chocolate chip mint ice cream! I'll even forget Ben & Jerry's for you! <3
H is for Hp Space, the new reality TV show that Kel has participated. Lets hope he gets to second round!
I is for I-love-Chuck-Bass! Muntha calls him chaka baas! as in "hadi".. Kiddy language, I swear I wont understand it, EVER!!
J is for Jake Ryan! Why? Can't I have a fictional crush on Cody Linley? Has the world gone THAT mad?
K is for Kel's Video, Please sign up and rate! ^_^
L is for Love Khichdi.. It's such a fun movie..
M is for Music Heart, this picture!
N is for Not-so-happy days.. Somehow I feel my life isn't very normal..
O is for OMJ! Oh-my-Jonas! I’d say this If I ever met Frankie or Kevin Jonas! I'm the only one from my friends who likes Kevin better than the oh-so-famous Nick Jonas and heartbreaker-the-Taylor-dumper Joe “Boring” Jonas!
P is for Pictionary.. It never gets boring!
Q is for Quantum of Solace.. Gosh, it just came to me! I haven't watched any James Bond movies, and I don’t think I'll ever!
R is for Re-start on card making. 
S is for Seriously! I think this has become my "aiy mathee bas"!!
T is for True Blood.. Even though I hate Edward Cullen, I loved Bail, and Mick from Moonlight.. But seriously, I'm not a vampire freak!
U is for unbirthday! Happy unbirthday to moi! *off to celebrate with mad hatter and Alice, down I go the rabbit hole*
V is for Vera Wang! I loved her Spring 2010 collection..
W is for What-on-earth-am-I-supposed-to-write-here?
X is for eXperts! Some of them, I call as know-it-alls! Others, pure geniuses!
Y is for Yale! All my dreams crashed, after the news of Murder on campus!! What a cruel world!!
Z is for Zai, my best buddy.. She is everything.. Beauty with Brains, with Humor! BFF's Forever!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Greetings Of Eid!

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Eid Mubarik to all readers (I hope there are some).. I know I’m a bit late.. But its better late than never, right?
So here goes, a wish.. that all of you may have a prosperous and a happy eid! And not be like mine.. YES! I had nothing to do, maybe other than going to dhontha’s place..all of us dressed in Black and White, like a checkerboard.. And people giving us weird looks!! It’s Eid I tell ya!
Anyways, Good news!! My show is back! yes, my regular show, Bollywood ge Kahaani.. Sun to Thur 10 in the morning!!
Plus, Please take a moment to watch this video and sign up to rate for kel.. I'm sure you have already signed up for everything out there.. So, you wouldn't probably mind signing up for one more thing, for me? Right? >.<
<3 the greeting by alfajr

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A to Z: If Cupid Had A Heart

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A is for Al.. My one and only niece.. ^^ Happy belated birthday pooh!
B is for Beyonce.. Of course she was the star at VMA.. She certainly earned one more fan.. (=
C is for Crushes and Cute boys!! xD
D is for Dhiraagufail! Seriously!!
E is for Eid aee hinithunvamun.. Meeru vahun Javvu huvandhulamun!! Eid mubarak in advance.. (=
F is for Fashion Solitare! Me n Muntha did a challenge, and I won.. She blames her loss on my taking over the comp at all times.. lol
G is for Get together shaha-vees! Had so much fun.. Thanks to all who made it such a pleasant night..
H is for Heels, like these beauties.. *soni vettifa*
I is for I-need-a-decent-camera.. Daddy.. *cough* *cough*
J is for Junie B Jones.. Muntha's favorite first grader!
K is for Kiyaadhey Miraagunney.. Samaau's song from Ehandhaanuga Duet! The fact that I had a crush on him when I was young is not relevant here! lol
L is for Lailathul Gadri Vileyrey.. May god bless us all!
M is for Mentions on fb.. I seriously donno how this works.. Every time I try it, it doesn’t happen!! Ugh 
N is for Naxx.. We all miss you sweety!! )=
O is for Oscar De Le Renta Spring 2010.. He is my favorite designer in the whole wide world!!
P is for Prefects Night.. It better be interesting!
Q is for Quran Competetion.. Ammu n Ninni did a good job!
R is for Ring a Ring a Roses! A pocket full of Posies! Oh, good times.. ^^
S is for September Birthdays, Too many birthdays in one day!!
T is for Twitvillun, had so much fun!! You guys rock!! \m/
U is for Ultimate dress search for a special day! Psst, it's supposed to be a secret!! xD
V is for Violet, this cute picture!
W is for West Beverly High! Team Naomi, Silver and Navid!! Yay!
X is for XoXo, Gossip Girl.. Cant wait until I get my hands on the 3rd season!!
Y is for You Belong With Me.. I'm so in love with the song.. ^^
Z is for Zombies! Runway models look like zombies! I have been keeping track of all those spring 2010 fashion shows, that now I see too much of them.. lol

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dedicated to Muntha


Happy belated birthday Muntha, my sweet little 9 year old princess!

She is the cute, shy, smart, and totally fashionable! A bit opposite of me, but we have many things in common.. Like Jojo’s Fashion show, and games, Barbie cartoons, and pink! of course parents too..

I have been such a bad sister.. Only gave the present tonight, and didn't even make a card! I know, I have been lazy! So, this here is a post to make up for all that!

I love you!

and Happy birthday

I know you’ll love this pic by Shiya

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A to Z: 090909 Edition!

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A is for Amy, who’s blog was my inspiration to start this! (=
B is for Bad feelings.. I hate them!
C is for Cottingley Fairies.. Its such an interesting story.. I do believe in fairies, I do! I do!
D is for Doe Deere, the most colorful girl ever! She is such an inspiration!
E is for Ehandhaanuga Duet.. My personal favorites are Meygaavi Alikuri Nooraky, Loabah Maagey Oiy Ithubaaru and Annaashe Dhaan!
F is for Fashion Designing! Yippee!
G is for Gossip Girl!I cant wait for the 3rd season to start! Cant get enough of Chuck Bass!
H is for Hannah Montana.. I'm so glad she won so many awards this TCA! =)
I is for I miss thuttha!! She was and is the best.. She’s my BSF (Best Sister Forever)
J is for Jojo’s Fashion Show.. One thing Muntha and I have in common! ^^
K is for Kel, my show co host and co worker.. He’s half mad, but very very observant, and has the cutest accent ever! After Ed Westwick and Rupert Grint!! (=
L is for Lavabaazee.. Who can just sit there while rest of the world is singing happy songs! I cant!
M is for Muntha and Mickey.. The best sissies ever!
N is for Ninni and Ammu.. Yesterday, the famous 090909 was their 6th birthday.. Happy Birthday.. Double the Trouble!
O is for Oswald.. I miss pogo.. )=
P is for Pictionary! ah, the addiction!
Q is for Quite Not Good Results.. Apparently 4th in National Top Ten doesn't satisfy my parents!
R is for Roadha Show.. Quite boring at times, but thanks to Kel, I survive!
S is for Shopping with Shweetikle.. She definitely lives up to her shweet name! =P
T is for Twinkle Twinkle, the picture on this post..
U is for Unicorns! Those sweet horned horses.. =V
V is for ValentinaKallias, the talented photographer!
W is for Weddings!! Teen brides, and Teen Grooms!!>.<
X is for Exceptionally bright students.. Like my ex classmates.. And geniuses.. And Anna Wintour.. And Kyle!
Y is for Youtube! Thank you! If you weren't there I wouldn't be able to watch Ben (Ken Baumann) in Secret Life.. My only reason to watch that crap..
Z is for Zzzz.. I feel sleepy.. Its past midnight!