Monday, December 21, 2009

When I Close My Eyes I Dream

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This is merely a life update..
Job is going pretty well.. Kel is the new temp boss.. We have fun at work, play Farmville, and cook stuff.. Buy holsten, cos redbull is too expensive.. and blah blah.. Still, I feel like something is missing..
I'm just too lazy these days, lazy that I don't make cards, write in my journal, do fashion stuff, or even visit library.. And I loved to do these.. I donno what’s gotten into me.. I feel so sleepy all the time, and I'm almost always late for stuff..
This picture used to give me inspiration, but now its just like another picture..
I also finished my dress.. Yippee, It looks good enough for my first project.. haha.. Needs to take a pic though.. I'm too lazy to do that too.. argh!
Anyways just to let you know that I'm still alive, and well, just well.. and also I have been accepted to college, if I haven't told you that yet..
How is your life? I'm sure its less boring-er than mine, so do share in the comments!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A to Z: The Over Procrastinated One

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A is for Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, it was so amazing.. Ranbir and Kat doesnt get any cuter.. (=
B is for Bachelors!I am going to college! xD Yay Me! Im so so happy, I even started my back to college wardrobe.. lol
C is for CID.. I mean, the drama in Sony TV.. Its so interesting.. >.<
D is for Dr Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine.. Its an 80’s movie, and I love it.. haha.. Very Cheesy..
E is for Eid, the most boring Eid in my whole life.. Going to CPE exam in Eid was actually better than staying at home.. >.<
F is for Femina, and Fimfare.. Femina’s much worth the money than the other.. But hey, I got a cute picture of Geenu and Riteish.. xD And you are most welcome to borrow them..
G is for Get togethers.. Im invited to three this weekend, make it four including a wedding.. First is a twitter coffee, then an HFM dinner, a friend-who-owes-me-dinner dinner, and wedding of a very rich relative (winter themed)..
H is for Holsten, my new favorite drink.. Plus it’s chaper than redbull.. )=
I is for Iththi, my new twitter bestfriend, along with Yaamyn, my other best pal.. xD
J is for Jab Se Dekha He Tere Haath Ka Chaand, from the movie Jeena Sirf Mere Liye.. I am a huge fan of Kareena.. xD
K is for Kurbaan.. Still havent watched it.. Will.. Very Soon.. xD
L is for Love.. <3
M is for Mrs. World..I cannot even count how many times they’ve shown that on Star World
N is for National Football team, We salute you! xD
O is for Omlets.. Dont ask me why!
P is for Parteys and Police.. So, some Partays came to hfm, and so did police.. And I had to wait so long to get home, cos those Partays blocked the way.. hmph.. I'm no fan of Partays or Police, but I like CID.. Does that even count? lol
Q is for Quartile.. I somehow remembered certain not-to-be-mentioned-again business words.. LMAO
R is for Rainbow Hair, this beautiful picture..
S is for “S”. I’ve got this S set, with a pink pendant, a pink ring, and the earrings.. The Earrings, I used them in some craft projects.. haha
T is for Tight wearing goal keepers who distract poeple watching the match.. *ehem ehem*
U is for Umbrella.. There’s a very cute silent cartoon on TVM.. I love it! <3
V is for Veer! Come on, Im outta good stuff.. Argh
W is for Wizards Of Waverly Place.. Max is my absolute favorite!
X is for Xmas.. And No, I don't celebrate Christmas, but I just love the fact they give presents to each other and all the Shopping..
Y is for You wouldn't believe how long I’ve been procrastinating putting this post in my blog.. haha
Z is for Zilch!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There’s Always A Next Time

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After the much expected SAFF trophy landed in India’s hands, Maldivians everywhere cried. It was a sad moment. I for one, watched football for the first time in my life, only for 15 minutes and it was boring. But it was long enough for me to also notice the Indian goal keeper, OMG! That tight-wearing-man of the match- angry looking goal keeper! Even thinking about that’s gonna give me nightmares. lol
Anyways, We pray and hope that next time, we’ll win. Insha Allah.
Life’s going pretty well. Im gonna go to college today to get my letter of either rejection, or the other. Lets hope Im selected! cos, I have no plan B yet! ugh!
Plus my dress, its almost complete, and it looks very pro. >.< I shall show you a pic once its done.. xD
So, what is your feelings about the football match? and about the goalkeeper? I’d love to know. lol

Friday, November 27, 2009

Eid Mubarak!

Its been so long.. Lazy bloger will now probably be an understatement... So, I wouldnt go there..
Anyways, Eid Mubarak to you all, If by now I actually have any readers left.. I promise I'll make it up to you, somehow.. hehe..

But then, my pc crashed, I probably am gonna lose all my pictures, movies, and everything saved on my comp.. So sad.. )=

I was so bored, have absolutely nothing to do, and have no access to internet, or anything whatsoever, since Im also on a three day holiday from work.. I bet when all this ends, all my fishes and farms will be gone, for good..

And I used my time wisely.. What did I do? I worked on my first dress.. Yes, the vesry first step to reach my fashion design dreams.. x] I got the fabric last week, so I sewed part of the ruffles today, and now Im at Kuda's place.. Wearing my checkerboard dress, with hints of yellow.. YES, I dont have an eid dres.. But hey, Its kinda fun.. LOL

Until next time,

(pic by haneefisa)


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A to Z:The World Goes Round And Round

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A is for Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.. Ranbir + Kat = Chemistry!
B is for Boo you!
C is for Can’t-think-of-anything-for-C! hmph
D is for Donuts.
E is for Emma Watson..
F is for Fenna hindhu komme thaakun? I just LOL every time I see the song, or hear it.. And Sharu said She’d be a palm tree.. LOL
G is for Genelia and Ritiesh! I just love both of them.. SO does Thuttha.. Our taste is so matchy matchy! xD
H is for Haulvidhaa.. Yummy Yum
I is for I-cant-make-any-crafts.. and it sucks.. Big Time.. You ask why? Cos my aunt took most of my stationeries, even the extra ones.. Ugh..
J is for Jay Bhanushali!
K is for Kareena Kapoor.. I’ve always been a Kareena fan, since I saw her in Refugee.. My fav Kareena movie is Golmaal Returns.. I’ve watched it like a 10 times, and still every time I watch it, it becomes more funnier.. xD
L is for Laala.. This one cute chocolate listener.. She is just so creative!
M is for MDA.. Maldivian Deaf Association FTW!
N is for Niya.. She is so much fun.. xD
O is for Ozzy, a funny BGK listener!
P is for Prize Day.. It looked like Hiriyaa School Weds CHSE, lol.. But was so much fun!! Reunion!!
Q is for Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak.. x]
R is for Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat.. I just love the new twist.. No, I'm not a fan of Raja’s.. They are so royal and stuff, not in a good way though..
S is for Season 13 of ANTM.. I was so disappointed Celia didn't win last season.. This time, the models are short, and I'm sad Doe didn't make it either.. But hey, I might find a new favorite.. x]
T is for Tweetdeck.. Its like I cannot even live without it.. haha..
U is for Upun.. As in the gangster Hindi language.. Haha..
V is for Victory Day! They showed the video we shot back in 2007.. Good to see some old faces! x]
W is for WishWishWish.. OMG! She’s my newest favorite blogger..
X is for Exes, as in Ex bf’s Ex prezs, and Ex classmates.. x]
Y is for Yo! \m/
Z is for Zzzzzzzzz

Sunday, November 1, 2009

In Another World


Life is much better these days..I'm having so much fun, learning new things, helping people, and being myself.. xD

So, yesterday, I had a chance to volunteer for this treasure hunt for the deaf, which was organized by the MDA (Maldivian deaf association).. I was paired with Niya and Shaheez and we were near the Tsunami Binaa.. Those guys are so amazing.. It felt like we were in another world.. I never experienced anything like that before.. And oh, I also learned how to say my name in sign language.. xD and to say goodnight! \m/

Plus, we had so much fun, joked, and yeah ate and all..

Its a day I would probably remember! xD

And, we had prize day on Friday.. Jalsaa was boring, but we had fun at the end.. And I didn't know we get Discipline Prize in CPE too.. Haha.. You guys should work hard to get discipline prize in your fav subject.. Hint: go to classes regularly, and be a nerd! xD

BTW, the pic is from Peachjuice, DA..


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A to Z: Sliding Through The Rainbow

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A is for Ammu.. He’s gone to hospital for hithaanu kuran.. I shall go when the fun begins.. xD
B is for Blue, I still have to watch it..
C is for Cute Couples.. Some people just look so awesome together.. Like as if, they were made for each other! <3
D is for Dho! seriously, I'm tired of all those unnecessary dho’s.. evaahaka dho! haha
E is for Eyrugaves.. Mihaaruves.. He looks so cute.. Don’t ask who! haha
F is for Fish!
G is for Granny.. She says everyone lies to her. I said No, which is actually a lie.. So, everyone does lie to her.. )= That lie is just to make her feel better.. xD
H is for Halloween.. duh! If we had a costume party, I’d dress up as the wicked with of west.. haha
I is for I-didn't-win-the-Paris-Hilton-contest.. And I'm not gonna take no for an answer.. Its her loss! xD
J is for Jai Veeru.. haha
K is for Kaiveneege amaazu kamugaa vaa hageegathakee miey.. *sigh*
L is for Lilac plus Black nails.. I tried to do nail art, but no nail art pens available here.. )= Hmph..
M is for Main Aur Mrs Khanna.. It was a bit boring at the start, but so much fun at the end.. Deepika FTW!
N is for Nail art.. *sigh*
O is for Om Prakash Makhija! Om Shanti Om rocks.. \m/
P is for Pink Hijab Day! Yayy! I'm wearing a pink scarf today.. xD
Q is for Quota.. Sheesh, I'm doing all accounting.. Gee..
R is for Row Row Row Your Boat!
S is for Shilpa Shetty, finally she’s engaged! xD
T is for Tinsel town! Too much bollywood, I know.. (=
U is for Umbrella!
V is for Voodoo dolls.. I had a real nightmare last night, after so many days of sweet dreams.. I was so scared.. >.<
W is for What's your Raashee? 
X is for Extremely weird people! Weird is good.. But not extremes!
Y is for You Maybe.. I'm in love with that song.. xD
Z is for Zebra!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A to Z: Learning It The Hard Way

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A is for Anna Wintour.. for her powerbob.. xD
B is for Butler Bag, isnt it the cutest pic, like ever?
C is for Chocolate.. Apparently I’m stuck there now! Get ready to lose every night’s sleep!
D is for Doe Deere’s lipstick collection.. Who says blue lipstick is eww.. No, it isnt!
E is for Everything-is-not-what-it-seems!
F is for Facebook Games.. I’ve been addicted to them! And its so much fun to steal from people's farms, and ranches.. lol
G is for Gossip Girl.. Hilary Duff is so awesome. What with D and G? And S? Lil J is so eww.. And V’s hairstyle is creepy! Gives me Goosebumps every time I see her on GG..
H is for Hoedown Throwdown.. I’ve been listening to it like a hundred times, and still hasn't got the lyrics on my head.. >.<
I is for I-hate-people-who-try-to-control-others.. Nuff Said!
J is for Jimmy Choo 72!
K is for K drama’s.. now they only show stupid traditional drama’s where people want to kill girls.. Off With their heads!
L is for Lilac,, I painted my nails in lilac, and it looks so cute.. Plus, its a pledge for Breast Cancer Awareness.. (=
M is for My Amethyst.. I love her blog! <3
N is for Ninni.. She is so much fun..
O is for One-for-all-and-all-for-one! don't ask me..
P is for Phineas and Ferb.. my newest obsession! along with Wizards of Waverly Place!! xD
Q is for Question.. I hate making questions to ask on show.. sometimes.. OK, questions are so exam-ish!
R is for Roosters. :P
S is for School Prize Day.. Yeah, its coming, and I need to design a dress.. Even though I'm probably only getting the discipline prize, I need to look good.. yeah, looking good makes me feel confident.. As if I can kick some butt.. xD
T is for This-really-cool-contest on polyvore.. If Paris Hilton chooses any of my sets, I'm gonna get 12 Paris Hilton shoes.. Keeping fingers crossed..
U is for UN day.. Happy UN day to all!
V is for Vai days.. BORING!
W is for Work for climate change.. I’ve always been an environmentally friendly person.. ^_^ 350 FTW!
X is for Exclamation Marks.. Yeah, when there’s too much going on, you need more of them.. hmph
Y is for YSL.. I need a tote.. my pledge of 350..
Z is for Zzzzzzzzzz.. Needs to sleep..

Monday, October 19, 2009


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Sometime in this week, or was it last? that we heard of a kidnapping in Maldives? I know, ridiculous..
One of the guys who did that, is an ex classmate of mine, back in first grade.. or so mom says.. So, the story is that, I was only 5 years by then, and had a some kinda board, the name which I cant recall now.. And since childhood, I was way over possessive about my stuff.. So, this guy called Aiman, was in my class, and I brought the board to class (Since I was only 5 years, and the youngest in the whole school, I had a special uniform, and can bring anything I want to school.. I know, awesome, right? This probably explains why I'm only 17, and finished my A levels!), and this guy stole it.. So Mom says I bit his finger, and that he was crying, and he never even touched anything of mine since then.. whoa!
And see, now he kidnapped an 18 year old guy..
Once a thief, Always a thief! Or shall I say, once a criminal always a criminal.. Oh, come on, I'm really bad at proverbs! ^_^
PS, I'm so glad we didn't have a prom.. =P

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Careful What You Wish For!


They say it, And I was going through reading my posts ages ago, and found this wish list for my 17th birthday. I wished for a chance to be an RJ! and now its come true! I totally believe what Rani says in the movie Dil Bole Hadippa, that Dreams always come true, its only a matter of time!

Anyway, I've also realized that I used to be such a good blogger with regular updates. So I will hopefully keep up to that.

List of Movies:

1. Dil Bole Hadippa – Fun, totally made me cry at the speech.

2. Wizards Of Waverly Place Movie – Best movie version of a series. So cute and totally fun!

3. Barbie and the three Musketeers – Yes, I'm still a child at heart. Not your usual princessy Barbie, but the tomboyish version. Liked it.

4. Aamras – Teen movies should come out more often. Loved Pari!

5. Sikandar – a bit boring

6. Love Khichdi – Duh!

8. Morning Walk – Slow and BORING!

PS, pic from deviantart


Thursday, October 8, 2009

A to Z: Boring-ness

image credits
A is for Aladin.. Can't wait for the movie! xD
B is for Barbie and the three musketeers! Not your usual barbie movie.. and I loved it!
C is for Chocolate, the taste of lurrve! <3
D is for Diary Girl, something of a surprise, more like a dream! I have been planning on doing it for one month, but never did it.. I still need more motivation!
E is for Ed Westwick.. Chuck Bass, if you must know.. I had a poster of him in my room, and Mickie tore it.. and Muntha was laughing.. Apparently she hates him.. I smell Sabotage!
F is for Five Hundred Days of Songs, I know AGAIN! But this time, I'm gonna make it work.. I promise!
G is for Good Morning Baltimore! Harispray..
H is for Hum-tum-ek-kamreyme-band-ho! And we lost the key! lol
I is for I’m late in posting this! But then, who cares anyway?
J is for Jane from Sea of shoes! She’s like my icon! I wish my mom had a shoe obsession like hers!
K is for Kudadhattha beybe, who’s an uncle in law of mine.. He ate my cooking chocolate.. )=
L is for Lovely blog readers and followers, and fans.. Thankyou all..
M is for Magnum Classic.. Sometimes it takes a magnum, and a Barbie cartoon to bond relations! *wink*
N is for Ninni.. I just missed her.. )=
O is for October.. I donno why, but I just love this month! xD
P is for Polyvore, I'm so definitely addicted to it!
Q is for Qwerty!
R is for Raise your voice! I'm like, Hilary Duff freak! lol.. And I only watched it recently!
S is for Strawberry fields, this cute photo..
T is for Twitsal.. I'm so sad I missed the event! But, don't worry, I'm wearing the tee like, all the time.. lol
U is for Ultra feminine ruffles.. I'm in love with certain spring 2010 collections.
V is for Very-disturbing-people who call me by midnight! Duh! Seriously, I'm not the type of person who would give up my sleep to talk on the phone.. NO! unless of course if I have a crush on that person, or if he was Taylor Lautner!
W is for Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.. Selena Gomez doesn't get any more cuter than this.. Plus, I love Justin and Max! xD
X is for Exclamation Mark.. I love it!! right!!! lol!!! Ok, enough..
Y is for Yeh Rishta something, and all crappy traditional drama series which mom watches.. And her favorite has to be that stupid Ijajat!
Z is for Zilch.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Taste Of Love

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Its only been like, one and a half month, since I’ve started to work in HFM.. I've hosted almost all shows at least once, and my favorite all time is BGK (bollywood ge kahaani) which is now my show! xD
and, since last Tuesday, I’ve been co hosting one of the most famous programs in hfm, Chocolate.. I swear I don't really know anything about love and relationships, other than those stuff at seventeen meg, which I don't get now, cos no bookshop at Maldives thinks anyone will read it.. bleh!
Moving on, chocolate I tell you, is purely based on love, being its centre point.. and on top of that, I have to host with kel, who, as most of you who follow me on twitter would know, is like, a one man show.. And with my pea sized vocabulary, it is definitely hard for me to actually beat him, which results in me being like the “non arguing type”.. I do agree, I get along with people a little too well.. and it takes quite sometime for me to realize what's going on! Blame it on me being a lousy teenager and all!
Anyhow, what I'm trying to say in all this nonsense, is that you guys SHOULD listen to chocolate! It’s fun.. So, keep tuned to 96.2 HFM, Sunday to Thursday, 10 to 12!
And I’ve been losing the balance of, life, in the last few days, which is exactly why you didn't get to read last week’s A to Z.. It was already boring enough!
and to the twitsal, you guys rocked.. How I wish I was there. But don’t worry, I'm giving a tribute to you guys by wearing the lovely tee you guys made! xD

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A to Z: Music Is My Life!

image credits
A is for Anti twitter people. Just because you dislike twitter doesn’t mean I would too.. Call me stupid, I could care less! Bleh!
B is for BGK.. My regular show.. Sometimes, knowing celebrity gossip is the best thing after sliced bread
C is for Cake Noveau! OMG, check those cakes.. I call it pure art!!
D is for Dear Mr President, Pink's song.. I just love how she put all those emotions so perfectly in the song.
E is for Eat-or-west-home-is-the-best! Mickie "Pooh" Koakolhu Ahmed, I <3 you
F is for Food.. Before Gigs tried to kill me! Of course we all love food, don't we?
G is for Grint! Rupert "Redhead" Grint! I love him too much that words cannot express.. If I lived in England, I'd go to you everyday to buy chocolate chip mint ice cream! I'll even forget Ben & Jerry's for you! <3
H is for Hp Space, the new reality TV show that Kel has participated. Lets hope he gets to second round!
I is for I-love-Chuck-Bass! Muntha calls him chaka baas! as in "hadi".. Kiddy language, I swear I wont understand it, EVER!!
J is for Jake Ryan! Why? Can't I have a fictional crush on Cody Linley? Has the world gone THAT mad?
K is for Kel's Video, Please sign up and rate! ^_^
L is for Love Khichdi.. It's such a fun movie..
M is for Music Heart, this picture!
N is for Not-so-happy days.. Somehow I feel my life isn't very normal..
O is for OMJ! Oh-my-Jonas! I’d say this If I ever met Frankie or Kevin Jonas! I'm the only one from my friends who likes Kevin better than the oh-so-famous Nick Jonas and heartbreaker-the-Taylor-dumper Joe “Boring” Jonas!
P is for Pictionary.. It never gets boring!
Q is for Quantum of Solace.. Gosh, it just came to me! I haven't watched any James Bond movies, and I don’t think I'll ever!
R is for Re-start on card making. 
S is for Seriously! I think this has become my "aiy mathee bas"!!
T is for True Blood.. Even though I hate Edward Cullen, I loved Bail, and Mick from Moonlight.. But seriously, I'm not a vampire freak!
U is for unbirthday! Happy unbirthday to moi! *off to celebrate with mad hatter and Alice, down I go the rabbit hole*
V is for Vera Wang! I loved her Spring 2010 collection..
W is for What-on-earth-am-I-supposed-to-write-here?
X is for eXperts! Some of them, I call as know-it-alls! Others, pure geniuses!
Y is for Yale! All my dreams crashed, after the news of Murder on campus!! What a cruel world!!
Z is for Zai, my best buddy.. She is everything.. Beauty with Brains, with Humor! BFF's Forever!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Greetings Of Eid!

image credits
Eid Mubarik to all readers (I hope there are some).. I know I’m a bit late.. But its better late than never, right?
So here goes, a wish.. that all of you may have a prosperous and a happy eid! And not be like mine.. YES! I had nothing to do, maybe other than going to dhontha’s place..all of us dressed in Black and White, like a checkerboard.. And people giving us weird looks!! It’s Eid I tell ya!
Anyways, Good news!! My show is back! yes, my regular show, Bollywood ge Kahaani.. Sun to Thur 10 in the morning!!
Plus, Please take a moment to watch this video and sign up to rate for kel.. I'm sure you have already signed up for everything out there.. So, you wouldn't probably mind signing up for one more thing, for me? Right? >.<
<3 the greeting by alfajr

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A to Z: If Cupid Had A Heart

iamge credits
A is for Al.. My one and only niece.. ^^ Happy belated birthday pooh!
B is for Beyonce.. Of course she was the star at VMA.. She certainly earned one more fan.. (=
C is for Crushes and Cute boys!! xD
D is for Dhiraagufail! Seriously!!
E is for Eid aee hinithunvamun.. Meeru vahun Javvu huvandhulamun!! Eid mubarak in advance.. (=
F is for Fashion Solitare! Me n Muntha did a challenge, and I won.. She blames her loss on my taking over the comp at all times.. lol
G is for Get together shaha-vees! Had so much fun.. Thanks to all who made it such a pleasant night..
H is for Heels, like these beauties.. *soni vettifa*
I is for I-need-a-decent-camera.. Daddy.. *cough* *cough*
J is for Junie B Jones.. Muntha's favorite first grader!
K is for Kiyaadhey Miraagunney.. Samaau's song from Ehandhaanuga Duet! The fact that I had a crush on him when I was young is not relevant here! lol
L is for Lailathul Gadri Vileyrey.. May god bless us all!
M is for Mentions on fb.. I seriously donno how this works.. Every time I try it, it doesn’t happen!! Ugh 
N is for Naxx.. We all miss you sweety!! )=
O is for Oscar De Le Renta Spring 2010.. He is my favorite designer in the whole wide world!!
P is for Prefects Night.. It better be interesting!
Q is for Quran Competetion.. Ammu n Ninni did a good job!
R is for Ring a Ring a Roses! A pocket full of Posies! Oh, good times.. ^^
S is for September Birthdays, Too many birthdays in one day!!
T is for Twitvillun, had so much fun!! You guys rock!! \m/
U is for Ultimate dress search for a special day! Psst, it's supposed to be a secret!! xD
V is for Violet, this cute picture!
W is for West Beverly High! Team Naomi, Silver and Navid!! Yay!
X is for XoXo, Gossip Girl.. Cant wait until I get my hands on the 3rd season!!
Y is for You Belong With Me.. I'm so in love with the song.. ^^
Z is for Zombies! Runway models look like zombies! I have been keeping track of all those spring 2010 fashion shows, that now I see too much of them.. lol

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dedicated to Muntha


Happy belated birthday Muntha, my sweet little 9 year old princess!

She is the cute, shy, smart, and totally fashionable! A bit opposite of me, but we have many things in common.. Like Jojo’s Fashion show, and games, Barbie cartoons, and pink! of course parents too..

I have been such a bad sister.. Only gave the present tonight, and didn't even make a card! I know, I have been lazy! So, this here is a post to make up for all that!

I love you!

and Happy birthday

I know you’ll love this pic by Shiya

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A to Z: 090909 Edition!

image credits
A is for Amy, who’s blog was my inspiration to start this! (=
B is for Bad feelings.. I hate them!
C is for Cottingley Fairies.. Its such an interesting story.. I do believe in fairies, I do! I do!
D is for Doe Deere, the most colorful girl ever! She is such an inspiration!
E is for Ehandhaanuga Duet.. My personal favorites are Meygaavi Alikuri Nooraky, Loabah Maagey Oiy Ithubaaru and Annaashe Dhaan!
F is for Fashion Designing! Yippee!
G is for Gossip Girl!I cant wait for the 3rd season to start! Cant get enough of Chuck Bass!
H is for Hannah Montana.. I'm so glad she won so many awards this TCA! =)
I is for I miss thuttha!! She was and is the best.. She’s my BSF (Best Sister Forever)
J is for Jojo’s Fashion Show.. One thing Muntha and I have in common! ^^
K is for Kel, my show co host and co worker.. He’s half mad, but very very observant, and has the cutest accent ever! After Ed Westwick and Rupert Grint!! (=
L is for Lavabaazee.. Who can just sit there while rest of the world is singing happy songs! I cant!
M is for Muntha and Mickey.. The best sissies ever!
N is for Ninni and Ammu.. Yesterday, the famous 090909 was their 6th birthday.. Happy Birthday.. Double the Trouble!
O is for Oswald.. I miss pogo.. )=
P is for Pictionary! ah, the addiction!
Q is for Quite Not Good Results.. Apparently 4th in National Top Ten doesn't satisfy my parents!
R is for Roadha Show.. Quite boring at times, but thanks to Kel, I survive!
S is for Shopping with Shweetikle.. She definitely lives up to her shweet name! =P
T is for Twinkle Twinkle, the picture on this post..
U is for Unicorns! Those sweet horned horses.. =V
V is for ValentinaKallias, the talented photographer!
W is for Weddings!! Teen brides, and Teen Grooms!!>.<
X is for Exceptionally bright students.. Like my ex classmates.. And geniuses.. And Anna Wintour.. And Kyle!
Y is for Youtube! Thank you! If you weren't there I wouldn't be able to watch Ben (Ken Baumann) in Secret Life.. My only reason to watch that crap..
Z is for Zzzz.. I feel sleepy.. Its past midnight!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Life List


I'm the biggest dreamer I know.. And yes, If you haven't guessed by now, I am also a believer in fairytales, and happy endings.. Life’s an adventure for me.. Well, I’ve heard of John Goddard only last year.. He since then, has been my role model.. He wrote up his life list of 127 incredible things to do, and he’s accomplished most of his dreams.. I also keep a scrapbook (somewhat like Blair kept in Gossip Girl, but no I didn't draw Nate Archibald), and wish lists and stuff like that.. So, here’s the list till now.. I’ll keep adding stuff though..

  1. Bait a hook and catch my own fish, then let it go
  2. Learn to Kayak
  3. Learn to speak Spanish
  4. Learn to speak Italian
  5. Learn to speak Arabic
  6. Join a book club
  7. Write an article for a magazine that I like
  8. Work in a bookstore
  9. Take a dance class
  10. Visit every country in the world       
  11. Dive in a submarine       
  12. Play Guitar
  13. Write a book       
  14. Go to a scrapbook convention
  15. Buy a nice camera
  16. Paint a self portrait
  17. Have a column (online, magazine, newspaper, whatever)
  18. Submit an article for publication
  19. Take an art class
  20. Make some pottery
  21. Start an Etsy shop.
  22. Take a cooking class
  23. Go on a cruise
  24. Take a cake decorating class
  25. Eat in a underwater restaurant
  26. Buy an ipod
  27. Buy a lap top
  28. Get Edexel prize
  29. Get 1st in National top ten
  30. Get 1st in school top ten
  31. Visit new 7 wonders
  32. Collect postcards from every country
  33. Make a friend from every country
  34. Publish a book
  35. Visit all inhabited islands in Maldives
  36. Visit all resorts in Maldives
  37. Buy a bumper sticker from Tommy
  38. Visit Naples and eat the best pizza in the whole world
  39. Visit all heritage sites in Asia and Australia
  40. Fall in Love

PS, the awesome picture I'm in love with right now is by silentspring


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where’s the Necklace?


Ramazan Mubarik everyone.. A little post to let you know Im still alive, and ready for the month of blessings..

I remember a childhood memory when for the first time Mom called me for haarukaan, and I asked her where the necklace was.. And I told that Id eat nothing but a necklace.. Lol

Well, I also got my “You Know Whats” and Thank god, the edexcel ones were great.. Im so happy.. But still scared about Islam and Dhivehi.. Wish me all the luck..

PS, The girl in the pic by Timeless Images is actually eating a candy necklace.. Now I would like to eat that for haaru.. Lol


and Happy Ramazan.. (=

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom



Its mom’s birthday.. Well, I kinda forgot last night.. And did I mention It’s also doomsday today> Yep.. Its when we get our “You Know Whats” and that’s even scarier than Lord Voledemort.. Lol

Hmm, So, here’s wishing mom all the best..

Thanks for being the best mom in the whole world.. for supporting me in all what I did, and for making me who I am today.. Also for being absolutely fabulous and such a darling.. I couldn't thank you enough..

Happy Birthday!

PS I call my mother Mom, and Father Daddykins.. It’s just a random fact.. Lol

PS Those cute flowers are from The Red Girl


Monday, August 17, 2009

Thanks for being the Best!

This post is a tribute to Thuttha, my fav relative..


She is a second cousin of mine, with whom I’ve lived only since two years ago.. We were pretty close back in our childhood..

She’s the sweetest person ever.. We have so much things in common.. Like Movies, (she would prefer English over Hindi any day), eating out (whenever we go out shopping, we eat out), shopping, coke, and dresses..We both love Shahid Kapoor, Chicken Mushroom Pizza, Beef Submarine, Disney Movies, Lavender and Vanilla Ice Cream..

At home we have teams, and me n thuttha are in one team.. Its more like since we both are what our parents call spoiled brats.. lol

We have had so many funny moments together..

She just finished her graduation, and got a job back in Island.. I'm so gonna miss her..

We also have differences like she hates bananas, and I love them.. And she hates Kareena and I love her..

PS I also met this really cool blogger, so here’s a shout out to him.. (=

PS2, and the picture’s for thuttha, since she also loves lilacs.. Its by Assica, On DeviantArt


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love Is On Air

image credits
I know, catchy title, eh?
So, I'm quite busy these days with office and all.. Yesterday I had my first experience on air.. It was fun..
And tomorrow I'm going to kuda bandos.. And no, I didn't know the youth day things were going to be held there.. I'm not a youth yet, so donno and don't care much.. I always thought youth day was march 1.. How the hell it changed to yesterday’s still a mystery to me.. So, Anyone who wants to explain it to me, is most welcome..
YES, I don't really listen to news.. But I do read the paper.. Only last two days the paper guy didn't come..
My fav part in Haveerupapers are the comics.. (=
Well, I've been thinking about updating my blog for long time, but now since I have two more blogs, I need to update them too.. Plus I'm designing a fashion line, so its quite busy these days.. Oh, and I'm thinking of calling my line “DiaryGirl” hehe.. Any feedback is most welcome.. Id really appreciate if you keep the negative comments to yourself..
BTW, If you wanna hear me on air, tune in to HFM 92.6 every Sunday  to Thursday at ten in the morning.. I know I don't have the best voice ever.. If I had, Id have sold 20 million albums by now.. =P
PS Happy belated youth day to all bodethi youth kudin.. I still have one more year.. (=
PS2 our cable TV thing has Disney Channel.. I just found out yesterday.. I'm so freaking happy..
PS3 I know my writing style has changed.. I used to be all sweet sweet, and now I'm more like cursing all the time, and being totally sarcastic.. hehe.. Im just trying new writing styles..But don't worry, I'm still the same sweet girl.. (=
PS4 Ok, no more PS’s.. I swear, this is the last one.. =P

Sunday, August 9, 2009

An Update

As someone has noted, I'm such a lazy blogger.. haha.. Well, lazy enough that I actually was on this list of bloggers who update regularly.. lol..

Life’s going pretty well.. I just got a job at HFM.. So, now you’ve got another excuse to tune your radio's to 92.6.. xD

Well, the only thing I'm worried about right now is my results..

And thanks Muawwaz, for making this cute website for me.. its so me-ish.. i know.. Muntha says so too.. so it must be.. xD

Well, I'm now officially and earlie birdie.. Cant be more merrier..

PS Happy belated  birthday Xef..


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Friendship Day


Its International Friendship Day.. So many people get it confused.. If you don't believe me, check this!

Today I want to give a bunch of thanks to all my friends.. Rich and Poor, Close and Far, New and Old, Black and White, for being with me.. For being the sweetest and the best.. For being yourself.. I can never thank you enough.. Friends till the end!

And thanks to all blogger friends whom I have met and not.. Thanks for being here, and being so supportive and sweet..

Here is a little virtual box of delights for you.. With loads of love and best of wishes..


PS This might be my shortest post yet, but I hope I made my point clear that I love you.. xD

PS2 The pics are from here and here.. xD


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Independence Spirit

Happy Independence Day..


Its a day I would most likely remember my whole life.. specially last year’s independence day.. I was a participant of the independence day dance, along with loads of friends.. It was my first independence day dance, also the last.. And I was at the dance, when someone stole my bag.. my wallet, camera, and phone.. and of course, the result pin too. xP

But then, I had fun!! And the independence Spirit.. xD

Not the best way to remember, eh..

Anyways, Happy Independence Day..


PS Happy Birthday Nanna

PSS Check out my Independence Fashions.. xD


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Falling Over A Rainbow!


Muuthi tagged me.. She’s super AWESOME.. xD

So here goes, 20 random facts about me!!

1. Im a clean freak and a very organized person..

2. I tend to take sides when watching movies.. Like in Harry Potter, I absolutely loathe Harry, and Cedric, and love Ron, and Hermione.. xD

3. I am a big believer in dreams, and fairytales, and magic..

4. When I get obsessed with something or someone, I just cant stop talking about it..

5. Im a pretty talkative..

6. My favourite designers are Oscar De Le Renta, and Valentino..

7. This year is a year of self discovery for me.. xD

8. I always wish to fall head over heels for someone.. xP

9. I used to sing back in 8th grade.. I even got Selected for VOM competition, but I moved back to Ahmadhiyya.. End of my singing career..

10. I have a fashion blog.. xD

11. Im afraid of all animals, insects, and birds!!!

12. I love marshmallows..

13. Im a bookworm..

14. Im also a shopaholic!

15. I have a place in my heart which I call “Treasure Packs” where I keep secrets.. mostly friends secrets, and things people tell me, asking me to keep it to myself.. xD

16. I also have a little box called “Box of Good Things” in which I keep memories, and gifts, and little souvenirs..

17. I love imagining things.. Its like living in another world..

18. I love painting my nails..

19. You probably would never see me without mascara!!

20. I love doing little things, like writing thankyou notes, etc.. xD

So, Im tagging Shweet, Muawwaz, Shaayan, Aryj, Ne3( Sorry I forgot) and Bchy.. xD

BTW, the pics from Model Mayhem..



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

17 Movie Mayhem: Hannah Montana Movie

I hope you guys do remember my 17 things list.. I have yet done only one thing in the list.. That is meeting with the bloggers, Thanks to Shweet.. I’ll write about that in another post, hopefully!

Well, I have been watching loads of movies and so I thought of writing reviews about them.. Click Here for my Movie list at Listal…


I have always been a big fan of Hannah Montana, and has been watching the series like, forever.. So, when the movie came out, I was waiting to see it.. It reached Maldives only this month, as far as I know.. (Duh!)

So the story follows Hannah into her home Tennessee, and She is faced with her Miley life, and has to make choices, and choose one.. And it has so many cute songs, like the hoe down throw down (you should try that dance!), The Climb, etc.. The outfits were super cute, and so was Travis.. I think I now has a celeb crush on Lucas Till.. haha..

Anyways, I’ll recommend this movie to all of u, it’s a feel good movie, cute dances, cute kids, and ofcourse, did I mention it was Disney?


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Half the year post!

image credits
It’s July, half the year.. and I feel its going so soon.. I still remember the first day I went to CHSE, two years back.. it still seems like yesterday! About the phone, thanks all of u guys, I decided to use nokia one.. Made a deal with dad, that I’ll get a job, so that he can buy me a sidekick =D
Oh, And I have decided that I’ll join college next year, probably July.. Business Management, specially Marketing would be my field, and I’ll work my way towards opening up my very own fashion line, I've already thought of a name, etc.. I know, it’s too early to make huge plans, but I believe that If I want to achieve big, I need to dream big! It sounds so good to say, eh?
Oh, and I have another blog, dedicated to the half of me, which had always had an interest in fashion designing!  
Nuff of that, I remember promising to show some photos of Mickie, which I forgot to upload, so here goes.. She is no longer a baby, but a cute little toddler, and she even has two cute rabbit teeth, we call it Sparkles, a tribute to our good old rabbit!

PS, Dad’s family calls her Mikko, Others Mikoo, and Muntha calls her MickiPoo.. haha..
BTW, Happy Half year! =]

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Help Me!!!

Sorry for the no update phase, even though I have absolutely nothing to do these days. Im just cleaning up my upstairs place, and getting rid of all school books, and making career moves, etc, etc.

Oh, that not why I need your help though. I need your help in deciding which phone’s best for me.

First is Motorola BC60


Plus Points

  • Big Phone
  • Hulhuvey Leppey
  • High Quality Pic
  • Bright Light
  • Mirror View
  • Can Insert Memory Card
  • Can Lock Separate Folders like Messaging, etc
  • Can MMS

Minus Points

  • Not support mp3
  • Can’t Organize folders
  • Can’t connect to comp
  • Difficult to write msg
  • Difficult in other stuff, like finding contacts, sending msg, etc
  • Can’t go to mobile web

Then, There’s Nokia Classic 6500


Plus Points

  • Slim
  • Girly
  • Easy to msg,, etc
  • Can go Online
  • Great Organizer
  • Support mp3, themes, etc
  • Built in 1000 MB space
  • Can Connect through USB

Minus Points

  • Not Hulhuvey Leppey
  • Cant send MMS
  • Bad Quality pic
  • Cant separately lock
  • No lights and Mirrors
  • Less Space 

I need your help in deciding which one to use.. I love both of them..

BTW, Im applying for a job at Live & Learn, so wish me luck..


Monday, May 25, 2009


image credits
Its exam time.. After 17 years of studying, I’m up for one of the biggest challenges in my life.. My future depends on this..
Yet, my grade point average is probably that of an average child.. which means there’s 0.001 probability of me getting into my dream university, Princeton.. I’ve always being in love with Princeton.. Its a great university, sounds like a dream, and its in Ivy league..And the name’s just too perfect..
Which brings me to look into why people tend not to be studious.. I’ve found out 3 reasons for this..

1. Screen Time
This is probably something every person of this century has faced.. It’s the time you spend in front of a screen, let it be a TV, computer, phone, or even those billboards on the streets.. We kind of get addicted to it. Researches have shown that a normal teen spends 8 hours near screens.. That’s 4 years.. think about all those great things we could have done in 49 years.. sheesh..

2. The Nerd Syndrome
Now, If you become involved in your studies, and become studious, you become labeled as a nerd.. and studious is considered as not so cool.. ah, this unfair world full of stereotypes.. But believe me, there are many great people who were once considered as nerds.. If you are scared of labels, you probably can’t live in this world.. cos, its in our circle of no control.. I haven’t really faced labeling much.. I guess it isn't very famous in Maldives.. naming you nerds, airheads, jocks, etc, etc.. Maldivians are a bit on the normal side. Thank god.

3. Pressure
Now, If we bring home a good report, our parents, friends, teachers, and cats, and parrots, and even the ants in our backyard expect us to do the same again, and again.. They feel that we have set up this standard of perfection that we’ll always achieve..And if we bring home a bad report always, there are less expectations,and no pressure which is much easier.. But, hey if you don’t wanna pay the price of education, try ignorance..
Well, that pretty much sums it all..
PS I was motivated enough.. All thanks to Sean Covey..
PPS This is a summary of a chapter from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective teens..
PPS3 If you are a teen, and you haven’t read it yet, you better do it now..

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wedding Dashes, Seventeen, and So Much More

image credits
Hey Blogger Friends.. Today's been a really refreshing day, which probably explains my out with the old and in with the new theme.. Yes! Finally I've got enough motivation to do so. Why? Cos I read this month's Seventeen. It gives me inspiration and motivation, Thank you Ann Shoket.
Seventeen has always been my absolute favourite magazine, might be because Im seventeen, but anyways. This month it featured Taylor Swift, whose songs never fail to impress me. And her story was really eye opening.It made me realize that fairy tales happens, but its not all about happily ever after. It's about being happy for now. cos forever's a much bigger word. She turned out to be more like me, as im a believer in fairy tales, and love.
I guess what matters in life isnt what we really think it is, and who hurts you the most are people who are the closest to your heart. Sometimes, you just need to give your heart some free time, and follow your brain.
Everyone's so interested in the elections and stuff, not to mention the exams. It almost feels we are not what we were before. Now we are awake, much more exposed to the happenings around us.
And one more thing which always turns out to be true is my seventeen horoscope, which highlighted about a party this month, and my cousin's married, so he's throwing a wedding bash. and im supposed to be a bridesmaid, not really.One thing i hate most is that people want to have weddings, big ones. but they dont do it the "big way", like bridesmaids, bouquet throwing, ring bearers, guest book, sand ceremony, etc. Im planning doing all of them when in my wedding, which is not really gonna happen in a near future, i assure you. =P
I guess all my posts are really long, which must bore you to death, hehe..

Monday, April 27, 2009

Boring Days, Boring Me

image credits
OMG I just realized that I have been starting almost all my blog posts with a "So"
I say Boring
You say Who
I say Me
And you say "Oh"
and you go
That's how my life is these days..
Sean Covey, Help me!
PS That's Kira Plastinina, My new role model, the 17 year old Fashion Designer.

Saturday, March 28, 2009



So, before i turned 17 last month, (since i love making to do lists and lists of all kinds) i made up 17 things i want to do when i turn 17..So here they are.. =]

  1. Grow sunflowers
  2. Meet the bloggers in my neighborhood (Done kinda, as i actually met some bloggers, like muuthi =])
  3. Learn to make Pizza and make one
  4. Color my hair (did, but stupid colour, doesnt show on my hair.. duh)
  5. Make a list of all the movies I want to see, and actually watch them. (doing)
  6. Make a list of my favorite songs, and download them on my phone (doing)
  7. Finish my short story - Freshman fever
  8. Write poetry again
  9. Write and send a message in a bottle
  10. Read 17 books about general knowledge
  11. Read 17 classics by famous authors
  12. Save at least 17 rf per month
  13. Get a boyfriend (duh, i know.. hehe)
  14. Get a contact lens
  15. Get braces for my teeth
  16. Learn to swim
  17. Learn to type faster without looking the keyboard

Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed for mock..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some Jokes..

Teacher: 'What is your name?'

Student: 'Mera naam Suraj Prakash hai.'

Teacher: 'When I ask a question in English, answer it in English.'

Student: 'My name is Sunlight.

Teacher: 'What is your name?'.

Student: 'My name is Beautiful Red Underwear'

Teacher: 'What kind of a name is this? Don't joke tell me the right name'

Student: 'My name is Sunderlal Chadda."

Teacher: What happened in 1869?

Student: Gandhiji was born.

Teacher: What happened in 1873?

Student: Gandhiji was four years old.

Teacher: What is the full form of maths?

Student: Mentally affected teachers harassing students

Teacher: Now children, if I saw a man beating a donkey and stopped him then what virtue would I be showing?


Teacher: Because of Gandhiji's hard work what do we get on 15th August?

Student: A holiday

Teacher: 'Can anyone give me an example of Coincidence? '

Johnny: 'Sir, my mother and father got married on the same day same time.'

Teacher: How old is ur father.

Sunny: As old as I am.

Teacher: How is it possible?

Sunny: He became father only after I was born.

Teacher: There is a frog, Ship is sinking, potatoes cost Rs3/kg...Then, what is my age?

Student: 32 yrs.

Teacher: How do you know?

Student: Well, my sister is 16 yrs old and she is half mad.

Teacher : "Which is more important to us, the sun

or the moon?"

Pupil : "The moon".

Teacher : "Why?"

Pupil : "The moon gives us light at night when we need

it but the sun gives us light only in the day time

when we don't need it".

Teacher : "What do you call a person who keeps on

talking when people are no longer interested?"

Pupil : "A teacher".

Waiter : "Would you like your coffee black?"

Customer : "What other colors do you have?"

eacher : "Sam, you talk a lot !"

Sam : "It's a family tradition".

Teacher : "What do you mean?"

Sam : "Sir, my grandpa was a street hawker, my father

is a teacher".

Teacher : "What about your mother?"

Sam : "She's a woman".

Tom : "How should I convey the news to my father

that I've failed?"

David: "You just send a telegram: Result declared,

past year's performance repeated".

Teacher : "Now, Sam, tell me frankly do you say

prayers before eating?"

Sam : "No sir, I don't have to, my mom is a good


Hehe.. Nyways, life's really busy, and thats why i dont' have much time to update you.. Wish me luck for da upcoming exams..


Friday, March 6, 2009

The ottaru huri Post

image credits
So, here i am with my imposingly ottaru huri post.. This is something I came across in GL ( a megazine for teen girls) and it is kind of true.. Yes, I came across this universal truth in the 17 years that I've lived in this world that "Boys make better friends than Girls"...
So here goes..
Having a boy buddy rocks! You can borrow his PSP, unleash a monster burp and get skateboarding lessons. And that’s on any random Saturday.
When did girls figure out guys have great friend potential? There always have been, and always will be, girls who know the value of friendships with boys. These girls aren’t tomboys or girl-hatin’ or pulling that “friends with benefits” thing, secretly making out in clandestine locations around campus. They are girls just like you who simply don’t see boys as romance-only options. Guys are made for hangin’ out. And much like the different kinds of girl friends you have, your future boy buds are all special in their own ways. A guy can even be your BFF! That’s why GL has rounded up the seven best boy buddies a girl could ever have. Yes, seven! Who knew?

The Tour Guide
Who He Is
This guy is your personal concierge into the Minds of Men. Why are guys so into video games—is World of Warcraft really that amazing? How come the cute guy in Spanish doesn’t care if he has a gross crusty in the corner of his mouth? Does your crush realize that, even though he likes you back, waiting until the next millenium to call you just isn’t cool? This bud makes all these boy mysteries (and so much more) oh-so crystal clear.
Why He Rocks
You’ve always wanted an all-access pass to the inner sanctum of Teen Man, right? Finally, you scored a fly on the locker-room wall. He’ll give you deft advice on what to text your crush. He’ll tell you that your hot-pink lip gloss and electric-blue mascara weird guys out because you really look like a Bratz doll. You need to know the boy POV, and this buddy gives good view.

The Wireless Wizard
Who He Is
He’s a gizmo guy! He’s got two iPods—one for his vids and pics, and the Nano for everything else. His home computer has all the bells and whistles, complete with a mini-cam so he can upload his directorial debut on YouTube while he tools around on all of your crew’s Facebook pages. Chances are this boy buddy also has a complete collection of every video game known to boykind, and a tricked-out cell phone that has different ringtones for everyone who might call him. He’s thoroughly down with digital.
Why He Rocks
Want to double the songs on your iTunes? To him, that’s what friends are for. So toss him your MP3 player for the weekend, and he’ll have you set up by Monday morning. Is your e-mail address old-school (hello, AOL?) or your Facebook boring and blah? Let techie take the wheel, install a couple programs, upload some images—and ding-ding! You’re high-tech.

The Girl Replacement
Who He Is
He’s as much fun as your BFF, except better since what he lacks is mindless drama. Because guess what—he honestly doesn’t give a hoot what you look like since he’s not looking. Call the fashion police because you wore an apricot tee with plum capris? Oh, puh-lease! He serves up a mini-break from the sticky side of girlness. He’ll hang out, order chili on your shared French fries, maybe even go sneaker shopping. He’s a blast, and he just happens to be a boy.
Why He Rocks
Let your hair down, literally, around this boy, and slap on a baseball cap. Haven’t you always wanted to watch TiVo’d reality TV and pig out on delivery pizza without talking about your thighs? He might tease you about your padded bra, new short ’do or sparkle sandals, but so what? He’s just being chill. He’s your boy/girl friend! It’s his job to give you a good what’s-what now and again. High-five!

The Secret BF
Who He Is
He’s cute, that’s for sure. He makes you laugh. He has gorgeous eyes. You like his hair. He likes to hang out with you a lot, and you two always do fun stuff together, like go to Taco Bell at midnight in your pajamas. He tells you how much he likes your hair pulled back into a ponytail, and for some reason you know which jeans he likes best on you. He can’t stand your crush, and tells you all the time the guy’s not even a little bit deserving of you. He’s a great friend, and isn’t afraid to put an arm around you or give you a hug goodbye.
Why He Rocks
He’s already the friend in boyfriend, and he likes you. He probably hasn’t said anything because you are such great pals. He values your friendship enough to not rock that boat for now. But it’s getting more clear every day that he’d go there if you gave him a signal. So do you? Honesty and warmth are your best bets with this one. Avoid dropping a vague hint or being clever. Ask him straight-up if he thinks about kissing you. Or tell him you sometimes think about kissing him. Then…see what happens.

The Back-Up Date
Who He Is
He’s a good sport about girly stuff, even if he requires an iTunes gift-card payment for his well-dressed (read: itchy-suit) services. There’s a dance on the horizon—and it should be fun because everyone’s going—but he doesn’t like anyone and you don’t like anyone, so why shouldn’t you go together? Exactly. This boy is all too happy to be your stand-in date. He shows up with a corsage and smiles like the sweetie he is while your parents snap too many photos.
Why He Rocks
He’ll offer you his arm when your crush doesn’t so much as acknowledge your existence. Oof, the romance quandary. So why not just go to movies, sporting events and school plays with your boy buddy? Here he is! Dateless and fun and ready to rescue you from date-night delirium. No “will he kiss me?” thoughts to cloud the evening, and no sweaty-palmed hand-holding. And he makes a much better choice than your cousin from Snoreville.

The Personal Trainer
Who He Is
He loves, loves, loves the active stuff: skateboarding, biking, snowboarding, surfing and anything involving a bungee cord. He loves sports and organizes games with the guys, like b-ball at the park on Saturday. He might even do the traditional workout thing, and he’s on a team or two at school. He’s cool because he’s healthy and fun-lovin’.
Why He Rocks
Hanging out online is fine and good, but this guy will get your hooptie up off that couch! If your definition of cardio is mall-crawling with friends, it’s time to work it boy-style. Staying inside and watching a movie? Never! He keeps it movin’, and by “it” we mean you. Have a helmet?

The Coffee Mate
Who He Is
He’s your therapist, confidante and all-ears friend. He listens, then gives excellent boy-inspired advice. And it’s not all deep feelings and probs. He laughs with you at dumb stuff no one else thinks is funny. You two always have something to talk about. All chit-chat and chai lattes.
Why He Rocks
This boy covers for you on anything, from your outrageous coffee-shop tab to parent freak-outs because you dyed a strip of hair deep purple. He’s down with your feelings, and helps you keep it real. He’s the perfect accompaniment to every cup of joe. Best of all, he gets you.
I just noticed that i don't have too close boy buiides, only few.. and lets see, I can only think of a coffee mate.. Duh.. Boring Me! Anyways, tell me all about what you think..