Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Little Things

I am a big fan of little things. I'm a noticer, maybe not of people but of things, of nature, of shoes. (you know that was coming, ha!) I walk a lot (when you don't own a bicycle and love the environment then there aren't much choices but to walk everywhere) and often I walk the same roads but everyday there are new things to find which amazes me so much. Seriously, one road - it changes a lot everyday but it still stays the same and that just blows my mind. 

When I walk down Majeedhee Magu, I notice the little plants (weed-lings mainly) that just spruce up in the sidewalk reminding us that nature can just surprise us in so many ways. Then in this one road that I so often take, there is this house that seems to be abandoned, it's called Comrade and that just makes me smile. Every single day I just have to look at that house and that makes me so happy it's insane! It started when I was reading The Time Travelers Wife and there's the mention of the word Comrade, I can't even remember who or in what context but ever since then, that house is a constant reminder of the story and how I was so happy when reading it. Ugh, I know it's probably just me. 

image credits
Then there's the whole rush. People rushing everywhere in their fancy cars and bikes, their fancy heels and sneakers always running, always rushing to get to the next minute, to get somewhere and I'm just in the middle of all this blurry rush looking at the sky at the colours of the sunset in between the buildings, looking at how beautiful the lights of the vehicles look when reflected in the puddles on the road. I just can't fathom how people don't see these things. How can you not be inspired? That texture of the tree on the second street that I pass by, the chipped paint on the fourth building to the right and the dusty car that is always parked next to it. It all tells a story. If these things can talk, they would have more interesting stories than you and I. 

Maybe I'm just being all cheesy and mushy and sentimental about nature but today I woke up and thought about death. How we are so rushing to get everything we want, we hardly think about death. It scares me how close we are to it, the mystery of it all but it's also a reminder of who we are, of what we have become. 
Maybe we all don't have all the time that we think we do. Maybe we all just need to notice the little things, mend broken relationships and keep our faith strong. So dear readers, I'm sorry if I sound rather dull, I assure you I am not. I can't say that this is clearest I've thought but I feel the wind and I feel like it's telling me a story and I wanna listen. 

Maybe today's not my day, but it's a beautiful day and you're all beautiful human beings and sure once in a while we have sad days, depressing days, etc but we also have great days and amazing days. Life is a lot like that. 

I have a lot of things to worry about, and the lest of my worries is happiness. May you live in interesting times, and may you find what you're looking for. I think I'm very close to find what I'm looking for. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Music

I am a big fan of the Fine Bros and I was quite surprised at why I hadn't watched My Music earlier. I saw the first episode a couple days back and spend the entire last week watching all the webisodes. I absolutely love the show, it is so funny.

My favourite is Idol, her voice is hilarious and her sad face gets me every single time. Also, Intern 2 is super handsome and clearly the only one without a brain malfunction there, ah!
L to R: Dubstep (who only talks in wubs), Hip Hop, Techno, Idol, Country (new girl in Season 2), Intern 2, Scene, Metal and the head of My Music, Indie!

Basically My Music is a music company that makes records and shows and all employees have a particular taste in music according to which they are named (with the exception of Intern 2 of course). There are other members of staff including the most notable Scarfman, Bigfoot and Rebecca Black! Also other people include Guess guy (who is so annoying, haha) and the running guy (who will always take the cylindrical pen drive), Rayna (Metal's daughter) and Tina (Metal's wife)

Recurring gags include burning of My Music several times, yelling "Shut up Intern 2", rat man, posers and Indie's hipster culture. I absolutely love this show. 

Also, apart from the main documentary, there is The Mosh where the stars answer questions, My Music News and much more! If you aren't subscribed already, make sure you subscribe to the show and follow all the characters on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. 

What other web shows do you watch? I'd love to start on a new show so let me know the good ones!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Cos two can keep a secret if one of them is dead

Life has been interesting lately. Some days are meh, others are really exciting. Here's what happened last week. 

Started from where I stopped at Casual Vacancy. This book seriously is so boring, the only thing exciting is Andrew and Gaia's story | Visited my friends at Dhivehinge Fannu and bought that pretty pin from Look it's a Book | Had blocks and pancake for breakfast | Bought a couple of face products. Totally love the make-up remover wipes and the liquid one. Works like magic. 

Also really funky things happened this week. A couple friends and I crashed a wedding. Seriously. I almost had a heart attack and also ate too much dessert but had the most fun time. Then the next day, Sam and I went shopping and we ran to catch a bus but missed it by a second. It was hilarious. 

Overall, it was a great weekend and I had a good time. How was your weekend? Did you guys do anything fun?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It's been a couple of months since I graduated university! It still feels unreal. The day of graduation was extremely fun. I also got first place in my degree course so it was pretty cool. The aftermath was the most fun. I had four different photo-shoots with friends, family and classmates. The day seemed to last forever.

I have always wanted a picture like this! The inspiration was from a wedding picture, but I think this turned out much better than I expected. 

Hats in the air! This was a super duper magical tv series moment! We were rather sad that some of the caps said we couldnt't throw it in the air, but being the rebellious kids that we are, we gave no thought to what would happen, haha

and at last, a picture of us all looking graceful and all. L to R: Em, Me, Fit, China, Nonns and Firu. The girls were all wearing shades of red unknowingly so I look like the odd one out in by black and gold, haha

The awesome threesome. Pots, me and Wuff at the graduation shoot. These two people are my knights in shining armor, the Ron and Harry to my Hermione (before Book 4, for many reasons) and I love them both so dearly. We have different personalities but we get along like peas in a pod. They make me a happy girl.

 I absolutely love this picture. I don't know what's happening but I look so happy. I love how we are colour coordinated, unknowingly haha. It was such an amusing day. 

And last, an ad for the gift from the president. It was this music player called ICOO, a Chinese brand which is only good for two things, watching videos and recording things, haha. 

A special thank you to Imy, the photographer who is super duper nice and took his free time to come and shoot us on two separate days and made that really funky ad. He's a great pal. 

All in all, it was definitely an amazing day and I was so excited about it.

Have you graduated yet? How was it like? Tell me more, in the comments below. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

May the odds be ever in your favor

I am a major fan! Even before I laid eyes on the first book, I knew I was going to love it, so I bought a mockingjay necklace in advance. Little did I know how big an impact the mockingjay would be. The books were amazing. I had such a great time reading it all. 

image credits
The first book was clearly the best. Mostly because I didn't know what was going to happen. I read it through a fair, I read it in the bus, I read it while working, I read it while eating and even while tweeting. Every chapter end was my favourite. Twist after twist, the Hunger Games became a favourite overnight. 
Then I could not wait and wikipedia-d everything so I knew what was going to happen. Why do I spoil these things for myself? AHH! 

Catching Fire was also amazeballs, but I already knew what was going to happen. The surprise came by when the end came. I feel like all the books are rushed, this one especially. I had to read the ending twice to know what was happening. I cannot wait for the movie to come out! The 75th Hunger Games are definitely a revolution. 

Mockinjay's not exactly my favourite book and some parts were a bit boring but I stayed with them and the plot twists were less than what I expected. What happened Peeta was definitely the most tragic but I kinda likes the ending. At times I felt like Maldives had quite a lot in common with Panem. 

Overall, three great books and amazing adventures. A special thanks to my friend Abe who let me borrow his Hunger Games collection. He is seriously the most amazing friend. Also ladies, I think he's single! ;)

Have you read the Hunger Games books? Which one was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Monday, August 12, 2013

She read your cards upside down

Hello guys. I took a couple weeks from blogging. I needed to clear my mind, which didn't happen sadly but I am trying to get there. Meanwhile here's what's been going on in my life. 

Had my first cup of tea after Ramadan. I am surprised I have been able to keep away from tea for so long | Visited an aunt's place for lunch on Eid. They make the most amazing food and Myra had a great time playing Fruit Ninja with the cousins | Went to Eid prayer with Niu and Shums and had a great time. I can't believe this is the first Eid prayer I have attended since coming to Male' | Had the lookbook photoshoot for DYMag August issue. Sam is really rocking my Maldivian flag print tee | Mick is modelling her Eid dress. This kid is so adorable | A random picture I found on a trip to work at the land of boxes. 

Also there has been amazing things going on like meeting friends, and making great food. Now that half my friends know my Instagram, you can also follow me at hishaha (hi Shaha! yes, I like greeting myself )

Monday, August 5, 2013


I have always loved Pinterest, but have to admit there are a couple of weird stuff going around in there. Like ridiculous pictures and major Pinterest fails, but do you want to know something that I love? 

This board called My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler Daughter by Tiffany. You see really well dressed kid's pictures on Pinterest? She made a board, named her imaginary daughter Quinoa and writes about her. It's majorly hilarious. Quinoa is so adorable so is her best friend Chevron, if you can look past her perms. She has other stylish cousins and friends all around the globe and is defying all laws of mcrofashion!

What is your favourite Pinterest board? 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I swear you hit me like a vision

So, I finally created an Instagram account. Yes, I know, I must be the last person on earth to hop on the bandwagon. I am a bit anti-technology when it comes to certain aspects of life but I am being open to new things. It's a conflict of souls. Here's how my week went over. 

Mick is of course my first ever instagram picture. She is just so adorable | Went to Abaya show wearing my rainbow maxi dress | Invited cousins over last weekend for Iftar | Played goldfish with Mick. She is really good at making pairs | Finally said goodbye to July! It's sad not seeing my face on the calender | Crossed off a goal in the 101 Things list. It felt really good. 

Also, you might have noticed that I has not blogged all weekend. I totally forgot one day and bam, my streak was gone. -.- I am starting all over again. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 23: Painting with Mick

Can a girl get a break around here? I feel like there's so much going around, but nothing really going on. Yesterday for instance, I was super busy making mini pizzas and bajiya (which I forgot to take a picture of and are gone now) and later I was babysitting Mick and painting with her. 

She's at an age where she can only make water paintings from oil paint and get annoyed and sad at the fact that our paintings look better. I sometimes let her win by making horrible paintings but sometimes you just have to push a five year old to do her best. You should be glad I'm not pressuring her to learn French by now, haha. 

Later at night, I watched a bit of Once Upon a Time and then played cards with the guys. We finished at 1 AM which is the earliest we have finished, haha.