Monday, December 22, 2008

That Girl And That Boy

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When a Girl Cries
The World "Consoles" her
But when a boy cries
They say "Come on man don't be a girl"
If A Girl slaps a Boy
Definitely the Boy would have "done something"
If Boy Slaps a girl
Rascal doesn't know how to "Respect Ladies"
If a Girl is talking to Boys
She is "Very Friendly"
If a Boy talks to a Girl
He is "flirting"
If a Girl meets with accident
Then its "mistake of others"
If a Boy meets with same accident
"Don't you know how to Drive"


  1. so true (A)... really so true. :P

  2. why are you taking the guys side? :P

  3. cool! but there are two sides to a story ;)

  4. thats so true.. if i crash or bump up on the driving they always will blame da driver...btw diarygirl,rifga everyone welcome to the final sem ya, the countdown begins

  5. @dhiboy...
    Yeah, Thanks... =D

    I'm not taking sides, it's something i got in a mail, and i thought i'd share... Next time i'll write about girls, =P

    Yeah, may be u can write the other side and e mail me, =P

    Obviously, once they see u, they can't help but blame you... =P,
    And yeah, the countdown dho... See u next sem... =D


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