Monday, February 21, 2011

FMC and I


Most of you would already know that I go to FMC, the faculty of Management and computing to do my marketing degree and it’s my second year there. It’s almost time I talked about my experience there.

1. The guards are VERY VERY rude. They never smile, and they blame the students for the work they have to do. I only have a problem with one guy who have asked me twice to sit nicely in the bench. It’s my problem of course, I should learn to sit nicely in the benches. But what’s with the general rudeness? I love phoneboothes and love using them, so I am always carrying a card with me and calling people from the phone booth, mostly prank calls. But sometimes the guards look at me as if they want to eat me up. What’s the use of having a phone booth, if you are going to eventually kill people who use it with your ice cold stare. I also drink/eat a lot in college. But I never drink/eat in classes, and I ALWAYS put the empty bottles and waste in the dustbins. Even the ones I usually see lying around in benches. But still, these people are all about ice cold stares, and killing people with rudeness.

2. The students are very messy and unbehaved. I get it, the unbehaved-ness, the need to put yourself in the top of the pyramid to impress people, or just because you want to but why be so messy? Is it SO hard to put the empty water bottle in the dustbin, it’s only 8 steps away. But you can take the time to crash the can and toss it in the garden area, right? Of course. I mean, it’s not like you’re 12, and you want to have fun. Most of the students who go to FMC are 17+ and a lot of them are married as well, so I am assuming they must know  SOMETHING about being responsible.

3. Most of the IT students are very rude as well. It must be me, because other people don’t find this rudeness in them. Maybe they hate me because I wear too much yellow, or drink too much coffee. I consider myself a friendly person, and I try my best to talk to people, be nice and polite and make people happy, but it seems like they don’t want to be. There are a few business students too, who are rude. I blame the general rudeness fever that is being spread all over Maldives and also the stare-when-you-walk-in-the-road virus too. Dear readers, please take caution of these two very harmful diseases.

4. There are many many many great people in FMC who make all the said problems bearable by their friendliness, happy smiley faces, fun, and general merry behavior. Specially my classmates, who are so much fun, caring, loving bunch of sweethearts, and also most of the people I know from FMC are actually friendly. We joke around, have get together and make fun of Mister potato crisps together.

5. Great teachers who are there and usually help out whenever they can. Most office staff are also very friendly, (well, at least to me) and the FMC staff and dean as well. The student association is so much fun, and I love being a part f it, and organizing things with the creative team.

Generally, even with the few problems mentioned, I feel that for me FMC is good. I still however feel the quality of the education is a little below average, and there is lack of services, but I find FMC very nice. I don’t have problems with teachers because I don’t depend on them for my grades and unlike most people, I actually came here because I LIKE to study. No that’s an understatement. I LOVE studying.


  1. weow m luvng ths....

  2. Anony, Thanks. =D =D I know who you are.

  3. you know the FMC canteen is really unhygeinic.. maybe people are getting rudeness after eating there

  4. I have nearly same kind of problems with my college, actually. But the guards aren't rude.. :P
    Although I hate my college now, I know deep in my heart that I'm gonna miss this in the future.

    And all the best with your FMC.. If you feel it to be good for you, it really is. :)

  5. i had seen this place a few times but i never really knew this place ..but now i do .. eheh well .. rude people and nice people are all over the world ..but i personally think that most of the rude people are in maldives eh ..

  6. i'm sorry i said that :(
    you're awesome!

  7. ...FMC z soo photogenic...:P

  8. 2008 I was a student of FMC too, Luckily I didn't face any of those problems :P I was there for few months only, and about the quality of the Education, I agree with you.

  9. I used to be there around 2005-06. I don't study there but I use to go there quite often, my wife used to study there. The guards over there were nice back then, they had their own security not the ones from Security companies. they where very friendly, they even ask me to go inside n sit on the bench even while i stand outside the gate waiting for wife. dont know about the current situation.

  10. Anony1: the canteen is not open anymore, so one can't blame on it. -_-

    adi: haha. Things are pretty much the same even on the other side, eh. Talk about greener grass! >.<
    Yeah me too.
    Thanks. =D

    Dhona:Yes, yes. What did we ever do to deserve this, ha!

    Anony2and3: That's OK. You don't have to like me.
    Also thanks for the latter comment.

    Mauloof: Thanks =D

    Anony4: haha. Yeah it is. I should include that point in the list. =P

    Haris: Yeah maybe that's why. I still have two more years to go.

    Anony5: Oh how I wish I went to FMC back then. It sounds so very lovely.


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